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Bulldozer by free elf 25
Chapter 1 : Exploding Pineapple
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Me and Kasy had been best friends since the moment we met. I accidentally bulldozed into her on the platform, but before I could apologise she began a very colourful rant for five minutes and left without a backward glance. I was confused for the whole train journey. But just after I'd been sorted into Gryffindor, she suddenly sat down next to me, her auburn curls bouncing like springs.

"Hey bulldozer."

Just like that, we clicked. Even when she got up and screamed like a happy pig when the next girl got sorted into Slytherin. Weird, I know.

We were each other's wingman, rock and warrior. When she hit puberty hard during third year, so hard even my brother was flirting with her, I ignored my own raging hormones and stood as her best friend. Every second until now. The start of sixth year, and I'm waiting on the platform, listening to Lily and Rose talk girl nonsense. Kasy wasn't as girly as them, so I'd never had to listen to hour long conversations about a pair of shoes. Suddenly, a pair of arms slid round my neck.

"Hey Albus." Came a seductive voice.

"Oh, hi Rebecca." I murmured, unwrapping myself from her grip. That girl Kasy screamed for when she was sorted into Slytherin? This was her.

"Oh come on Ally, it's been five years. Please, call me Becca." She flicked her straightened auburn hair over her shoulder, batting her eyes flirtatiously. She hated their natural curls, and went to all methods possible to hide them.

"Sorry Rebecca, but do you know where Kasy is?" I asked, looking round her. She sighed, slumping ever so slightly. Rejection didn't usually happen to her. After five years, you'd have thought she'd gotten the message and given up. Maybe her skull was too thick.

"She was right be-"

"ALBY!" A shriek came from behind Rebecca. I barely had time to prepare myself before a bundle of wild auburn hair squashed me in a hug like a wrecking ball.

"Hey Catty."

"Hey bulldozer. Holidays good?" She asked, lifting her face out of my jumper.

"They were good. You won't believe what quidditch team James got in-"

"AH-EM!" We both jumped round to see a pissed off Rebecca standing in front of a smirking Lily and Rose.

"Me and Albus were having a conversation before you interrupted." She said, popping her hip and raising her eyebrows at Kasy.

"Yeah, but I interrupted, and gladly so. I don't want any of my friends to end up with snake bites."

Rebecca snarled, and stalked off towards her friends.

"You were saying something about James?" Kasy said, pulling me along into the train, first compartment on the right. Our compartment. Removing a bundle of first years occupying it, I told her all about my summer, gazing into her peculiar eyes that had filled my mind all the time for the past six weeks.

Just for clarification, Kasy and Rebecca are twins. By blood and facts anyway. Kasy is a Gryffindor Chaser with a brilliant mind, wild hair, amazing body and multi-coloured eyes, who I'd had a hopeless crush on and unfortunate friend zone with since second year. Maybe first. Rebecca was a Slytherin slut with a cunning mind, fake hair, fake but amazing body and azure blue eyes, who'd been trying to get me to go out with her since first year. Since she found out her very own sister was friends with me, and not her. Every tactic (jealousy, friendship, blackmail, study-buddy, forceful love, need-a-friend) had failed on me.

It was quite unfortunate that I, Albus Potter, who could get any girl he wanted, had his heart reserved for the one girl who wouldn't take it.

"Come on bulldozer, better get changed. Do you think Professor Slughorn will have died yet?"

"Probably not. I think he's developed some Eternal Life potion, like the Philosopher's stone."

"Okay, let's say he did. Internal combustion or a peculiar exploding sugared pineapple?"

"Exploding pineapple for sure."




Author's Note


You like? It's not that long, but the next chapter should be longer. Please review if you liked it or not, and what you think is going to happen. By the way, Kasy is pronounced like the 'Ka' from 'cat', not 'okay'. Just for future notice.

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