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Love's Vengeance by AHarryTale
Chapter 6 : Promise
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I held my head in my palms, shaking my head from side to side, huffing. I didn't know what I was going to tell Harry, because he was sure to find out anyway! Well it's not like I'd been seeing Malfoy, I guess it must have been some one night thing, maybe I'd been too drunk to remember. Wait, that didn't sound like me at all! I hadn't even been out lately. I had my hands full, now that I had children. Well, now that I had a child. But now that Rose was at Hogwarts, it felt as though I had no children at all. Even if I had of been out, I was pretty certain that I knew my limits.


Harry had to believe me. Me and Draco Malfoy? Oh please, today was the first time I'd seen him in 19 years! Appearance wise, he'd changed quite a lot, his hair wasn't as blonde as I remembered it... As for his personality, well... He might be a totally different person now, he might of changed for the better, but I could only base my current opinion on what I already knew about him. He had been horrid in our early Hogwarts years, he had said some horrible things... As the years flew by, he became a lot quieter, most probably with pressures and responsibilities presented to him by the Dark Lord.


I really did hope that the war had changed him... For the sake of the baby! I had heard that he had a son now; maybe he was an exceptional father, maybe he would be pleased to have another child. Not like I cared what Malfoy wanted though...


Hold up, if he had a son, then that meant... Oh yeah, he was married to Astoria Greengrass! Well wasn't that convenient... She was inevitably going to find out, it had just been broadcasted over live television for goodness sake!


How was Malfoy going to explain this to her? She would be furious!


I couldn't stop worrying about how both Harry and Astoria would react, I was bound to get a slap some time soon... But to be honest, I deserved a good slap, maybe it would knock some sense into me. I was scared. I knew that Astoria would probably strike me with an unforgivable curse, with no hesitation. I also knew what Harry was capable of, I was petrified!


Maybe there had been a mix up, maybe they had given us the wrong results. It seemed pretty likely to me. Well it seemed more realistic than to say that Draco Malfoy was the father to my child. My brain still couldn't process it.


But the question was - How would I explain myself to all of the reporters congregating outside of the dressing room door? I didn't know how I was going to escape. I thought it be best if I didn't apparate, since I was pregnant. What was I to do?


I lifted my head, face moistened with tears, as I examined the room, searching for an escape route. Then I caught a glimpse of something familiar.


My suitcase, and that could only mean one thing....

I was in Malfoy's dressing room, once again! Of all the dressing rooms I had the option of running in to, I had to run into his. Just my luck. Today was not my lucky day.


What would I do if Malfoy walked in? I needed some sort of excuse, or even better: a plan! I was just getting my suitcase. Well at least it wasn't a complete lie...


I couldn't tell him about the show, the results. At least not yet.


But what if he'd already seen the show? What if he had been watching? I really hoped that if Malfoy did show up, he wouldn't be coming through the door. I defiantly didn't want any reporters sneaking in behind him, nor did I want them to think anything was going on, because nothing had happened. Damn, me hiding in Malfoy's room... That was sure to make an unbelievable, fake, headline story. If the reporters caught him, I guarantee that they would bombard him with ridiculous questions.


I shuffled over to my suitcase, dragging my knees across the rough carpet. I began to organize all of my belongings, neatly. I zipped up my case and stood up, ready to leave. I took a step towards the door, releasing a huge sigh. I could hear the roaring press outside the door. Then, to my horror...

Malfoy showed up, apparating, thankfully...


He seemed bewildered by my presence. He stared at me, wide wild eyes, studying me confusedly.


"I was just..."


"It's fine." he reassured, bopping his head. As he did so, he plopped onto the nearest couch. He breathed heavily. I looked at him half-heartedly. What was wrong with him?


"What's up?" I asked.


"Oh, nothing. Just worn out." Malfoy yawned, stretching his arms. I threw him a hint of a smirk. He laughed a little.


"Did you watch the show?" I asked suddenly, I didn't mean to say that! I played with my messy hair, nervous. What had I said?


"No, I came with Blaise and Pansy. This is actually their dressing room. I didn't feel like watching the show, so I decided to stay in here." he replied exhaustedly.


"Oh..." The word stood alone, my mind was blank. I didn't know what else to say. I couldn't cough up the guts to tell him! But could you blame me? It's not exactly the easiest thing in the world - telling someone that you haven't seen in 19 years, that they are the father to your unborn child. How was I going to convince him to believe me?


"So, how did it go?" he questioned, he looked genuinely concerned. He could sense that I was on edge, I felt my eyes begin to water. I gazed into his worried eyes through my cloudy tears and blurred vision. I fell to my knees once more, crying.


Malfoy rushed to assist, he crouched down beside me. He quickly wrapped his arms around my quivering body, he held me close. I embraced his warmth and felt comfortable, nestling my head into his neck. I let tears trickle down my heated face, dripping onto his broad shoulder. I felt a lot better. I felt as though I had a shoulder to cry on, no pun intended... I didn't understand why I felt so relaxed, but it was the most content I'd felt in a long while.


"I'm here for you, Hermione." he assured, his arms freeing me. He then rested his hands on my shoulders, smiling sympathetically. Wait... Did he just call me by my first name? Did he just call me Hermione? No, not Malfoy...

I forced the thoughts to the back of my mind. I needed to concentrate on the task ahead.


"I need to tell you something..." I said uneasily, lifting my head as I wiped away my tears, only to let more fall in their place. Malfoy lifted his hands to my face, wiping away new tears. I didn't flinch. His touch was soft and kind.


"Go ahead." he prompted in a whisper, tucking a loose piece of hair behind my ear. There was a painfully long silence as I delved into his mesmerizing eyes. He placed his hand on mine.


I opened my mouth, but fell speechless once more.

I found myself inches away from Draco's face. His jaw slowly fell, and we leaned closer to each other without realising. I was little more than an inch away from Draco's face, my eyes still fixed on his. I felt the warmth of his hand leave mine, as he lifted it to my face. He brushed through my hair with his fingers. I felt myself leaning forward.

I stopped myself, closing my eyes and backing away. What was I thinking?!


"I'm pregnant." I announced, opening my red, puffy eyes. Draco looked at me, blankly for a few seconds.


"Congratulations!" he cheered, a faint smile...


"You're..." I began. Draco's expression flipped in an instant. He stared at me, although, I couldn't tell how he felt. I couldn't read him.

"You're the father." I finished, closing my eyes, letting yet another tear journey down my face.


"H-how?" Draco quizzed, gob smacked. I shrugged my shoulders sulkily, frowning.


"Everything's ruined!" I wailed, eyes like fountains, spurting tears and sorrow.


"Shh..." Draco hushed me, he wrapped an arm around my quivering body and put a finger to my lips.


I batted his hand away. I calmed down a little and looked up. He still had his eyes fixed on me, he looked as though he were about to cry himself. No, he was a Malfoy, why would he cry for me? I was muggle-born, and he hated muggle-borns...


"I'll help you..." Draco stated, sniffling slightly. Wait, what?


"Why? Why would you h-help me?" I choked out.


"There's a piece of me... A piece of me inside you. It's my job to help."


"But why? We hate each other?" I wondered, my thoughts spoken aloud.


"It doesn't have to be that way. We can change things. I've changed." Draco replied apologetically.


"You have a son... A wife." I reminded him.


"I know, Hermione. I just want to be in the baby's life. I just want to help you." Draco's words were music to my ears. Maybe it could work out after all? Maybe... If Harry and Astoria would accept it, however, I highly doubted that it would be as easy as that.


"But what about Harry and Astoria?" I suddenly realised what I had said... I said Harry, not Ron!


"Harry? Don't you mean Weasel?" Draco raised an eyebrow.


"I've been seeing Harry." I blurted out, I screwed up, once again. Why was I being so open? What had came over me? What had I done?! I instantly regretted opening my big mouth.


Draco relaxed his face, he let out a little snigger.


"What?" I asked coldly, narrowing my eyes.


"I always knew it would happen, one day. It's not that much of a surprise you know, well not to me." Draco laughed. I punched his arm jokily, I caught myself smiling. Then we were laughing!


"You can't tell anyone, okay? Promise me." My expression flipped, my tone deepened. Draco sat forward, his lips pressed together firmly.


"Promise." he winked.


I smiled, showing my teeth. For some peculiar reason, I trusted him.


Draco smiled back at me, leaning forward with open arms, my smile faded and I backed away uncomfortably. He shot me a quizzical look.


"Relax." he soothed, continuing to move forward. He wrapped his muscular arms around my body, I could feel his heart beating in his chest, our heartbeats in sync. I closed my eyes as I felt a grin widening across my face. My cheeks blushed, tomato red. After a long, blissful hug, we parted.


No, I couldn't be falling for Draco Malfoy; we were both married, we both had children, we both had lives. We used to hate each other, what had changed?




I couldn't help but love him, he was so handsome now, I don't know how I hadn't noticed before. And he was so caring, I could see it in his eyes, he'd changed for the better. And this baby, it had brought us closer together.


I continued to stare at him until reality hit me.


"What about Harry and Astoria then?" I resumed. Draco frowned again, his eyes drooped.


"If you don't want me to see the baby, I underst-"


"Don't be so stupid!" I interrupted, raising my voice. He looked at me, shocked, and hopeful.


"You can see the baby, but what are you going to do about Astoria? What are you going to say to her? How are you going to explain all of this?" What had I said? Oh no, did I really trust him that much? Did I really want him to be a part of our lives? What if I'd made a mistake? What if Draco hadn't changed.


"I'll think of something..." Draco muttered hopelessly. It must be hard... You're in a content relationship, married, you have a son. And along comes Hermione Granger, home wrecker.


A long silence, then broken by Draco's soft whispers.


"I need to tell you something, Hermione. But you have to promise not to tell anyone."




"I was going to leave Astoria anyway..." Draco admitted.


"Why?" I was intrigued, why would he want to leave Astoria?


"She cheated on me." Draco cracked, he wiped his teary eyes. I rubbed his back, soothing him. His eyes were dead, no life in them whatsoever. Then, I held his hands and glared deep into his stomy eyes.


"It's okay. Everything's going to turn out just fine." I reassured as Draco sobbed. A glistening tear rushed down his cheek, I wiped his eyes; slowly, calmly, gently.


I felt terrible. I felt as though I was giving him false hope. I wasn't just lying to Draco, I was lying to myself. My heart wanted to believe that my life could change, but my head told me otherwise. My head told me to stop acting foolish, whereas my heart longed for Draco.


"Will it?" Draco asked hesitantly.


"Promise." I replied again, I made myself smile, Draco beamed at me.


I rested my palms on Draco's delicate skin. I felt myself moving forward, he stopped crying.


I lunged forward and our lips met.


But then, to my dismay...


A/N: Just letting you all know that I'll be editing all of my chapters soon. Most things being minor typos, but I thought I should mention that removing the Seamus and Dean pairing. To be honest, I don't know why I added it, because I don't ship them like that... Thanks for the reviews, I love hearing your feedback. Fave and review if you enjoyed, thanks!


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