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Flora Greene and the Fiend Fire by Riya Potter
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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The lights on the streets of Grid lane turned on as soon as any trace of sunlight vanished. A smile spread on Flora’s face, she loved nights, and she loved darkness which helped her sneak out and play in the garden, though her mother always scolded her for playing in the dark. However, her sister was exact opposite, who was almost scared of darkness, and who used to refuse to come out in the dark. But, since the street lights which were light sensitive and which lit as soon as sunlight diminished were put up by the government on all streets of London, life had become easier for Della and interesting for Flora.


 Della was a month younger than Flora. In reality, they were cousins, but now, as both of them shared same parents, they were sisters, and though they were very different when it came to their internal selves, they looked so alike that everyone thought they were twins. And now even Della, Flora and their parents had stopped explaining the complicated reality to people and told everyone that the girls were twins; and it wasn’t hard to convince.


 Flora was Della’s father’s brother’s daughter. Their parents had been living together in a house far off from civilization. When the girls were born, they had lived there too, but had lost their family when their house was accidently set on fire, and had miraculously survived when people found the two three year old girls under a tree, fast asleep. Naturally, they had been transferred to an orphanage, where people only knew who their parents were having no other information other than their names, and from where Mr. and Mrs. Greene’s had adopted them. And thus the cousins Della White and Flora White were now sisters Della Greene and Flora Greene.


 “Lory!” Flora’s mother called her from the kitchen, “have you finished reading the book?” Flora’s smile faded and her face filled with boredom. “Mommy, why can’t Del read it instead of me? I can cut veggies for you instead,” Flora said, entering the kitchen, “and besides, we’d love to switch works, won’t we Del?”

  “I’d love to read that book Lory,” Della replied without looking up from the cabbage she was cutting, “but as you know I’ve already finished reading it, and you must read it, it’s interesting.”


 “It’s not, it’s certainly not, I know it’s going to be our English text when or school reopens,” Flora argued, sitting in the chair opposite Della at the table, “and I’ll have to read it then, so why now?”


 “Because I want you to,” her mother said while she put the bread in the oven, “and I don’t want you to get less marks in my subject, don’t make me repeat these lines every year.”

 Flora rolled her eyes, got up from the chair and stormed out of the kitchen to her room. Her mother being her English teacher at school didn’t help, and Della being class topper didn’t help at all, though only because her sister was smart, Flora managed to get passing grades at school; without her sister’s help, she was nothing when it came to studies. But she was good at sports, and at pranks and in fights – no one dared fight with her, some or other way, she always won. And she was the brave type, and her character was good, and she was kind and she was sweet – the only thing that she lagged in was studies.

  But that didn’t make her stop trying, only she got bored sometimes, like now, she dearly wanted to go out and play in the garden, only her mother was not going to allow her, and her father was not at home for he was on a secret mission, being a detective, and Flora aspired to be same one day. So there was no other option but read. And thus days of summer holidays dragged on.


And then the day which changed her life arrived. Flora was sitting at the table, biting into her toast, and Della was reading the newspaper while eating her egg; and their mother was hurrying through her breakfast as she had so many pending works for reopening of school was near, and their father was sipping the tea, watching news on TV, when the post arrived.




 The post was nothing but two Hogwarts letters, addressed to Flora and Della, telling them that they were witches and had to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course all but their father were surprised, for Mr. Greene being a detective knew about the wizarding world and that took little time to convince the girls and their mother that the girls were actually attending this new school instead of their old one. And the boring climate in the house suddenly changed to excitement when the girls started preparing their visit to this magical school.

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Flora Greene and the Fiend Fire: Prologue


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