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The Art Of Being Ally by potterfan310
Chapter 3 : Chapter Two: Ally
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These times will try to define me,

And I'll try to hold my head up high,

But I've seen despair here from the inside,

And it's got a one track mind

These Times ~ Safetysuit



"ALLY WAKE UP! HOGGY WARS TIME!" Came a very loud voice from a rather small person. I saw a little blonde head running around my bed. I shut my eyes again and tried to ignore her, "ALLY WAKE UP!" She yelled again.

"I'm up, I'm up." I muttered sleepily in hope she would leave after seeing I was awake.

"No Ally, wake up!" Summer insisted.

I sat up and yawned, "I'm awake Sum." She came over and gave me a sloppy porridgey kiss half on my mouth, half on my nose and left. I slowly collapsed and snuggled back under my quilt. I haven't seen dad since I told him I was pregnant and he left, the first time I'll see him again will be at the feast. It's just been me, the annoying lot I call my siblings and mum. I haven't even seen Dom yet since as soon as she was back from France she went straight over to The Burrow to see her Nana Molly and Granddad Arthur and then left for home again to pack.

I've missed her weirdness, her friendship and her blonde ness, believe me that girl has a lot of blonde hair on her head. The one thing I haven't missed is Frankie drooling over her. All he does is sit there gawping at Dom's arse or her boobs and it really annoys me. I've tried charming him so that his vision goes funny and disorientated when he see's Dom but all I did was make him see giant yellow spots for a week. I got in trouble for that even though it was Rose who cast the spell as it was 'too advanced for me' as Dom put it.

I managed to persuade Summer to leave me alone so that I could get dressed. As I got out of bed I checked the time and saw that it was only seven o'clock. Great I'm awake four hours before the school trains leaves. Over the past few days I've been thinking about telling the boys and I've decided on how I'm going to do it. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen off my desk and wrote their names down and then the numbers, one, two and three.

I ripped each of them so that they were all separated and looked around for something to put them in. I spotted my old goldfish bowl on my shelves and went and grabbed it. Putting the names and numbers in together I shook the bowl before putting my hand in. First out was the number two, I stuck my hand back in and pulled out Albus Potter. Next was number one and Cole Zabini and lastly number three and Fred Weasley.

I now have the order in which I am going to tell them that I'm pregnant. I have to get it over and done with, sooner rather than later. I crumpled the bits of paper and threw them in my bin before going to take a shower and getting dressed.

At eight I was actually fully awake, dressed and sat at the dining table nibbling on toast. Summer was sat next to me and quite happily making her toy pony jump over things like the jam jar or butter dish. I smiled at her wondering whether my little one would be like her, then the thought occurred to me. Summer is going to be auntie at three years old, she's going to be an auntie before she has even started nursery. Bloody hell.

"Alice can you make sure your trunk is ready and ask Frankie to bring it through, you shouldn't be lifting it in your condition." Mum said to me as she entered the room carrying a pile of clean washing. "Oh and add this in, it's just come out the wash." She added placing my clothes and underwear on the chair next to me that didn't have Summer on.

I nodded since my mouth was full of toast. Mum hasn't spoken to me properly since I told her and I don't think she's going to either. I get that she's pissed but surely she's over the fact that I am sixteen and pregnant and that she is going to be a granny at forty-two already. It's not like dad can avoid me at school, he teaches me Herbology and he's the headmaster.

"Can you please make sure that you're ready by ten o'clock as we're leaving at five past."

I nodded again, turning around to get a better look at her and swallowed before saying . "Mum, how are we getting there?" I asked.

"I'm driving." Was all she simply said.

"Look at me Ally! My ears warm." Came Summer's innocent voice.

I turned back and saw Summer with my clean lacy pink bra draped over her head, she hopped off her chair before I could get it and started to run around the table.

"Hi Mrs Longbottom, Ally." Came a voice that I recognised all to well, potential baby daddy number two. I turned to see Albus Potter stood there in scruffy jeans, scuffed trainers, a blue t-shirt and his hands in his pockets. He was definitely tanned and his messy black hair looked even messier than normal.

Summer had already run infront of them and as she came back to run past me, I managed to stop her and make it look like I was picking her up but really I was grabbing my bra back and tried stuffing it in my pocket only to realise leggings don't have pockets. I then stuffed it in my hoodie pocket and succeeded before letting go of Sum who whizzed off to god know's where. I turned back to Albus who was stood there with Frankie who was grinning like an idiot.

I blushed hoping that Albus hadn't A) realised what was on Summer's head and B) that it belonged to me. I haven't spoken to him since the night and I haven't seen him either. Frankie normally goes around to the Potters in the summer but Albus and the entire Potter/Weasley clan had gone to France for a family holiday as well as the fact Dom's auntie was getting married.

Anyway did I mention Albus and Frankie best friends.

Yep I'm totally screwed when Frankie finds out that his best friend possible knocked up his younger twin sister.

"Hi," I managed to say as I picked up the rest of my clean clothes, "Got to finish packing. Bye Albus." I rushed to my room quickly, anyway why is he here at this time in the morning when Frankie will see him later. Why couldn't he have stayed at home.

Five minutes later there was a knock at my door, I turned to see Albus in the doorway looking at me.

"Ally can we talk?" He asked.

"Ok." I said slowly unsure of whether I wanted to or not.

"I know I haven't saw you since the party but I just wanted to make sure things were ok with us and that Frankie doesn't know."

I was really tempted to ask what party but I resisted as that will lead to more questions and when he knows the truth he'll probably think I'm a slut.

"Everything's fine." I managed to say. "Why would I tell my older brother who I sleep with, it's none of his bloody business." I shut up quickly and turned my back on Albus as I packed my robes into my trunk.

"Ally are we still friends, because your acting more weirder than normal."

I turned back to look at him with a smile on my face, "Of course we're still friends."

He smiled back at me and pulled me into a hug which was unexpected. When we broke apart he said, "See you on the train Ally."

"Bye." I mumbled as he left my room. No sooner than I heard the door go downstairs, Frankie was stood at my door.

"You ready?" He questioned.

"Just got to pack three more things and yes I will be. Why was Al here?" I asked casually as I packed shoes.

"He came over to drop off something he borrowed from me at the beginning of the summer."

At that point Summer crawled through Frankie's legs and looked up at him, "Summer?"

We both laughed, aww bless her she thought Frankie was on about her. I really am going to miss her, even if she does wake me up early and give me porridge kisses.

"No Sum, I didn't mean you." He said as he picked her up.

"I come Hoggy Wars with you." Summer said as she smiled at both of us.

"Just eight more years Sum and you'll be able to." Frankie told her.

I packed the last of my stuff and shut my trunk just in time to see Summer frown and yell "NO NOW! My Ally no go to Hoggy Wars."

"Hey Frankie, take my trunk to the car please and I'll take care of Sum."

He nodded and put Summer down (who then came and attached herself to my legs) before pulling out his wand and making my trunk float out the room. I looked up at my shelves and saw what I was looking for, a little snow globe with a miniature Hogwarts castle inside.

"Hey Sum, you know you don't want me to go well what if Hogwarts came to you and the you could always see me."

"Yes please Ally." Summer said as she let go of my legs.

I reached up and got my snow globe, when I was little and dad had to go back to Hogwarts to teach he bought me and Frankie one each. Telling us to look at it if we ever missed him and if we wanted to see him to look at it and we would. I didn't believe it until one September I saw a little figure come out of the castle doors, looking closely I saw that it was dad.

Somehow he had charmed it so that whenever someone you loved missed you or wanted to see you they would show up in the globe. I handed it to Summer carefully, "You have to be very, very careful with this Sum. Whenever you miss me or want to see me look inside here ok. I'll always be with you Sum and I'll be back at Christmas."

I got a crazy grin off her and a hug, "Thanks Ally, Love you."

"Love you too Sum." I said as she left my room, carrying the snow globe very carefully. I smiled to myself and wondered would I be like this with my own child. I've always looked after Summer even when she was a newborn baby and mum had to run the pub or if she just needed time to sleep or clean. From the age of ten I can remember I've normally looked after the other's, especially in the summer or in the holidays. Will I be as good a mum to my baby as I was big sister to my siblings.

"Alice, are you ready?" Mum called.

"Coming." I replied as I took one final look around my room and left, locking the door behind me with my wand. I do not trust Caleb and Summer in my room, last Christmas when I came home I found our cat Mr. Whiskers (I named him when I six, ok) looking very annoyed at the fact he was wearing my old dolls clothes and that he had a toy mouse tied to his tail, in my wardrobe. I also found a pile of frogs spawn in my bed and a dead mouse (courtesy of Mr. Sprinkles) under my pillow. I never leave home now without locking my bedroom door, Merlin knows what will happen.

The flat was empty and when I got down I found mum stood outside our front door, "I just need to see Hazel." I told her before rushing off through the pub, out the back and down the street.

I knocked on the red door and within seconds Ze answered, "I had a feeling it was you, it's September first."

I followed her upstairs and found Lacey sat in her playpen, "I haven't got long but I came to say bye. I'm not home until Christmas now."

"Lacey will definitely miss her auntie Ally," Ze smiled, "And I'll definitely miss my little sister." She pulled me into a hug.

"Ahh!" Lacey yelled.

I picked her out and gave her a kiss and cuddle, "Bye bye Lacey, see you at Christmas. Be a good girl for your mummy." I added as I handed her to Ze.

"Ally, make sure you see Madame Patil as soon as you get to school ok. You have to find out how far you are and she needs to check you over. Owl me if you need anything and the dates of your Hogsmeade weekends, I need a trip to Hogsmeade sometime." Ze told me as she sat Lacey on her hip.

"Thanks Ze." I said pulling both her and Lacey into a hug. Ze locked her door and walked me back down the street and through the pub with Lacey, mum looked at me as if to say 'your late' but I ignored her.

"Hazel, how are you?" Mum asked. "I can't believe Lacey's one, she's grown so much."

"I'm fine thanks Auntie Hannah." Ze replied, "I know, I can't believe it myself. Before I know it she'll be off to Hogwarts."

Mum laughed as she got into the car, "Take care both of you and tell your mum to pop in sometime, I haven't seen her in ages."

"Will do. Bye Ally."

I waved to her and Lacey as we pulled off, out of the corner of my eye I could see Summer in her carseat, in her hands was the snow globe and a grey rabbit. I smiled as I leant my head on the window and watched the world go by.

We eventually pulled up outside King's Cross and mum parked the car. I got out first along with Summer as she wanted to come with me and went and got two trolley's for mine, Frankie, Tegan and Jayden's trunks. As I crossed the car park, some idiot nearly knocked Summer over.

"OI!, watch it." I yelled at them.

They were a tall, dark haired teenage boy. He looked at me and sneered. I then realised who it was: Cole flipping Zabini, potential baby daddy number one.

"Do you mind, you nearly knocked over my little sister." I told him.

He shrugged, "She shouldn't have been in the way."

"She's three years old!" I cried.

"Ally farted at breakfast." Summer said happily as she clutched her grey rabbit tightly in the hand that wasn't holding mine.

Cole scoffed and carried on walking without a word. I looked down at my baby sister, where the hell had she got that from. I wasn't even at breakfast. "Summer, it's not nice to say things like that."

She giggled and made her rabbit walk up my arm. I managed to get two trolley's and took them back to the car, where everyone was waiting. Frankie and Jayden's trunk's went on one trolley and mine and Tegan's went on the other. Despite mum's worries and warnings Summer ended up sitting on top of mine and Tegan's trunks, along with my owl Sparky and Tegan's owl Blinky in their cages.

Frankie and Jayden haven't got an owl, or even a cat or rat. They're 'too cool' for pets, in other words because their boys they don't want to be seen with a pet. Idiots, Frankie always ends up wanting to borrow Sparky, I don't see why he couldn't have gotten an owl.

I went on ahead with Tegan and Summer, as I went through the barrier I felt sick. I passed the trolley to Tegan and ran off, I found the guard's office and promptly threw up next to it.

"Are you ok Ally?" Came the voice which belonged to potential baby daddy number three: Fred Weasley.

I wiped my mouth on my sleeve and so wished that the ground would open up. What is today, throw Ally into awkward moments with the three possible fathers day. Great just great. I turned to see Fred looking at me with a worried look on his face, "I'm fine, breakfast didn't agree with me that's all." I lied.

"Here Ally," He said handing me a packet of tissues.

"Thanks." I said as Tegan came over minus Summer, thank god.

"See you on the train Ally." Fred called as he left.

Tegan smirked at me, "Boy got it bad for you."

I frowned, "What are you on about Tee?"

Tegan pulled her brown hair up into a ponytail and smiled, "Ally, it's so obvious. He likes you, Fred like, likes you."

I stared at her dumbstruck, "Fred's just a friend, Tee." I told her as we walked down the platform to where mum and the other's were standing.

"I don't feel so good." Jayden was saying as we walked up. "I don't want to go."

"Jay, you'll be fine. Everyone's nervous when they start Hogwarts." Frankie told him.

As you might have guessed Jayden's about to start his first year at Hogwarts and he always feel's ill when he's nervous. I gave him a hug, "Jay, I promise you'll be fine. We'll look after you."

He gave me a weak smile when we broke apart, "Thanks Ally."

I noticed that the trolley's containing our luggage were now gone and were probably being loaded onto the train as we speak. Mum, Caleb and Summer hugged us one by one. Summer was hugging my knee's as mum pulled me close.

"Take care Alice, Make sure you see Madame Patil and owl me. I'm sorry about the other night and this morning. It was just a shock that's all, your still my baby girl Alice even if you're my oldest baby girl."

I smiled, "Thanks mum, love you."

"Love you too." She whispered, "Take care all of you and I expect owls off each of you." She added.

I looked down at my legs where Summer was holding on for dear life, "Sum, can let go please."

"No, my Ally is staying." She replied.

"Sum, I have to go. Remember what I said about the snow globe, I'll always be with you." I said as I looked at mum hoping she would get her off me.

"Do you want to wave to Alice, Frankie and Jayden?" Mum asked her.

"YES, YES, YES!" Summer replied loosening her grip on me. Mum picked her up and she squirmed in her arms before she starting waving at us like a loon.

"Bye." We all called in unison before getting on the train. Frankie went off to find his friends and I found and empty compartment for myself and Jayden to sit in. I waved once more to mum, Caleb and Summer and watched as Sum wriggled out of mums arms and tried to run down the platform as the train left.

I sat down once they were no longer in view and we were out of the station. I then stood back up, before I do anything else I have to tell Cole Zabini he is a possible father first.

"Jay, I need to go do something. I'll be back really soon, I promise." I told him. Jayden nodded in reply and kept on looking out the window.

I left the compartment and made my way down the train in search of Zabini. It didn't take long and I walked up to the compartment that my brother and his two best friends (Albus and Scorpius Malfoy) normally sit in, along with the other boys from his dorm. Zabini was just about to enter when I said quietly, "Zabini I need a word."

Well here goes nothing, I'm about to tell potential baby daddy number one. Good luck to me.

A/N DUN,DUN,DUN... Alas the father's are revealed, did anyone see that coming.

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