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my brothers bestfriend by Candeekiller
Chapter 1 : would you rather
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Dren & Sirius

"Aneurysm or basilisk venom?"

"That’s a tough one."

Sirius scoffed; "How so?"

"Well on the one hand there's the instantaneous death; I wouldn't feel a thing. I wouldn't even know it happened. On the other hand, there's the slow burning of my insides as the venom spreads but at least with the venom I would have a moment to say my good byes you know send a message through whom ever happens to be around." Staring at the cieling, I watch the shadows dance as I consider my options. " It's a toughie."

"Aneurysm; I see your point but I'd rather not feel that actual dying. Quick and painless is how I’d like it"

"Pussy, Basilisk venom; James' would be crushed if I didn’t at least say something before I croaked."

"No shit,you are his baby sister."

"He’s only a few days older than me."

"You know, I still don't get how that happened I mean you guys are supposed to be twins."

"You do realize that being twins doesn't always mean same birth day it just means we were in the womb at the same time"

"Obviously; anyway it's your turn."

Sirius rolled over in bed to face me; yes I am in Sirius' bed and no we aren't shagging. My brother would have both our heads. We couldn't sleep; who could tomorrow's the first and I just can’t wait to get back to Hogwarts; so yes I left the comfort of my bed to be in Sirius' and play a game with my best friend.

Let me explain the finer points of the game; it isn't so difficult really. In fact it's simple; we think of ways we could die; muggle or magical and choose; which would we rather?

It doesn't always have to be which would we die sometimes it’s would we rather die than do something else. Sure it is morbid but it's actually a lot of fun when we look into the depth of things behind our reasoning.

"Slow painful death by disease... or watching the love of your life die a slow painful death by disease?”

Sirius raised his eyebrows at me as I snuggled further into his covers; smirk playing on his lips "why are yours always so much better than mine?"

I shrugged “perhaps I am simply far crueler"

"clearly.-" he rolled onto his back deep in thought; perhaps trying to picture the face of whom exactly he'd be dying for or living without. After a few minutes of thought he answered with a light sigh;

"A Definitely A. Much worse to be without the person you love than to have a slow painful death. I mean I know I said quick and painless but considering. You?"

Without a moment’s hesitation I knew my answer. Didn’t even have to think about it. 

"Oh, B." 

"Really? You would rather watch the love of your life die a slow and painful death.”

"Well, I'm sure it wouldn't be awesome, but better them than me. I have got a lot of good years left in me you know after all I am only sixteen."

it wasn't until after I said it that I realized how selfish I sounded; but then again I don't know who the love of my life is; who's to say he won't be a complete and total arse.

"Good point.."


I scooted closer to lay my head on his shoulder. Something about the warmth of his skin always helped me sleep when I couldn't. Been that way since we were kids. You could only imagine how ecstatic James and I were when Sirius had run away from home and came to live with us.

"Hey Dren?"


"The suns should be rising soon."


With that we got out of bed and tiptoed to James' room. This was our tradition. Every year we would wake before sunrise on the morning of September first and watch the sunrise. Since we were already awake we went to rouse my brother.

James Potter’s room was a shrine to all Gryffindor and Quidditch. Scarlet and gold everywhere with his posters and plays scattered about. And then there was his journal laying open on his desk; my brother put every plan he ever had for a prank in there and also anyway he could think of to charm the lovely Lily Evans.

"James get up it’s almost sunrise."

"Bugger off Dren" he took a swing; my brother tends to be slightly violent in his sleep

"Fine then skip out on our tradition"

“Ugh I’m up! But if you and Sirius want to carry me up to the roof that'd be delightful"

"Prongs no one could lift your fat arse."

"Fuck you" James rolled out of bed in his lion printed boxers. He’s a little overboard with the school spirit if you ask me although Sirius was wearing a matching pair. If anything I was out of place with my skimpy black pajamas; spandex shorts and a small tank that clearly revealed a peak of my abdomen but who cares I am with family after all. Besides color just isn't my thing.

The sunrise had just begun when we got to the roof top; the sky filled with red orange and a small hint of indigo as the sun rose a little higher every minute. It was always beautiful here. Even before Sirius came to stay with us he made the trip to see the sun rise.

James was telling Sirius about all the pranks he has masterminded for the New Year. They’ve had this conversation every day for the past three weeks as excited to return to our second home as me I suppose. I leaned against Sirius finally feeling tired and fully aware that the only sleep I'll be getting is on the train to Hogwarts since we would have to be getting ready soon.

His arm had found its way around my shoulders as usual; coddling me protectively like he always does but there was no denying that as of late every time he touches me I feel bats swooping around in my tummy. 

Yes I said bats; butterflies ensue a thought of pleasantness and this is far from pleasant. It is bloody annoying.

That’s the bad thing about hormones as a teenager suddenly you're attracted to everyone. 

Ok not everyone but feeling my stomach flip flop when my best friend who's practically my brother does something that is completely normal for us is utterly irritating.



"You ok there?"

"Fine just thinking."



My brother over protective as hell and it's so much worse with the twin telepathy bullshit. It’s like I’m not allowed any secrets but then again neither is he; if only people knew about the whole illegal animagi thing or that Remus was playing teen wolf.


"I suppose we should be getting ready now"

it was that time; time to dress and panic about everything we thought we would need and left out of our trunks hoping we don’t forget anything important and not remembering it until we get to the train like namely James and Sirius do. As smart as they are you would think they'd remember they have a wand to just call everything to their trunks but know they insist on the muggle way.

Now there's nothing wrong with the muggle it’s just annoying to hear them wine about oh I can’t believe I forgot my blah blah blah when it could've been easily avoided.

“What do you mean you don’t get it?”

“I don’t get it. How is it funny; it’s just depressing really?”

“Remus you asked to play so you can understand and you’re not even trying”

“But it makes no sense; why on earth would you want to choose a way to die”

Remus Lupin; I love him to death but for a prankster he is bloody annoying about his logic.

“Oh for the love of merlin just choose! Which would you rather? Die from smoke inhalation or burn to death in the fire?”

Remus sat there for a minute his thinking cap firmly attached to his head. “Why can’t I just douse the flames?”

“Oh dear God you are never going to let that go”

I was very clearly annoyed; causing fits of laughter to erupt from my brother and wormtail as Sirius came to my rescue, I think.

“Moony; either way you die so now just choose which way and tell me why?”

“But why would I choose to die instead of douse the fire.”

“Yeah, Dren we aren’t getting anywhere”

I scoffed in annoyance “No shit.”

More laughter came from the others and Remus leans forward and and tells me that it just doesn’t make sense; that it’s just morbid and of course I respond so childishly

“Yeah well your face doesn’t make sense”

And with that I was practically drowned by the water coming from Remus’ wand vaguely aware of the fact that my black bra was probably peeking through my light grey shirt but all I could do was join them as they laughed.

I had missed this.

It has been far too long since we’ve all hung out together and it was great until Marlene McKinnon graced us with her presence.

“Sirius, how wonderful to see you again.i've missed you”
Her tone suggested he had seen her in more ways than one and for some reason it just really pissed me off especially when she sat herself in his lap which i was using as my foot stool.

that's right the bitch sat on me. 

“Tone it down a notch McKinnon we all know you’re a slag; there's nothing left to prove.”

“Dren!” Sirius shouted after me as I pushed past them into the hall. Might as well go and find Lily. Not like she’ll be looking for me with my brother hanging around.

I don’t know why I freaked like that, McKinnon has always been on Sirius’ sack; can you say stage five clinger. They hook up once and she seems to think he’s in love with her. the only thing he's in love with is virgins.

Sirius is a cherry hound and McKinnon was a virgin tile he got to her in our 5th year at Hogwarts; her 4th.

Since then she has acquired quite the reputation. Unfortunately I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts to notice that our dear Lucious Malfloy had decided to grace me with his presence.

“Dren Potter; how pleasant to see you.”

“consider that sentiment anything but mutual.”

"why? when you were so eager to see me over the summer."

"the occasional tryst means nothing and you know it; that was the whole point of the horrid affair. No attatchments remember"

"I never said anything about being attatched Dren; simply expressing that i would love to get you alone again just like old times."

His brushed his fingers along my exposed color bone; sent a chill down my spine and not the good kind. I dont know what really happened when it came to him. It's not like i actually like the slimey git he is simply attractive.

That's what attractive people do right? they sleep together; it just so happens that this attractive person happened to be a complete and utter arse.

"Not in this lifetime Malfoy and if i were you I'd steer clear."

"if you think those pathetic fools you call family frighten me you're far from reality little girl"

i pushed past him. Malfloy was a mistake and i do not intend on going there again; so i  saw no reason to inform my brother. I'm not so afraid what he'll think hell he has had trysts of his own.

I was afraid of what Remus and Peter would think..worst of all; Sirius.

As much as he hated Slytherins; his reaction would be insanity. I am sure of it

"Lily there you are; Merlin I have looked for you everywhere."

"Clearly seeing how you found me."

Sarcasm wasn't one ofe honed talents but man she was getting better at it.

"i'm so glad to be going back finally some privacy; some peace from my brothers."

"Dren you only have one brother."

"Uh hello Sirius."

she scoffed loudly shaking with laughter. "yeah right like Sirius could honestly see you as his sister."

"what is that supposed to mean"

"Dren please; i am not blind you know. Potter may be but I most certaintly am not."

"once again missing the point here."

"Dren; you can honestly tell me that you have never once looked at Sirius in that way? you know as more then just your friend."

"nope. not once."

"you are such a bad liar"

she wasn't wrong; of course i had thought of it occasionally. Sirius is after all my best mate and sometimes i think about how easy it could be..then again. He is my best horrid could it be if it didnt work out.

"Lily can we please change the subject."

“oh fine; deny the true nature of your feelings."

"funny people say the same thing about you and my brother"

"ugh that is not the same i absolutely abhor james potter."

"sure you do lilly; sure you do."
she scoffed and rolled her eyes; lily evans will never admit to the small crush that she's had idling for my brother over the years.

she confessed it to me in third year; that while he is very annoying my dear brother is also very handsome and if he wasn't such a git she'd possibly consider his requests and then of course when i hint at this he goes and does the most ridiculous of all his stunts to get her attention.

Although announcing his love for her in the middle of the great hall was hilarious to behold.

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