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An Unnecessary Burden by Dumbledance
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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Oh, bollocks.






I stare down at my unconscious boyfriend while I heave out sigh. If I’m honest, I had a list of possible scenarios which would happen after I had informed Albus of my pregnancy jotted down on an imaginary sheet of paper inside my mind. Watching Albus slamming into the hard tile in front of me was not one of those listed. Now that I think of it, fainting should have been one of the most obvious outcomes of this situation and it should have been listed up the near the top but obviously the idea never entered my mind; which is weird because the idea of Albus throwing himself off the clock tower entered my head and it was placed rather high on the list too.






I was expecting Albus to become upset or start crying instead. Well, the day is not yet over and he has yet to regain consciousness.  I begin to pace up and down, wringing my hands behind my back, trying to think of ideas of how to restore consciousness to Albus.  I accidentally stand on Albus’ pinky finger and mumble an apology before I slam my palm to my forehead, remembering that Albus is unable to hear me as he is currently out cold.






I come to a halt as an idea pops into my head. I remember skimming through one of my text books and spotting a spell that could restore consciousness to a person. I withdraw my wand from my knitted blue cardigan and tap it gently on my temple as I try to remember the name of the spell. Rennervate.  I tighten my grip on my wand and point it towards Albus. I take a deep breath as I try to steady my hand. I don’t know why I feel nervous, it really should be Albus fearing for his life but then again he is knocked out so he doesn’t exactly know what is about to happen.






“Rennervate!” I say clearly as purple sparks erupt from the end of my wand and dance towards Albus. I shove my wand back into my cardigan and crouch down beside Albus. His eyelids begin to flutter and he opens one green eye, taking in his surroundings before he opens the other. His eyes soon find my own and his eyebrows knit together for a moment, a slight crease forming on his forehead. He lifts his head up a little bit before he speaks.






“Why am I on the floor?” His eyes narrow as he waits for my answer. I sit back on my heels and pull at the loose wool on the cuff of my sleeve, my dark hair falling over one shoulder.






“You fainted,” I say simply with a casual shrug of my shoulders. I’ve decided to keep my explanations short and to the point.






“Oh. Why?”






“Because I told you I was pregnant.”






Albus lays his head back on the cold, hard floor.












I nod once before I scoot closer to Albus who was currently examining the ceiling above us with a blank look etched onto his face. After a minute or so, I decide to lie down beside Albus and join him in studying the ceiling. I spot a rather large cobweb tucked between two beams up above. I’ve always hated spiders; I have since I was a child.






When I was around four years old or so, a massive black spider perched itself on top of my head when I went to visit my cousins in their little house in the countryside. I was crying for around an hour and my parents had to buy me a liquorice wand to shut me up. Ever since that horrid event, I’ve despised the creatures. Even vacant cobwebs make my stomach turn.






My dark eyes follow a long crack which runs halfway down the ceiling. I peek over at Albus whose eyes haven’t shifted once, much unlike my own which have darted from corner to corner of the room.






“You know, they should really fix that crack up there,” I say in an effort to break the silence. I lift my right hand and point towards the crack. Albus’ eyes glance in the direction of my finger and a faint smile tugs on the corner of his lip but unfortunately the smile didn’t last for very long and I begin to wonder if I had only imagined it.






“Are we keeping it?” He asks, ignoring my comment on the condition of the castle. I turn my head slightly so I can face him, the cold nipping at my cheek.






“Yes,” I say simply, reaching up to flick a curl off my forehead, “I’m not too fond of the adoption option. Don’t even get me started on the other ‘a’ option.” It’s true. I could never bring myself to place my baby, my own flesh and blood, into someone else’s arms, despite whatever age I may be. I will raise this baby growing inside of me even if I have to place Albus under the imperius curse. As for getting rid of the child completely, it’s just another idea I would never even dream of doing. Not in a million years.






“Who else knows?” He asks as he turns his head towards me, his brow still knitted together. For a moment, his green eyes widen and the very little colour left in his face drains. “Oh, God. How the hell are we going to tell our parents?!”






“Ellen.” A scowl begins to form on Albus’ face as I answer his first question. Ellen MacAvoy is one of my closest friends and she has been ever since our first year. We met on the Hogwarts Express when I tripped over my robes and fell face first onto the floor of the train in front of everyone. Instead of standing back and laughing at my misfortune, like everyone else did, Ellen stepped forward and offered me her hand so I could stand up. We’ve been inseparable ever since.






Now, the reason for the frown upon Albus’ face is because the pair of them had never gotten along. I think the real reason they never got along was jealousy. Ellen was jealous of Albus because he excelled in his studies and Albus was jealous of Ellen because she made the Slytherin quidditch team before he did. Ellen is jealous whenever I spend time with Albus and Albus is jealous whenever I spend time with Ellen. They’re so immature, both of them. I let out a small sigh before I answer Albus’ second question. “As for telling the parents...I haven’t got a clue, if I’m honest.”






“We could owl them,” He suggests and I scoff.






“Pfft, right. ‘Hey mum and dad how are you? I’m pregnant. Love your darling child, Poppy.” I say, sarcasm dripping off every word I speak. “I think that this is something


we should tell them in person. Not on a tatty piece of paper delivered by a dumb bird.”






“You’re right,” Albus says, pressing his palms to his eyes. He turns his head away from me and resumes his staring at the ceiling, his chest heaving with each breath he takes. “Do you think we should tell the professors?”






“Obviously,” I say, copying his movements and facing my own head back towards the ceiling, “They’ll help us.”






A few minutes pass by as neither of us speaks. I sneak a few glances towards Albus and see that his gaze is still completely fixed on a rotting beam directly above him. I jump a little when Albus’ deep voice breaks the heavy silence.






“I think we should get up before anyone comes along and thinks we’re dead or before Peeves spots us and throws ceramic objects at us.”

A small smile inches its way across my face as Albus slowly stands up and holds out his had to help me up off the ground. I grasp his hand and he pulls me back up onto my feet. I don’t release my hold on his hand and the pair of us walk hand in hand back to the Slytherin common room. 

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