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I'll Hold You Forever My Slytherin Princess by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 16 : Epilogue
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The young girl had arrived at the shrine first, her golden curls shimmering in the afternoon sun. Kneeling beside the grave, she hovered her hands above it, waiting for the magic to happen. Beneath her slender fingers, clusters of tiny daffodils had begun to grow around the edge. She grinned to herself before being tackled by her best friend in the whole world.


“You’re it!”

“No fair I wasn’t playing!”

The two rushed off, leaving Ron’s grave covered in the beautiful flowers that Mia had conjured. Hermione watched from the patio with a smile on her face, not quite believing how much her daughter had grown in the last two years. Ollie gurgled on her lap as he watched his big sister play tag with James and Opal, his arms outstretched as if he wanted to join in. The rest of the Weasley/Potter clan were inside the Burrow enjoying the festivities that Ginny had so magnificently planned, leaving Hermione to enjoy the setting sun in peace.

Hermione nuzzled her son’s head of curls, breathing in his baby scent. He was a spitting image of his sister with his golden strands and his blue eyes as clear as the sky and the Brunette adored him. He was nearly two years old, a complete and happy surprise to the happy couple as Hermione realised she had been pregnant when Ron had kidnapped her. She had been worried that there may have been issues with the baby, but nearly two years on she had a bouncing baby boy who, in every aspect, was just like his father.


The sound of Ollie calling out for his father could only mean one thing; Draco was home.

“Hey squirt.” Draco ruffled his son’s hair before kissing his wife evenly on the mouth, “Happy anniversary baby.”

“Happy Anniversary.”

They kissed again, Draco lingering against her lips, while pressing a slender black box into her spare hand. “Hope you like it.”

He grinned before taking the seat next to hers his arms extended to his smiling son. “Come and give Daddy a cuddle.” Ollie giggled before wriggling out of his mother’s lap onto Draco’s, his chubby fingers gripping tightly to the collar of his father’s shirt. Draco hugged his son close to his chest, his eyes trained on Hermione as she began to open her anniversary gift.

Lifting the lid off of, Hermione gasped as she saw what was inside. She turned to her husband, her eyes watering, “It’s perfect! I love it!”

Draco smirked his trademark, “I thought you would; put it on.”

The Brunette ran her fingers over the white gold chain that was situated in the black box, lingering on the heart shaped locket which was open to show a photo of Draco and another of Mia hugging Ollie on her lap. They waved at her from their heart shaped frame; Mia holding Ollie’s hand up and flapping it for him. Within seconds she had clipped the clasps together and positioned the locket close to her heart. It was a picture that was taken on Ollie’s first birthday and it had become a firm favourite of hers. She always reviewed the picture as new beginnings; the start of happier times.

  Her hand automatically sought Draco’s and found it in an instant; they were never far from each other now, not since those awful couple of days being Ron’s prisoner. It felt weird to know that this day two years ago, Ron disappeared in the midst of the fiery blue flames and Draco, determined to commit to Hermione in every way possible, swept her onto his conjured broom and flew to the nearest registry office to be married. She didn’t care that she would share her wedding anniversary with the anniversary of Ron’s death, instead she had interpreted the saying ‘when one door closes another opens’ into her vows as a remembrance to her lost friend. Draco had smiled at the motto, before setting the wedding ring on Hermione’s finger and replied with, “Let’s make sure we make every moment count.”

It had been simple but perfect and Hermione was secretly happier with their tiny ceremony rather than the extravagant celebration that Ginny had planned. Ginny, on the other hand, had been fuming that they had ruined the ‘perfect wedding’ but Hermione, not wanting to be at the end of her best friend’s anger, had promised her that she could still throw the ‘best wedding reception ever’ for the couple.

It satisfied the Redhead enough and she began to throw herself into total party planner mode. Hermione had inwardly grimaced as she remembered the over-done birthday party for Mia but Draco had laughed and whirled her into the air, sending all her troubles away.

Ollie had fallen asleep, his tiny snores muffled against Draco’s chest. Hermione giggled at her son’s cuteness, as Draco shifted the weight of his son to one arm where he snuggled in deeper before stretching the spare one around his wife, his fingers brushing her chestnut waves. They sat there peacefully, watching the orange sky become the purple of dusk, Hermione melted at the soothing stroke, her body mellowing completely into the moment.

Her eyes flickered to her daughter, now eight years of age, completely immersed in her game of chase. In three years she would receive her letter to Hogwarts where she would be open fully to world of magic, James and Opal too. It seemed that already her perfect life was slipping away; her daughter was growing up and leaving her behind. 

As if sensing her anguish, Draco shifted his position so that he could raise Hermione’s gaze to his own, his stormy grey eyes full of concern.

“What is it?”

Nodding towards where Mia was standing, she replied, “She’s growing up so fast…it seems only yesterday that I was teaching her how to walk and talk. Life just seems to be passing us by Draco.”

He tutted before kissing her nose delicately, something he always did to unfurrow her brows; it always worked.

“Sweetheart, she’s only eight. Besides, no matter how old she gets…she’ll always need you.” The words had the desired affect and instantly Hermione began to relax. She wasn’t going to lose her daughter; of course she wasn’t, she was just surprised at how time seems to be flying by. Sensing her mother’s sudden change in mood, Mia raised her head, her eyebrows raised questioningly. Ever since they had opened their psychic wave, the two had become more in tune with each other; even picking up certain thoughts here and there, neither closing the stream. Hermione guessed that it was their way to protect each other, but she made sure that she didn’t pry into her daughter’s mind, leaving her thoughts at peace.

Hermione waved at her, showing that she was okay and instantly the not so little princess was smiling, completely and innocently happy. The Brunette watched as her daughter continued to race with James, something they had done ever since they first met, a knowing smile creeping across her lips. Those two are going to be a right pair when they become teenagers.

“No, you’re right, there’s no need to worry about Mia leaving yet; she’s still a child; she’s still got the rest of her childhood to live yet before she leave for Hogwarts, besides”

 She glanced towards her baby boy, whose thumb seemed to have sneaked into his mouth, something that Hermione could only find as adorable even though it was a really bad habit, “We’ve got another little one to raise yet.”

Draco grinned down and followed her gaze lovingly to their sleeping son, “Yeah I bet our little squirt is going to be a right troublemaker, just like his Dad.”

Hermione laughed, a twinkle in her eye, “Yeah we’ll have to keep an eye on little Ollie, although that’s not exactly what I was talking about.”

Draco raised his head, his expression completely confused, “What do you mean?”

Hermione bit her lip nervously, her eyes never leaving Draco’s. “I’m pregnant...again.”


A/N: Well, that’s the end of the of that; I hope you’ve enjoyed it, once again I’d like to say a loving thanks to you all for reading, you’ve made writing this story worthwhile. I am considering a kind of sequel about Mia and James but I’m not sure yet so don’t get your hopes up. Please keep visiting my page because I will have many new stories soon and please read and review to let me know what you thought about the whole story.

Thanks again J

Yours Stagzpotterfan x

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