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Rules on Loving a "Muggle" by CauldronCharm130
Chapter 11 : Detention and Late night in the Library
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This is chapter 10 guysies and girlies, Excited. Just warning now, it is kind of slow paced, basically a filler chapter but there is some events in there that are build up for later chapters and character developments.

I don't own Harry Potter ( Weeps into hands) or anything recognisable. Enjoy.


I’ve had few nights to think it over and now I know what I had to do. I have a plan. Ten steps that – if I follow them correctly- will get me over Albus. There’s just on tiny flaw in the plan. I have been sitting in the common room for ten minutes, going over the steps in my head and all the while second guessing myself. This isn’t me, this is sneaky and mean and I shouldn’t be doing this to anyone- even Albus. I should just leave the common room now and go to breakfast before he comes down and I throw myself into something I’m going to regret. I began to stand up from the squashy chair that I had been sitting on when Albus sauntered into the common room. His eyes roamed the room, searching until they meet mine. He stared at me for a minute before pretending he hadn’t seen me and then exiting the common room with his arrogant nature, but not before I seen that irritating grin that I used to love so much spread across his lips.

I sat back down on the chair, my resolve set and plan and action. I had momentarily forgotten why I was doing this. Albus was ignoring me. I know that he was only doing what I asked of him but he didn’t have to act like a jackass. He looked right through me in classes, completely ignored me in practise and would leave the common room when I came in. I had expected him to not talk to me when we were not in class or practice, and at least be civil when we had to be together, but he acted like I was diseased. And the worst part was that even though I hated it and wanted to hate him, it only made me realise how much I missed him. I missed his sparkly eyes and nervous hair habits. Most of all I missed his stupid smirk. The things I loved most about him have become the things he uses against me and as I moped in my dorm for the last few nights about his new found cold nature towards me, I solidified in my head my plan to get over him. And it was about to start.

Shaking myself mentally as I seen him come down the stairs from his dorm I stood up and walked the portrait hole where people were no queuing to leave.

“Hey Lexi, mind if I join you for breakfast? I think Al left without me.” He smiled at me sweetly I can’t my heart fluttered.

“Yeah, he left around five minutes ago. I don’t mind you walking down with me at all. So have you finished your Transfiguration essay yet? Mine was brutal, I thought it would never end.” I laughed weakly, successfully faking a light blush as he helped me through the portrait hole.

“To tell you the truth I haven’t even started it yet.” He said looking down at the floor helplessly.

“What? It’s due tomorrow and it needs to be at least 16 inches.  It took ME three days, how are you ever going to finish?” I laughed at him as he moaned.

“I know I just lost track of time. I don’t know what I’m going to do.”  He said as we took seats at the Gryffindor table together. I could see Albus glaring at Ben from down the other end table and I smiled at Ben sweetly.

“You know, I’ve finished all my homework for tomorrow so if need any help with it, I’m free.” I offered sweetly, placing my hand on his knee for a moment in a comforting gesture. He jumps slightly at my touch and a slight blush crept up his neck but he smiled at me warmly.

“Really? Oh, Lexi you’re a life saver.” He beamed as he wrapped his arms around me tightly, “You’re a great friend” he whispered in my ear and I smiled slightly as I seen a red faced Albus ranting to Rose and throwing me daggers.

“I have to get going if I want to send this letter to my mum before charms.” I smiled taking my last bit of toast to go and started walking from the hall. About a meter from Albus I turned back to Ben who was watching me leave.

“Tonight in the library, six o’clock.” I shouted back to him, causing some of our fellow Gryffindor and a few nosey Ravenclaws to turn around.

“It’s a date” he called back and I turned around to leave the hall. “Hey Rose, see you in Charms.” I waved as I passed her and Albus before I strutted out of the hall. Step one complete. Make Albus jealous, check.

“Sorry I’m later Professor Flitwick, I got caught up in the owlry.” I panted as rushed into charms five minutes late.


“Take your seat Miss Reid; we are starting an assignment in pairs. Your partner will catch you up I’m sure, won’t you…” yes you’ve guessed it “Mr Potter?” Flitwick squeaked and Albus nodded stiffly. I shuffled into my seat next to Albus, and rolled my eyes as he shuffled his chair as far away from me as the desk would allow.

“What did I miss?” I asked, annoyed at the situation and turned to me briefly before looking back at Flitwick and whispered a sharp “Nothing”.

“Albus come on,” I sighed “Can we at least be civil in class, we are partners?”

“I’ll talk to you tonight in the common room.” He whispered back and I glared at him.

“I can’t, I have plans tonight.”

“I meant after your little study date with Ben.” He almost snorted and I shook my head in disbelief at his arrogance.

“Whatever Potter.” I grumbled, turning back to Flitwick.

Potter? What happened to wanting to be civil?” he smirked at me. My nostrils involuntarily flared with anger at I turned to him again.

“You were still acting like a complete arsehole.” I snapped at him and professor Flitwick stared at me in a state of shock before regaining composure.

“Miss Reid detention for foul language and interrupting the class.” He squeaked and Albus laughed, “Did I get you into trouble little miss teacher’s pet?” he practically cackled at me. Wanker.

“You too Mr Potter.” Albus sobered up quickly. “What? Why? What did I do?” he moaned like four year old.

“You acted like mean child about someone else’s punishment which you most likely caused.” He stated cuttingly before returning to the lesson.

“Serves you right” I whispered smugly to him and I could feel the heat of his glare as he balled his hands into fist next to me and I laughed internally to myself. Step two underway. I was building Albus and his anger up for confrontation.

“Ok, now you just need to round it off by discussing the differences and similarities of transfiguring a rabbit into a pillow and a bunny into a duvet.” I instructed. It was late, about half nine, and Ben and I were still in the library finishing off his essay. The library was deserted except from a decrepit Madame Pince who was shuffling around in the restricted section and me and Ben were huddled together at a small table in the transfiguration section, a small candle between us providing the only light. “That’s it?” Ben asked me in a shocked state, his blue eyes sparkling in the candle light. “I can’t believe we finished it. Thanks Lexi I don’t know what I would have done without your help.” He beamed at me as he finished his last sentence with a flourish of his quill. I began returning books to shelves as he rolled up his essay and sealed it. I returned to the table to find him holding my bag and waiting for me to leave.

“Oh, thanks.” I smiled as I reached for my bag but he swiftly swapped it to his other hand and I looked at him confused.

“You helped me finish an essay I thought I would never complete and saved me the wrath of Monganagoll. I think it’s the least I could do to carry your bag back to the tower. And if we don’t want caught out late after hours I suggest that we leave now.” He smiled as he took my hand and ushered me out of the library. I smiled at him as we walked back in a semi-comfortable silent. His hand was warm, if not slightly sweaty and I couldn’t help but compare his clammy unsure hand to Albus’s calming and secure one.

“Asphodel” Ben said calmly and the portrait swung open. “Thanks again Lexi, I really owe you.” He smiled again. What was with this boy and smiling?

“You don’t owe me anything. I did it because you’re a friend and I like spending time with you.” I said as I took my bag back from him and pulled it over my shoulders.

“I like spending time with you too” I whispered shyly as he tucked a stray strand of my blonde hair behind my ear, and hesitated a moment. I could see in his eyes what he wanted to do but seemed to be hesitating. He was almost as shy me and I could feel the blush rise in my cheeks as he stood there frozen, half ready, half worried to make his move and I felt a sudden bout of courage that I had only felt once before.

“Are you going to kiss me or not?” I whispered quietly and his eyes widen slightly in shock of the question before leaning in slowly and softly pecking me on the lips sweetly. It was nice and warm and unforced, everything that a first kiss should be, but there was no passion, no connection. He was too reserved, all I could think was that he wasn’t Albus and I hated myself for thinking such things. I was trying to get over Albus, not remember why I still love him.

“So,” he smiled sheepishly at me again as he took a step back. “There’s a Hogsmeade visit in two week, and I was wondering….would you like to go with me?” asked nervously ruffling his hair- though not in the same adorable way Albus did but in the; I have dandruff kind of way. I liked Ben a lot, he was cute and funny and easy to talk to but I didn’t want to lead him on. I wasn’t over Albus yet but maybe dating Ben was what I needed. It was on my list but had intended to fill that requirement later in the term; my head swam as I floundered internally on the pros and cons of saying yes. I did like him and would probably get Albus to confront me earlier.

“Sure, I’d like that.” I said softly pecking him on the cheek and he helped me through the portrait hole and we walked into the dimly lit common room. It was late but the room was still occupied by a few groups either doing last minute homework or hanging out friends. I spotted Rose, Alice, Scorp and Albus sitting around the fire playing a game of exploding snaps and was planning on going up to bed when Ben took my hand and lead me over to the group.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Ben asked as he flopped down on one of the arm chairs next to the fire. I was about to sit on the floor when he pulled me down to sit on the armchair next to him. I was initially shocked but I was too tired to argue and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I tucked my feet up on the arm rest and cuddled up to his chest. It was comfortable and not awkward like I thought it would be, until I looked at the group who were all staring at us curiously and I momentarily cringed.

“What’s going on here?” Alice questioned in a suggestive tone.

“Are you two together? Since when?” Rose gushed in full gossip mode at the same time.

“Since I asked her to Hogsmeade weekend” Ben grinned and Rose squeaked with excitement.

“Oh my Merlin, I completely forgot about Hogsmeade weekend.” She babbled, “Are we going to Madame Pudifoots Scorp?” Scorpius groaned as Albus and Ben burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe that you two waste your day in Pudifoots when you could go to Honeydukes and Wheezes” Ben teased after Scorpius answered Rose with an adorable “Whatever you want Rosie.” The group prattled on for a while about Hogsmeade for a while and soon I was extremely excited to go on my date with Ben- who had promised to take me to the shrieking shack- and as the conversation turned to other things I fell asleep cuddled up to Ben on the couch.

“Come on Lexi, wake up.” I heard Rose shout as I was hit on the head with a pillow.

“What time is it? Wait how did I get in my bed?” I asked confused as I got out of bed. The last thing I remember was talking about the upcoming quidditch game.

“Ben carried you up after you fell asleep on him. One thing not many people know; the stairs don’t change when a boy is either helping a girl, wanted in the girls dorm or another girl is on the stairs.” She informed me as she pulled on some black booties. “So how did that happen anyway?” she smirked at me and I rolled my eyes as I returned from brushing my teeth and began to pull on my school skirt.

“Well I was helping him with that transfiguration essay and we finished really late. We were outside the common room when he stopped and seem hesitant. Long story short he kissed me and then asked to go to Hogsmeade with him. I said yes but…” I trailed of and wiped the traitor tear away from my eyes as Rose rushed to my side.

“Lexi, What’s wrong? But what?”  She asked anxiously.

“But I don’t know if I’m ready. I mean I like Ben a lot but I would lying if I didn’t said the moment I said yes Albus’s face flashed across my mind. Rose, I’m not over him. I want to… be over… him… I’m trying….s-s-so hard.” I sobbed into her shoulder wondering where this was this all coming from?

“Lexi I think you should talk to him but right now why don’t we go get some breakfast. I would say anything to Ben, I think a date is just what you need but you do need to talk to Albus when you’re ready. I think it would help to hear his side of the story.” I said softly as she rubbed by back soothingly. “Are you coming?” she asked as she got of my bed and I followed.

“I’ll be down in a few. I need to do my make-up. Oh and Ben down there, can you tell I’ll meet him in the great hall?”  I asked as I walked into the bathroom and I heard he shout “Sure” before the dormitory door swung shut.

Ok, so hopefully that was better than my last chapter but i still think it was slightly unconnected.

But what are your thoughts on Ben and Lex?

Do you think Lex will get over Albus?

What do you want to happen next?

Leave me a review if you would be so kind because you guys are all awesome.

CauldronCharm130 x

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