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Glad You Came by demigodshadeslayer
Chapter 10 : More Introductions...memorable ones
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hey!!! I just love the queue right now, it's like one chapter-validated-bam-next chapter!! and also, I'm super busy (college sucks btw) but I find I'm writing more and more to get away from the pressure...anyways, I guess I've rambled enough now...this is the tenth chapter (yaay) and this one is from Layla's POV!!! enjoy reading, and as always, r&r!!



(Layla’s POV)

Merlin’s Beard!

That was the sole thought that was running through my mind as everything that had happened around me was one happy, colourful, boisterous, loud blur.

I could now see where the Wotter (Potter/Weasley) gang had gotten their dominant characteristic traits from.

The whole bunch, including ‘The Golden Trio’ was like that.

I had been here for nearly a week now, and I cannot remember ever having so much fun during holidays. Including the ones I spent at Hogwarts.

(Yes, I said that. Sue me)

The whole house was H-U-U-U-G-E, which was required, considering the fact that their family was ginormous. The Potters lived next door to the Weasleys, they even had connecting balconies and stuff so that they could just pop over without having to bother to knock. Ginny felt that this was most unfortunate, as Ron had barged in on her and Harry many a times when they were younger. She didn’t mind so much now, apparently. Can I just say that this was a tad TMI? I distinctly remember James stuffing his ears at this point and singing so loud he scared off the owls (he can’t sing to save his life) and Lily rushing from the room and Al choking on his own saliva.

The crowd seemed like an endless sea of people, constantly surging through the door. The house was magical in every way possible, and the people were just so nice. There was a huge backyard where the kids played Quidditch, complete with a mini set of hoops for the Quaffle and everything. No wonder half the family was in the Gryffindor Quidditch team. There was also a natural pool, which was smaller than a lake but bigger than a pond, and the days that weren’t spent chasing the Quaffle was spent playing and swimming in the pool. The water was regulated by magic according to the weather, so it was pretty awesome. The garden was nice, but not exactly neat. There were two golden retrievers Astro and Cookie, named by Al when he was young; the names inspired from muggle cartoon Astro-Boy and Cookie inspired from food. Needless to say, Cookie was his favourite, and the dog clearly adored him. Later was when I found out that the dogs were a gift because Al’s pup Snuffles died when he was five years old. You would think that with all this, these kids might be snobbish and spoilt, but they were less so.

I had the chance to meet some of the family and they were so nice to me. Never did I once feel like an outsider, and they never gave me a chance to feel lonely. I was surrounded by people all day long, and they were caring and friendly. My friends (yes, it’s official now...I’m ‘One Of Them’) kept me occupied throughout. Even when I had to sleep I wasn’t lonely, because Lily, Rose, Dana and I shared a room. Actually, the house was big enough for separate rooms for each of us, but we decided to sleep in one room. It was slumber-party mode every night, and the gossips and talks kept us awake throughout.

Mealtime was when we had the most fun, as we usually had them together, with the whole Potter and Weasley family. The kids generally joined us, and we could all barely eat for laughing, cause Ron, Fred, James and Ian kept us in splits. We went on picnics, had dinners in the yards, and people kept talking and catching up and sharing anecdotes.

The most memorable and most terrifying thing was probably meeting Al’s Dad. I mean, he was Harry-Frickin-Potter-The Boy Who Lived; The Chosen One; who also happens to be Head of the Auror Department. I mean, the man could literally blast me to smithereens if I ever so much as sneezed in the wrong place or something. It happened on the first night I was at the Potters.

I had finished packing and was stretched (luxuriously) on the massive bed, staring at the bedpost and thinking how awesome this whole thing was, and generally surprised that Al had exhibited enough IQ to come up with an idea like this, when I heard someone clear their throat.

I sat up to look at Al, (speak/think of the Devil) leaning against the door with his arms crossed and smirking at me, his eyes moving to the top if my head where my hair lay in a rat’s nest.

“Mum’s says dinner’s ready. Plus, Dad’s home. Come on” he said, casually, as if it was no big deal that he had just invited me to dinner with the Saviour of the Wizarding World.

My eyes bulged out, which I’m pretty sure would have made me look very attractive combined with my nest-hair. Which is probably why Al’s smirk widened. Can I just say that I found no comfort in that devilish smile of his?

“Erm, I’ll come down later?” I said meekly, hoping to escape.

No luck. Potter knew what was going on even before I uttered the words.

“Nu-uh. No way are you missing dinner. Mum’ll kill you, and then kill me. You might have a death wish, but I quite like living, so you’re coming down for dinner” he said, the expression on his face playfully threatening as he moved toward the bed.

I scrambled away from the bad as fast as I could, and in a flash I was at the other side of the room. How’s that for Quidditch reflexes huh?

“Really?” he said, quirking up his eyebrow, his eyes twinkling playfully “You’re trying to run away from me? Not a good idea” he said, slowly moving toward me.

See, I may not be the most brilliant witch of my age (that happens to be Rose) and I proved that by backing into the wall so that Potter can easily corner me and effectively trap me in between his arms so that I can’t escape from him.

He’s diabolical.

“Now” he growled (sexily) at me, “You’re coming with me” he said.

My heart fluttered and butterflies were churning my stomach. He was so close, I could smell his scent, somewhat chocolate-y and his soap. (It was hot). I looked up into his eyes and lost my train of thought as I stared into their green depths, and for a moment I swear I could hear his breath hitch as well.

Ha! He thought I’d fall that easily? I made to suddenly move away from him, by ducking under his arms, when he caught my wrist in a flash (Damn his Seeker reflexes).

“Potter, please, I really don’t think I can meet your -Meep!” I said, as he dragged me from my room and onto the stairs, cheerfully ignoring my protests mingled with swear words and curses; whistling away like this was something he did everyday (which might be true, considering the amount of romantic conquests he had).

We came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs when he let go of my hand, and started to walk on, his hands in his pockets and still whistling. I stood frozen at the spot he left me. I didn’t even occur to me to try and run away. (Call me what you want, I’m not a bloody Gryffindor! We aren’t supposed to be all that brave) he stopped at the door to the dining room and glanced back at me, and said “You coming, Lewis?”

“Potter, I-“ I started, but not quite finding my tongue.

He turned, and sighed. “Look, I told you, it’s no big deal. It’s just my dad. He’s a nice guy and he insists on meeting my friends. Do you really expect to spend two weeks at my house and not come across him? You’ve got nothing to be afraid of, he’s not gonna bite you”

Easy for him to say! The man was his Father!

“You’re acting like a girl who is scared of meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time” he smirked at me.

That’s it. That is taking it one step too far.

“You wish” I scoffed, and pushed past him into the room, where Ginny, Ron, Hermione and Hugo were sitting around the fireplace and plomped myself into an armchair, scowling as Al sauntered into the room to sit next to Ginny. He even had the nerve to smirk at me.

*insert mental tongue-out*

“I believe that is my chair you’re occupying” said an amused male voice from behind me, and I shot up like the chair had been electrified; and whirled around to look at a pair of green eyes twinkling at me.


This cannot be happening to me!

I sat on Harry Potter’s chair.

And I didn’t even get my tongue around to apologize or talk to him.

When he was looking at me, half-expectantly and half-amusedly, waiting for the power of speech to find me.

Say something smart! –my brain urged me.


Okay, it doesn’t have to be smart, just say something! –brain


This has to be the longest anyone had ever gone without saying something! The man expects you to talk to him! INTRODUCE YOURSELF, WOMAN!- brain

“Erm...Er...Well...” I stammered, as everyone around me started to laugh, “You have a very nice seat, Mr. Potter, I mean it’s very comfortable, extremely supportive for your back, not that your back needs the support, I didn’t mean it in the way that you have aged so much that your back needs support, your back is fine, in fact it is more than fine, it is a very good back” I continued horrified, “I didn’t mean that I was looking at your back or that I ever have looked at your back, not that it isn’t worth looking at, but it would be weird considering you’re my Dad’s age and I’m like your son’s age and that would definitely be weird” I sucked in a huge breath, fighting for brain-mouth filter control, “All I meant was, your seat is very nice and comfortable, you have a good taste in furniture, and it’s by the fire which is again very comfortable, and comfort is something you need after working so hard, so...yeah” I finished lamely, by which time the others were in splits.

“Stop talking” Hugo said, and it seemed like good advice, so I decided to take it and shut my mouth.

“She’s good” Ron said, fighting for breath after laughing so much. I wanted to glare at him, but then reminded myself that he could also blast me if he wanted to, which he will if I glare at him, and this was the man who escaped a horde of angry goblins by flying a dragon.

Mr. Potter’s eyebrows had gone all the way up to his spiky hair, and the expression on his face was that of someone who was highly amused, but could not laugh at a strange maniacal teenage girl rambling in his house.

“Thank you” he said, his voice full of suppressed laughter “I don’t think I know you?” he asked, and I shook my head so frantically that some of my hair whipped Mr. Potter in his face.

Can the ground please open up and swallow me right now?

Not only do I take up the seat of the man who, hello, killed Lord Voldemort, I also happened to tell him that his back was nice, he was my Dad’s age and it would be weird for me to look at him ‘that’ way, and then proceeded to whip him in his face with my extremely tangled and rat-nest resembling hair.

This day just cannot get worse.

“This is our friend Layla” said Hugo, finally deciding to come to my rescue.

“Maybe we should start again. Hey Layla, I’m Harry” he said, smiling at me (OMG he was smiling at ME) and sticking out his hand.

I took his hand in my trembling ones and said “Hi Mr. Potter, I’m Layla. Layla Lewis. Pleased to meet you”

We shook hands.

I could barely control my excitement.

I was shaking hands with Harry Fricking Potter!

*insert humungous fangirl squeal*

“You too” he said, “Can I take my seat now?” he asked, winking at me.

I blushed at tomato red and mumbled “Sorry” to him, as the others laughed and he laughed along with them.

“No problem, love” he said, ruffling my hair and taking the seat.

“Dinner’s ready Harry” said Ginny “JAMES! LILY! DINNER!” she hollered up the stairs

“DAD!” there was a squeal, and a streak of red, as Lily launched herself on Harry, knocking the wind out of him.

“Hey there kiddo” he laughed, kissing her on her forehead “Had a good term?”

“The best!” she grinned at him, and before he could turn, there was another shout out of “DAD” and James rushed into the room (thankfully didn’t launch himself, I don’t think Harry could have handled his weight) and rushed to hug his Dad.

“Hey Dad” Al grinned at him and gave him a hug as well.

“Uncle Harry” was the loudest squeal of all and Rose launched herself into Harry’ arms. The poor man was squished under all the hugs and all. Yet he still continued to smile lovingly at all of them, giving Rose a kiss on her forehead as well. Hugo grinned and hugged Harry as well.

“Hey there, Ian and Dana! Good to see you guys” he smiled at them, clapping Ian on the shoulder and hugging Dana.

“You too, Mr. Potter” said Ian, “Yeah” replied Dana, grinning at him.

“Now that the happy reunion is over, would you mind moving over mate?” said Ron, clapping Harry on the shoulder, “I’m starving”

“Big surprise” said Ginny, and we all laughed as she kissed her husband.

“Can you please not do that in front of us, especially when we’re about to eat?” said Ron testily as he took his seat.

“Oh, get over it Ron” said Hermione, as she took a seat next to him and he immediately turned to kiss her.

“Filthy hypocrite” muttered Ginny, and waved her wand causing the dishes to soar to the table.

“Tuck in” said Harry, and that was the signal we all were waiting for, as we dove into the delicious food.


During the days that lead up to Christmas, I met more of the family. Probably the worst one was when Great Aunt Muriel, who was a very grumpy and a very old woman turned up. It astounded everybody that she had managed to outlive everyone, but that did not endear her to anyone.

She shuffled into the house, and shouted “There is nobody in this house to even have the courtesy to offer an old woman a seat and some refreshments?”

“Uh-oh” muttered everyone, but immediately rushed to the living room to find her stretched across the couch.

“She sure seems to be helping herself with the seats and refreshment, doesn’t she?” muttered Ron, noticing the wine glass in her hand.

“Ronald! Where is that wife of yours?” she demanded, “Doing all the work while you lounge around the house is it? Difficult to say who’s the man of the house”

Ron turned purple in the face and opened his mouth to retort, when Ginny smoothly cut in, saying “Hello, Aunt Muriel. Good to see you”

“Hmph” she snorted, “Where is your husband?”

“He’ll be down in a minute” Ginny answered.

“Hello Aunt Muriel” we heard Harry, and he approach her “Everything alright?”

“I’m an old woman living alone, with bad bones and nobody to help me. Does that sound alright to you, Potter? Ever thought of helping others out?” she shouted, conjuring up more and more glasses of wine for herself.

“Er...yeah, I have” he said, sounding bemused, “But right now I have to head to work Aunt Muriel, the others will see to your needs” he said, giving Ginny a quick peck and making his way out.

“Invest in a comb scruffy” she shouted at him.

Ron snorted, “Nightmare” he muttered, and made his way out as well.

“Well, who are you?” she asked rather rudely, spotting me.

“Er...I’m Layla Lewis. A friend of Rose and Al’s” I said, trying to decide how best to escape the situation.

“Where is Albus? And James? And Lily?”

“We’re here” they said, moving along glumly to stand beside me.

“Hmph” she said, squinting at all of them “You all look like you’ve been on the bad end of a Stretching Jinx” she commented.

“You” she said, pointing at me, “Go and get me something to eat”

I went into the kitchen and put a plate of biscuits out, when Hugo showed up and said, “Hey, you okay? Don’t take it seriously, she is very rude to everyone”

“It’s alright” I smiled, and made my way back.

“There you are! Thought you’d gone forever” she said, taking a biscuit and munching on it.

I watched as her face changed expressions so fast- went from grumpy to disgusted faster than I’ve ever seen.

“What kind of muck is this?” she shouted at me, pointing her wand “What are you trying to do to me?”

I stood there, not knowing what on earth was I supposed to have done, when Al noticed the platter and muttered hurriedly to me, “Where did you find those biscuits?”

“On the top of the larder” I said, puzzled.

He groaned, while James said “Excellent” with a relish.

“What? What did I do?” I asked, even as Muriel shouted out to Ginny that we were trying to poison her and we were just standing there talking around as she was virtually on her death bed and would definitely write them out of her will, when-

“Those were Cookie and Astro’s biscuits” groaned Al in a whisper.

I must say this for Muriel. For a lady who claims to be nearing a hundred and fifty, she has the ears of a devil.

“She gave me dog biscuits?” she screeched, causing everyone to jump “Ginevra! That girl with the bad hair and arrogant attitude gave me biscuits that were meant for your dog!”

(Hey! Watch your mouth lady! No need to get personal with the comments about my hair!)

“Aunt Muriel, calm down-“ said Ginny, while I apologized profusely, trying to somehow make things right; Hugo was talking to Muriel, James was laughing his butt out and Al had gone to check if there were biscuits left for his precious Cookie and Astro.

Oh how I hate Potter boys.

They will pay for this one day.

Nothing we ever said had any effect on Muriel. Still screeching about insults, she said “If this is the level of respect I am gonna get from your guests and family in the future, Ginevra, make sure that this will be my last visit to your house! And I won’t be bothering to show up for Christmas as well if she” she pointed at me “is going to be present!” she said, and with an angry gesture, Flooed out of there in a huff.

“I’m so so so sorry Mrs. Potter-“ I started to say, when Ginny gave a relieved sigh and said, “Thank you!” and- you won’t believe this- gave me a huge hug.

I mean, I had practically insulted the eldest and most important member of her family, and the woman was giving me a hug! Was there no normalcy in this family?

“You have done us all a huge favour dear” she explained “for which we shall be forever grateful to you. Muriel’s visits are a nightmare. I was thinking myself on how to get rid of her, because she simply never leaves, when she took offense at this. Thank you so much” she grinned, and I got a glance at the impish mischievous streak she’d inherited from her twin brothers.

“ problem?” I said, unsure on how to react to this.

“This cause needs celebration” she muttered, “I’ll go whip up something in the kitchen dear” and hurried off, leaving me alone.

I was left to wonder if there was any one person in the family that might actually be normal and not mentally damaged.

And I found the answer to that was- no.

Which is why I loved every minute of the holidays.



How did you like this chapter? I had fun writing it, especially the part with Harry's introduction!! I'm so hilarious I make myself laugh at times! xD lol, just kidding...I do hope you love the chapters, and since I happen to love you people so much, I'm going to tell you a secret...come closer...

"There will be more of Al/Layla and Dana/Ian interactions in the coming chapters!"

yes, I know. Shocking, innit? ;) I constantly amaze myself with my brilliance :P

Anyways, till the next chapter, keep reading, keep reviewing (because you love me)



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Glad You Came: More Introductions...memorable ones


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