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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 21 : New Insight
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Chapter 21

If it was possible, the mood at the meeting that took place days after Hugo’s death was even more somber than the previous. Less people gathered, because more had lost their lives. Every single person meeting at the burrow was terrified that today would be their last. They shook at the thought of the person sitting next to them lying on a slab in the morgue. Even the great Harry Potter was worried.

Harry was a person that they had all looked towards for hope for so long. He, after all, had saved them from Voldemort, who was one of the darkest wizards there had ever been. Harry should have been able to protect them from the person who was picking them off. However, he had no idea who it was or how to stop him, and that was something that frightened people even more.

“So as you all know, there have been more murders since we have last met,” Harry started.

“Yeah, but we want to know is what you’re going to do about it,” Oliver interrupted, tired of no one doing anything to stop it.

“We’re doing the best we can to figure out who is behind this,” Ron stepped in.

“It isn’t enough!” Stephanie Wood argued, joining her husband, “Someday it could be our kids being killed! Ron, you already lost Hugo! Do you really want to lose Rose as well? And Harry, I’m sure you realized that sooner or later, this psychopath is going to put a target on your kids because they’re related to you!”

“And don’t forget that your son is married to my daughter, Harry! I don’t want Kristen being murdered because the golden trio isn’t so golden anymore!” Oliver continued, his voice growing even louder.

“Enough!” Hermione screamed, stopping the argument that was occurring, “We are doing as much as we can to figure out who this killer is! Blaming people is not going to help! Now does anyone have any ideas?”

“Lily and I do,” Savannah stated, walking to the front of the room, Lily following behind her.

“So this information isn’t the most pleasant to hear, but it gives us somewhat of an idea of who the killer is,” Lily started.

“What do you mean it isn’t pleasant?” Teddy Lupin asked, confused at the statement.

“We mean that the killer is most likely a part of or a friend of the Weasley family and is most likely sitting in this room,” Savannah replied.

A stunned silence followed Savannah’s statement. Everyone had gone through the list of possible suspects. Most of their lists were full of Slytherins. However, not a single person had suspected that someone they trusted, someone in that very room, was killing them all.

“Why do you think that?” Andrew asked, breaking the silence.

“Samantha and Drake’s house along with Hugo’s apartment showed no signs of forced entrance. It seems like the victims let the killer in. Except for the bodies, there seemed to be no signs of foul play,” Lily explained.

While there were still other options, this possibility seemed to grow in people’s minds. For one thing, it was a possibility, which was better than anything else that had been offered up.

This possibility made people realize something; everyone in the room wasn’t as innocent as they appeared. In fact, there was a possibility that one of them was a murderer, killing people who trusted them. It was one thing to blame everything on a Slytherin; there was still animosity towards them from Voldemort’s time. However, blaming someone that was a friend, maybe even a family member, was an entirely different thing.

This caused a huge feeling of suspicious. Eyes danced around the room, wondering who had turned on them. Raven’s eyes joined the dance, even though she already knew that she was the killer. She had to act like everyone else though so that she gave them no reason to suspect her.

The fact that two eighteen year old girls had discovered something that the golden trio had not was astonishing. Raven was in shock. Yes, she had figured that eventually someone would turn their suspicions away from the stupid Slytherins and towards the various members of the Weasley family and friends. She did not expect those people to be Savannah Wood and Lily Potter though. They were getting close to identifying the greatest villain since Lord Voldemort, and Raven wasn’t going to let that happen.





***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) I'm sorry it's been longer than usual since I've posted- I've been rather busy with show choir and homework. Hopefully I'll be able to post the last couple chapters at a relatively fast pace. I can't believe it's almost over! However, after this, there is the final book in the trilogy! Thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed, and enjoyed this story so far, and I would love it if you continued to do so :D ***

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