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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 30 : Pity
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Chapter 30

Captain of the Holyhead Harpies Missing

By: Lavender Brown

Ginevra Potter, captain of the Holyhead Harpies, was reported missing on Tuesday. Witnesses say that she was last seen rushing out of her flat, apparating in an alleyway across the street. She was said to have looked distressed, followed by a similar looking Harry Potter in her wake. However, Mrs. Potter apparated away before Mr. Potter had a chance to catch her. Mr. Potter and her family have both declined to divulge any information.   

            Katie Bell, star chaser of the Holyhead Harpies, spoke to us about the sudden disappearance. “She’d missed three practices by the time we knew something was wrong.” Said Bell.  “She’ll come to practice on her death bed, so the fact she missed that many practices left the entire team in shock.”

            The Auror office is working diligently to find Mrs. Potter, her husband rumored to be the head of this personal case. Also, if you happen to see Ginevra Potter, please contact the Ministry of Magic immediately. The Daily Prophet will be following this case, and more information will be released once it has been discovered.

            Harry set down the article on his desk, his furrowing his eyebrows as he took off his glasses. Stress had really begun to set in on Harry, the constant work and worry clawing away at his mind. His face was pale white, and his eyes were shrunken and bloodshot from lack of sleep. What little sleep Harry did get was at his office, only returning back to the flat to get clothes. The few hours of sleep he managed to get were by potion; he couldn’t sleep without writhing about in his bed, eventually waking up from nightmares. Food was a rarity for him, as he was putting everything he had into finding Ginny, even if that meant skipping a meal or two. He was starting to lose weight, faster than he should, and Hermione had tried to talk to him about his health.  However, that conversation ended with Harry shouting and Hermione feeling incredibly embarrassed as the ministry workers stared. 

            Walking through the ministry proved to be harder than Harry thought it would have. The looks of pity that people give him were enough to double the stress on his mind. With all the time that he had to do, he thought more and more of how the situation happened. None of it should have happened, Harry thought, if I had just sorted things out by myself.

            However, something troubled Harry more than anything else had.

            He thought of one of the last things he said to her before she left. Everything was coming back; nothing had changed. Since then, he had realized he was completely wrong. So wrong, in fact, that he felt he had insulted her. Ginny had changed his life, and saying that nothing had changed, served as a blow to Ginny. And now that she was gone, he was right. Life hadn’t changed after all. He had made sure of that.

            “You alright, Potter?” His boss loomed around the doorway, startling Harry. He cleared his throat before answering a muttered yes. His boss looked at Harry closely, noticing the wear on Harry’s eyes, and he shook his head. “No, you don’t seem like it. You should go home.”

            “It’s fine,” Harry replied, straightening out some papers. “I’m fine.”

            Harry watched as his boss sighed loudly, rolling his eyes slightly. He walked over and took the seat in front of Harry’s desk, looking him straight in the eye.

            “You need to go home, you’re pushing yourself too hard. It’s not going to hurt anyone but you.”

            “But the case…” Harry argued.

            “Is personal, I get it. Believe me, I do.” He sighed. “But, no matter how hard you work, if you’re not ready when the time actually comes, it’ll all be for nothing.”

            Harry knew that his boss understood was going through. Everyone knew that a death eater had killed his wife during the war. She had been taken hostage as a distraction for the Auror office, managing to sneak in a few death eaters in the ministry. Apparently he had gotten there just in time, but watched as the death eater took her life. Nobody dared to mention this to him, not even whisper it while he was in the office.

            “Sir, I only mean to help.”

            “I know you do.” He said. “Now, go home. That’s an order. We have other Aurors on the case, it’ll be taken care of.”

            Harry opened his mouth to argue, and then quickly shut it.

            “Of course, sir.”

            Harry shook his boss’ hand, and they both stood up.

            “I’m afraid I must leave now, Mr. Potter. And I believe you must do the same.”

            Harry nodded, his head hanging low. His boss gave him a small smile, along with a pity look like the others gave him, and left Harry’s office. A short while afterwards, Harry followed suit.


            Harry walked into his flat, locking the door behind him, finding the room to be the same as he left it all that time ago. Ginny’s empty coffee cup was still on the table, and the scrunched up papers were still littering the floor around the flat. The bed was unmade and hadn’t been slept in for a week, Harry taking the couch when he was actually back at his flat.

            Running a hand through his hair, Harry furrowed his eyebrows together as the details of the case all came crashing down. The reality of it proved to be too much for him, as a massive headache pounded against his skull. With a groan, Harry made his way over to the medical cabinet where they kept all the potions, pulling out a small purple vial. Harry gulped down the potion mere seconds later, and his headache was gone almost instantaneously.

            Across the room, Harry heard the doorknob begin to shake as someone tried to get in. He put down the vial, drawing his wand out and pointing it towards the door. A few seconds later, the door opened and Harry instinctively launched red sparks towards the intruders. With a shout, the intruders dove to the side, dodging Harry’s spell by the inch.

            “OI MATE.” Ron yelled.

“I understand the precaution, Harry, just don’t try and kill us.” Hermione said, brushing off her jeans and picking up her bag. Harry let out a sigh, his shoulders instantly relaxing. Hermione gave a weak smile as she adjusted the bag on her shoulder, and Ron shrugged his shoulders.

“What’re you doing here?” Harry sighed, putting his wand on the kitchen table. Hermione gave him a small frown, another look of pity. Harry felt his heart drop; feeling awful that now his best friends were giving him those dreaded looks.

 “We just heard around the grapevine that you’d come home, and we just thought we’d stop by.” Ron offered a lopsided grin, and Harry avoided looking at either of them.

“That’s nice, thanks.” Harry said awkwardly, sitting on the couch. The pair followed Harry’s actions, taking the sofa next to him. An uncomfortable silence followed. Harry sat, twiddling his fingers as Ron patted a small beat on his leg.

“Are you okay, Harry?” Hermione asked softly. “I know this is hard for you.”

“I guess you could say it’s hard, yeah.” Harry avoided the question, hoping she wouldn’t ask again. Hermione sighed audibly.

“Mate, we understand it’s hard. We’re going through this also, but we need to make sure you’re alright. We’ve already lost Ginny…” Ron spoke. “And we don’t want to lose you too.”

“You’re not going to lose me, guys.” Harry said. “I’m just spending a lot of time at work, that’s all.”

“We hope so.” Hermione added, a smile on her face. “Now, we know how tough the past week has been on you. So, we brought over a few things to, I don’t know, lighten the mood.” Taking out her bag, Hermione pulled out a game of exploding snap, a six-pack of butter beer, and every flavour beans from the depths of her bag.

The rest of the night resulted in Ron beating both Harry and Hermione in every game that was played; Ron proved that no cheating had been used whatsoever. Although Ron proved this, Harry still remained skeptical. Hermione, being a lightweight drinker, had gotten a bit tipsy after two butterbeers and a few sips of firewhiskey. She was soon dancing on top of the coffee table, as Ron danced the Irish jig next to her. Harry couldn’t remember the last time that he’d had this much fun, let alone the last time it had just been the three of them. After all the fun had died down, Hermione set the tele to some Muggle talk show before falling asleep. Despite all his attempts, Harry couldn’t stay asleep for more than five minutes without jumping back into reality.  

            Soon after Ron and Hermione had fallen asleep, Harry heard a small sound come from the back corner near the door. Awkwardly getting up, careful to not wake either of them up, he made his way to the door to find a note had been slipped under the door. His eyes grew wide as he recognized the mark immediately, his stomach dropping rapidly. Ripping open the letter, Harry’s eyes scanned over the message, immediately knowing what he had to do. Grabbing his cloak, Harry left the flat with a small scribbled note on the table, saying he was out for food and would be back soon.  


Dressed in black Auror robes, Harry turned a sharp corner, making his way down a dark alley in central London. Nobody in the area seemed to notice him, nor did they care if they had. The bustle of the square seemed to be revived at night, the nightlife bringing in some odd sites. The women towered over the men, wearing the most absurd heels known to mankind. Blokes on the side of the street were handing out illegal items, dressed in the darkest colours so they could fade into the night in case they were to get caught by the police. So, a man dressed in black robes didn’t seem too far a stretch for the nightlife of the city.

Harry maintained a steady pace through the alley, twisting and turning through the confusing maze until he finally saw what he came for. The building was made of red bricks, black bricks outlined the door of the safe house. The Aurors had a theory that the black bricks were said to be cursed and would harm anyone who tried to pass. However, Harry had to take the chance if he wanted to find what the letter had said would be there. And he wanted this information more than anyone could ever imagine.

Harry stepped up to the door with large strides, but stopped before the door to examine it. After a few seconds of this, Harry carelessly walked through the door without a single care in the world. No harm had been done, at least, no harm that could be seen. Harry drew out his wand, muttered ‘Lumos’ and glanced around the room. To others, it might have seemed to be merely a vacated home, but Harry knew much better than to think that.

“You came to see me?” A mysterious man made his way down the stairs, his black cloak billowing behind him. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he gestured towards the crumpled up paper in Harry’s fist. “I see you got my note.”

“I did.” Harry said steadily, keeping his emotions calm.

“Honestly, I’m quite surprised to figured that one out, Potter.” The man said, circling Harry like a vulture circles its prey. Harry kept his composure, not moving an inch. “I didn’t think you were clever enough to decipher the code.”

“There was hardly any code to decipher.” Harry poked. “It seems like the one who generated it wasn’t as clever as he originally thought.” Harry said through his teeth, the stare of the anonymous man burning through Harry’s mind.

“Wasn’t the purpose of the message to get you here?” The man asked.


“Well, then it worked, didn’t it?” Anonymous said, gesturing towards the empty room. “You’re here, alone with me. There’s nothing to save you but your little wand and the mind you think is so clever. But, let me ask you, Potter. How could a man, so cunning, go into a battle he knew he was going to lose?”

            “I never said I was clever.” Harry spat.

            “But, oh. It’s was implied, Potter.” Anonymous smirked, a feeling of anger and hate rising through Harry’s veins. “And, seeing as the doors are all closed and locked now, there’s no way for you to escape. Have you really thought this through, soldier?”

            Harry grit his teeth down before he hissed his response;

            “More times than you could imagine.”

            “Oh, look at this. Potter’s got himself a temper.” Anonymous cackled, stepping closer to Harry. With a flick of his wrist, the man sent Harry flying, pinning him up against the wall. Harry struggled against the invisible binding, even though he knew it was no use. The man laughed evilly in his face.

            “Tell me where my wife is.” Harry demanded, still struggling against the binding. Anonymous seemed shocked by Harry’s demand, his head cocked to the side with confusion.

            “Your wife?”

            “You know who I’m talking about, you evil bastard. That’s why I’m here.” Harry spat at him, his voice rough and dark. “Now tell me. Where is she?”

            “Not with that language, I believe I deserve a bit more than that, young Harry.” Anonymous spoke down to Harry, obviously having no respect for him. “Can we try this again?”

            “Can you tell me where my wife is?” Harry asked, a pleading look in his eye. And he could’ve sworn, just for a moment, he saw a hint of pity cross the man’s eyes. However, whatever pity he saw quickly vanished as the man released Harry from the wall, causing him to crash down on the floor.

            “Very good, Potter. Much better.” He taunted as Harry picked himself up off the dusty floor, brushing himself off. The man walked over to the fireplace in the corner, and stood by it. “Now, if you want to see your wife, you better shut up and follow me. Also, give me your wand. I don’t want you getting any ideas.”

            Harry had no choice but to do what the man said.  

Author’s note: I know it’s a filler, but I think this story was a bit too perfect, so I needed to shake this up a bit. I’m a little (actually, I’m really) nervous to see how you guys take this chapter. I spent a lot of time contemplating if I should use it or not, and I decided to use it. Hopefully it was the right decision.

I have a bit of next chapter written, so I hope to have it up soon!

I seriously love reviews, and they make my day a thousand times better.

Thank you so much for reading!



*EDIT : I'm still really worried guys, I've only gotten one you guys like the way it's going...? No...? Yes...? 


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