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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 11 : The Truth
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When Draco arrived back at his flat with Hermione she smiled up at him then disappeared into her room. Draco placed the cake and the wine on the kitchen counter and then shrugged out of his suit jacket as he headed to his own room. Once there he hung his suit jacket up and changed from his black shirt and suit trousers into a light grey tee shirt and his favourite loose joggers before he pushed his hand through his hair and sighed heavily. Something about Hermione Granger had got to him and got to him hard, he wanted her so much and he was finding it hard to balance his own interests behind her needs. But then he drew another breath and went out to the main room of his flat and found two side plates and glasses and placed them on the side next to the cake and rested his hands on the counter as he tried to clear his head.


Hermione walked out of her room and saw Draco leaning on the counter with his head bowed and she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his narrow waist and rested her head against his back.

          “So are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” Hermione smiled. Draco’s hands fell on her own and he unwrapped her arms and pulled her around so she was between him and the counter. With a gasp Hermione found herself trapped in that silver lava gaze of his as she felt his breath wash over her face, without her permission her eyes fluttered closed as she breathed. She could feel Draco inches away from her with his hands either side of her but she was frozen, trapped under his magnetism. Draco let out a deep breath and he moved back and away from Hermione and she let out a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding and opened her eyes to see Draco pouring them both a glass of wine as he smiled softly. Hermione raised her hand to her neck as she tried to slow her heart beat inconspicuously.

          “Do you want cake now or later?” Draco then asked as he passed Hermione a glass.  “Ooh spoil me,” Hermione grinned and he grinned back as he conjured a knife and cut into the cheesecake.


They took their cake and wine to the mat by the small fire that was not meant as a floo and they ate and drank in companionable silence as they stared at each other. Draco finished before Hermione and he watched her eat and drink with fascination. Without meaning to he found he had moved closer to Hermione as she raised her drink to her mouth, and as she tipped her head back to finish the drink Draco leant forwards and placed a kiss on Hermione’s neck. It was soft and lingering and Hermione swallowed convulsively before she let out a quiet groan. Draco pulled back and levelled a look in her eyes.

          “Can I,” Draco tried but he found he made no sound so he swallowed and tried again for a whisper. “Merlin let me kiss you?” Draco asked as his breathing hitched unevenly in his throat. Hermione looked at the man in front of her as she set down the glass and looked at the man who was now kneeling in front of her. She tentatively ran her hands up his arms all the way up to his neck, kneeling up as she did so and she felt Draco’s long hands wrap around her waist.

          “I was right,” Draco chuckled unexpectedly.

          “About what?” Hermione asked.

          “The first time I saw you, I predicted my hands would meet at your back if I wrapped them around your waist,” Draco whispered. “Merlin I was right,” Draco then gasped as he lowered his mouth to meet Hermione’s, pulling her flush against him. Hermione gasped as his mouth attacked hers and she tangled her fingers in his soft blonde hair kissing him back with an equal passion. Draco groaned against Hermione’s mouth as she pulled against his hair, then he pulled away and planted a trail of kisses on her neck. Hermione let out a quiet mewl of pleasure, then Draco pushed her backwards slowly, holding onto her as he lowered her to the floor never breaking the kiss once. He lowered his body onto hers and he felt Hermione shift against him as he kissed a sweet spot on her neck on the way back to her lips. With a gasp Hermione brought her hands down from his hair and gripped the top of his arms as he kissed her mouth softly, flicking his tongue against her mouth to get her to open her lips. Hermione obliged and when she felt Draco’s tongue flick against her own, any remaining sense that lay in her head was lost and she felt herself get lost in her senses. The feel of him on her skin and his weight as he pressed her into the floor only added to the pleasure she could feel as he kissed her passionately, and the scent coming off the man above her only made her want him more.


Draco was in a similar state of need and want, Hermione was so small and so soft but he could feel the fierceness of her that waited to burst free as she pulled his hair and dragged her nails down his arms. He wanted that witch so terribly it was becoming an ache very closely related to his groin and with a swift movement he had pulled Hermione up and picked her up so he could continue their kiss with her legs wrapped around his waist.


From this point Hermione was slightly above him and she found she had a tad bit more control, control she grabbed with both hands as she pulled her mouth from his and dipped her head to the point just underneath Draco’s jaw and she kissed him using her soft hands to tilt his head back. Hermione nipped at the skin softly with her teeth and she heard a low guttural moan escape from his throat as he pressed her against the wall and allowed her to bite and suck his neck as much as she wanted to. With her eyes closed and Draco’s soft moans in her ears she didn’t hear or see the floo start operating and neither did Draco, so when he used one hand to pull her mouth back to his neither of them were aware that Ginny Weasley closely followed by Harry Potter had just appeared and were now witness to their intimate moment. As she was completely unaware, when Draco bit her lower lip and Hermione let out a moan as she opened her eyes, it wasn’t surprising that she screamed.


Draco jumped about a mile and almost dropped the mesmerising witch who promptly buried her head in the crook of his neck and burst into tears.

          “What the hell? Mi, tell me what’s wrong, please honey tell me,” Draco murmured into her hair as he held her with one arm and pushed away from the wall. Hermione shook her head and Draco sighed as he turned around. His sigh promptly turned into a stream of profanities as he came face to face with a smug Ginny Weasley and a slightly angry Harry Potter.

          “Well hello to you too Draco,” Ginny smirked. Hermione suddenly started squirming and Draco let her go and watched as she ran towards her room, he went to follow after her but as soon as she was through the door she slammed it. That sound was so ominous he felt any desire he had leave his body under the sudden tidal wave of anger and sadness that he felt at being shut out. Draco balled his hands into fists as he fought to control his temper then he turned around to face the intruders.

          “Why are you here?” Draco asked in a low voice as he heard Hermione sob against her door. Ginny’s and Harry’s expressions were ones of shock now as they saw Hermione’s reaction and Draco folded his arms and opted for a stance that was mildly intimidating.

          “I said we should come by with the evidence straight away,” Harry spoke up as he imitated Draco’s stance and although Harry was stockier than Draco, Draco was taller and his anger was a tad bit more impressive.

          “Why do you think that would be a good idea?” Draco asked coldly. Harry walked forwards and stood about a foot from Draco who glared down at him.

          “Well it obviously was because if we’d come in 5 minutes later it would be too late wouldn’t it, because you obviously cannot control yourself,” Harry glared.

          “You think I forced her into that position?” Draco gasped. Harry’s eyes dropped to Draco’s neck and followed something Draco himself wasn’t aware of. With quick strides Draco stepped around Harry and walked to his bedroom and shut the door locking it and silencing it as he went to check the mirror. Hermione had left bite marks and red love bites across his neck in a line and he gasped as he pressed one, he hadn’t even been aware of the pain as she did it.


Hoping against hope that she had silenced her room Draco apparated and reappeared in Hermione’s room and found her curled up on the bed. She opened her eyes at the noise and she slowly got off the bed and walked over to Draco before falling into his open arms.

          “Are you okay?” Draco whispered into the long sheets of black hair.

          “Isn’t Harry angry with you?” Hermione gasped.

          “Only a little bit. He thinks I forced you into the position we were in and have you seen what you did to my neck?” Draco answered. Hermione leant back and looked up at Draco’s neck and she smiled shyly as she looked down at his arms.

          “Sorry,” Hermione whispered. Draco looked down at the woman in his arms with her playful smile and then leant forwards slowly to warn her what he was going to do before planting the softest kisses on her lips causing her to sigh.

          “Are you going to go out there and receive your evidence?” Draco asked slyly. Hermione nodded and walked towards the door.

          “Wait, put this on first,” Draco answered as he held out a jumper he had conjured from his wardrobe. The jumper was a light grey turtleneck and Hermione raised a questioning eyebrow. Draco just directed her towards the mirror and she gasped as she saw the myriad of red marks along her neck and exposed shoulder. She was wearing pyjama shorts and a spaghetti strap vest top which hid absolutely nothing in the way of her neck. Draco chuckled, lifted her chin and planted another kiss on her mouth, he couldn’t get enough of the delicious woman. Then he apparated back to his own room and walked out at the same time Hermione did. Ginny raised her eyebrow as she took in her best friend’s attire but hurried over and gave her a hug whispering something in her ear as she did so. Draco walked over and sat down on the couch opposite Harry who was still standing.

          “Listen Harry, you know where I stand. You know I would never, could never, hurt her and have you ever tried to force Hermione to do anything? It generally never goes well,” Draco explained with a deep sigh. Harry nodded as his hands dropped to his side.

          “I’m sorry mate, it’s just, shit, Hermione is like a sister to me, has been since first year. She’s always been there for me without fail and she’s more loyal that Weasley ever was. She stuck by even when I stuck up for Weasley when they were arguing. I have a life debt that’s infinitely long to pay back to that woman,” Harry murmured as he watched Ginny and Hermione conversing in quiet undertones and he drew in a quick breath as he saw Ginny pull the neck of Hermione’s jumper down and he spied the red marks that decorated it. “If something happened to her, I could never forgive myself,” Harry finished. Draco nodded with understanding. He knew where Harry was coming from, even though the entire situation was different. The two men sat in silence for a few minutes until Draco suddenly relaxed back and looked back at the red head woman whispering in the ear of the object of his affections and making her blush that beautiful cream pink colour.


          “Ginevra, I believe you had some evidence for us?” Draco drawled and he smirked as the red head looked up and sent a fierce glare his way. Draco’s smirk only grew wider as she placed her hands on her hips.

          “It’s Ginny!” Ginny hissed.

          “Of course Ginevra now come on,” Draco smiled. Then he heard footsteps and felt a light slap on the back of his head. He rested his head on the back of the couch and looked up into the eyes of an amused Hermione Granger.

          “You really, really shouldn’t annoy her,” Hermione stage whispered as he shining brown eyes met sparkling silver. Draco grinned and reached a hand up to caress her cheek. Hermione with a quick grin leant down and planted a short light kiss on his mouth and pulled away blushing as she saw Harry’s eyes trained on her.

          “Do you have anything to explain Hermione?” Harry asked.

          “Nope,” Hermione smirked popping the P as she shook her head then she sat down next to Draco and leant into his embrace. Ginny walked over and produced a shrunk camera from her pocket and enlarged it placing it in Hermione’s hand.

          “What did you get?” Hermione asked.

          “Several photos of her transforming throughout the day, both into the beetle and out of, she always leaves her things somewhere she returns to to transform back to her human form. I got photos of her transforming from human to beetle and from beetle to human,” Ginny grinned as she sat next to Harry.


Hermione turned the camera over in her hands and then murmured a quick spell as she pointed her wand at the back of the camera, instantly the camera produced all the photos Ginny had taken throughout the day. All of them moving and all of them showing Rita transforming from beetle to human and back again, Ginny had even managed to get a fair few close ups of the beetles distinctive markings around the antennae.

          “Ginny you are brilliant,” Hermione grinned and she rushed over and gave her friend a hug. Ginny hugged her friend tightly and over her shoulder she saw Harry staring at Draco who was staring at Hermione.

          “Hermione can I talk to you a sec?” Ginny asked. Hermione pulled away with a questioning glance in her eyes and Hermione took her hand and pulled her into her bedroom.

          “What’s up?” Hermione asked.

          “Have you been paying much attention to Draco Malfoy?” Ginny asked. Hermione’s eyebrows furrowed as she thought.

          “Why do you ask?”

          “Because that guy is smitten,” Ginny whispered. Hermione stepped back with a frown in her eyes.

          “No he isn’t. I mean… He isn’t,” Hermione insisted.

          “So please explain why you guys looked so happy on your date and why were you two were practically eating each other?” Ginny questioned as she raised her eyebrow.


Ginny watched as Hermione crossed her arms over her chest in a very Hermione-ish gesture as she walked away from her friend, but as Ginny remained silent Hermione began to blush and she unconsciously raised her hand to her neck, then she brushed her hair back and frowned.

          “It’s nothing, we just got caught up in the moment,” Hermione frowned. “We could never be anything and you know that.”

          “And why is that? You’re single, he’s single, you seem happier,” Ginny frowned as she inspected Hermione’s sincere brown eyes. Although she was not quite the Hermione she had once been she did have some sparkle back in her eyes even though she was still damaged. Ginny didn’t think she would ever get back to the Hermione she had been at school, but she hoped.

          “Stop it Gin, I won’t ever be that girl again, she died alongside Voldemort and you know she did,” Hermione groaned as the unintentional eye contact had given Hermione a free entry into her best friends head. Ginny threw up her occlumency walls as she felt a sick feeling in her gut.

          “What happened to you Mi?” Ginny asked as she walked forwards and took Hermione’s hands. “I feel like the worst friend ever right about now.”

          “Nothing hap-,” Hermione started but Ginny cut her off.

          “Don’t lie to me.”

          “Fine! After the war, Harry was broken up with guilt, Ron and you and the rest of the Weasley’s were all broken because of Fred. No one needed me to mourn as well. At least I still had my P… I thought I still had them. So I forced myself not to cry, I forced myself to be the rock of the family, help Mrs Weasley get back on her feet, be there for you, Harry and Ron and help build George back.” Hermione spat in a rush the she laughed bitterly. “God, nothing stopped the nightmares, but a non-verbal silencing spell on myself before bed does wonders. No one even knew. No one needed me to mourn so I didn’t. But I lost people too. I lost Remus and Tonks and Mad-Eye and Fred and countless people died in front of me that I couldn’t save,” Hermione choked out angrily as tears threatened her. Then she took a deep breath and steadied herself before carrying on. “I suffered as well… Locking it all out, forcing myself to be happy changed me Gin. The girl I used to be would have cried and then got over it, she would have been strong enough to cry it out and live afterwards. Instead I chose to ignore it all, throw up walls and pretend, and I got better that way. Even after Ron cheated on me and then destroyed our trust, going back to Hogwarts helped me forget the walls I threw up. It made me forget the fact that I was still left to mourn and get over the way I was tortured. I pretended to be the same girl I used to be, but something inside me just couldn’t face going back to Hogwarts, but I did, for everyone else, I went back. I’m glad I did but I wasn’t the same girl even if I was happy and pretended to be,” Hermione finished.


Ginny stood frozen as she stared at her best friend. The girl was well and truly broken in two and she hadn’t realised it. She had forgotten that Hermione had been there and lost people too. Hermione had been everyone’s rock; she had been everyone’s shoulder to cry on including Mrs Weasley. Everyone seemed to forget that she too needed someone to rely on.

          “I was a coward,” Hermione gasped as she practically collapsed and fell to the floor. Ginny caught her friend as she started crying and sat down on the floor with her, holding her tight.

          “No, you weren’t. Mi, you were everything but a coward. You were the strongest of all of us. Only you managed to stand up and be there for everyone, only you,” Ginny murmured into her friend’s hair as she cried quietly.

          “My parent’s death was the final straw,” Hermione gasped. Ginny held her friend ever so tight and then sent a silent doe patronus to Draco.


The silver form caught Hermione’s eye and she raised her head.

          “I thought your patronus was a horse?” Hermione questioned through her tears

          “It was. When Harry pretended to die, I performed it afterwards on a Dementor and it was a doe, not the horse it had been before that point,” Ginny whispered as she looked at the wand. Hermione was still crying quietly as she pulled away from her friend and rested her face on her knees.

          “Don’t you dare,” Ginny growled. Hermione didn’t respond. “Don’t you dare try and hide from us. We practically owe our lives to you, and we definitely owe our sanity to you. Now it’s our turn, don’t lock us out.”

          “It’s alright Gin,” Draco murmured as he walked through the door. He walked straight over to Hermione and sat next to her, pulling her into his lap and brushing her hair off her forehead even if she had covered her eyes with her hands.


Ginny watched the couple on the floor as she stood up. Harry had joined her and wrapped her in his arms, knowing without her having to say anything that something was wrong.

          “Draco, we’re gonna head home. We’ll send an owl next time,” Harry spoke up. Draco didn’t respond as he was murmuring something to Hermione. Harry took Ginny’s hand and led her out of the room and over to the fireplace where he threw the floo powder and told her to go first.





When Harry arrived back at Grimmauld Place he saw Ginny sitting on the couch pensively staring at the mantelpiece.

          “I didn’t even realise,” Ginny whispered. Harry frowned and then sat next to his fiancé and waited for her to continue, but she didn’t.

          “Didn’t realise what?” Harry then asked.

          “I’m supposed to be her best girl friend and I didn’t even realised how Hermione was truly feeling. I thought she was just normal. In fact I was pissed off with her because she went around and didn’t cry, didn’t wake up screaming, didn’t even look like she was upset at all. How wrong was I! She was broken, she locked it all up inside, she refused to let us all see she was weak and stood there as our rock regardless of the fact she was leaning on nothing. She was leaning on thin-fucking-air and not one of us realised!” Ginny burst out as she stood up and began pacing. Harry sat staring at his fiancé, shocked at her outburst. “Hermione Granger locked everything away, she ignored how she was feeling, went back to that stupid school, pretended she was happy and healing with the rest of us, for our friggin necks. She damaged herself for us! And what did we do for her, huh Harry? What the fuck did we do for the woman we all practically owe our lives to? What the fuck did we do?” Ginny screamed. Harry sat in silence as he stared at the flames. He knew Ginny would rage and scream and eventually calm down, if he spoke he would then have all that anger directed at him. After a bout of silence he looked up and found Ginny standing frozen biting her lip as her fists were clenched tight, she was close to tears.

          “Gin, the only thing we can do is be here for her now that she needs us. We can’t change the past, we can only learn from it and move on, Hermione taught me that when she was trying to help me,” Harry whispered as he lifted Ginny’s chin and looked her directly in her brown eyes.

          “We had better, and don’t think for a single second I am not going to lay into the rest of the Weasley’s,” Ginny growled. Harry knew better than to argue with a very angry Ginny Weasley and he simple nodded and placed a quick kiss on her forehead.

          “For now sweetie, I think we should go to bed, you can rage at the Weasley’s tomorrow morning,” Harry grinned softly as he held her brown eyes with his own. Ginny nodded and softened as she wrapped her arms around Harry’s waist.


Author's note

Guyyyyys what do you think of their first passionate kiss. And Hermione's confession to Ginny. I was trying to come up with a way to come away from the meal and the kiss which i had planned when i decided on a dinner and i didn't want to forget the fact that Hermione is still broken. Let me know what you guys think, leave me some reviews to read, i always appreciate them !!

eden x

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