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Darkness in the Day by megthechef43
Chapter 1 : Awakening
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Ginny rolled over with a groan. Every last inch of her body ached for the spasms that wracked her body for the past few hours. She pressed her face to the cold damp stone of the floor beneath her. The scent of moist earth permeated the air and the damp stone reeked but the coolness felt agreeable against her hot face as sweat rolled from her forehead.

Ginny had been tossed into the room what seemed like hours ago but could have been days or only a few minutes as the absence of light gave her no indication to the time. She was regaining her senses as the pain ebbed from her limbs. She was able to make out some of her surroundings; she saw the stone cot in the corner and what she assumed was a toilet in opposite corner. Try as she might her arms failed to lift her from her position. Ginny was surprised the salty ting of sweat wafting through the air and it was her own. Again Ginny pushed against the stone underneath her trying to lift her own bodyweight and this time it worked. She felt the cool air circulating around her body and could felt every nick and dimple in the stone beneath her palms. Her senses were on over drive. She could feel the rough fabric of her dress scrapping against her skin. She figure the blood would rush to her head as she extended upright but the nauseating sensation never came.

The room was becoming brighter as her eyes adjusted to her surroundings. Ginny noticed the faint outline of a door in the stone of the wall. In three easy steps she felt the stone trying to gain purchase on the stone to pull the door open. Her fingers slipped into the barest of cracks near the bottom of the wall and she pulled the door inward in one smooth motion. Her surprise at completing the task was marred by the couple sitting outside the door. An involuntary hiss escaped her lips. Pansy Parkinson was sitting on a chair positioned outside the door examining her nails and Blaise Zabini was standing off center to the door. He pushed a button on what looked like an old time pocket watch. There were still no lights on but Ginny’s eyes could make out the scene before her in great detail.

“Just under two minutes from awakening. That is about three minutes faster than your time.” Blaise smirked in Pansy’s direction.

“Whatever. Just get her.” The statement was lost of Ginny but realization came less than a second later when her arms were pinned behind her back by the steel grip of Blaise. Before she could utter a scream a black sack was over her face and obscuring her vision and apparently keeping her from making a sound. The cloth was silky against her cheeks unlike her dress which was starting to feel like sandpaper against her skin. Ginny could hear the couple murmuring in low voices behind her.

“It looks like someone is going to be replaced as the favorite.” Blaise commented in an attempt to annoy in partner.

“Just shut up Blaise. I will not be replaced by the blood traitorous whore.” Pansy snipped back. Ginny would have been offended had it not been the equivalent of the pot calling the kettle black. Pansy had been THE whore in school.

“Once he dumps you on your ass, you know my bed is always open.” Blaise purred and Ginny heard a smack as she was sure Blaise blew a kiss in Pansy’s direction.

“Blaise, if you say another word I will show you where that offer can be stuck.” Pansy growled. Ginny heard Blaise snicker but he did not say another word. The air slip passed Ginny, so she assumed they were still moving. Ginny had guess they had been underground due to the smell of damp earth and the slightly frigid air temperature. The air had yet to gain warmth and Ginny knew they were not moving any closer to the surface but the smell was subsiding from the air. It was not permeating her nostrils anymore, it was more of a light background scent as a new scent began drifting around her. The aroma of burning oil and smokeless fire came to her senses. Ginny knew enough to be worried about the development of her new found abilities but refused to think about the implications. Instead she focused on the lack of footsteps that should be behind her and the wish to rip her dress from her body due to the roughness of the material.

The floor beneath Ginny’s bare feet transitioned from stone and dirt to smooth tile. Minutes passed by before she felt a pull to stop her motion. She heard the rustle of fabric throughout the room and guess there were more than the three of them present. Ginny let out a sigh of relief as the black sack was removed from her head and she took in her surroundings.

It did not take Ginny long to recognize half of the faces present in the room. Draco Malfoy stood to the right of the throne in the grand room, to his right stood a pale woman with a long face and pale hair whom she assumed was Astoria Greengrass and a woman with the same features only with dark hair stood next to Astoria. Ginny knew Astoria had a sister, Daphne. After Daphne, Ginny did not recognize the group standing next to her. Ginny was fairly certain most of the people standing in the room were Slytherin and they all looked about her age even though she was sure a few of them graduated with her brother Bill.

Ginny scanned the crowd until her eyes got caught on a familiar face. Padma Patil from Ravenclaw was standing in the circle of on lookers. If Ginny was shocked by this, she was even more shocked as she started to recognize more faces from Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor houses. Ginny recognized people who had gone missing or had moved away. It was rumored that Padma had died in a tragic accident and her sister was torn up over that fact. In all there were over 50 witches and wizards from her Hogwarts years and all eyes were on her. Waiting for her to make her move or do something drastic.


Ginny was balanced on her back hunches in a defensive position. Everything was moving so fast. She heard the sound of two people entering the room the sharp click of expensive shoes struck the tile and the shuffling noise of bare feet being drug across the floor. Before the doors had slammed back shut she caught the scent, the back of her throat closed up and her tongue felt like sandpaper. Blaise and Pansy grabbed her arms to restrain her, their grip was strong enough that it should have been painful but Ginny’s mind was racing in another direction.

All eyes were turned and looking at the entrance. The smell that had come into the room had been the most alluring scent that had ever entered her senses. Her mind was spinning as a figure came into view tugging along a small figure. The small figure was thrown to the ground in front of Ginny as though it was a test. The man who had thrown the girl down looked vaguely familiar to her but she could place his face because her faculties couldn’t focus on anything but the girl at great lengths. Ginny felt the grip on her arms slowing removing themselves.

Ginny felt her primal desires take over as she flung herself at the girl on the floor and was surprised but the lack of time it took to reach her prey. She could feel the ache in her mouth as she descended on the girl. The blonde hair was moved out of the way and Ginny caught a glimpse of pure terror in the hazel eyes looking up at her and Ginny’s mind flipped to her best friend Hermione. As quick as Ginny had pounced, Ginny wretched herself away from the girl on the floor. It took one look for Ginny’s senses to come back and realize what she was about to do.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Each one was long and drawn out and coming from a single source. Ginny’s eyes scanned the crowd looking for its owner. Her eyes landed on the man who had presented the girl to her in the first place. Ginny snarled in response. This man had expected her to kill.

“Congratulations, not many full fledge Vamps could do that. Eventually you will kill her.” He stated in a matter-of-fact way that set the fine hairs on the back of Ginny’s neck to standing up. His white teeth glinted menacingly in the torch light.

“Never” she croaked. Her throat was so dry in nearly hurt but the anger and resentful was still evident in her voice.

“Ginny, my pet, no need to be bitter. Soon you will learn that there is no turning back. This is your family.” He told her as he threw his arms out to indicate to the group surrounding the three of them. Ginny’s voice failed her.

“Have you ever heard of Lilith?” His voice had dropped in timbre and took on a note of awe as he said the name.

“The bedtime story.” Ginny whispered. The urge was growing stronger as the burn in her throat intensified the look of terror on the girl’s face kept her urges at bay. Before she knew what was going on the room was filled with the sound of laughter. None was as loud or as boisterous as the man in front of her and she shot back a confused look to the group.

“She is more than a story used to scare young children. She is the creator of you and me. God may have killed many of her children but he missed a few.” He told her as delight took a note in his voice.
Ginny mind raced as she tried to remember all she had been told growing up. She would hear mutterings when a baby would pass away in the night, “Lilith is responsible.” History of Magic had mentioned her once or twice but Professor Binns had a way to put her sleep in a matter of seconds.

She tried with all her might to remember the story her mother had told her only once. The story was told to each child but only once because it was bad karma to talk about her frivolously. Her mother had been strict to that way of thinking and the mention of Lilith almost gave her a nervous breakdown. Lilith had been Adam’s first wife and equal but that was not what Adam wanted in a companion. Lilith ran away from Adam to Satan and had many babies and producing demons. God did not like this and asked Lilith to return to Adam or he would take her babies. When she did not return to Adam she was punished as promised and made a vow to take the lives of babies in return.

“Lilium.” Ginny croaked as her mind registered the term as the children of Lilith.

“See, I knew you knew more than you original let on.” He began to circle her like a tiger caging its prey. “We are only a small part of the overall term of Lilium. We are a part of a group such as werewolves and other demons.”

“Why?” Ginny asked.

“That is not your business.” The irritation was written clearly on his face. The shuffling of bodies moving filled the room. The group was emptying the room and leaving them alone.

“You give in eventually. It’s in your composition to kill her.” He turned to leave the room. “It’s Nathan. Nathan Nott. Enjoy your dinner.” He disappeared through the door with one last glint of a smile. She knew that his eyes would haunt her for days. The heartbreaking sob echoed through the empty banquet hall. Ginny’s eyes scanned the young woman on the floor, her throat tightened painful.

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Darkness in the Day: Awakening


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