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Shut Up and Kiss Me by soapman333
Chapter 16 : Revelations
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Lily’s back! McGonagall called me to her office when my dad and sister came. He had to leave to get to some meetings, but I didn’t care. I grabbed unto Lily and hugged her all the way to the Gryffindor tower. Man, I’ve missed my little sister.

“Anything interesting happen while I was gone?” she asks me on our way to the Great Hall for lunch.

Oh, you know. I got a girlfriend, Albus accused Scorpius of atrocious betting, Ellie kissed me, cried, and then ran away. I sigh, “The usual. How was staying with Dad?”

“There’s some serious political stuff going on revolving around werewolves,” she stops walking and grabs my arm, “James, there is a lot of discrimination out there.”

“Yeah, kiddo,” I agree.

She frowns, “Has it always been like that?”

“Like what?”


I nod my head and attempt a smile at her, “Welcome to the real world, Lily. It’s not all hippogriffs and unicorns here. That’s why we get the firewhiskey.”

She laughs at this and hugs me, “I’m sorry, James.”

“For what?”

“For not growing up sooner.”

I make a disgusted sound in the back of my throat, “ should be apologizing for growing up. You were the irrational, happy-go-lucky, and dramatic girl of the family. Promise me you won’t turn into Albus,” I tease her.

She laughs again, “Albus isn’t all that serious.”

“Well, yeah, but it’s fun to tease the kid.”

She sighs and pulls away, “I understand why you like Elizabeth Galatian so much now.”

Just the sound of her name reminds me of the pain I experienced last week. Her voice rings in my ear, “Have a lovely evening, Potter.” I shiver involuntarily and Lily watches me, curiosity flickering in her eyes.

I smile at her again, “Is that so? Why do I like Elizabeth so much?” Maybe she can answer that question for me. There’s always been something about her that draws me in. Sure, she’s fit, but there was always something else...

“She’s the strongest person I’ve ever met,” Lily says simply and grabs my arm, pulling me towards the Great Hall.

I don’t respond, but let her lead me into the Great Hall. Rose spots us and races for Lily, “Lily Luna Potter! Where have you been?!”

I’m reminded of my grandmother, but I let the thought pass as I walk to the Ravenclaw table. A certain blonde haired, grey eyed beauty sitting at the Gryffindor table catches my eye. I look up to see Elizabeth staring at me. She looks away as soon as I notice her, but the damage is done. I’m muttering dark things when I reach Rachelle.

She smiles at me and pulls me down next to her, “I was worried that you had gotten lost on the way here,” she teases and pinches my cheek.



I return her smile and fill my plate up. She sighs, “What’s gotten into you? Is it because of the Christmas season? I promise that I don’t want anything big.”

“What?” I ask, mouth full of mashed potatoes.

“It’s holiday shopping season.”

I swallow and respond, “Rachelle, it’s mid-October.”

She rolls her eyes and stabs her food, “Some of us like to stay organized and get our shopping finished early on, okay?”

I attempt to settle the hazardous tension, “Er, what would you like?”

“That’s not fun, you should figure it out,” she pouts and kisses my cheek.

I allow this and spend the rest of lunch trying to figure out what she would want. Perfume? A sock? I don’t even know.

We leave the Great Hall for Charms class and I’m still racking my brain for any good gift ideas. Rachelle ignores me and speaks to her friends, but gasps when she sees Leo and Albus passing us in the corridors, “Leo?”

He waves at her and attempts to keep moving, but she stomps over and blocks his way, “Leo look,” she points to me, “I have a boyfriend now.”

“Er, awesome?” he answers, looking to Albus for help.

Her lips quiver, “You don’t even remember my name, do you?” she accuses.

I guess I should be upset by this whole scene, but I still feel guilty about not telling Rachelle that Ellie and I kissed. I haven’t told anyone, actually. It all just happened so fast, and it was so confusing.

“I’m sorry?” Leo responds, shifting from foot to foot.

Rachelle breaks down and cries. Okay, that’s not good. I walk over and pull her up, letting her cry into my robes. Leo watches her in shock, and looks up at me with guilt.

“What happened?” I ask him. Not really caring, but, being her boyfriend, I should know these things.

His eyes widen, “I’m not entirely sure. She just fell to the floor and started crying.”

“I know that,” I try to not laugh at how scared he looks, “I meant what happened between you two.”

“I don’t know about that either,” he cringes and looks back at Albus.

Albus rolls his eyes, “She’s the one you shagged a week after you and Lily broke up.”

Comprehension flickers in Leo’s eyes and he beams, “Holy Hippogriff! I remember now. Oh,” he clears his throat and looks at me, “sorry mate.”

“Don’t apologize to me, Galatian. I’m not the one-night stand whose name you’ve forgotten,” I growl. I can’t believe this kid went out with my baby sister.

Leo gulps and looks back at Albus, “Rachelle Porters,” Albus responds to his questioning look.

Rachelle breaks from my grasp and runs away from us, sobbing. I stare after her, and am reminded of Ellie. A painful ache crashes through my chest at the memory, but I shake it off and turn back to the git of a man, “You are going to go after her, apologize, and hope to God that she forgives you,” I command Leo. He doesn’t hesitate to chase after her.

Albus watches Leo’s retreating figure before turning to me, “It doesn’t bother you that Leo’s shagged Rachelle?”

I think about it. Yeah, she’s my girlfriend, but I don’t care about her history before me. We’ve all got our own problems, “Not particularly. He didn’t shag Lily right?”

Albus’ eyes widen, “What? Of course not.”

“Good,” I sigh and slump to the ground. Today has been quite the day.

Albus frowns down at me before sitting next to me, “So, er, anything happen between Ellie and you?” he asks.

Seriously, this kid has some legilimency traits, “Albus, how are you always so calm and collected?” I ignore his question.

He seems surprised by my question, but lets it roll of his shoulders, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I seem to recall a time when I cried like a baby in front of you.” He’s alluding to a few weeks ago when Lily had her break down.

“Well yeah, but that’s different. Everywhere else you’re always so contained and insightful,” I counter.

He blushes, “I try really hard, actually,” he laughs.

“I envy that,” I tell him, staring right into his green eyes.

They seem to twinkle with humour, “Well, to be frank, I envy your cool head in stressful situations. That’s why I found you and took you to Lily. I couldn’t handle it.”

I nod my head and get off the floor. Due to Rachelle’s knack of leaving the Great Hall a half hour early, I’m not actually late for Charms. I smile at my little brother, “You really are something, Albus.”

He gets up and dusts off his robes, “Dad says I take after both of my names,” he chuckles.

I shrug, “He says the same about me, but he’s basing that off of what he was told about granddad and Sirius.”

Albus allows this, but counters, “There’s always more to someone than meets the eye.”

I laugh, “And on that incredibly cryptic note, I will take my leave for Charms class. I’ll see you around.” I pat his head before leaving him.

“It’s not that cryptic!” he shouts after me.

I arrive in Charms a good ten minutes early andI sit in my normal seat. I sigh and put my head in my arms, allowing my mind to drift...

I’m laughing on the ground. Ellie tickled me! I open my eyes and see her staring at me with a strange look in her eyes. I’m about to comment on it, when she grabs my face and plants her lips on top of my own.

What. Is. Going. On?! All thoughts about unanswered questions leave my mind and I let myself enjoy this moment. The feel of her lips against mine, her heavy breath, tickling my face, and her soft hair between my fingers.

She pulls away, her lips red and swollen, “Ellie...” I say.

She cringes and backs away. Her lips quiver and a tear falls down her cheek. Wait, I’m no expert when it comes to snogging, but something tells me that it’s supposed to be an experience both parties enjoy, “Woah, are you okay?” I ask her, sitting up and wiping the tear away.

She stares at me with a blank expression, and my stomach drops. She’s going to leave, isn’t she?

Ellie stands and I try to look impassive by the action. She clears her throat, “Have a good evening, Potter.”

Everything in my head is screaming at me to stand up and keep her here, but my legs aren’t cooperating. I nod my head, “Same to you, Galatian.”

She turns and walks away. Everything seems to drain from me, and I fall back to the ground. I’ve never felt so frustrated, happy, and hurt before in my life. What is this girl doing to me?

A manual slams on my desk and I sit up abruptly, Charlotte sits in the unoccupied seat next to me and I frown at her, “Er, no offense, but usually Anthony or Rachelle sits there.”

“We’re friends too,” she replies with a wave of her hand.

I look around the room, Ellie is sitting in her normal spot, Charlotte’s seat next to her is left empty, “Did you two have a fight or something?” I ask, wary of girl drama.

“No,” she replies, organizing her notes and quills in front of her.

I sigh, but let it pass. It’s just a class, “So, you and Anthony, huh?” I ask her.

“What? Oh, sure, I guess. It was just one date.”

I scoff, “One date, that guy is head over heels for you. Refused ten different girls at the party last week.”

“Is that supposed to impress me?” she responds, eyes narrowing.

I gulp, “Er, no. I guess not.”

The professor starts class and I zone out, unconsciously looking over at Ellie every so often. She’s taking attentive notes, her hair falling every time she looks down at her parchment. That hair is so soft...

“James?” Charlotte breaks me from my trance and points at a red-faced Rachelle. She’s just walked in and she’s glaring daggers at Charlotte’s back.

“Ah, Ms. Porters. Fifteen points from Ravenclaw for the tardiness. Please take a seat,” our professor scolds Rachelle.

Why is she so late? She refuses to look at me and I frown. I foresee a discussion after this class about something I’ve done, or something she’s assumed I’ve done. Either way, I hope our professor goes over nonverbal spells in extreme detail.

“Sorry if I made your girlfriend upset with you,” Charlotte whispers to me.

“It’s okay, she’s a big girl,” I reply, rolling my eyes.

Charlotte coughs back a laugh and I smile. I miss joking around and just having fun. Hell, I don’t care if my new attitude seems to have attracted Ellie. This isn’t me. I teasingly grab Charlotte’s manual and spin it around on the tip of my finger. She lets out a giggle and a wave of happiness courses through my body. There’s something thrilling about causing someone else to laugh.

“Mr. Potter!” Our charms professor shouts at me. I jump, startled and drop the manual to the floor.

“Sorry Professor,” I salute the man, causing Charlotte to giggle even harder. Rachelle is sending death glares at me, and Ellie is just staring at me. I don’t dare look back at her, I know she’s disgusted by my old personality.

I reach down and grab the manual while Charlotte snorts into her hands. I catch sight of a piece of parchment, folded into one of the pages. I remove it and glance over it. It’s titled, “Get-over-Leonidas-Galatian.” Curiosity overcomes my better judgement and I slip it into my satchel before leaning up and handing the manual back to her.

The rest of class seems to fly by. It’s like the universe knows that my girlfriend is getting ready to start an argument and has allowed time to move much more quickly. When the professor excuses us, I take my sweet time putting things away in my satchel, but I’m faced with another problem: Charlotte is Ellie’s best friend, I’m sitting next to Charlotte, Ellie is going to come over here, and I don’t want to face Ellie.

I think of my options: leave and be hunted down by my girlfriend, or stay and force myself to converse with a girl who really hurt me. I decide to make a third option for myself and drop down to the floor.

“What are you doing?” Charlotte asks me as I crawl underneath the table.

“Looking for nargles!” I yell up at her and cover my head with my hands. If I can’t see her, she won’t be able to see me.

I hear Ellie’s voice, “What is James doing?” My heart races, she said my first name.

“Searching for nargles, I think,” Charlotte responds.


“Yes, should we go to the library?”

“Well, shouldn’t we help him?” Ellie asks. Wait, what? No, you two are supposed to leave. Great, I should have picked option one.


“You know, help him search for nargles.”

“Er, okay.” They both bend down, and I close my eyes. If I can’t see them, they can’t see me, I repeat in my head.

Charlotte and Ellie laugh and I open my eyes, “What?” I ask them.

“Is that how you search for nargles? You look ridiculous!” Charlotte gasps out between snorts.

I forget her rude comment and stare at Ellie. She’s laughing in her hands with her eyes closed. Geez, she’s so adorable? Is that the right word for it? Sure, let’s go with adorable.

“James, what are you doing?” Ellie asks me, smiling.

I return her smile, “Just...hiding.”

“That I can believe. What are you hiding from?” Charlotte asks.

I look on the ground and shift in my spot, “Er, well, my girlfriend.”

Charlotte cringes, “I’m really sorry about that, I didn’t think about your girlfriend when I sat down. Why do you think she’s so upset?”

I frown, “I’m not entirely sure, actually. I mean, she just walked in and glared at me. I think it has something to do with a Christmas present, but it might be because Leo shagged her...”

Ellie’s eyes widen and Charlotte’s face pales, “What?” I ask them, “Is Christmas a big deal?”

Ellie looks like she’s about to say something, but Charlotte cuts her off, “Yes! A couple’s first Christmas is a huge deal. Don’t take the task too lightly,” she says, staring at the ground.

What? Christmas is a huge deal? What am I going to get her? She wears...clothes, I can buy her some shirts or something. Oh, she’s in Ravenclaw, maybe she really likes books. I saw this book on the etymology of the word, “rubbish.” Maybe she’ll find that to be interesting?

I hear the two girls stand and I look over to see tears falling from Charlotte’s eyes. Startled I sit up and hit my head against the desk, a string of curses fly out of my mouth as I rub the injury and remove myself from underneath the desk, “Charlotte? Galatian? What’s going on?” I ask both of them.

Charlotte shakes her head and runs out of the room. A lot of people have been doing that today, haven’t they? I’ve never understood the reasoning behind running away like that, but all the girls seem to have a good understanding of it. Ellie frowns after her. The atmosphere in the classroom just went to completely awkward.

I clear my throat, “Shouldn’t you run after her?”

Ellie looks at me, startled. Probably forgetting I was here, “No, she doesn’t need to talk to me right now.”

“She could use some comforting, though,” I frown, picking my satchel off the ground.

“Not from me,” she replies.

I shuffle from foot to foot. I didn’t run after Ellie, why didn’t I run after Ellie? I scratch the back of my neck, “Well, er. Have a good afternoon, Galatian.”

I turn to leave, but Ellie grabs my arm, “Wait, James.”

I cringe at the tingling sensation brought on through her touch, “W-What?” I stutter at her.

She seems to realize that she’s touching me and drops my arm, “Er, I just wanted to tell you why I-” she cuts herself off and blushes.

“Ran away crying after we kissed?” I fill in the blank. The pain of being rejected so fully courses through my body and I begin to shake.

“Yeah. Well, I ran away because,” she takes a big breath, “we can never get together.”

“I figured that much out,” I growl. Another wave of pain crashes through me as I recall each and every rejection.

Her lips quiver, “Well, good. I’m glad you understand,” she whispers.

Why does she look so hurt? I’m the one that should be curled up in a ball somewhere, crying my eyes out! She’s so confusing, secretive, manipulating...Lily was right. She told me not to trust her. That Ellie was just begging for attention, but I didn’t believe her. Great, this is what I get for not listening to my family, “Look,” I sigh and run a hand over my face, “I’ve got to go find my girlfriend. You should go find Charlotte.” I watch as her face falls even more before leaving her in the classroom.



It’s lunch hour. I walk into the Great Hall, ignore my usual friends, and walk straight to where Rose is sitting alone, “Hey Rosie, do you usually eat lunch alone?” I ask her as I take a seat across from her.

She looks up and smiles at me, “No, I usually eat with Charlotte and Ellie, but they aren’t here today. Oh Lily, I’ve got a boyfriend!”

“What? You didn’t get back together with Gary, right?” I ask, ready to go pumble that loser to the ground.

She laughs, “No, it’s Daniel Thomas, my potions partner.”

I sigh in relief and pat her hand, “That’s great news, Rosie.”

Rose dives in and gives me details of their relationship, and I eat, giving input here and there. Ellie walk into the Great Hall, alone and very troubled. Rose pauses in her narrative and waves her over, “Ellie, you look dreadful! Do you have another stack of assignments to do for Charms?”

Ellie stares at me, warily, for a moment before giving in and sitting down, “No, I’m just having a dreadful day.”

A wave of sympathy washes through me. I know that werewolves have it hard, but I don’t know, exactly, the pain that Ellie has to go through. I know it’s only the new moon now, but in a couple of weeks, Ellie will be taken by the wolf inside of her. Life’s got to be hard knowing that.

How did I figure out that Ellie is a werewolf? For the years that I’ve been glaring at her everywhere I see her, I’ve noticed a pattern. Once a week, she’s gone. The time leading up to those weeks, she is extremely pale and tired. Those things seem insignificant, until you put into account that she wasn’t in the infirmary. Where could she be, Mungo’s? If she was in Mungo’s, Leo would be notified of it, but he said that she was in the hospital wing.

After that, I took to the library, researching everything on any medical ailments. I hadn’t quite connected the dots to lycanthropy just yet, until James came to see me. I didn’t respond to anything he asked me, and soon, he just talked at me, stressing how he missed Ellie and how everything seemed to fall apart when she wasn’t around. . .

“I tried to visit Ellie in the hospital wing today, but Madam Pomfrey sent me out again,” he whines and pouts at me, waiting for me to respond.

When I don’t respond, he gets up and walks to the window, “The moon is waning. It used to be full. . .hey Lily, did you know the word ‘lunatic’ derives from Latin, meaning ‘moon-struck’?” he returns to the desk and watches me as I search through a herbology textbook.

He continues with his etymology lesson, “The Greeks believed that the full moon drove people mad. It was a way for them to explain mental illnesses. Has the moon driven you to insanity, Lily?”

I throw the herbology textbook at him and he gets up, “Fine! It’s like talking to a statue, a crazy statue. I’ve got to get to class anyway,” he huffs before leaving.

Something he said strikes me, “The moon is waning. It used to be full.” I decide to try my luck and find a lycanthropy textbook.

Everything said in that lycanthropy manual fit with Ellie. The random growling, the love of meat once a month, the paleness and weakness. The discovery startled me. I didn’t know that Ellie was a werewolf, and I began to feel an intense guiltiness for being so harsh with her. I thought she was just begging for attention by acting sick, or rejecting James. No, she’s not the person I thought she was.

I left the library and ran into Albus, but that’s all I remember before blacking out.

I watch Ellie and Rose as they talk about Rose’s potion’s essay. I judged her so quickly and I was wrong. There’s nothing, really, that I can do to make up for the years of torture I put her through, but I can try to move forward from all of that. I take in a deep breath and interrupt their conversation, “Hello Ellie, how are you today?”

Both Ellie’s and Rose’s mouth drop in surprise. After a few moments, Ellie shakes herself and replies, “I’m well, how are you?”

I beam, “I’m brilliant!” I respond.

Ellie stares at me as though I’ve gone insane and Rose beams. Maybe I have gone insane. Maybe the moon’s light has worked on me? I must be a lunatic, but who cares?

My dad’s words, “Don’t be so quick to judge. Accept everyone,” rings in my ear.

A/N-Look, Lily's back and she knows about Ellie's wolfish tendencies :D. Yay, how did you like this chapter? Please leave a review.



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