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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 16 : The Killer's Revealed
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The tension in the Slytherin common room had exploded after Draco had punched the Aurror in the face. The man had decided to charge him with assault to an official and had him seated next to his son as though he was a murder suspect as well. While Draco found it to be ridiculous he knew that the Aurror’s were growing frustrated, no one had seen anything and there was no evidence linking Albus’s death to anyone. For all they knew every single person in the castle was a suspect and they knew that wasn’t going to get them anywhere.

“We need to reassess our plan.”  The head Aurror muttered, flipping the pages of his notes back and forth as though the answers were going to pop up onto the page. “This isn’t getting us anywhere; we don’t even have the official cause of death yet.” Biting down his lip he wanted to suggest that they all go home to get some rest and come back in the morning but they knew that was out of the question.

“Maybe we need to question everyone again?” A younger man, clearly a rookie, suggested. This was met with eye rolls, if anything the witnesses would remember less than before, and no one had seem much beforehand anyway.

“That’s a waste of our time; we need something…big, something that will throw us in the right direction.” Another suggested. Not that he knew what that something was, only that he needed it.

There was a moment of silence and everyone seemed to be gathering their thoughts and hoping that they could be the ones to come up with the idea that could break the case. The murder of Harry Potter’s son was a huge case, and everyone in the room knew that solving this mystery could make their career.

Suddenly the door flew open and Neville Longbottom rushed into the room, clearly out of break. He stood for a moment, collecting himself after sprinting nearly all the way across the castle, before he dared to open his mouth. “James Potter is dead.” The words caused the eyes of everyone in the room to open wide.

“Dead, dead?” An Aurror questioned, wondering how anyone had managed to kill the boy in a school filled with ministry officials.

“What other type of dead is there?” Neville snapped. “They found him in a corridor on the seventh floor and now the rest of the Potters seem to be nowhere in sight…we think someone’s targeting them.” He muttered, before taking a seat and placing his head in his hands. He knew it wasn’t going to help get anything done, but as the Aurror’s raced out of the common room he assumed they had it all under control.


Ginny felt pathetic as she tried to make her way across the grounds, her grief weighing her down like a ton of bricks. She had thought that loosing Albus had broken her heart in a million pieces, but discovering the body of her husband had proven that there was still something there after all. She felt lost without Harry and she knew that if it wasn’t for her two children waiting for her back in the castle that she could have stayed out in the night sobbing on her husband’s body for hours. 

Her pace was slow, she was sure that a snail could move faster than she was and it wasn’t as though she was actually carrying his body. Each footstep seemed to take more effort than she had and part of her wanted to sit down and wait for someone to come and find her. It would be foolish though, there was obviously someone on the grounds, in the school, someone had targeted her son and the love of her life and she wasn’t going to stick around to be next. She had a son to live for and a daughter, and she hoped that they were at least together comforting each other.

Biting back tears she kept the picture of her two remaining children in her mind as she moved across the grounds, praying that they would be okay. The moment she got to them she was going to take them home; she didn’t care what anyone told her. Hogwarts was no longer safe, that much was clear, and she was not going to allow another member of her family to have their picture spread across the Daily Prophet in the morning. She didn’t care if she had to force them to stay there for the rest of their lives, she wasn’t letting her children out of her sight until the person who had hurt her boys was locked away and out of sight. 

A rustle in the trees caused Ginny to pause and her imagination to run wild. A part of her knew that she should keep going but a fear caused her to lower her husband’s body to the ground and light her wand. Carefully inspecting the bushes she realized that there was nothing there, it must have been a bunny, or her imagination. Taking a deep breath she reasoned that she had to have been on edge because of all that had happened that night. She couldn’t think of a single person who wouldn’t be shaken after the night’s events.

Putting the light of her wand out her began moving again, Harry’s body trailing after her. Every few moments she glanced behind herself but it was much too dark to see anything. After a moment she swore that she heard footsteps, but when she stopped and listened she heard nothing. The feeling lingered though, and even though she was almost to the school doors she found herself pausing and lighting her wand again.

Turning in a slow circle, her heart pounding, she searched for the source of footsteps. A blood curling scream came out of her mouth as she spotted a figure and her imagination ran wild as she pictured herself dead next to Harry. The figure approached her, and she found her mind wasn’t working, her wand still by her side. She was going to die, she was sure of it.

“Ginny, it’s me.” As soon as he spoke Ginny was able to breathe normally. There was no need to be afraid because it was only Teddy. Teddy was probably just out looking for Harry like she was, or maybe he had been looking for James like Harry had been. There were a million things that he could have been doing, and none of them were frightening.

“Teddy-never do that again, you scared me.” Ginny muttered, pulling the boy who was like another son close. Swallowing she realized that she was going to have to break the news to Teddy about Harry, and she knew that he was going to be heartbroken. Harry had always looked at Teddy as though he was his own son, and he had made sure that his childhood was nothing like his own. Teddy was not going to take the death easily.

“Teddy…Harry’s…dead.” Ginny found the words odd as the tumbled from her mouth, almost as though she had not been the one to say them. The fact that her Harry was gone was impossible to imagine.

“I know.” Teddy muttered, startling Ginny. She couldn’t see how he could possibly know seeing as she was the one that found the body and she hadn’t gone back to tell anyone yet. The woman soon realized that she was being silly once more, of course he knew, they were standing right next to his body.

“He loved you Teddy, you know that right?” Ginny muttered, hoping that she could help the boy through something that had to be hard. “You were like a son to him.” A tear fell from Ginny’s eye as she spoke, wondering how things had gotten this messed up. Yesterday things were perfectly fine and now here she was comforting Teddy about the loss of Harry. Sobs came from nowhere, and she didn’t even notice when Teddy lifted his wand and muttered the two words that ended her life.

Just like that Lily was the only Potter left. 

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