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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 23 : The Stupidity of Trust
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Chapter 23

It was around eleven at night and Kristen and James were getting ready to have some fun. It had been a while since they had had any alone time; they had been quite busy with the twins since they were born. But Kelly and Chase were staying with Harry and Ginny for the night, meaning Kristen and James had until nine the next morning to do whatever they wanted.

Kristen and James sat on the bed. Soon their lips were connected. She leaned back and James was on top of her. It was a good thing that the kids weren’t home. James was just reaching to pull off Kristen’s top when the sound of the door opening startled them.

James rolled off his wife and on to the floor, making a grab towards his wand, ready to defend his wife and himself. The green light hit him before he could wrap his fingers around it.

Kristen grabbed her wand and sent a stunning spell at the killer. It collided with the second killing curse that had been fired. The wands shared a connection, meaning their cores were from the same animal.

She tried not to think about the fact that her husband was dead. Kristen was running on adrenaline. She knew that James would want her to keep fighting and that was what she planned on doing. She was not going to let James die in vain.

The killer’s hood slipped as he desperately tried to hold on to his wand. Kristen gasped at the familiar face.

“Joey Renolds!” Kristen exclaimed, still shocked at the killer’s identity.

“It’s been a long time Kristen,” Viper, aka Joey Renolds, replied, slyly smiling, “I never thought I’d get the pleasure of killing James Potter.”


Joey just laughed. He really didn’t care what Kristen thought. He hated the girl. He hadn’t liked her all that much while she was at Hogwarts, but it was when James and Andrew beat him up that he started to hate her. He had gotten a month of detention for that. All he had done was say some terrible things to her. That was the reason that he had agreed when Raven asked him to help her. He had been wanting to get revenge on the Weasley’s and their friends for a long time. He would make sure Kristen shared the same fate as her husband.

Suddenly, a face appeared and Kristen realized it was James’ face. She remembered hearing about a similar event happening to Harry Potter in his fourth year. If she continued to hold on, she would know every person that Joey had killed.

“Kristen! You need to get out of here!” James’ face exclaimed.

Kristen did not know if she had ever seen James look so worried. For once, he was not the fun-loving, quidditch playing jokester. He looked almost like a ghost, and had genuine concern on his face.

Percy’s face quickly followed, landing next to James’.

“He’s right. You need to let go and disapparate,” Percy’s face explained.

Louis and Alyssa’s faces now appeared. Kristen smiled for a second at the sight of her friends before remembering that it wasn’t really them; it was just fragments of their souls.

“Where’s everyone else?” Kristen asked, expecting to see the other people that had been murdered.

“There’s another killer Kristen,” Louis explained, “One that no one would ever expect.”

“You need to get out of here!” Alyssa added.

Hannah Longbottom and Rolf Scamander’s faces landed next to the previous four.

“Let go!” they exclaimed together, pleading her to let go to save her life.

“You have to do it Kris!” James said, looking directly into her eyes, “I love you.”

“I love you too, James,” Kristen replied, trying to hold back tears, “Always.”

“Stop being cute and get out of here!” Percy screamed impatiently, not wanting Kristen to die as well.

Kristen was about to let go when she saw a familiar figure enter the room. This time, however, the familiar face was a friend; someone she trusted. Why she was here, Kristen didn’t know. However, that friend could save her life. Kristen wouldn’t need to let go after all.

Raven pulled out her wand, holding her finger to her lips to tell Kristen not to make a sound. The girl nodded. Raven felt like laughing at how naïve Kristen was. Didn’t she know by now that it was impossible to trust anyone? Look at where trust had gotten everyone she and Viper had killed. It had killed them.

Raven pointed her wand towards Viper for a second, making it seem like she was going to kill him. Then, before Kristen had time to react, Raven pointed her wand towards Kristen and fired the killing curse. In the nanosecond before the life left Kristen’s body, she realized that Savannah and Lily had been right; the killer had been someone she had considered a friend.

Raven smiled as Kristen’s lifeless body fell besides James’ body. The famous Gryffindor and the intelligent Ravenclaw, who were two of the best quidditch players the world had ever seen, and together made the popular couple that everyone wanted to be, were dead.





***I hope you liked that chapter :) So are any of you surprised that Viper was Joey Reynolds? For those of you who don't know who that is, you should read the one I wrote before this, The Chaser and the Keeper. The name Viper might have been a bit decieving, since Vipers are snakes, which is the symbol of Slytherin, but I chose that more because of his personalitiy instead of what house he got sorted into. Are you surprised that I killed off James and Kristen? It was really hard to write! Do any of you have any ideas on who Raven is? I can't believe that As The Days Grow Dark is over! However, the final story in the trilogy, which will be named The Followers' Revenge, should start being posted in about a month or so! Thanks to all of you who have read, reviewed, and enjoyed this story and I would love if you did the same for the next one :D ***

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