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Peanut Butter Geli Time by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 8 : Whoopsie.
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“Well, well, well,” Dom said, folding her arms and raising an eyebrow at me. “It seems you actually can put an outfit together without burning my eyes out.”

“Thanks … I think.” I said, pulling on my jeans. Today was the day I was going on my first fake date with Brandon. He was really excited about it and – get this – he actually invited along Al and Nadine.

Well, that’s me isn’t it? I’m the Gelimeister – epic at putting outfits on and attracting poor suckers and fake dating them.

Yep, that pretty much sums up my life.

I buttoned up my jeans and bent down to start lacing up my converses.

Rose was curling her hair, making herself look nice for her date with Scorpius.

“I’m off now. Brandon’s waiting downstairs.” I said, getting up. I took one last look in the mirror and made for the door.

“Hold on a sec, Geli. I’ll come too – I just need to find a boob tube –”

She bent over and rummaged in her trunk and pulled out a white boob tube. After putting it on, she pulled on a very, very, very low cut top and jumped after me, her black hair swinging behind.

It was so awkward when we went down to the Great Hall. My arm was laced through Brandon’s and Nadine was clinging onto Al’s arm.

We shared a carriage on the way down. All the time, Nadine was staring goo-goo eyes at Al and Brandon was staring goo-goo eyes at me. It was very strange, having a sixteen-year-old boy staring at you like there was no tomorrow.

While we were being goo-goo-eyed, Al and I cleared our throats and stared at each other. Then he smiled, and I smiled. It had been a while since he’d even talked to me, never mind smiled. When the carriages stopped, I opened the door and zoomed out, dragging Brandon along with me.

“Where do you guys want to go first?” I asked.

“The Three Broomsticks?” Al suggested. “I’m pretty thirsty.”

Or,” Nadine said, smiling widely at us all, “or we could go to Madam Puddifoot’s.”

I shuddered. I did not want to go into that sickly little teashop. It was for cute couples who loved each other – not me and Brandon.

“If you want to,” Al said, also smiling. I ignored the punching in my gut and the mental image of myself sending a foot into Nadine’s face and nodded along with Brandon.

“Let’s go then.” Brandon took my hand and the four of us walked up the street to the cramped little teashop. We went inside and found two free tables next to each other. Madam Puddifoot (I swear that woman’s been alive since Al’s grandparents were at school?!) came over to us. We ordered four cappuccinos and she bustled off. I looked around nervously.

There were couples everywhere, grabbing each other and snogging – including, I noticed, our dear Rosie and Hyperion. Whoops – I mean Scorpius. Duh.

If it was this crowded in October, I wondered what it would be like on Valentine’s Day. The thought made me sick.

While we were waiting for our coffees, Nadine suddenly grabbed the front of Al’s shirt and started kissing him. I actually threw up in my mouth a little.

Brandon looked around, clearing his throat and scratching his elbow.

I looked down at the table and started picking at the tablecloth.

Then I remembered what Dom would have said if she was here:

“Come on, Blue. You have to make him jealous … but, yanno, that’s just what you do, isn’t it? You’re such a fail at everything!”

“Shut up, Dominique,” I grumbled to myself.

“What was that?” Brandon asked.

“Um … nothing.” I said, smiling at him. I put my hand on the table and started drawing patterns on the cloth. Brandon put his hand over mine. I noticed his palm was very sweaty. It was kind of really gross, but it was sort of sweet at the same time, the fact that he was nervous. He must have noticed me getting uncomfortable because he started to draw away, but Dom’s stupid smug face burst into my mind.

I took his hand and kissed him.

The tables were small, probably so the couples could snog each other easier, but it was still a bit weird kissing over a table.

I guess it was okay. I was kind of like “WTF?” at first, but then I sort of liked it.

We both started pulling away at the same time. I blushed and so did he.

“Uh …” I said, smiling.

“That was …” Brandon flushed bright red.

That was when I realized: maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe this whole “Dating Brandon” thing could work.


I was only doing this to get Al. I wasn’t going to get side-tracked.


Madam Puddifoot came back, balancing the four cups on her arms.

It wasn’t the best coffee I’d ever had. To be honest, it tasted like dishwater. You’d think that being a multi-millionairess with a booming lovey-dovey business she’d be able to make some decent coffee.

I tried not to grimace as I drank it. Nadine was making a big fuss, spitting it out and saying,

“This is disgusting!” really loudly.

I was like,

“Hey, girlfriend, stop being such a BABY and drink the damn coffee!”

But I just said that inside my head so nobody heard it.

After we’d finished the coffee (after much grimacing and trying not to barf), we paid and left.

I held Brandon’s hand while we decided where to go next.

“Honeydukes?” I suggested. “I heard they’ve got a new range of Bertie Bott’s.”

“What’s ‘Honeydukes’?” Brandon asked, looking confused.

“What! You’ve never heard of Honeydukes?” Al said, looking incredulous.

Brandon shook his head. “We don’t have it in Australia.”

“Whoa. Well, wait until you see it. It’s the best, there are loads of amazing sweets, like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, and Cauldron Cakes –” Al went off on a rant explaining all the different types of sweets to Brandon. The two of them walked in front and Nadine and I trailed behind.

“You better stay away from Brandon,” Nadine hissed at me.

“So you’re telling me to stay away from Al, and I get that – I think – and now you’re telling me to stay away from my own boyfriend?” I gaped at her. “You’re one sick little cookie, Nadine,”

I quickened my pace to walk beside Brandon. “Honeydukes, then?”

“Yep. I want to see it.” Brandon said eagerly.

“And then we’re going to the Three Broomsticks, right? I want something else to drink apart from that –” Al shuddered. “I don’t think there’s a word for it.”

“Flobberworm piss?” I suggested. Al and Brandon laughed and Nadine was shooting me warning looks. I ignored her as I took Brandon’s hand again.

Apparently the gorgeous smell of Honeydukes was enough to melt even Nadine’s heart of stone because as soon as we stepped inside, she gasped in delight and rushed off to look at the sweets. Brandon laughed like a weirdo and picked up a jar of Cockroach Clusters.

I was about to go over to him and advise him to run away screaming from those particular sweets but someone grabbed my arm. I turned, ready to punch someone’s face or poke a few eyes out, when I saw it was Al.

“Al, what are you doing?” I asked him. He pulled me closer to him so we were almost nose-to-nose. I struggled to get out of his grip – I mean, normally I’d have pounced on him and snogged him, but I was on a “date” and I had to keep up appearances.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he demanded, looking quite angry.


“Dating Brandon.”

“Well, I didn’t really think you’d care, seeing as you’re so caught up with Nadine all the damn time –”

“What the fudge is that supposed to mean?” Al growled. I tried not to giggle. If Ginny hadn’t placed that profanity ban on us, he’d have said the actual word and it probably would have been more angry-sounding. But now he just sounded like a crazy candy-shop owner.

“I don’t know if you’d noticed, Albus, but you seem to be glued to her lips nowadays!” I said, my voice getting louder.

“What’s it to you?” Al yelled. Nobody stared. The noise in the shop was so loud they probably didn’t hear anyway.

I stared at him for a moment. I wanted to answer. I opened my mouth to, but no sound came out. So instead, like an idiot, I turned on my heel and fled from the shop. There were quite a few students and various people swarming in and out of Honeydukes. I fought against the crowd and found myself in a dark alleyway between Dervish & Banges and Spintwitches.

The alleyway was quite small and there was enough space for me to stay standing and rest my head against the opposite wall.


If those two stupid Australians hadn’t come swanning in, this never would have happened. In fact, I’d probably be snogging my precious Ally-baby right about now.

“Geli!” A sharp voice made me look up.

Shizz. It was Al.

“Are you stalking me? Shouldn’t you be lip-locking with your girlfriend right now?” I snapped at him. It was his fault too. Yep. It’s everyone’s fault except mine because I am perfect. All hail me. I am the best role model a young child could hope for.

LOL. Joking. If I was your child’s role model, I’d call for a psychiatrist.

“I’m not stalking you.” He slid into the alleyway with me. It was so cramped we were squashed right up against each other.

“It goddamn seems like it to me,” I said, avoiding his gaze.

“Seriously though. You know that every time I see you with him feels like my intestines have shrivelled up?”

Ew. What a nice thought.

“Why should it? Clearly you love your slut – whoops, sorry, I mean girlfriend very much,” I replied, folding my arms.

“Don’t you see yet?” he asked. “Trust me to fall for the one girl who’s not interested in me.”

“… What?”

“You heard me. I really, really like you, Geli. In fact, I think I love you.” He looked at me expectantly.

I waited for the familiar feeling in my stomach of fireworks and pixies and my insides having a conga party while drunk on Firewhisky. I wanted it to come.

But it didn’t.

“Al,” I said. “I’m sorry. You’re right. I’m not interested in you.”

He didn’t say anything. He just stared at me.

“I can’t believe I just said that,” I muttered. “I used to like you, Al. I really did. Ask Rose, or Dom or any of the girls for that matter. Even Scorpius knows.”

“So why don’t you anymore?”

He already knew the answer. “Right,” he said. “I should have said something earlier, shouldn’t I?” He let out a nervous laugh. I just nodded.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated. I kissed his cheek and edged my way out of the alleyway. I was intending on a swift, graceful exit, but instead my leg got tangled with Al’s and we both fell over. He helped me up and we stared at each other and then burst out laughing.

When we got back to Honeydukes, Brandon and Nadine were laden with sweets.

“Where did you two go?” Nadine asked us, acting all sweet.

“Oh … it got a bit stuffy in there so we waited outside,” I lied. “You two clearly enjoyed yourselves.”

“Oh, Geli, it’s amazing in there!” Brandon gasped.

“Yeah, yeah, tell her about it later. I’m so thirsty, let’s go to the Three Broomsticks,” Nadine said impatiently.


But I just said it inside my head so nobody heard me.

So we went to the Three Broomsticks with Nadine and Brandon carrying heavy bags full of sweets.

I ordered the Butterbeers while the other three went to find a table. I had a bit of trouble holding four bottles at the same time, but I managed it. I sat opposite Nadine and she kept kicking me. I felt like pulling her hair out and feeding it to … um … Aragog’s … grandson!

I was halfway through my Butterbeer when I put down the bottle and said,

“I just need to go to the bathroom,” I said. I got out of my chair and made my way towards the door to the ladies’.

I looked at myself in the mirror and started reapplying my makeup. What, you didn’t really expect me to actually go to the toilet? Pfft, no. What kind of crazy world are you living in?

I was just swiping the lipgloss wand over my lips when the raging bull-bitch walked in.

“So you and Al just waited outside, did you?” she asked, fluffing up her hair.

“Yeah,” I said, putting the lipgloss tube back in my little purse and searching for my mascara. “Why?”

“Only, he keeps looking at you, and I’m wondering if you did anything else?” She raised an eyebrow.

“No. What were you wondering?”

“I’m wondering, Geli,” she turned to face me, “I’m wondering if you are who you say you are. I mean, looking at you know, I’d say you were a slut.”

… EXCUSE ME? She’s calling me a slut?

“Uh …” I said, frowning at my reflection.

“And I’d also say you were being a bitch to my brother and trying to steal Al away from me.”

“Believe me Nadine, that is the complete opposite of what I’m trying to do.” I said.

“Of course that’s what you’d say, isn’t it?” Nadine said, looking all smug.

Sometimes I think I’m so stupid I make James look like a brainbox.

I jumped on Nadine and started whacking her in the stomach with my purse. She fell into a toilet cubicle and then – yeah, I actually did – I shoved her head into the toilet bowl.

When she came up, she didn’t look remotely pretty anymore. More like a drowning cat on drugs. 

“YOU. LITTLE. BITCH!” she screamed at me.

Instead of running away, screaming like a little girl, I started laughing. Yes, laughing. I may as well have waved a red flag in front of a bull. Well, I basically was.

“Don’t you DARE laugh at me!” Nadine growled.

“Too bad!” I giggled. “I’m sorry, you just look –”

“You’re sorry? You are gonna be WAY more than sorry by the time I’m through with you!”

That was when I threw a toilet brush and her and then ran out of the bathroom. I didn’t stop at the table. I just ran straight out of the pub and up the street.

“Geli!” It was Brandon. He caught up with me. “Why did you run out?”

“Um …”

Nadine was charging up the street, water dripping from her hair.

“That’s why.”

Nadine came running up to us and knocked me to the ground. “You’re going to pay!”

“Nadine! Stop it!” Brandon tried to pull his (crazy, mental) sister off me, but she elbowed him in the face.

She tried to do something to me, like maybe pull my eyes out or something, but I slapped her before she could. She reeled back in pain and I jumped up, kicked her in the gut and ran like a high, crazy duck. 

... Last time it was a fish. I just called myself a duck.




“Dude!” Hugo was bent double, laughing his ass off. It was about seven. We’d just come up from dinner and we were all down in the common room, apart from Nadine, who was sulking. Her location has yet to be determined. “You slapped a fish!”

“A fish?” Rose asked. “Did you just call Nadine a fish?”

“Well, I’d call her a cow,” Hugo said thoughtfully, “but everyone knows Dom is the resident cow.”

Al and I were sitting at opposite ends of the group. He was sat with James and Lily and I was curled up with Brandon. I noticed Al shooting angry looks towards Brandon.

“So let me get this straight,” Rose said, “you hit Nadine with your purse, then you shoved her head into a toilet, laughed at her, threw a toilet brush at her, then ran and then you slapped her?”

“Yep, that sounds just about right.”

AN: Bonjour! Thanks for reading this latest chapter – I hope you liked it! Sorry if you’ve been waiting a while, I’ve been pretty busy and I had a few other stories I wanted to update. What do you think of Al’s confession and Geli’s reply? Hmm?? Tell me what you thought about the chapter – I think that grey box wants some food. Next chapter up soon (hopefully) xxxx 


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