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Pregnancy Jitters by aquabluez17
Chapter 4 : Soothing Lily
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 Another update =) Hope you all like it!

Al walked downstairs to see Lils and Ellie sitting on the couch talking to each other very animatedly. They both looked up at him as he put both of the kids on the ground and joined them on the couch but didn't say anything.

Lils watched him expectantly and when he didn't say anything she realized that the problem must be something related to Ruby since that is the only time ever when Al has no idea what is going around near him and is completely zoned out of what people are doing around him. She decides to not say anything until she was done talking to Ellie about the important thing she had come to discuss with the female she looked up to as another sister. Her conversation was cut short though since she couldn't ignore the lost look in her brother's eyes.

"Wow Albie! I've been ignoring you for more than 10 minutes and you still haven't said a word! Ruby really changed you didn’t she?," Lils teased her brother.

At first Al could feel his anger rising as he realized what Lils had just done, but it withered away the moment she mentioned Ruby. Remembering what he had come to ask her in the first part Al looked Lily in the eye and prepared himself to question her and possibly face her questions as well.

"Lils, do you know what is wrong with Ruby?" Al inquired.

"What do you mean Albie?" Lils asked, she had been about to go put away the cushions, but the question had certainly caught her attention, making her turn around to face him again.

"I don't know Lils, she is acting strange," Al replied, fully aware of how incomplete his answer sounded to his own ears then how would it satisfy Lils? he wondered.

"Albie! Be specific!" Lils cried in exasperation.

"I don't know Lils! Yesterday when I got home, she started to cry and then smile in less than a 2 minute interval! I mean what am I supposed to make of that?! She also fell asleep before I even got home! Ruby never does that Lils! And today in the morning, she woke up at 9! Lils, I know Ruby likes to sleep but she never sleeps as late as me! What am I supposed to think!? Obviously there is something wrong! I mean come on! Even a blind person could see that she is not acting like herself!" Al roared, letting out all of his worry and nervousness in one go.

Lily heard the desperation in her brother's voice and smiled to herself. It had been a while since she had heard her brother so worked up about something. After Mum's death, he had pretty much closed himself off, not allowing even family to really see what was going in his head. It felt surreal to see him like this now.

Mum you would be so happy. Look, you Albie loves again, he cares again, he is now back to the Albie he was when you left. His wife has taken heed to what you left in that note. She takes in his anger as if someone is giving her pickles and then returns him double the love he showers on her. But Mum! Why does he have to bug me about something that is not even there!? Somethings never change… she smiled at her thoughts.

"Albie, I don't think there is anything wrong with Ruby," Lily replied gently.

"But Lils," Al protested knowing his instinct could not be wrong. Something was definitely up with his wife. He had never seen her like this!

"Well nothing happened to her. Though she did say her back was hurting yesterday so we all told her to go and rest," Lils told her brother and for the first time she did not argue too much… but I can't tell Albie that. Look at him! If he found out about that he would probably drag her to the emergency room and make all the healers check her multiple times.

"Well, I think I know what the problem is, "Lils continued trying to warm up the atmosphere since she could see her Albie was not going to let the matter go easily until he had a very good explanation.

"What Lils?!" Al asked, relief entering his voice. He hated not knowing, especially about his wife. He hated when she was in pain and he didn't even know so he couldn't help her in anyway.

"I think she might be mad since someoneee never comes home early!" Lils teased Al once again.

Al had just opened his mouth to respond curtly to his sister's comment when someone came from behind Lils, placing his hands on her shoulders. He saw a look surprise flash across his sister's face until she broke out in to a wide smile turning around to face the man. She put her arms around his neck and buried herself into him, smiling widely at him.

"You said you were going to come back home a week later!" Lils whined to him, wishing she was more prepared.

She felt his arms snake around her as he responded, "Well I came early since I missed you! But if you want then I guess I will just have to leave," pouting slightly at the idea of leaving her when he had just seen her after 2 days. Oh how long the days were without his love, he thought.

Al watched fondly as his sister placed her hand on his Lysander's arm to stop him from leaving. After Ryan's truth, as a cheater, had come out, Lils had stayed strong and given him a divorce. Then she had ended up falling in love with Ruby's friend Lysander and they had gotten married.

Lysander pulled Lily into his arms completely as she turned back to face Albie, blushing slightly. Lysander placed his head on Lily's shoulder and looked at Al intently.

"Why are you bothering my wife Albie huh?" he questioned. Lysander also called Al, Albie since he found it adorable and when he had first met Al, through Ruby, he had laughed so hard when she had told him that her husband's name was Albie. Now the name had just become an endearment for him as it was for the family members especially his wife.

"She is my sister first," Al answered, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Excuse you mister. I know she is your sister but now she is my wife, " Lysander huffed as he lifted his head off his wife's shoulders, pouting at how he was losing the same old argument against Al that never got old.

"Oh grow up you two! Why do you always have to argue?! And if you are going to argue at least argue about something sensible! That is the silliest thing! "Lily cried out loud.

The two men looked at each other and smiled. They always had a small argument whenever they met since it was kind of a ritual between them. It showed them both that they should never judge someone on their first meeting and that all issues do get resolved in the end, kind of like their acquaintance had.

"Well I came here since you are pregnant and I need to be with you always you know, just in case!" Lysander told Lily while looking at her in the eye, making sure she understood he was being serious.

He held on to her arms to make her face him to show that he was seriously not kidding about this.

"Lysander! I have only been pregnant for 3 weeks! Nothing is going to happen! And if anything happens everyone is here. So you should have finished your work!" Lily told him as she held on to his arms trying to tell him to not worry so much.

"SO!? My baby and wife need me okay!? I don't care if everyone else is here or not! I am not right? And what kind of husband would I be if I was not here when my wife needed me the most?! A bad one! " Lysander continued before his wife could say anything, "So that decides it! No work whatsoever. From now on, I am going to be a full on house maid, or master since that sounds better, and no one is going to stop me."

Both the siblings looked at Lysander, smiling at his words.

I'll be putting up CI images soon so look out for those! =) 



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