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Hermione needs Strength. by slyth_girl_456
Chapter 10 : Nights and Feelings
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A/N: Ok so first off I know it’s been like months since I last updated but I’m back I lost all my stories and chapters for a while. And I just found them today.

Later that night Hermione when to the dungeons to meet up with Draco. She was still confused on what to do about Harry and Ron. But she knew Draco would take her mind off of them. He always knew what to do to take her mind off things no matter the subject. She knocked on the portrait and waited. She heard footsteps and soon there stood Draco. He pulled her in and pressed his lips to her’s. She smiled liking his new way of saying hi. He freed his self from her and they both smiled.

“What was that for?” she asked breathless from the surprise kiss.

“Just knew you would need to get things off your mind.” He smirked liking her reaction of the kiss.

“You’re too smart for your own good.” She joked.

Draco laughed and raised an eyebrow. Hermione looked at him and smiled. She loved hearing him laugh, it wasn’t cold like he played for others. It was warm and full of happiness.

“Me? What about you my little book worm?” he asked pulling her into the bedroom.

She frowned knowing he was right. But how did they get up here? When did they walk up the stairs? Damn, the things his kisses did to her.

“So need another shirt to change into?” Draco teased.

Hermione blushed and nodded. She forgot everything in her room. She was so involved in thinking about Harry and Ron after he left. But that didn’t bother her, he pulled out another quidditch shirt. She smiled; she loved the way his shirts fit her. They were big, nice, and had a silky feeling. He also tossed her the tooth brush she used the last time.

She walked in the bathroom and changed quickly. She heard Draco walk up behind her when she started the water. Once again he was in nothing but a pair of boxes. They were red this time; and he looked damn good in them. Hermione tired not to stare, but it was hard. Behind her stood a half-naked boy whom she had started to have feelings for.

“Thank you for the shirt. Do you want me to bring your other shirt back?” she asked trying to keep her mind off the tone body.

Draco shook his head. “No you can keep it.”

“But didn’t one of the boys say that it was a brand new shirt?’ she asked.

She hadn’t meant to spy on the boys that morning they woke up. But she knew that they would ask about her. But she didn’t hear Draco say anything. Just the boys that just so happened to walk in on them being very close to each other.

“Yea it is. But I don’t mind that you have it. Beside I’ve got more.” Draco said and started to brush his teeth.

Hermione just nodded knowing it had no point to argue. Draco smiled knowing she wasn’t gonna fight back on the shirt topic. Hermione finished brushing her teeth and walked back out the door to Draco’s bed. She sat down and pulled the covers over her legs to warm them up a bit. She laid down on her side and closed her eyes. She didn’t notice how tired she was and by the time Draco got back in the bedroom Hermione was asleep.

“Sleep tight, Granger.” He whispered and lay down beside her.

Her back was to him so he just put her arm around her waist. He felt her arm lay on his and took a hold of his hand. Soon after he followed Hermione and fell asleep.

That next morning when Hermione woke up she smiled. She could feel Draco’s body heat next to her’s. She could feel it so well she felt it in her hand. She looked down and seen his hand in her’s. She smiled and sighed. She looked at the doorway and seen Winky standing there with a tray of food.

“Winky, good morning.” Hermione said letting go of Draco’s hand.

She sat up waking Draco up in the process she sat up so quickly. Draco groaned and covered his face with a pillow. Hermione smiled while Winky walked over heading over the tray to her.

“Thank you Winky.” Hermione said and shook Draco.

“Five more minutes.” He muttered into the pillow on top of his face.

“Draco the food is here. Winky just left.” Hermione laughed taking a drink of her cold butterbeer.

“Ok I’m getting up.” He said throwing the pillow to the side sitting up.

Hermione laughed and handed him a plate of food. Draco smiled at the sight of food and started eating. Hermione ate her food slowly which earned her a worried look from Draco.

“Hey you okay?” he asked.

“Yea I’m fine. I just can’t eat right now.” She said placing her plate on the tray.

She stood up and walked to the end of the bed. Draco stopped in mid-bite following her steps. He put an arm around her shoulder and hit her with his hip. She looked up at his face and smiled.

“I’m okay really. I just---“ she started.

“Look, your perfect. Your body looks great. Besides guys like it when there is a little meat on a girl.” He smiled.

He poked her in the side and she jumped away giggling. She shook her hand and put her hands up. She backed up while Draco kept walking towards her with his fingers ready to strike.

“Don’t Draco. I mean it.” She warned him tripping over a shoe.

“What’s wrong? Are you ticklish?” he smirked.

She shook her head and felt her back hit the wall. Draco walked up to her and poked her side and watched her jump.

“Draco. Please don’t poke me.” She begged.

Draco put his hands down and shrugged his shoulders. He walked back over to the bed and started back eating again. She smiled and gave in. She walked over and slowly started eating what food was brought to them.

Hermione smiled and changed back into her normal clothes. She smiled at Draco when she got back out of the bathroom and sighed. He was just too sweet to her, he treated her with respect, and actually cared if she ate or not. Harry and Ron never really mind if she never ate, even if they heard that she hadn’t ate all day.
“Draco I was wondering if we could talk?” Hermione asked finally wanting to know what was going to happen between the two of them.

She had feelings for Draco and she wouldn’t deny it anymore. Her feelings had got stronger since her 5th year at Hogwarts. He was so different from what she thought he really was.

“Ok, what is it?” he asked patting the bed.

Hermione sat down and starting chewing on her lower lip. It was always when she was nervous when she would do this. Draco felt his hands get clammy and rubbed them on his shorts.

“I want to talk about us. About where we are as in are we just friends or is there something more going on between us.”

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Hermione needs Strength.: Nights and Feelings


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