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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 22 : A Plan of Revenge
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Chapter 22

“Those bitches!” Raven screamed as she stormed into the warehouse.

Viper, who had been waiting for her, was shocked. He had seen Raven extremely mad before, but never was it this bad. He decided it was best to stay as far away from her wand as possible. There was an anger in her eyes that he had never seen. Someone had really pissed Raven off. He knew that whoever it was, they were not going to like how Raven got her revenge.

“Which bitches are you referring to?” he asked, wrapping his fingers around his wand in his pocket just in case Raven took her anger out on him.

“Savannah Wood and Lily Potter!” Raven replied, still yelling.

Viper had expected Raven to name someone like James or Kristen. Even Harry Potter would have been perfectly reasonable. However, Viper could not figure out what Savannah Wood and Lily Potter had done to anger Raven this much. They weren’t supposed to be major obstacles or mile markers of their killing spree. They were two eighteen year old girls who were connected to the Weasley family.

“What did they do?” he asked, expecting some response that would only seem logical to someone as crazy as Raven.

“They’re starting to figure out who we are!”Raven exclaimed.

Silence followed. Viper was stunned and unsure of what to say. He had expected their murders to last until the last Weasley family member and friend was killed. This was a reality check. Somehow two eighteen year old girls had started figuring out who they were.

Viper was starting to see Raven’s calm appearance disappearing. Up until that point, he had thought that she had it all together. He had thought that she had a fool proof plan that would end with all the Weasley family and friends ending up dead and Viper and Raven getting away without anyone ever figuring out who they truly were. But now, it was looking like that wasn’t the case. Savannah and Lily were starting to figure out who they were; it wouldn’t take them long before they figured out that Raven was the one who had deceived them all. More than likely, once they got Raven, they would get Viper as well, meaning that he would be spending the rest of his life in Azkaban.

“How much do they know?” Viper asked, almost afraid to know the answer.

“They believe that the killer is part of the Weasley family or a friend of theirs,” Raven replied.


Viper ran his fingers through his hair. Things were not looking good at all. How long did they have left before they were in Azkaban? A day? A week? How many more murders would they be able to commit? He hoped that before they got carted off to Azkaban, they got to commit a couple more murders.

“Apparently because Samantha and Drake’s house and Hugo’s apartment showed no sign of forced entry and there were no signs of foul play besides the body, they think that all the victims must have let their killer in,” Raven continued.

“Which is true,” Viper replied, “You were on good terms with all of them and they let you into their houses.”

“Those brats don’t need to know that though!”

“So what are you going to do? I assume you’re going to kill someone, but not those two.”

Raven smiled. Viper was learning. He was right; Savannah Wood and Lily Potter wouldn’t be the people who lost their lives. However they are going to suffer.

“Grab your coat; we’re going to be paying some old school mates a visit,” Raven instructed, “I think you’ll be enjoying these murders quite a lot.”





***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Any ideas on who Raven and Viper are? Any ideas on who they are going to try and murder? I'd love to hear them! There is only one chapter left of this story!!! I've enjoyed writing it quite a bit! However, this is not the last you'll hear about all these characters and events! There is one final book left in the trilogy! As always, I hope you continue to read, review, and enjoy this story :D ***

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As The Days Grow Dark: A Plan of Revenge


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