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Bulldozer by free elf 25
Chapter 3 : Flying Fuzzballs
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Kasy seemed weird. Distant. By weird I mean she was acting...almost normal.


I shuddered at the thought.


The trays of pain au chocolat and toast disappeared, just as a frail McGonagall charmed our time tables to float beside her while she walked down the aisle. The aisel between the tables, not the aisle. Despite her age and appearance, she could reduce you to ashes with one of her famous glares, something my brother knew a lot about. That's what they should of done with Voldemort, instead of all that camping and crucio and dragon lark. One glare and he'd be dead, horcruxes and all.


The song Whore-crux burst into my mind just as McGonagall reached our little group. Hopefully she doesn't do Occlumency. That would be awkward.


"Rose Weasley, congratulations on your results in your OWLs last year. Outstanding. Same goes for you Miss Wood." Kasy looked up from her toast, only just realising that McGonagall had arrived.


"Mr Lockwood, Mr Potter. Your results were...sufficent." Charming! Me and Aidan shared a look, knowing that we'd both barely skimmed the high marks.


"I hope to see you all taking part in Apparation lessons. The list will be going up in two weeks- you'll need to pay 12 Galleons upfront. Miss Wood, I'm surprised at your request to take up Alchemy. You have the skills to do so but...Anyhow, your lessons with Professor Flint are on your time table."


With that cliffhanger she left us with our cooling toast. Rose and Aidan (mainly Rose) were staring at Kasy in shock, while I glanced at the paper in front of me.


"Monday?" I asked through a mouthful of left-over pain au chocolat from my plate.


"DADA and potions. Tuesday I have Herbology and Charms. You?"


"Monday I have Ancient Runes, DADA and Potions. Just Charms on Tuesday. Then Transfiguration and another Ancient Runes on Wednesday. Thursday...Potions and DADA. Transfiguration and Charms repeat on Friday."


"Mmm. Wednesday- Transfiguration and Alchemy. Thursday, Potions, Herbology, DADA. Same as you for Friday." Kasy replied, finishing our ritual by swapping time tables and writing '+/- Kasy/Alby' on all each other's lessons and frees.


"Whoa, back up to Wednesday. You're taking Alchemy? Did you know about this?" Rose turned to me, pissed off that she didn't know. Not only did she have her future boyfriend competing for top of class, she had her best friend beating her at top of class.


"Nope. She mentioned a meeting with McGonagall about lessons in one of her letters, but she didn't say more so I didn't ask for more."


"Kasy, why didn't you tell me?" Rose whined, realising that I was hopeless when it came to lessons. Except for DADA. And Ancient Runes. Before Kasy could reply, two Slytherins suddenly appeared, distracting both of them.


"Hey Rose."




"Kasy, we need to talk."


"What is it Rebecca?"


Me and Aidan exchanged another one of those looks, swapping seats immediately. Aidan was my spy on Malfoy and Rose, while I was Kasy's back up. Just in case.



Kasy's POV


"What is it Rebecca?"


I turned around to face my sister. Her jumper looked like it had shrunk in the wash, and her skirt resembled a belt. A very skinny belt. From the corner of my eye I saw Albus swapping  places with Aidan, taking his place as my rock. My second, in case things turned ugly and he needed to take my place.


"Two things. First, apparation lessons. Here's your galleons- Mum sent me all 24."


The point of that eluded me. I was capable of getting my own post, thanks to my midget owl Pipsqueak. Still, I grabbed the money, checked it and shoved it in my bag.


"Second, your time table. Mum wanted me to congratulate you on getting into Alchemy. What does she mean by that?"


"I think she means that she wants you to congratulate me. You know, 'well done Kasy, great job.' That sort of stuff. Ever tried it?"


"I know what she means Kasy, but since when were you interested in Alchemy?"


"I don't want to learn it to be immortal Rebecca, if that's what you're implying. Not everyone is into that stuff. I just want to take it up as a...sort of as a hobby." I finished, confused at my lack of comebacks. I always had comebacks, they were natural.


"Alchemy? A hobby? Wow Kasy, I knew you were nerdy, but seriously? If you're just taking it up as a hobby, why is Professor Flint teaching you, privately?"


I was stumped. As stumped as a stump of a tree. As stumped as a newly cut off leg. Begging for a miracle, one amazingly happened. Actually three happened.


First, my bulldozer stepped in.


"She's taking it because she can Rebecca. She's the cleverest person in the year, cleverer than Rose. Just because you don't have half her intelligence doesn't mean you can act like she's demented. She's better than you, accept it."


Wow Rebecca looked pissed. As pissed as after that prank in second year. Luckily, a commotion behind us stopped this developing any further.


"YES!" Rose squealed. I turned round in time to see her pull Malfoy into a slightly awkward hug. By Aidan's mixed expression, I could guess what happened.


"No. Freaking. Way. Lessons haven't even started and you already asked her out? You already said yes? Malfoy, give me a break, I thought you would have wanted to give little Salazar some hope!" I said, bringing Rose's attention back round.


"He only asked me to Hogsmeade." She pouted, trying to get me to shut up.


"Which is in over two weeks. Yeah, sure, only a Hogsmeade trip. Then it will be study buddies, night meetings, table swappings and the final stage, Christmas at her home." Malfoy was looking at me in a mixture of horror and 'shut-the-fuck-up-bitch-and-let-me-do-my-work!' as I counted each stage off of my fingers. Rose was turning red, trying to hide her face behind her time table.


"So, they aren't going out? You still have hope at that bet?" Albus asked, distracting me from admiring my handywork.


"No, not yet. Means your cousin is going to live a little longer, especially if her Daddy finds out who her future boyfriend is." That turned Rose's embarrassed face into one of horror, while Malfoy almost laughed. Until he realised I was completely serious.


"I'll try to make sure you're then when it happens. Hell no are you missing that- I'll never hear the end of it." Albus grinned, handing me back my time table, now covered in his little sketches and marks.


"I'd probably make your ear explode from nagging you too much."


"This is the second time in 24 hours that you two have forgotten me. Kasy, you still haven't told me why-"


The bell, the third and final miracle, rang throughout the Hall, interrupting Rebecca in mid-sentence.


"Sorry sis. Though I love these family one-on-ones, we'll have to carry on later. How about...tomorrow when your goldfish memory has forgotten all about it?" With a smile that would melt a pixie, I skipped off, walking Albus to Ancient Runes.


"Wish me luck." He sighed, as if he was facing Voldemort instead of a bunch of dusty old artefacts.


"Good luck bulldozer. See you in DADA, alright?"


"Okay. Hey, congrats on Alchemy." He added as I walked back to the common room. I ducked my head, muttering a blush filled thanks, before speed walking as fast as you can.


"Here she is. My deal is nearly sealed, pretty fantastic if you ask me. Wish you won't because of course I'll say it's fantastic, I'm fantastic. Anyway, off point, how's your side holding up?"


"Shut it Rose." I said, collapsing into the chair next to her. "I really don't want to discuss that right now. It's just...fuzzing up my brain."


Before Rose could change the subject, probably to a certain Slytherin currently playing Wizard Chess with Aidan by the fire, my owl Pipsqueak dived into my lap.


"Hey girl. Coudln't deliver this to me at breakfast, could you?" I tutted, untying the crumpled letter strapped to her tiny leg. Twig-like. After a payment of three cookies, she flew off again, slipping through an empty window. The fifth year studying by it looked like he'd just suffered a heart attack. Who studies on the first day back anyway?


"Who's it from?" Rose asked. Pipsqueak had attracted the attention of Scorpius and Aidan, who had commented in an amazing American accent (note sarcasm) 'Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying fuzzball!" Hilarious, isn't he?


"It's from Dad!" I smiled happily. Dad didn't write that often, so it must be something good. I skimmed through the letter, confusion growing on my face.


"What is it Kasy?" Aidan asked. He knew that nothing my Dad had ever said had ever been bad news. Ever. He brought me happiness, not utter dread and despair like Mum. They balanced each other out. Sort of.


"It's Mum and Dad." I croaked, dropping the letter to reveal my tear streaked face.


"They're getting a divorce."


Before I burst into tears, I heard one comment from Aidan which summed up everything I was feeling.


"Where's Al when you need him?"




Author's Note


You like? I'm putting drama in early- I just can't stand writing simple filler chapters, where nothing goes wrong. Anyway, any questions, any thoughts, any comments, anything, just put in a little review. Please?

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