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Bulldozer by free elf 25
Chapter 2 : Sleeping Myths and Late Deals
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The rest of the day went as it had since second year. Me and Kasy sat next to each other at the table, greeting newbies with a smile while she did funny faces behind my back. New ones every year. At least that's what Rose says, and despite being my cousin, she wasn't a very reliable source. I sat with Aidan, Kasy and Rose by the fire in the common room, telling tales of the summer, before Rose stole Kasy away, muttering something about 'beauty sleep'. Like they needed it. Wait, that's my cousin. Like Kasy needed it.


Then it was just me, Aidan and quidditch. I was the new captain of the team, despite Ricky and Evangeline, our beater and chaser, in the year above. Evangeline congratulated me on the train while doing her Head Girl rounds, guessing it was me instead of Ricky. Hoping it was me instead of Ricky. I don't think Ricky will get over it quite so easily. He has a...reputation. At least Evangeline got Head Girl; Ricky had nothing. Not even good grades.


"So I hear James is the newest addition to the Chudley Cannons?" I turned my attention back to Aidan, who's floppy black hair was almost covering his excited expression. Almost. As my second best friend, and best guy friend, I knew he'd been holding the question in since dinner.


"Oh yeah. It was a hard choice; he got quite a few offers. It was either the Cannons or Puddlemere. Hopefully he'll be able to boost their reputation."


"He will, trust me. He's one of the best chasers I've seen leave this school. He's better than Kurt, better than Ricky, better than Kasy!"


"He does have over two years on her."


"Still. It's in her blood to be good, just like it's in yours and his. Anyway, when did you say try-outs were?"


"Next Friday. Gives me time to rally the troups- oldies and newbies. Why? Don't tell me you're going to be trying out?"


I nearly gave myself a mental stitch at the last part, being careful not to actually laugh at him. I'd pay if I did that. No eyebrows and a shark tail sort of payment. Regardless of his utter enthusiasm for quidditch, he was as hopeless as a Hippogriff with no wings. A dragon with no fire. A Voldemort with no horcruxes. A- you get the point. In First year, in our first flying lesson, Aidan did a Neville. He got stuck on the roof with a snapped ankle, broken wand and concussion. Not an exact replica, a little more...fateful, but close.


"Merlin no. I still have nightmares. I was just going to come and support you. I know that Ricky will be giving you a hard time when he learns neither him nor Evangeline got that badge." He said, pointing to where the Quidditch Captain badge was on my chest. Before I could reply a voice came from the stairs behind us.


"Though I love quidditch talk, especially when it involves me, it's late and you two should be heading up. I'm going out on my rounds- you know what first days back are like."


"And weeks. And months. And years." I muttered sarcastically as Evangeline's slim figure slid past me.


"Night boys."


"Night Evangeline." Me and Aidan chorused, both of us shocked at the time. I barely got into my snitch covered pj's before collapsing into a dream filled slumber.



Kasy's POV


I couldn't sleep.


Not a wink.


Though I knew I should blame it on bloody Weasley, my spiritual side was screaming for attention. Myths say that when you can't fall sleep, it's because you're awake in someone elses dream. Explains why you can fall asleep so easily in lessons- who would be dreaming of you in Charms? However, I was a strong believer of this small myth, ever since fourth year. I'd had a peculiar dream involving a certain Albus Potter the night before, and when  walked into the Great Hall, I saw Albus half asleep at the table.


"Whoa, what were you doing last night? You look like you had a banshee screaming in your ear every time you tried to fall asleep. Oh my God, was it my sister?"


"No, no. But good one. I just couldn't get to sleep. I woke up at one, and after that I just couldn't get back to sleep, no matter how tired I was. It was past five when I finally got to sleep, only for my alarm to go after an hour. I was thinking about going to see Madam Pomfrey, but Aidan said I was overreacting. What do you think?"


"It was probably stress or something." I said after a pause, looking into Albus' sleepy but amazing green eyes. "The match is this Saturday after all."


"Why didn't I think of that? I thought I was coming down with something, and you know how my parents would react. What would I do without you?" He smiled, turning back to his plate of toast.




I knew it wasn't stress. Albus never got stressed over a match. Ever. Since then, that so-called myth prevented any more peculiar dreams about Albus. Even though that had been the first. Obviously.


Now the rational side of my mind (I do have one) took over, remembering what happened earlier that night.



(Whooo, another flashback, whooo, time travel, whooo, vortex noises)


"And then he just flew straight into the post, and me and James were left standing there, not sure whether to go and help him or to start laughing again."


"What did you do?" I asked through snorts of laughter. It was growing quieter in the common room as the sun set outside. Everyone wanted to be ready for their first day of a new year tomorrow.


"We laughed of course. Dad found us two on the floor in hysterics while Louis tried to hex us with his broken wand. The last one backfired- he ended up with a pig tail for the rest of the holiday." Albus' voice grew higher as he tried to contain the laughter bubbling inside of him. Me and Aidan snorted in unison, causing all three of us to burst into fits of hyena-like giggles, my mind full of images of Louis with a pig tail. Little Louis.


"Funny. Wow, look at the time, come on Kasy. Don't want to be late in the morning!" Rose piped up. She'd been distracted all night, something not gone unnoticed by me. She barely joined in with mine, Albus' and Aidan's conversation. I'd been waiting for it to get too much and for her to blow. As she grabbed my arm, I bid farewell to the boys in the most lady-like manner possible when you're being dragged away by an impatient Rose. And when your name is Kasy Wood, and any of your possible gracefulness went to your sister.


"Right, what is it?" I said, sitting at the end of my bed. Rose paced up and down the small path, giving me time to detangle a few curls. Bella, Laura and Sal, the other girls in the dorm, ignored us. This wasn't the first time Rose did a crazy, and it definitely wasn't going to be the last.



"Two things. Both involve boys. One also involves me, while the other involves you."


"Okay, the one involving you is obviously you and Scorpius. You two had better be together by Halloween or I'm gonna have to find my Slytherin side again."


Rose winced at this, remembering the prank I pulled on my sister in second year. It lost us 30 points. We still won the House Cup, as usual. Ever since the war Gryffindor had had a winning streak; I don't even see why they bothered with the ceremony anymore.


"As for the one with me, I haven't a clue. Is it because I've been single for too long? Wait, are you setting me up with someone? Rose, the ended badly and awkwardly last time, a year doesn't change anything. Maybe you should solve your own love life before delving into mine. Scorpius most be getting pretty tired of waiting- I saw Viola flirting with him at dinner..."


"ALBUS!" Rose screamed, silencing the whole dorm. Probably the whole castle by the volume of her voice, and my still quaking ear drums. Panting slightly, she lowered her tone, bending down so she was face to face with me.


"Albus. You and Albus. You're perfect for each other, you obviously like him, to me anyway, it's a...a...a fairytale ending. And if you two aren't together by Christmas, I'll have to find my Slytherin side, and I won't be afraid to go full on Salazar."


"That'll be hard- last time I checked he was a guy and you're a girl." I muttered, barely listening to her response.


You're perfect for each other.


Perfect? As if. Harry Potter and Ginny are perfect. The Weird Sisters are perfect. Winky the elf and her dead love Dobby are perfect. Were perfect. But me and Al? Rose was crazier than I thought. 


"It's not that obvious I like him, is it?"


Rose paused from where she was adjusting her bed covers.


"Only to me. Though I might not be your best friend, you're mine, and I've developed good people skills. You need them when you're stuck around people like you. Anyway, the only problem with you and Albus is if either of you have enough courage to step out of the friend zone." Rose replied, leaving me to my own thoughts.


Grabbing my pj's and washbag, I walked over to the bathroom, locking the door behind me. For extra measures I cast a silencing spell over the room- you never know who's listening in Hogwarts. It's a madhouse. Turning to the mirror, I took note of my appearance. My hair looked like a birds nest, except messier, with springs of auburn hair curling in every direction. My eyes were sunken and tired, my lips chapped, my cheeks hollow. Every charm I'd placed on myself had faded away, but luckily no one had pointed out how ill and simply grotesque I looked. Quickly I turned the shower on, letting the soothing water wash everything away.


I was back home. That was all that mattered.


Casting a drying spell on my hair and slipping into my muggle Mickey Mouse pj's, I left the bathroom, feeling better than before. Happier. Sal gave me a smile from behind her book, while Bella and Laura were already fast asleep. Rose lay awake on her side, too deep in thought to acknowledge my presence. But as I reached to turn my lamp off, she whispered something across the room, so quiet I almost didn't hear her.


"Did he look interested in Viola? Scorpius, did he..."


I smirked, knowing that my Slytherin side would just have to wait.


"No. To be honest he looked as distracted as you did. I don't think he realised she was talking, let alone flirting."


Rose smiled, snuggling down into her pillow. One her parents had given her for her first year here, in case she got homesick. The light switched off, and I curled up to try and sleep.


"Night Kat."


"Night Rose."



I stared at my golden pocket watch, decorated with carvings of swifts and flowers linked by ivy. It was my grandmother's, and the only heirloom I recieved. The only heirloom I wanted to recieve. It was 3:01 when my eyes drooped, and I knew someone out there had finally stopped dreaming about me. I was out in a flash, only woken by a screaming Rose next morning.


"We're late! Kasy, get up, we're late!"


"Rose, it's eight. Lessons start at nine thirty."


"Yeah, but this is Kasy we're talking about Sal. Kasy and Rose."


"Valid point Laura, valid point."




"I'M AWAKE! Merlin woman, you'd think you were giving birth!" I screamed, falling out of bed. Literally. By half eight my curls were tamed, my make-up all set, my uniform on and my stuff sorted. Me and Rose ran downstairs, crashing into a waiting Albus.


"Thank God. Aidan went ahead- I thought I was going to be out here forever. People kept giving me really weird looks."


"No time. Food and plans." I said, dragging him and Rose behind me as I ran out of the common room.


"Food I understand, but plans?"


I stopped abruptly in the middle of the corridor, just a few feet from the Hall.


"Why Albus, don't you know? Rose here has until Halloween to bag herself a certain Slytherin, or I'm going to be turning green for a day. Get my Salazar on, if you know what I mean."


"You've given them less than two months?" Albus grinned, not sure whether to see this as kind or evil. Both of us looked over at the blushing Weasley. The red Rose. Is that a pun or something?


"Come on you two, we don't want to miss getting our timetables. It's already quarter to nine." Rose said, recovering her dignity.


"True." As Albus walked ahead, talking about something Lucas, another sixth year, did last night, Rose gave me a certain look.


A look that said 'Yeah I've got till Halloween, but remember - you've got till Christmas.'





Author's Note


So, you like? Second chapter and all. Review, tell me your predictions, tell me who you like and who you hate. All that jazz.

EDIT- This is just me altering the quidditch positions, and name and stuff. Chapter seven soon!


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