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All Bets Are Off by maraudertimes
Chapter 7 : Pregnancy, Werewolves and Towels
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"Kendra, you better tell me who the Merlin-forsaken boy that shagged my very best friend and impregnated her is or I swear, I will knock your teeth out."

So sue me, at this point, physical violence was my only option. Charlie had made Madame Pomfrey, the new, young, and very pretty nurse, swear not to tell me who had knocked her up. And believe me, I was starkers.

A raving lunatic had more common sense than I did at this moment. But you couldn't blame me. My best friend wakes me up in the middle of the night, tells me she's pregnant and that she thinks she had a miscarriage (confirmed by Madame Pomfrey only minutes later after I rushed her to the hospital wing), and won't tell me who the father is.

Bloody hell, this isn't supposed to happen. I'm supposed to enjoy my sleep after a horrible quidditch practice and wake up late the next morning. So, the enraged me had decided enough was enough. And I cornered Kendra in our dorm, demanding she tell me who it was after she let it slip that 'I told her so.'

"I don't know!"

"Bullshit!" I shrieked, throwing my fist towards her face.

Zoe and Sydney, upon seeing my enraged state (actually, upon being woken up by my enraged state), had grumbled and told us they would be spending the night with their 'acquaintances' from seventh year, in their dorm. Kendra and I couldn't have cared less when they left. To me, they were extremely annoying.

"No, I swear –"

I took another swing at her and she ducked.

"Kendra, I know you know who it is!"

"And how would you know that exactly?"

I pointed at myself. "Ravenclaw."

"Really?" She said, sarcasm oozing from her voice. "Because you still haven't figured out who it is."

"Kendra, I will flay you!"

I tackled her onto a bed and held her down, my knees on either side of her, my hands gripping her wrists over her head. She grinned maliciously.

"Well this position seems rather familiar."

I gave her a disgusted look and put both of her wrists in my hand, trying to make sure she wouldn't escape.

"Tell me or I'll tickle you."

"You wouldn't."

"I would."

"Well, too bad, I won't tell you."

"Fine then."

Just as I was about to start tickling her – something that she avidly hates – she screamed.

"I'll tell you, I'll tell you!"

I grinned and sat on her, waiting. When she didn't start talking immediately, I made to tickle her again.

"Lupin!" She shrieked. "Remus Lupin! Honestly, how did you not see that?"

"Well sorry for assuming my best friend wasn't a slag like you!"

"Hey," she said, sounding wounded. "I resent that."

"Well it's true. You're a slag."

Kendra shrugged. "Okay, fine. But I had to kick my shag for the night out when Charlie started screaming about bleeding so I deserve recognition. I'm a slag with standards." I gave her a look. "Well, they aren't high standards, but they are standards."

I shrugged and got off of her. She seemed relieved and rubbed her wrists.

"Sorry if I hurt you, by the way," I said regretfully.

She smiled, a glint in her eye. "Don't worry, I'm used to that sort of treatment."


"What? It's fun to see you flustered and talking about that gets you flustered."

I humphed. "Anyways, how did you get him up here? And get him out for that matter?"

She smirked. "I have my ways."

"Anyways, Remus Lupin is the bastard?" I asked and she nodded slowly. "If only I could go postal on his arse now, that would be great. I'm going to be up all night planning his murder."

Kendra smiled and looked out the window from our dorm. "Well, if you really want to, he's out on the grounds now."

I gave her an incredulous look and she nodded, pointing out the window. I walked over and saw Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew standing near the Whomping Willow.

"That's not Lupin you toss pot."

"No, but when do two of the marauders got off on their own in the middle of the night?"

I pondered that for a moment before grinning. "Kendra, you are a genius.

She smirked and pointed at herself.


I barely had enough time to grab a jumper before I was running out of one of my favorite secret passageways.

One of the benefits of being a brilliant mind and having one as a best friend, but unfortunately neither of us being able to tell our left from our right, was figuring out passageways around the school. I knew we hadn't figured out all of them, but we were pretty well off with them in mind.

As soon as my feet touched the cold grass, – I had forgotten shoes – I shivered as the cold air nipped at me through the jumper. After getting out of bed, waking Kendra and deciding the best place for Charlie was the hospital wing, I had put on a bra and a t-shirt but hadn't bothered changing out of my pajama trousers.

They were loose and thin and provided no real protection against the cold. My jumper was also quite thin and I saw the faint light of an illuminated wand as I raced closer and closer to the last place I saw the damned boys. My hair, tangled and flying out behind me, whipped around in the wind and stung my face when it struck.

I kept running, my own wand firmly grasped in my hand as I saw Black and Pettigrew drop down a small hole in the roots of the Whomping Willow. I frowned. What were those devils planning? I walked over to the small hole in the ground and stared at it. There was no way in hell I was following those numpties somewhere unknown.

Just as I was about to jump into it – not unlike that fairy tale I had read as a child where a girl jumps down the rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland – I heard a creaking. Looking up, I saw a branch from the Whomping Willow swaying in the breeze.

Ignoring it, I looked back down into the hole just as a shrieked ripped through the air, seemingly coming from the hole in the ground. I jerked back and a groaning made me look up again. As soon as my head was tilted upwards though, a harsh pain hit my stomach and I felt myself flying. I hit the ground with a thud and my head smashed against it.

I let out a gasp and heard that horrific scream again, although closer, even if the first time it had been coming from the hole I had been crouching over. I sat up and couched against my jumper sleeve. A small patch of darkness spread on the fabric but I took no notice.

A dark figure had emerged from the hole I had been staring into, tossing aside a slightly smaller, shaggier figure as it went. A howl echoed through the grounds.

"Werewolf," I gasped.

I stood up as fast as I could and turned, racing as fast as I could towards the Forbidden Forest. As branches and leaves slapped my face, I ran faster as I could hear another howl, closer than the last. My breath became ragged and soon, I couldn't breathe.

My lungs seized up and I fell as my foot caught on a bunch of roots. I panicked and hid behind a large tree. I heard the pants of the thing coming closer and closer, its feet cracking fallen branches. I closed my eyes and waited.

Suddenly, I felt hot breath on my face. I opened my eyes to stare directly into the harsh eyes of the monster. I screamed and it reared, an enormous paw rising up and falling again, aiming for me. Just as it was about to hit me, a grey figure with antlers slammed into the beast, catching it off guard.

I took the opportunity to get up and run, not bothering to look behind me or think about my breathless state. There was no way I was letting that thing get to me without a fight. But, as I turned around to see nothing but forest behind me, I stopped to catch my breath.

Turning back around, my breath caught in my throat as I saw the werewolf's dark shape looming overhead. I took a step back and snapped a small twig under my bare foot. The werewolf's head snapped towards me.

"Oh shit," I gasped. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!"

The werewolf ran towards me. But just as it lunged at me, a large black shape leaped out of the bushes and slammed into it. I took my chance, turned and ran away from there. Running Merlin knows where, I just kept going, looking back every once in a while to make sure the beast wasn't catching up to me. I began to pant after a little while and suddenly I jumped clear of the trees.

I saw the familiar shapes of the quidditch pitch and sprinted. The change rooms could provide me with some sort of protection against a werewolf. At least I had my wand with me. I ran, but my lungs burned. My legs buckled and I fell. I heard padded footsteps behind me. Hot breath on my neck made me scream and I shielded my head with my arms.

But instead of the pain I was expecting, a sharp bark made me turn over and stare at a large black dog. A scramble in the woods behind me and a yelp of pain told me the werewolf wasn't that far behind. I jumped to my feet and the dog bit down into one of my sleeves.

I thanked Merlin that my jumper was oversized. The dog's teeth had barely missed my fingers. With the dog half dragging me towards the quidditch pitch, I stumbled every so often as my breath stopped over a knee gave out. I heard the screams of the werewolf behind me and ran faster. A low growl sounded a little while away but all I had to do was run a few more steps and then the Ravenclaw girls' change room could be my safe haven.

I stumbled but the dog dragged me and I shoved the door open as fast as I could, letting the dog in before slamming it with a bang. Pulling out my wand and using every spell I knew to keep the door closed, I put my back against the wall next to it and slid down to sit.

Pushing through my hair with a hand, I swore as I realized how sweaty it was. I had just taken a shower! My hair fell over my face as I panted.

Suddenly, footsteps came from the shower area, and they weren't the sounds of paws. I scrambled up and pointed my wand towards the noise. Stepping forward bit by bit, the door suddenly shuddered, the werewolf's cries were heard and I turned, pointing my wand at the door.

When I was satisfied that the door would hold, I shuddered and turned back towards the shower area. I shrieked as I looked up to see none other than Sirius Black right in front of me. Stumbling back, I shot a curse at him but he ducked.

"What the hell?" He asked.

I cowered in a corner, pointing my wand at him. "The bloody fuck just happened?"

"I asked you first."

"And you suddenly appeared in the Ravenclaw girls' change room after I was attacked by a werewolf. I think I have priority. And talk quickly because I am so close to hexing you. Also, on a completely unrelated note, why aren't you wearing any clothes?"

"Well, there's a werewolf, although I bet your brilliant mind already figured that out. And I would expect a clever girl like you to realize what's happening."

"You know what? I'm tired and I was just chased by a bloody werewolf! Give me some credit. I'm not a genius all of the time."

Black sighed and drew a hand through his hair. He was holding a towel around his waist, so my earlier statement about no clothes was sort of true. No clothes, but there was something covering… all that.

He shook his head, letting his hair fall into his eyes again and looked at me. I realized how strange I looked. Sweaty, pajama pants, a thin jumper, hair a mess, wand outstretched, scratches all around my face. Yes, I was quite attractive.

"So, you run into the Ravenclaw girls' change room with a dog and barricade the door. Then, the dog disappears and I appear, with only a towel around my waist. You might not be a genius at the moment but you sure aren't dumb."

"So, what you're trying to tell me is that you're an animagus? You're truly a dog? Like no pun intended, but are you being serious? That's fucking illegal! You expect me to believe that crockpot of shit?"

He chuckled. "Um, yeah, I guess so."

"Okay, say I believe you. Does that answer my earlier question of what the bloody hell just happened?"

"I believe the word was fuck and not hell."

I scowled. "Oh, sod off you pansy."

"Well, a werewolf attacked you."

"No shit, Sherlock!"

"Who's Sherlock?"

"No one," I growled. "Just get on with your story."

"Isn't that the full story? You came outside and got attacked by a werewolf?"

"No! No it isn't! I want to know who that fucking werewolf is, why you're an animagus, where the hell that bastard Remus Lupin is, – and if I assume that the other crazed animal with antlers is a person – who that is, as well as how the hell you stay in shape."

I was wheezing, my breath labored as I coughed once in a while, the dark stain on my jumper growing. Black looked mournful as he began to talk.

"You shouldn't have come outside. Damn it! Gah! Okay, so I can't tell you who the werewolf is, it's not my place to say." I gave him a harsh look and he shrugged. "The animagus thing is because of the werewolf thing, so I can't tell you either. I can tell you that James is the stag – the other crazed animal with antlers – and why exactly do you want to know how I stay in shape." He smiled a sly smile. "Have you been ogling my handsome body?"

He struck what I could only assume to be his version of a model-esque pose and I snorted.

"No, but I'm wheezing after a few minutes of running and you seem to be completely fine."

"Nah, you were totally checking me out!"


"Whoa, calm down, you loon."


I was just about to let all hell rain down on him when he shushed me. I gave him a confused look and opened my mouth, determined to yell at him for being so infantile. Of course, that only made him rush closer to me and clamp his hand over my mouth.

My eyes went wide as they stared directly at one of his collarbones. I heard a faint yelling from outside the door and whimpered. I did not want to come face to face with the werewolf. Black looked down at me and rolled his eyes.

"It's Prongs, er, James."

I took his hand off my mouth. "James? That's not me out there."

"Har dee har har. It's Potter. I'm going to go find out what he wants."

I was about to let him leave when I noticed something on the ground. I quickly tapped him on the shoulder and he turned.

"Forgetting something, Black?" He gave me a confused look. "Something like, a towel?"

He looked down and swore. Looking behind him, he saw exactly what I had noticed moments before. The royal blue towel with silver lining he had on to cover his… business… was lying on the ground where he was before he had rushed over to shush me.

"Cover your eyes," he demanded.

"Already on it."

I put a hand over my eyes and didn't uncover them until I heard the door to the changing room slam shut. When I opened my eyes, I saw no one in the changing room and sighed.

Thank Merlin! It was just strange to see boys – especially Gryffindor boys – in the Ravenclaw girls' changing room. I heard rattling at the door a moment later and shrieked. I heard a voice, muffled by the door, instead of the howls I had been expecting. I calmed my heartbeat down and inched towards the door.


"James! Let us in! Now!"

It was Black and it sounded urgent. I quickly opened the door and let Black's head poke through the door.

"Hello sweetness," he started as I glowered, "or sourness. Can you get us some more towels?"

"Why?" I asked, suspiciously.

"Hey, it's my namesake!" I heard from behind the door. The voice belonged to James Potter. "Dearest Miss James," he started," I am buck naked and it is freezing outside. My arse is blue and I'm not going to start on what is happening to my –"

"I'm getting the towels!" I yelled to stop him from finishing his sentence.

Storming towards the shower area, I opened the small linen closet and got out a large stack of royal blue towels with silver lining, exactly like the one Black had taken. But just as I was about to close the linen closet, I noticed something.

"No, no, no, no, no. Black!"

I stormed over to the door and yanked it open enough to throw the towels on the ground. Sounds of protests were muffled by the door but all I did was lean against it, my arms crossed.

A minute later, I opened the door again to see all four marauders, towels around their waists and a few more pressed against what seemed to be Remus Lupin's unconscious form. I propped the door open as they all passed through, dropping Lupin onto one of the benches. As soon as they took a step back, I attacked him.

"You horrid bastard! Go fuck yourself! I can't believe you had the audacity to make conversation with me knowing what you did!"

Potter and Black grabbed my arms as I tried to strangle Lupin. They dragged me away and I turned on Black.

"And you! How dare you steal my towel?"

"Your towel?" He asked.

"Turn around," I said, twirling my finger.

He did and I shrieked. Potter began to guffaw and Pettigrew giggled like a prepubescent girl. Black turned back, terror on his face.

"What? What?!"

Potter laughed. "You have the words Alexandra James printed on your arse."

"That's my towel!" I shrieked.

"Well, it's not as if I tried to use your towel," Black said defensively.

"I dry my hair with that towel."

"I am sorry."

"I'll have to burn it. The house elves will never get it clean enough."

I couched into my sleeve then and heard a moan from the unconscious Lupin. Having forgotten he was there, I fixed my glare on him as Potter helped him sit up without the royal blue towel falling off his unmentionables. When he noticed me he winced.

"What the fuck? You're a werewolf?" I said quietly, turning on him. "You did what you did and you're a werewolf? Are you insane? You should be put down!"

Black came up and put a hand on my shoulder in warning. "Don't judge him. It's not his fault."

"Not his fault?!" I shrieked. "He knew full well what he was doing when he was doing it!"

"Stop being such a bitch," Potter said as Lupin's head fell in shame. "He doesn't have control."

"Doesn't have control? He has as much control as you numpties but he couldn't keep it together. He's a monster," I said, taking a step closer.

Black moved with me, trying to move between Lupin and I, his chest almost pressed against my own as I strained to look over his shoulder in a menacing fashion. But Lupin shook his head as Potter turned to me, fury on his face.

"It's not because I'm a werewolf," he said quietly. He looked straight into my eyes as he said, "You know about Charlie."

"Charlie?" Black asked. "You mean Miss James' best friend?"

I nodded, shaking with rage. "Yeah, Charlie. All about how you slept with her and left her with a parasite."

"I'm sorry, what?" Potter asked, confusion written all over his face.

"He slept with Meaver?" Black asked incredulously.

"Yeah," I said, "and now she's pregnant. Or at least, she was."

Lupin's face went from regretful to worry in less than a second. Black and Potter were, unfortunately, still stuck on the fact that their friend had slept with someone.

"But to get a girl pregnant, you have to shag her."

"He actually slept with a girl?"

Even Pettigrew joined in. "I always thought he was gay."

If we were in a movie, the music would have stopped with a screech. All of us turned to stare at the half-naked boy – and in truth, I may have been staring at his chest because, let's face it, he was pretty well built, though not as built as the other three – and he smiled sheepishly. Lupin himself stared at him in shock while simultaneously pressing a towel to one of his worst scratches. I shook my head and stared at Lupin.

"Yeah, so while you were out here, jumping around as a fucking wolf by the way, Charlie woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me she was bleeding."

All the boys immediately looked at the ground until finally, Pettigrew looked up.

"Was it her time of the month?" He asked quietly.

I looked at him with disbelief until I realized all of the boys were staring at me with the same confused expression on their faces. Sighing, I began to massage my temples.

"When you're pregnant, you don't have a time of the month you tossers. Do you nothing about girls? This is really serious – not you!" I said as Black was about to say something about himself. "She lost the baby, which might be a good thing," I shot a look at Lupin, "all considering."

Lupin tried to stand up but he seemed to have hurt a leg and fell over onto Potter. The two fell onto the ground and I quickly looked away as I heard 'My towel!'

"Where is she?" Lupin asked "Can you bring us to her?"

I sighed, my eyes fixed on the wall, giving the boys behind me some time to cover themselves up. Seriously, why didn't they have clothes?

"Okay, well first, maybe you guys want to put some clothes on? And second, she's in the Hospital Wing. I think you guys were planning on going there anyways, all considering."

With this I coughed against my sleeve again. The boys took this as a question and told me everything was covered. I turned around and Black was helping Potter to hold Lupin up. I coughed again and they all looked at me.

"Okay, well when Lupin went all wolf and stuff," Potter said, "he sort of ripped all of our clothes. The scattered remains of my favorite shoes are still in the shrieking shack."

His mournful sigh was echoed by the other three boys and I rolled my eyes. This boys were the vainest people I had ever met. And I lived with Kendra. I coughed again and they all looked at me.

"I'm just coughing you guys. It's nothing, really."

But Black walked over and stood right in front of me. I raised my eyebrows, crossed my arms and cocked my hip. But he wasn't really looking at me, he was looking at my lips. He took one hand and brushed it against my bottom one. My breath hitched and my eyes widened. He brought his hand up to his mouth and licked his finger and my eyebrows lowered in confusion.

"That's blood. You've been coughing up blood."

I put a hand over my mouth and looked down at my sleeve. His eyes followed mine and he took my hand in his, pulling my jumper sleeve up to his nose. He sniffed it and grimaced.

"How long has this been going on?" He asked.

"Um, well I've been coughing since Defense. But I've had this jumper on since I got outside. I hadn't noticed it was blood."

"Yeah, you're coming with us to the Hospital Wing."

"No! I can't! The match is this weekend!"

"But your health is more important than quidditch!" Lupin stated.

Black, Potter and I gave him a look that clearly said 'No it's not.' He shrugged and sat back down, Potter helping him. I crossed over to the other side of the room and sat down on one of the benches myself. Black and Pettigrew sat next to Potter and Lupin.

"Okay," I started, "are we supposed to be going to the Hospital Wing soon?"

The boys looked at me incredulously. I shrugged.

"We have to wait until its morning. That way no one asks questions. And that means you have to wait for morning too."

I sighed and walked over towards the door. Pulling it open, I saw a little bit of sun peeking up over the horizon. Closing the door and walking back over to my bench, I gave them a look.

"When's morning?" I asked.

Black shrugged, Potter shrugged, Pettigrew shrugged, and Lupin snored. We all looked at him and Black shrugged again.

"I'm going to guess we have a few more hours of sleep. Don't bother waking him up." He said the last part to Potter who was just about to shake Lupin awake.

I shrugged and made my way to the shower area. Pettigrew shielded his eyes and I glanced at him curiously.

"I don't want to see you undressing." I gave him another look. "You're going to have a shower, right?"

I rolled my eyes. "No, but I'm dead tired and if you haven't already noticed, there aren't many pillows here. I'm thinking towels are my best option."

I walked over to the linen closet and pulled out three towels. Walking back over to my bench, I draped one over the wood panels and used the other two as a pillow. Lying down, I closed my eyes. Then I remembered something and stuck my hand out, pointing to where I thought the boys were.

"Do not wake me until it's time to leave. And do not leave me here lest you want the wrath of me upon your shoulders."

I guess they must have murmured in agreement, but I was out like a light almost as soon as my arm curled up against me again.

I woke up with a hand on my upper thigh, very near my arse. I was draped over someone's naked shoulder and I could see that – thankfully – this boy had kept his towel on. And then I saw the silver lettering.

"Put me down Black," I growled.

"Now how did you know it was me?"

"You still have my towel on you prat."

"Ooh, Miss James, have you been staring at my arse now?"

I snorted. "Considering it's the only part of you I can see, I can't really look anywhere else. Now put me down. Now!"

"Well, I don't think it's fair for you to be the only one to have a good look, is it? And to be honest, I'm pretty sure you've done more than just stare at my arse. I saw you ogling me while I had on the towel."

I felt a pinch on my arse and I squeaked. Struggling, I may have kicked Black in the stomach and he doubled over, letting my bare feet touch the ground. I began hitting him until he let me down. Then I continued to hit him until finally, he grabbed my wrists. I glared at him and he glared back.

"Don't touch me ever again," I hissed.

Pulling my wrists away from his grasp, I ran up the hill he had been climbing, passing Pettigrew and Potter who were helping Lupin climb it. They turned back to give Black a look but I just passed by them, rushing into the small alcove that led into the passageway I had come out of only a few hours ago. I left for the Hospital Wing, desperate to get there before they did and hopefully leave before I had to see their faces again.

Author's Note: Oh geez. I guess that just set Sirius Black. So, if you want to review, I would be extremely happy.

On another note, I'm still deciding whether or not Charlie should stay with Remus or try to get Carter to forgive her. If you tell me what you think, I promise to take it into account. So, Thanks for reading!

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