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Shut Up and Kiss Me by soapman333
Chapter 19 : Immature
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I hope you guys realize that my characters are teenagers. They're growing up, making mistakes, and trying to figure out who they are. Oh, and my three best friend characters are (wait for it) Slytherins, so yes, they are going to try to manipulate situations. Alright! This chaper should clear up some confusion, enjoy!



It’s the second day of winter break and here I am, staring at a blank parchment before me, quill in hand. I’m attempting to write an apology letter to Ellie. So far I’ve gone through five different parchments, trying to figure out what to say. As I rip up another attempt, I hear my father and mother yelling at each other downstairs and cringe. I wonder what set them off this time, did Mother wear too much perfume? Has Father forgotten something? The reasons vary each day.

I close my eyes and attempt to drown out the shouting by thinking of a very beautiful little girl...

“Scorpius,” she huffs grabbing my flower bracelet away from me, “you can’t put dandelions on your flower bracelet. That’s a weed.”

“Sorry,” I mutter, picking up new flowers to twirl into a bracelet.

The girl frowns at me, “What’s the matter?”

“I saw your parents fighting, I don’t like it when parents fight,” I pout.

She shrugs, “They fight about as much as everyone else,” she pauses, looking at me with intent, “Do your parents fight often?”

I nod, tears stinging my eyes.

She clucks her tongue, eyes full of sympathy, “You can’t be upset like that, you’ve just got to think of happy things.”

I ponder this, “Like what?” I ask her.

She places the flowers she was braiding together on the ground and twists her face into contemplation, “What makes you happy?” she asks after a moment.

“Dragons, knights, pumpkin pastries. . .” I tick off the things on my fingers.

She giggles, “Well then think of those things when they argue. It’ll pass.”

She retrieves her bracelet and adds more flowers to it. I watch her, a smile playing on my lips, “Hey Rosie?”

“Yeah?” she looks up and smiles at my smiling face.

“You make me happy too.”

She blushes and throws her bracelet at me. I pick it up and put it in my mouth, making her squeal in disgust, “You’re so immature!”

A door slams downstairs, pulling me from my thoughts. Rose is right, as always, it passed.

I sigh and start scribbling a fairly short apology on the parchment:

Dear Ellie,

I’m sorry that I tried to manipulate your love life. Will you forgive me?



Will you tell Leo that I’m sorry for calling him a barbarian on the train earlier?

I smile at my finished product. Not too long, and not too short, it’s perfect. I take it downstairs and pause when I see my father staring into our fireplace. Tears are rolling down his cheeks.

I place the letter in a pocket of my robes before walking towards him, “Father?”

He jolts in surprise and quickly wipes his tears from his cheeks, “Scorpius, how did you sleep last night?” he asks, getting up and smiling at me.

I ignore his question, “What did you and mum fight about?”

He sighs and looks away, “Your mother has to work this Friday. We scheduled a date for that night.”

Oh, this always seems to happen, and yet he gets upset every time it does. I walk over and pat him on the shoulder, “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind rescheduling.”

Father nods his head, “Sure, I’ll ask her if she’ll reschedule.”

We stand awkwardly before he clears his throat, “So, er, what would you like for Christmas, Scorpius?”

“I’m not sure...” I respond.

He shifts awkwardly before asking, “Well, care to join me in the kitchens?”.

Father has a love for cooking, and loves company as he tries new recipes. I generally just sit around and read while he chats to me and cooks.

We enter the kitchens and he puts on his apron while I sit at the worktop, flipping through the stack of reading materials my mother leaves there for me. A deep brown book catches my eye and I open it up, the title reads: Fairy Tales and Anecdotes.

Rose and I used to read and get ideas for adventures from this book. She gave it to me as a Christmas present a few years back. Father whistles to himself as he lights up the stove and chops up carrots, and I let my mind wander as I flip through the pages. . .

I’m a knight defeating a fiery dragon as Rose fakes being injured by the lake. The dragon breaths in a big breath and aims his snout towards the mere peasant that Rose is pretending to be. I scream and swing my stick at him, transforming this stick into a piercing sword.

“Stay back you scoundrel!” I scream, swinging my weapon again.

I plunge forward in what seemed to me as a series of complicated maneuvers. The dragon falls defeated at my feet and I race to the peasant, ready to heal her wounds with my fake phoenix tears that we took from the lake.

She sits up, coughing and overemphasizing the seriousness of her injury, “Knight, I do believe that his fire took out one of my kidneys!”

“A kidney?! NO!” I scream up into the sky.

I hear giggling and I glare down at her, “Rosie, you can’t giggle. Your kidney’s gone.”

“Right, sorry,” she clears her throat, “Sir Knight, do you happen to have the tears of a phoenix?”

“Indeed, my fair peasant, I do,” I look down and frown at her.

She blushes, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know where your kidney is...”

She laughs and I pout at her, suddenly getting an idea. I hop up from the ground and pour the phoenix tears all of her, running away and laughing as she screams and chases after me, “Scorpius! You’re so immature!”

“Who are you thinking about?” my father’s voice pulls me from my memory.

He’s chopping up more carrots. Rose’s favorite vegetable is carrot. I shrug, “I’m just thinking about the fairy tales in this book.”

“No, Scorpius, I know that look. You were thinking about a girl. Should we expecting a girlfriend to visit us within the next week?”

I freeze in surprise. Rose as more than a friend? Nah, that’s just ridiculous. I end up laughing, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

My father looks up from his chopping in surprise, “Really? Huh, strange.”

“What’s strange?” I ask, placing the book back into the pile and stealing a chopped carrot to munch on.

“What do you do with your freetime? Study?” he teases.

I chuckle, “Well, I do now.”

He frowns, “What does that mean?”

I shrug, “I didn’t used to use my free time productively, but I think Albus’ nagging has finally caught up to me.”

He turns and adds the carrots into the pot before grabbing raw beef and cutting that up into chunks. He sighs, “You’re telling me that my sixteen year old boy isn’t interacting with girls?”

“What? No, I just don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve snogged plenty,” I correct, beginning to feel uncomfortable with the interrogation.

My father rolls his eyes at me, “Oh to be young and so naive. You best not tell your mother of your canoodling habits, she’d go mad with anger.”

It’s not like I want to mess with the opposite gender, I just haven’t really settled down. Well, what I mean to say is that I don’t mind dating, I just have a reputation. Girls don’t want to go on dates with me, they just want a good snog. I didn’t used to care, but now it has become tedious.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve actually taken up studying.”

“Oh,” he says, slightly taken off guard, “well, okay then. Let me know if you do get a girlfriend.”

“Will do,” I roll my eyes. That won’t happen.

My father accidentally touches the stove, yelps in pain, and quickly runs his hand under the water faucet. The whole scene reminds me of a particular interaction with Rose...

Rose and I are in her kitchens, trying to figure out how to make biscuits for our next adventure.

“I’m not sure how it works, my mum always just taps it with her wand,” Rose pouts, playing with the dials.

Hugo, her little brother, runs in, hands full of worms, “Rosie, Scorpius, do you want to make a pie with me?”

Rose rolls her eyes, “I’m not making a pie out of worms, Hugo.”

He pouts, tears welling up in his eyes. I frown and turn to Rose, “Does it make a difference whether it’s a biscuit or a pie?” I ask her.

“I suppose not, but I don’t want to eat worms,” she huffs, stomping her foot.

I shrug, “We don’t have to eat it, Rosie. We just need it there to make the fairies come out of the trees.”

She pouts and agrees. I turn to the little kid and beam, “Alright, Hugo. How do we make a worm pie?”

He squeals in excitement, throwing worms in the air and racing around the room. Rosie giggles at him and turns back to the stove, searching the pantries around it until she finds a box, “What’s this?” she asks me, handing me the box.

I open it. A row of matches, a muggle device for lighting fires, fill the box. I pull one out and mimic the actions my father does when lighting the stove at home. He believes that using matches makes the favoring in the stuff he’s cooking more rich. My motion causes a small spark and a flame ignites on the tip of the stick. I drop it in surprise and Rose’s eyes widen in comprehension. She grabs another stick, lits it, and puts it above the stove. A flame seems to come out of nowhere and we beam at each other for figuring it out.

Hugo races over and throws his worms in the flame. Rose freaks out and tries to catch them, burning herself in the process, “Ow!” she squeaks. Hugo stares at her in guilt, and he runs away, crying.

Tears start to trail down her face and I panic, “Rosie, are you crying? Why are you crying?”

“My hand hurts!” she sobs.

Whenever I became injured, my father would kiss it and say that it was better. I grab her hand and kiss it a few times, just to make sure the weird action works.

I look up and see Rose staring at me in shock, “Is it better?” I ask her.

She blushes, removing her hand from my grasp and nods, “Yes.”

A few years later, I’m stuck in the broom closet, fearing for my life. It’s my third year at Hogwarts, and I’m hiding from Leo. I’ve been in here for a little more than an hour, but it’s worth it. He wants me to kiss some Slytherin girl, because he thinks it’s silly that I have yet to have my first kiss. Albus, a really weird kid in our year, says that he’s already been kissed too, so I’m the last one of our group.

I hear a crash outside in the corridor and peep out. Rose is on the ground, books all around her. It seems as though she has tripped on her robes. She’s holding onto her hand and groaning in pain, so I immediately step out of the comforts of the cupboard to help her.

“Hey, Rosie, are you okay?” I ask her, kneeling down and stacking her books.

It’s been forever since we’ve last conversed. After school started, we’ve kind of departed our ways. She was sorted into Gryffindor, so the only times I really see her are during mealtimes and some classes. Even then, we’re separated by house.

“Scorpius? Where did you come from?” she asks, standing up and holding onto her wrist.

I eye her wrist, but answer, “Broom cupboard. Is your wrist okay?”

“I think I’ve sprained it,” she confesses, wincing as she tries to move it, “What were you doing in the broom cupboard?”

“Hiding from Leo, here,” I gently grab her wrist and look at it. To be honest, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking for when examining it for I pretend like I know what I’m doing and nod to myself, “Er, yeah, it looks...sprained.”

“Why were you hiding from Leo?” she asks, a smile pulling up the corner of her lips.

I groan, “I’m the only one in our group who hasn’t been kissed yet. I don’t know what the big deal is, girls are weird!” I shout and then look at her quickly, adding, “No offense.” I look at her wrist some more, and she winces when I move it.

“That hurts,” she cringes, trying to pull it back.

I don’t know why, but the action seems so easy. I bend down and I kiss it. Look up at her, I ask, “Is it better?”

She freezes in shock, her mouth hanging wide open. I blush and drop her wrist, scratching the back of my head, “Er, sorry.”

She shakes herself from the shock, a tint of red covering her face, “It’s better now, thanks.”

I suddenly get an idea, “Hey, Rose! You’re a girl!”

Her blush deepens, “Er, yeah...?”

“So I can kiss you!” I say, skipping over and kissing her lightly on her lips.

I pull away, a weird feeling the pit of my stomach. Her face has transitioned from a deep red color to a very white. I sigh in relief, there, now Leo has to stop bugging me.

I begin to comprehend my actions and blush at my own stupidity, “I’m really sorry,” I wince, “I wasn’t thinking when I....” I let my voice trail off, dropping to pick her books up from the stack on the ground.

An awkward silence hangs in the air. She finally says something, “You kissed me?”

“Er, yeah...sorry,” I reply, staring at the ground.

She shakes herself from her shock, the color returning to her cheeks, “It’s all right, I guess. Can I have my books back?”

I begin to feel giddy. Rose isn’t upset, that’s a good thing. My usual playful smirk returns to my face as I respond, “Of course you can have your books back, after you catch me,” I laugh and run away.

I hear Rose’s footsteps following me, “Scorpius Malfoy! You’re so bloody immature!”

I run towards the infirmary, Rose needs to get that wrist checked out.

My dad wraps his burned fingers up, cursing under his breath. Rose is practically a sister to me, so it’s perfectly natural for me to want to injure her boyfriend...right? I mean, she’s Albus’ cousin and we really bonded during that week in the summer before, so I’m allowed to have brotherly feelings for her. Well, minus the part where I wanted to be the bloke in the broom cupboard, enjoying my time with Rose, but any other bloke would say that. Rose is really a beautiful girl.

I think about this more as my father stirs the boiling pot on the stovetop. Rose told me that she fancied me back at the end of our third year, but that can't be right. She must have been fooling about. She doesn't know me properly, and if she did, she would realize that her father is right. I am not a very nice bloke. Why else would he tell me to stay away from her?

I sigh and jump down from my stool, “I’ve got a letter I need to send,” I tell my father and turn to find our family owl.

“Come back soon, I’ve nearly got lunch ready,” he yells after me as the pot catches fire.



I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up telling Albus that I kissed Ellie on the train. That kid has some serious occlumency traits, and it’s freaking me out. One minute I’m researching articles written for and against werewolves, and the next, I’m on Albus’ bed, spilling my guts out to the kid.

“You kissed Ellie? That’s great!” he says, a grin appearing on his somber face.

I shrug, “It was alright, I guess. I need to tell Rachelle.” I wince, slightly, at her name. We’re not actually a couple. Shocker, right?

Well, a couple of months ago, Rachelle explained to me that she was having self-esteem issues after her father died and sought after a way to “forget” everything. She began “sleeping around,” for lack of a better phrase, and eventually, made advances at Leo. Rachelle explained that they didn’t actually shag and he rejected her advancements, but they bonded.

Rachelle said that Leo recognized that she was going through a difficult time because his outlet for anxieties were similar to her own. She suggested that he has to deal with a lot of familial issues and seducing girls made him forget about everything. He offended her because he suggested that she “couldn’t settle on one bloke,” and that’s when they stopped talking to each other.

I asked her why Albus stated that her and Leo shagged, but she shrugged guessing that he probably thought that they did. When she ran away and Leo chased after her, they talked and she reminded him of who she was. Leo felt guilty about not remembering about their interactions before and confessed that he is still trying to resolve his issues.

Basically, my girlfriend fancies the girl I fancy’s younger brother, but she doesn’t want to disappoint him by breaking up with me, because he was really impressed that she was able to settle down. So, I confessed to not being the best boyfriend, because of my unresolved feelings with his older sister, and we laughed it off.

For some reason, we’ve been keeping the charade up. Partly because I had already gotten her her Christmas present, but mostly because we really bonded. Not in a romantic way, but in a familial way. Man, the Galatians really bring two people together, right?

All that being said, I don’t know what happened on the train. One minute Ellie and I were conversing about her werewolf book, and the next she’s crying and complaining about her make-up. Geez, I get really frazzled around her.

“Of course you need to tell Rachelle,” Albus shrugs.

I narrow my eyes at him. Albus never agrees with me.

"ALBUS!" Leo comes crashing into the room, "I've figured it out."

He runs over and sits next to me on the bed, smiling at himself.

Albus asks, "Figured what out?"

"Everything," he replies.

"The meaning of life? What women want?" Albus tries to get him to explain himself.

Leo looks at me before replying, "Well, not exactly. I've figured out why I tried to date Lily again at the beginning of the school year."

Woah, that seems like a lifetime ago. Albus' eyebrows raise, "Really? What did you come up with?"

Leo ignores him, "Oh, and it also explains why I seem to bugger everything up," he pauses before adding, "and my fear of small dogs."

"Get on with it," Albus rolls his eyes.

Leo shrugs, "I'm buggered up."

"Sorry?" I reply, recoiling in surprise.

"I, Leonidas Galatian III, am one buggered up bloke," he restates.

"And you figured that how, exactly?" Albus smiles, probably finding this all to be very humourous.

"Easy," replies Leo, pulling out a letter from his pocket, "my parents asked for me to floo home for the rest of the holidays."

Albus frowns next to me, "Really?"

"Yeah, but get this: they don't want Ellie, they just want me," Leo continues, his eyebrows furrowing and his left eye twitching.

I'm confused and slightly apalled, what parents don't want their own daughter to visit them for the holidays? I asked Lily why the Galatian siblings were staying with us and she said that their parents were busy, but apparently they've become considerably less busy.

Albus reaches over to pat Leo's shoulder, but Leo winces away and laughs an empty laugh, "Don't worry, Al, it's all right. I've had to deal with worse. I'm buggered up, remember?" he grumbles, getting up and pausing at the door way, "Just make sure that Ellie has a good holiday, all right?"

We both agree and Leo nods his head before leaving us alone.

Right, well...I'm starting to tie up some loose ends :P. Oh, did you guys like the spacing in this chapter, or should I go back and change it? Leave a review and tell me which pairing you like the most: Jellie, Chleo, ScoRose, Charlotte/Anthony, Hugo/Worms, Albus/Frowning, Scorpius/Cutlery...etc. I'd love to hear from you :D -soapman333


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