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It's A Muggle Thing by HallowsAndHorcruxes
Chapter 1 : The Coming Of Magic (Backstory)
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As to help people understand before the first chapater I thought best to give you a bit of background on the two main characters to better help you understand the story.


Trent Bowen

Life isn’t always easy when you a born a prodigy child, even more so when your twin was born one too. Both I and my twin sister Freya where born with talents as one would call them, all be it that our talents are very different. Freya is a brilliant writer with the best descriptive style that anyone has seen and I have a certain artist flare that people think are visionary. Neither I nor Freya asked for these gifts, they were god given to us so we can’t get rid of them as they are a part of who we are. Though when you are twins, who both have extraordinary gifts, who decide to work together well that’s what the news crews start showing up outside your house to interview you.

Though it turns out that those where not the only gifts that we were born with. Though we didn’t find out about these other gifs until they got us into trouble. It was just another day or another TV interview from I and Freya, we were sat in are shared bedroom in front of Freya’s writing desk as innocent as anything while the crew got set up. Our Mum was fusing over us making sure we looked ‘prefect’ as she was quite the perfectionist and Freya’s wild hair was not to her liking. Currently she was retying Freya’s long ebony hair into plaits, something Freya wasn’t too fond of. My own hair she had tried to flatten the best she could as like my sister’s hair mine was also rather wild.

Despite that we are fraternal twins; people are amazed at how much we look alike. We both have dark wild ebony hair, all be it Freya’s is considerably longer than mine. Our eyes both the exact same shade of silvery sky blue and our skin is naturally rather pale which contrasts rather strongly against the darkness of our hair. Apart from gender the only thing that differs between us is height with myself being taller than Freya. Though apparently all our similarities makes us all the special and adorable. Something I’ve never understood though Freya seems to get it.

Eventually the crew was all set up and our fusing mother shooed away so the interview could begin. This time we would be broadcast live on the breakfast news by a lady who was wearing way too much make up and smelt like she had tipped a whole bottle of perfume upon herself. At first the interview was going fine as they introduced us and ask use the basic and routine questions of how we came to discover our talents and how we do what we do. So we retold the story we had already told several interviewer beforehand and everything seemed fine. That was until they asked to see our latest collaboration.

Freya had written a short story about Jack Frost playing in a snowy meadow with snowmen and I had painted a scene from it where Jack was having a snowball fight with them. Though as Freya read her story something very strange happened. When she got to the snowball fight in her story the picture seemed to come to life, mimicking her words and acting them out upon the canvas. The movements where quick and fast so at first I thought I was imagine it though in the interviewer seemed to think she saw something too. Freya stopped wondering what she was looking at and they became still again, frozen back into their original positions so the interview went on. Afterword’s they asked me what I would do if I was Jack Frost from the painting, so I said I’d love to throw a snowball right out of the painting.

It was then that seemingly out of nowhere a snowball hit the interviewer one the shoulder. We all looked at the melting snowball as it slid to the floor as it was August and there was no snow to be seen anywhere around. Shaking it off she put it down to a little prank we must have played on her, though we hadn’t planned the prank and so had no idea what had happened. It was just as she was about to ask us another question that snowball number two hit her quickly followed by three and four. It was then we noticed they were coming out of the painting, as when both I and Freya turned to look at it Jack Frost winked at us before running off into the snow.

Not knowing what was happening we sat there in stunned silence as the now angry interviewer cut the rest of the interview short by quickly handing back over to the studio and storming out of the room, the crew following as quickly as they could. Of course we were blamed for the snowballs even though there was nowhere to get the snow from. Though the rest of the day seemed to go find so both Freya and I ignored the snowball incident and went back to what we did best. We had been eleven when this happened so where clueless to the magical world and all that came with it. But not for long.

The next morning there was a knock upon the door as a man in a deep purple suit turned up on the doorstep at nine o’clock sharp in the morning. Freya and I had been in the kitchen when he arrived and our father had answered the door. At first Freya and I just hear a lot of arguing from the front door but before we knew it the man appeared in are kitchen out of nowhere and or Dad was left shouting at thin air. Both I and Freya just started at the man wondering how he got there in a blink while our father appeared the normal way into the kitchen.

Dad tried to get him to leave but the man convinced him to let him explain himself and about what had happened yesterday in the interview. It was then we discovered the writing and painting were not our only talents as according to this man we had another gift, one that we had only just uncovered yesterday. A gift that would explain the seemingly moving figures in the snowy scenery I painted and also the snowballs that we had believe to have come flying right off of the canvas and at the interviewer. It was on that day, August 2nd that Freya and I found that we were in fact magical, Freya was a witch and I was a wizard.

Author's Notes:  As I said above this is the background story of Freya and Trent Bowen to give you a quick insight on who they are so you know that they have never really been normal. They are two OC character of mine close to my heart so I decided to dedicate a fanfiction to them.

Any review are greatly appreciated and all words of wisdom will be taken and used to help better my story. I know this is just the backstory but I would like to know your opinion's on it still, in fact I would love them! I haven't written any fanfiction since last summer so I want to make sure I haven' t lost my touch!

Happy Reading ~ Hallows




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