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JJ Gone.... Wild? by PotterPrincess7
Chapter 17 : And it begins..
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A/N: So sorry i havent updated in forever, i was extremely busy, don't hate me.:) 

Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one apart from Miss.Jones and Miss.Wren.:)


 Ignorance is bliss right? That's what i kept thinking to myself, if only i  could ignore it. After Sirius and I had spoken to professor Dumbledore and he arranged visits for us to a muggle doctor for check-ups on the baby, someone had let it out about my pregnancy and within no time the entire school knew. Every where i went people were staring, whispering " is it true?" , "look at her stomach"," she has a ring on do you think they're engaged?" apparently when the pregnancy was let slip the engagement was not, I wasn't sure whether it was a good or bad thing, apparently some girls thought the pregnancy was just a minor bump in their road to Sirius, where as marriage would just kill them, It had become a joke between Lily, Halen and I , "oh Jaynee, you just cant marry Sirius, I would just die if you did."  Lily had said, and we all burst into laughter. The ball was in three days  and I was headed to the common room,after a check up with Madame Pomfrey, to meet Lily and Halen for a last minute dress check. After I met them in the common room we went upstairs to try on the dresses again. "How'd the check up go Jay?" Halen asked.

"Great our first ultra sound is scheduled for the day after the ball." I answered.


"ooh! have you guys decided on whether your gonna find out the sex or not."Lily asked. We had talked about it but we were still unsure. 


"We haven't yet, i'm kinda leaning towards yes, on finding out but i don't know." we chuckled and went back to the dresses. Lily and Halen's still looked perfect,then disaster hit when I was trying mine on."Hey Lil can you zip me."I asked.


"yah,sure." Lils jumped around movig her dress out from around her feet and came to help.  She pulled on the zipper it went up less then half way then stopped.


"uh oh! Halen can you come help." Lily said sounding panicked.


"Uh oh no, no uh oh's what is wrong Lily?" I almost screamed , I felt them tugging on the dress trying to zip it.


"Jay i think the dress is too small" Halen said.


"No,No,No It cant be it fit perfectly less than two weeks ago." I said defiantly. 


"Yeah but Jaynee honey less than two weeks ago you weren't 2 ish months pregnant and about 2 sizes bigger." Lily says trying to soothe me, I was pissed  and crushed at the same time all i  wanted was to do was cry how was i supposed to get a gown that fit in three days. I told Lily and Halen I needed some space and got up from the floor where i had sat after they finished attempting to get the dress closed and fully clad in my half zipped gown left the dorm and ran through the common room to the boys room. No one was there so i went to Sirius' bed and let my hormones take over sitting there with my open gown I started crying.The dress poofed all around me I was the picture of a princess except this princess was to pregnant for her dress and had makeup running down her face. I sat there for a while before Sirius got back. 


"Holy shit!" he said surprised when he entered.


" Well doesn't someone  look beautiful I thought we weren't allowed to see the dresses before the ball." He laughed.


"Doesn't matter now, seeing as I'm not going anymore." I said looking up at him, his eyes held a questioning look " I'm too pregnant for my dress and I cant get one in three days so unless the ball dress code involves sweat pants and your quidditch jersey then I'm not going." I finished. 


"Oh babe i'm so sorry about your dress,but your pregnant your gonna get bigger that's how it works, besides the bigger you are the bigger he is which will work on the pitch." He smiled.


"Do you ever not think about quidditch, beside the day after the ball when we find out were having a girl you wont need to worry." I said back to him.


"Come on," He said.


" Actually" I said  " I think I'm just gonna take a bath and go to bed, but you go have fun, I love you." 


" I love you too" Sirius said as he left the room. I stripped out of the dress, ran a bath and jumped in, I started thinking about what we would name the baby I thought of two names for each sex, for a girl i had either, Jade Mikayla Black or Reese Hayley Black, for a boy I had, Christopher James Black or James Remus Black. After my bath I changed into Sirius' quidditch jersey and brushed my hair ,then climbed into the bed , I fell asleep not to long after.




I woke up a few hours later it wasn't that i wasn't tired anymore it was the noise all around me. "Just get it in here" a voice whispered. 


"Shhh! you'll wake her up" said another.


"There it's in now get her up" a girls voice added . I felt someone gently shake me , I turned over and Sirius was smiling down at me.


"wake up sleepy head we've got a surprise for you." I sat up rubbing my eyes .


"What is it" I asked.


"Look" He said pointing to where everyone was standing , but i barely noticed them as my eyes caught sight of the dress, it was my dress not the one i bought but the one i wanted. My other dress was beautiful but this was the one I had fallen in love with. It was just the price that didn't love me so much.


"H-how did you get this?" I asked amazed.


"Well i talked to the shopkeeper and got her to take it out a few sizes and we all pitched in to pay for it." Sirius told me.


"Oh!" I squeaked getting emotional tears started to pour. " Awe, you guys I love you all so much, thank you." I cried. " I can't help it, blame her" I said giggling as I pointed to my stomach.


"Come one boys out shes gotta try it on" Lily said pushing the boys out the door, giving James a quick kiss. I walked over to the mirror and Halen brought the dress over. I take Sirius' shirt off and step into the dress, pulling it up.


"Okay, the moment of truth" Halen said "Dun,Dun,Dun." I spun around and smacked her arm.


"Oh shut it Hay" I laughed ,Lily zipped the dress up and i sighed in relief , I looked gorgeous,I loved the dress, so much.


"wow Jay you're like glowing, it looks amazing" Halen said.


"Well you guys weren't so bad yourselves and seriously I wouldn't be going to the ball if it weren't for you guys,Thank you." 


"No problem chickie." Lily said. I spun around in my red vintage looking gorgeous dress then changed back into the quidditch shirt. I was about to put some shorts on so i could go down to the common room with them when Lily said " Hey hon I know you're tired, you don't have to come down with us go to sleep if you want to besides you gotta rest up we have our sleepover tomorrow night" 


"Oh thank god, I'm so tired " I sighed and climbed in bed. 


"Night Jay, have a good sleep" Halen said.


"Night" I whispered as I drifted off to sleep, just barely noticing when Sirius climbed in next to me and wrapped me in his arms. " Thank you so much." I whispered, He kissed the top of my head and whispered.


"Go to sleep, silly girl." I closed my eyes again and began to dream.




"Oh my god!" I whispered, we were in potions class and in the middle of making the draught of living death potion, when I felt it." Sirius, you guys , the baby its- its kicking" we were all around the same table so i didn't have to yell. Five pairs of hands automatically shot towards my belly. " Whoa, one at a time" I said. Sirius placed his hands on my stomach and looked into my eyes, at this moment I was happier than i can ever remember.


"Okay, enough with the mushy crap, it's our turn." James whined. Sirius chuckled.


"I love you and you too" he kissed my stomach and I smiled , after everyone felt the baby kick we eventually got back to potions with professor Slughorn complaining at us the whole time but when i caught his eye across the room he winked and smiled. all day long there was people congratulating us, the one that shocked me the most was when i walked with everyone to transfiguraion before i left for divination and professor Mcgonagall came up to me.


"Congratulations Miss Jones, you'll be a great mother, goodness knows you've been acting like one all these years with those boys." I chuckled.


"Thank you, professor, that means a lot." she smiled slightly and walked into her classroom, I said goodbye to everyone and made my way to divination class. The Divinaton teacher had congratulated me too in a strange, creepy way that made my skin sorta crawl, but other then that i survived the rest of the day. at dinner we were all sitting around the table when James asked me if i wanted some chicken and the smell wafted in my direction, I clasped my hand over my mouth,gagged and waved the chicken away."Ughh that stuff smells disgusting." I said my hand still over my mouth. 


"Uhh Jay, that's your favorite." James pointed out.


"yeah well i don't know why,the smells making me sick." I complained. I gazed at the table and reached for the platter with long pieces of haddock on it , Lily swatted my hand back.


"Jaynee, you absolutely hate fish, the smell of it alone makes you gag." 


"no that would be the chicken, besides this smells pretty damn good to me." I reached for the fish again and started eating it. After dinner we spent what felt like forever doing our homework in the common room, it was Thursday and the ball was tomorrow night, Lily had found a spell to dye our hair so we were spending the night changing it for the ball. My long black hair was dulling so we were going to fix it up and put a few red streaks into it to match my dress , Halen's blonde was just going to be brightened and I had forbidden anybody from touching Lily's amazingly natural red hair.. so we were spending the night in our room for our usual 'sleepover' we always had before big events and stuff then Friday, classes were cut short so students could get ready for the ball, even though it was the last day before Christmas break, so we were going to spend the afternoon getting ready.We went upstairs and got to work on our hair about 4 hours and 3 exhausted girls later we all fell asleep in a pile of blankets,pillows and towels in the middle of our room.






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