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It's a dog gone life; Black Bride by ChinaDoll
Chapter 1 : Rain is like memories
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Gwen bolted up right in bed, rain was pounding on her bedroom window, then sliding down the pane to pool in her flower bed below the window frame. Gwen took a deep breath, she had been dreaming about running, and a dark arch that took life faster then the rain slapping the ground outside. Gwen's girlfriend Marigold was sleeping peacefully beside her, with a little pull her lover was able to yank the bundled up blankets out of her lap. It was all that Gwen needed for her bad dream to fade slowly, she was going to cuddle down and listen to the rain beyond the roof, when a sniffle began in the other room down the hall. Gwen was up already, so she didn't have the heart to wake Marigold, even if it was her turn. Placing her bare feet on the cool wood floor, she stepped lightly, not needing to switch a light on, even though it was only a couple years that she lived there. “Hush now little one, I'm here.” she whispered to the small boy in his crib. She lifted him into her arms and sat with him in the rocking chair next to the book shelf, Gwen crooned softly to him, and before she knew it, she was telling him what was on her mind; the past few years.

It was raining that night to, it pounded down onto all the streets and buildings, while above gray and black clouds rolled into shapes, but no one looked up that stormy night. Not when the rain was coming down in sheets, Gwen thought of how this way of describing the rain fitted it so well. The young woman was standing across the street from number twelve Grimwald place. She was having a hard time seeing through the storm, not that she would see it anyway. But she knew it was there in between number elven and thirteen. Without taking her eyes off the spot, she tread briskly across the street, also pulling out her wand as she did so. When she got to the gate there was a loud pop, that almost couldn't be heard above the noise of the rain. A man stepped toward her, his face was hidden in shadow but she knew who he was.

"You're late." was all she said, hardly looking at him, she kept getting distracted with the hidden house next to her.

"Yes, I know." was his brief reply, his hair was sleek with rain and his shabby robes looked even more tattered. His sigh was what caught Gwen's attention.

"Remus? What's wrong?" She looked at him with kind eyes, light that could be seen even though the rain. He shook his head,

"It's nothing," Gwen shook her head as well, not believing him. Walking forward she engulfed him in a hug, her cloak wrapping around him,

"He'll be alright. " she whispered to him, her somber companion chuckled and accepted her embrace,

"Which one? Harry or Sirius?" Releasing him enough to look up at him she replied with a smile,


Remus  nodded giving her a fatherly kiss on the top of her head. Then they walked arm and arm, Gwen gave the gate a tap with her wand. When Gwen walked inside she placed her dripping cloak on the hook and made her way to the kitchen. Remus didn't follow her at once, but drifted in the hall whispering to Arthur. Molly was looking worried, more then normal. Sirius was gazing intently in the opposite direction of the red haired woman. Gwen's calico cat Eve was sleeping contently on his lap, purring deeply, when ever Sirius scratched behind her ears. Gwen went to a large ornate mirror and while pinning her hair up asked,

“What did he do now, Molly?”With a snort from her husband he said without looking at them,

“Why do you assume it's me?” Gwen saw her motherly friend look up, she watched as Molly's reflection stood up, and began to help Gwen with her hair.

“He's being stubborn, naturally.” was the older woman's reply, “I don't suppose you could talk to him? While I get the children to come down for dinner.” Gwen nodded,

“I will but I doubt I'll have any influence.” Molly smiled sadly, and left muttering about men. With one last glance at her reflection Gwen crooned, “Oh Sirius dear...”

she stepped behind him, wrapping her arms around his head and shoulders, gently kissing his cheek. He didn't look at her as he said, “It won't work, you won't sway me.”

Eve purred louder as she looked up at the loving couple and stretched. “I bet if I could purr like Eve I could, but..” she sighed letting her arms slip her hold on him, “I guess I'm not very alluring anymore....”

she didn't even have time to finish with this form of female attack before he grabbed her hand and said, “I can't believe you even went there.”

Gwen chuckled and wrapped her arms around him again, he sighed, “Alright, I'll try my best to be nice, but when it comes to Harry, he needs to know.”

Gwen ran her fingers though his dark hair before slipping around and keeling in front of him, “I think you and Molly both have a point, I think he needs to know, and at the same time, he's only fifteenth, do you remember what you where like at that age?”

Sirius barked out a laugh, then shook his head as if he thought of a memory he wasn't proud of, he nodded at her then.

“You're right,” He lifted Eve up and gently put her on the ground, the small calico yawned and went to find crookshanks. Gwen smiled at him and finished, “He's only a boy, let him be that way as long as possible, he'll grow up faster then you think.”

Sirius gazed at her lovingly then leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. With a smile Gwen stood up and turned around, she suddenly felt sick to her stomach, she clutched at it for a moment, closing her eyes and breathing deeply. Luckily Sirius didn't notice, when she had moved he had turned to Remus and Arthur who had walked in discussing something about a letter and Harry, with her husband distracted, Gwen slowly went to the sink for a glass of water. Remus on the other hand, missed nothing, you're not friends with boys like James and Sirius with out noticing everything, whether you do any thing about it or not. He put a hand on her shoulder and said, “Now it's my turn to ask you whats wrong.”

Gwen shook her head gently placing her glass down and replacing her hand to her belly. She spoke softly, so only Remus would hear, “I don't know, just this last month, I've been feeling sick, when ever I move to fast.”

He looked at her concerned, “Should you maybe lay down?”

Gwen sighed and replied, “You know I can't, I miss a meal and Molly would send me to st mungo's faster then it would take me to get up stairs.”

She took a deep breath, “Besides, it's just worry. I did make an appointment for tomorrow.”

Remus nodded with a halfhearted smile, “As long as you're sure.”

Gwen brought her hand down and placed it on Remus's, “I'm sure.”

Remus made to join the others saying before he left. “You're just lucky Sirius didn't notice, he would have had you at st mungo's faster then even Molly.”

Gwen smiled and started to put plats on the table for dinner. Gwen did her best to keep up with everyone, with the kids bed times, and the order all hunched over the kitchen table, but by the time it was three in the morning she'd fallen asleep in a chair. Sirius must have moved her a some point.


Authors note;

Hello wonderful person! I'm so glad you took the time to read this, I hope I did a well enough job to keep you wanting more. I would really like any comments you might have, this is not my first fan fiction, but it is the only one I've ever posted for others to read.  I know it's not the best story ever, but who's is..-This is something fun I've gotten into when I don't have anything I can think to write in my other story, which I really should be writing seeing as I'm hoping to self publish. But for right now this is keeping me sane.  I would be ever so great full of any reviews, even if you don't like the story.

Thanks so much~ Lilly-The-ChinaDoll

Edit:  3/21/2013 I fixed a few spelling fails, and add a little to the part with Gwen and Remus at the sink. I know it's been awhile, I've been reading other fan fictions, and I've been dragging my feet about editing this chapter. But I wanted to log in and review another story, so wile I was on I made an effort to fix this. I would still appreciate any reviews, I see I have some readers, so for those of you who are waiting for chapter two it's in the works. Maybe it'll be up some time next week, it all depends on the waiting time, and what life brings.

A big thanks to: Quill_Pixie for reviewing, as well as my sister, who reviewed when we where chatting.

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It's a dog gone life; Black Bride : Rain is like memories


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