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A Bottle Full of Love by SlightObsession
Chapter 9 : Flour and Dough
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 Just give me a reason,

just a little bit is enough,

just a second we're not broken just bent,

and we can learn to love again.

                                            -Pink, ft Nate, just give me a reason



Friends. With Draco Lucius Malfoy. Hmm…Hermione turned into the great hall trying not to look over to the Slytherin table, and made her way to Ginny. Smiling, she sat down next to Ginny, opposite Harry.

‘’Hi Mione’’ Harry smiled at her, sensing something different about Hermione.

‘’Hi Harry and Ginny.’’ She nodded, and put some eggs on her plate.

Ginny and Harry eyed each other, and then looked at Hermione.

‘’And why are you all smiley?’’ Ginny smirked; hopefully it has something to do with Malfoy.

Hermione tried to stop her protruding smile and looked at them both, ‘’ohh, nothing.’’  Shall I tell them?

‘’Really? It doesn't seem like it!’’ Harry replied.

‘’Well…I’ve made a friend.’’

The couple looked at each other, ‘’who!’’ the both asked at the same time.

‘’Never you mind!’’ she playfully scrunched up her face, and started to read the daily profit which had just landed in front of her.

Ginny pulled a straight face, ‘’Are you going to Hogesmead today?’’

‘’Hmm..i don’t know, I was going to stay back and start designing the décor’’

Ginny raised an eyebrow, ‘’décor for what?’’

Hermione gasped and put a hand over a mouth. ‘’Erm, nothing.’’

‘’Hermione…tell me! Tell me right now, otherwise I’ll bogey hex you!’’

‘’Ah merlin’s beard. Fine. We are having party after Christmas, but don’t tell anyone, the pair of you! Okay?’’ Hermione gave them both a stern look.

‘’Fine.’’ Harry and Ginny said in sync.

Ginny got up from the table, ‘’C’mon Mione! Help me decide what to wear! And jokes on you, I already knew about the ball, don’t ask me how, I just did’’ she winked.

‘’What! How? And for Hogesmead?’’ Hermione raised an eyebrow.

‘’Never you mind! Yes! Plus, I need to talk to you about something!’’ she pulled on Hermione’s arm.

‘’Why don’t you just say it here Gin? I am your boyfriend’’ Harry questioned.

‘’Err…it’s a girl thing Harry.’’ Harry had never been good at realizing this, he also found it slightly awkward.

‘’Oh, go then!’’ he hushed them away, and went and sat with Ron and ‘Lav Lav’.


Out in the corridor, making their way towards the Gryffindor common room, Ginny turned to Hermione, ‘’So, has this new smiley Hermione got anything to do with a certain blonde?’’ Ginny smirked, already knowing the answer.

‘’Erm…’’ Hermione looked at her feet.

‘’Hermione!! Why haven’t you told me!’’ This plan might not need doing!

‘’What! What are you talking about? Me and him are just friends!”

Ginny snorted, ‘’Just friends?’’


‘’How did this happen?’’

‘’Well, I keep having these peculiar dreams, and I woke the other night, screaming apparently, and Malfoy came bursting into my room. We talked, then became friends.’’

Ginny pulled a straight face, ‘’You talking and became friends? What did you talk about?’’

Hermione said the password to the common room, and looked and Ginny, ‘’just personal stuff,’’ Hermione took hold of her arm where her scar was, Ginny noticing, ‘’and it was nice, I mean, it got heated at one point, I got a bit angry, but in the end, we became friends. It’s quiet pleasant actually. He doesn't say mean things anymore, and he is actually nice to me, just like the other day, when he put my towel on the radiator before my shower, mmm nice and warm.’’

Ginny raised an eyebrow, ‘’he put your towel on the radiator?’’


‘’Okay then…’’       Hmm…

‘’ I mean, he does slip into his old ways, but I do think he has changed, for the better. Its nice, He’s nice.’’

‘’Nice to look at, I bet!’’ Ginny smirked.

‘’Ginny!’’ Hermione slapped Ginny on the arm playfully.

‘’What? Its true! I mean, yes I loovveee Harry, he’s the only one for m-‘’

‘’Ginny, that’s my best friend, please move on.’’

‘’Oh, yes, but Malfoy is hot, you have to admit.’’

Hermione stared at her crazy friend and sighed, ‘’suppose you’re right.’’

‘’HA! I knew you thought it to! Right, now help me choose what I am going to wear!’’



Making her way out of the common room, Ginny saw Blaise, running over to him, she started to call his name.

‘’Whoa Weasley, calm yourself! What is it?’’

‘’Well, They’re already friends! Phase 1 complete, phase 2, a go!’’

‘’Wait, who?’’

‘’Malfoy and Hermione!’’

‘’They’re friends! Already? How?’

‘’I don’t know! It’s just that Hermione came in at breakfast all smiley, and then later on I found out they’re friends! Don’t ask me how, they just are!’’

‘’Alright then, less work for us!’’

‘’Right, phase 2 of the plan, changed it slightly! You know that knew bakery that’s going to open, well the guy that runs it, is one of my dad’s friends. I spoke to him about our plan, and he said that we could lock them in there! I mean, that’s genius! All we need to do, is get Mione and Malfoy there, lock em’ in for an hour or two, and maybe something will happen!’’

Blaise look stunned by Ginny’s plan,’’erm, okay, right, What time shall we get them there?’’

‘’Erm,’’ Ginny looked down at her watch, ‘’its 11.30 now, shall we say, at 1pm?’’

‘’Sure, I’ll get Draco there, and you do the same with Granger, then we push them in, and lock it up!’’

‘’Alrighty then, see you then!’’ and with that, Ginny walked off to meet Hermione and make her way to Hogesmead.


*1 hour later*

Ginny and Hermione were walking through the main street, when they decided to have a drink in The Three Broomsticks. They say down in a booth, and ordered two butter beers.

‘’So, what did you buy from Gladrags Wizardwear?’’ Ginny asked, trying to look into Hermione’s bag.

‘’Well, they didn't have much, but I bought a new pair of jeans that don’t stain, which is handy. I also bought some Christmas presents as well!’’

‘’its slightly early, isn’t it?’’

‘’Yes, I know, but I couldn’t help myself, plus, I wanted to get them done earlier this year.’’

‘’What did you get me?’’

‘’You’re going to have to wait till Christmas day to find out! But I got Harry a new broom cleaning set, and something else that im not going to tell you, because you might tell Harry. ‘’ Hermione winked, and took a sip of her drink.

Ginny raised an eyebrow, ‘’suppose you are right, they don’t call you the brightest witch of our age for nothing!’’

‘’Suppose they don’t, but don’t call me that again, I dislike that pet name the paper gave to me, its awful!’’

‘’Whats so wrong with it?’’

‘’I don’t know, it just seems slightly snobby and makes me seem big headed.’’

‘’You’re none of those things,’’ Ginny looked down at her watch, and saw that she had only ten minuets to get Hermione to the bakery.  ‘’Hermione, we got to go!’’

‘’Whoa Ginny, what’s with the rush?’’ Hermione questioned.

‘’Neither you mind! Just come on!’’ Ginny pulled Hermione away from the booth and outside into the snow, leading her down to the bakery.

‘’Ginny, where are we going? Hermione managed to spit out before Ginny hushed her again.

‘’Just follow me!’’


After what seemed like forever, they eventually reached the bakery.

‘’Err, Gin, what are we doing here?  This doesn't open till tomorrow.’’ Hermione said, reading the poster on the bakery wall. She then looked up and took in the bakery.

The bakery was called ‘Lumos your belly.’ Its bright red brick walls stood out against the other plain colours of the rest of the village. The door was rounded in the corners, and it looked old, but modernized at the same time. It was a very pretty building.

‘’I know!’’

‘’Then what are we doing here?’’ and with that, Hermione heard voices from behind her, and Ginny smirked. Hermione turned around and saw Draco and Blaise making their way down the narrow pathway.

Draco looked up and saw the girls, ‘’what are you both doing here?’’

‘’I don’t know!  Ginny just dragged me down here. Im guessing it is the same in your situation.’’


Calm down Hermione, you’re friends now. ‘’So why are we here?’’

Ginny flashed them both a key, and unlocked the door, ‘’to do this!’’ Blaise and Ginny quickly pushed the pair into the shop, locking the door behind them, and setting up magical locks, so things like ‘alohomora’ would not work. They quickly ran off, leaving a shocked Draco and Hermione inside shop. 

The pair both looked at each other and sighed,

‘’what are we going to do? I saw Ginny put locking charms so we can’t get out.’’ Hermione went over to one of the booths and sat down.

‘’I don’t know, I don’t know what they were thinking to be honest.’’ Annoyance was brewing inside of him.

‘’Neither do I. well, as we are here, shall we have a look around. No one is here by the look of things.’’ Hermione got up, and started to walk through to the kitchen. Draco followed after her.

In the kitchen was two dough balls and a note which read:

‘Dear Hermione and Draco,

 I know you are probably wondering why we shut you two in here. It is for a good reason. I thought you would get bored while you are in here, so I asked the manager to leave out some dough balls, and for you to make something. Hope you guys have fun for the next two hours.

See ya,




Hermione looked up at Draco, ‘’ they've done this on purpose, Ginny’s probably got some crazy idea.’’ I hope it’s not what I think it is.

‘’And what would this crazy idea be?’’ Hm…

‘’I don’t know, but Ginny’s, Ginny. She’s always got something up her sleeve.’’ Hermione looked down at the dough in front of her, ‘’shall we get started?’’

‘’Doing?’’ he looked down at the dough, ‘’oh, making something using this?’’ he picked it up, the dough sticking to his hands.

‘’Yes! Turn the oven onto 200 degrees, and then wash your hands.’’ Hermione took off her jacket and put on one of the red and white stripy aprons.

Draco went over to the Muggle machine, and stared at it. Erm, do what? What am I supposed to do? ‘’200 degrees. ‘’ he stared at it, waiting for something to happen.

‘’Erm, Malfoy, what are you doing?’’ she looked at him, laughing.

‘’Waiting for something to happen.’’

‘’What do you mean?’’ she looked at him, he looked down sheepishly, ‘’wait, Malfoy, you do know how to use an oven, right?’’

‘’Erm…’’ he looked up at her, embarrassed, his blonde hair covering his eyes.

‘’Oh! Er, I’ll show you.’’ she walked up to the oven showed him what to do, and then carried on rolling out her dough.

‘’I have used one before, its just that I forgot.’’ Keep your cool Draco.

‘’Forgot?’’ she started to laugh again.

‘’Yes. Forgot.’’

Hermione looked from her dough to him, trying to keep her best poker face. ‘’I’ll just pretend you forgot, don’t want you to loose your Malfoy cool.’’ She winked and went on to rolling her dough.

Draco washed his hands and went over to his ball of dough. He had made bread before, but it was a long time ago, when his mother was ill. He looked over to Hermione’s desk, and copied what she was doing, not know  that she knew what he was doing.

‘’So, Malfoy, having fun there?’’ she nodded towards his miss-shaped dough, that was now starting to stick to the table.

‘’Not really. It’s starting to stick to my hands.’’ He pulled his hands away from the dough, trying to peel off some of the gooey dough.

‘’Put some flour on the table, it will reduce the sticky-ness.’’

‘’Flower? Why would you put a flower on the desk to reduce the sticky-ness.’’

‘’Not flower you idiot, Merlin's beard, flour, as in cooking flour. Look, let me show you.’’ she went over to the other side of the room, and started rummaging through the cupboards. ‘’surely they have flour round here somewhere.’’

‘’Accio flour.’’ Draco smirked as the flour came zooming towards him. He put it on the table, and looked at Hermione, ‘’Granger, its called being a witch, you should try It some time.’’

‘’Ha ha. I like to use magic as minimal as possible.’’ She grabbed the flour and sprinkled some on her dough. She looked up at Draco, then down at the flour. HA, this is for trying to outsmart me. ‘its called being a witch’ my ass. She took hold of the the flour, ‘’Hey, Malfoy!’’ He turned to look at her, and she threw a handful of flour at him, leaving him in shock. She started to laugh.

Opening his eyes, Right Granger, that’s it. He got some of the flour and threw it back, Hermione quickly realized what he was doing, and ducked, the flour missing her, and hitting the wall. She got up, and he quickly threw some more.

Hermione squealed, ‘’Hey!’’

‘’What? You started it!’’ he smirked, and went round the table to throw more on her.

As he ran for her, she ran back around so they were still opposite, ‘’oh Mr Malfoy there’s no running in the kitchen!’’ she pointed to a ‘no running’ sign.

‘’Well Miss Granger, im a Malfoy, so I don’t care.’’ He ran again trying to catch her, Hermione ran back into the front of the store,.

‘’Oh dear Merlin, help me!’’

She started to run again, but slipped on some flour that was on the floor. Draco –not seeing she fell over- also slipped on the flour and fell on top of her. They both started laughing,

‘’Err, Malfoy, you’re still on top of me, would you mind getting off?’’ she managed to say between deep breaths.

He looked down and smiled to her, ‘’sure thing. But I know this is how you like it’’ he winked, not moving a muscle.

‘’Oh Merlin, just get off me. You’re heavy!’’ she managed to push him off her, ‘’and no, its not by the way.’’

He stood himself up, and held out a hand for Hermione, she took it, but then half way up the pull, he let go off her, so she fell back down.

‘’What was that for?’’

‘’I felt like it,’’ he held out his hand again, ‘’I promise I won’t let you go this time.’’

She looked at his hand, hesitant to take it, she eventually took it, and he pulled her up and close. Their faces were an inch apart, their chests rising and falling in motion. What is he going to do, Merlin do something, otherwise this will get awkward very quickly. As if he read her mind, he leaned in closer; he pulled her closer so there bodies were touching. He put his hands on her back, her arms around his waist. They both knew what was about to happen. Then he did it, he leaned in, closing the gap and kissed her.

Bursts of electricity went through them both. It was subtle, and gentle. Hermione kissed him back, knowing they shouldn't be doing this, by she didn't care. She deepened the kiss, and he stopped in surprise, but he then carried on. 

This is better, much better than the previous ones; this is different, like he needed to do it. Why? Stop thinking Hermione, Merlin!

He picked her up, and backed her against the wall, his hands boxing her there so she couldn't escape.  Hermione regained control of her body, and pulled away.

‘’Why do you always have to stop it?’’ Draco asked raising an eyebrow, letting Hermione down.

‘’Because…’’ Why can’t the bloody doors be unlocked, I need to cool down!

‘’Because?’’ he followed her to the booth. He could see her cheeks flush.

‘’Because it’s you and me, it’s us. Look at our history. It’s messy. If we carry on doing these spontaneous things like you kissing me, then, It might muck our friendship. I just…this is the first time I haven’t felt alone in a long time, and I don’t want to jeopardize this.’’

‘’I guess you’re right, I mean, I don’t feel lonely anymore, and im happy now.’’ He smiled at her, ‘’right, how do we get out of here?’’

‘’I think first, we need to clean up this mess!’’ she laughed, looking at the surroundings, ‘’and us!’’

‘’that’s true! I didn't see any cleaning things in the kitchen, hmm..’’ he looked down at his top.


He took his top off to reveal his torso, which to Hermione, was a very good torso, she turned around, hoping he didn't notice her blush.

‘’Im going to clean it with my shirt, then clean it with magic.’’

‘’Err, Malfoy, why don’t you just clean it with magic in the first place.’’

‘’Thought you done it the muggle way?’’ he winked, putting his shirt back on, much the Hermione’s dismay.

‘’Well, I do! Its just that there is a lot of mess here, and I really can’t be bothered to do it the muggle way.’’

They both uttered some cleaning spells around the bakery, and got it to look brand new again, they binned there over floured dough, and sat down with a warm drink.

‘’So, what’s the plan?’’ Draco asked, looking around for any escape route.

‘’Well, Ginny will be here in about 15 minutes, why don’t we just wait.’’ Hermione shrugged.

‘’Alright then, but I have a plan, why don’t we pretend that we had a massive argument, and that we have fallen out? I know they set this up somehow, but it will be a laugh. I mean, it could be a laugh, teasing them.’’

‘’Ahh the one and only Draco Malfoy up to his famous tricks again, but we only say things at each other, not at them, okay?’’

‘’Fine.’’ He pulled a straight face.


The pair looked out of the window to see Ginny and Blaise walking down the path, they quickly nodded to each other, and grabbed their things, waiting to get out. Ginny unlocked the door,

‘’Hey guys, have fun?’’ Ginny asked with a smirk.

‘’No. I had to sit here with this idiot of a person for two hours.’’ Hermione said, gesturing towards Draco with her head.

Blaise and Ginny looked at each other in confusion.

‘’Yes, its not fun having to sit in a cramped place with someone like Granger.’’ Draco sneered.

Blaise and Ginny looked mortified, what have we done?

‘’Yes, it wasn't pleasant at all, he threw dough at me, and it landed in my hair, it took me an hour to get it out, I had to cut of some of my hair.’’ Hermione lifted up a piece of hair which she had previously charmed to make look shorter, which in reality wasn't shorter at all.

‘’Oh, we’re sorry guys.’’ Ginny looked down, angry at herself for the plan to be failing, ‘’suppose we will be going then Mione?’’

‘’Yes.’’ Hermione went with Ginny, and turned back to wink and Draco, who was already smirking at her. Hopefully what he said, wasn't real.



Later on in the common room, Hermione walked in to find Draco sitting down in the armchair. He looked up and greeted her with a smile. She sat down opposite him.

‘’Malfoy, I've just come back from McGonagall, and she said that we can use the room of requirement on the date that you said, she also said she would contact the band for us. That’s three less things we have to worry about. I've got the prefects on the decorations and seating.’’

‘’Okay then.’’ Coldness was in his voice.

‘’Um…yeah.’’ Hermione felt the sudden tension grow in the air. ‘’What’s wrong?’’  

‘’Nothing…its nothing. Don’t worry.’’ He smiled a fake smile. Hermione knew something was wrong.

‘’I’ll be in the shower if you need me.’’ Hermione smiled at him and walked into the bathroom.


A little while later, Draco heard a loud bang from the bathroom, along with a yelp. He got up immediately, and knocked on the door.

‘’Hermione, are you alright? Im coming in, okay? I promise I wont look at anything.

‘’Okay, come in, just help me!’’ he heard from behind the door.

He took a deep breath in, and swung open the door, he saw Hermione on the floor wrapped around the shower curtain, he foot was in a position it shouldn't of been in.

‘’What happened!’’ he asked, going over to her, and picking her up in a bridal position, making sure he the curtain was wrapped around her so she looked decent.

‘’I slipped, ouch my foot!’’ she yelped in pain, as her foot knocked against the bookshelf on the way up to her room.

He laid her on her bed, and checked her foot, ‘’I think you've broken it Hermione. I can fix it for you, if you want?’’

‘’Can you fix it?’’ another wave of pain came across her foot, ‘’who gives a damn, just heal it.’’ She sat up on her bed, and rested her foot on Draco’s knee.               

After uttering a few words, Hermione felt a strange sensation in her foot, then no pain at all, ‘’there you go Granger.’’ He smiled, and put away his wand.

‘’Thanks’’ she smiled at him.

He was walking out of the room, when he turned and face Hermione, ‘’Hermione,’’


‘’Is this whole, friendship thing working out for you? ‘Cause one things for sure, it isn’t working for me.’’ 




A/N: :O so what do you think guys?

sorry to leave it like that, i felt like that was a good ending! Can i just thank every person for reading and reviewing, it means so much!

What did you think of the bakery bit?

I know this was a long one, but i just couldnt turn it into two chapters, it just wouldnt of been right!


As always, read and review, LOVEEE SlightObession xx

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