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The Lily Potter Problem by AHeat
Chapter 1 : When It All Begins
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Disclaimer:  I don't own any of JK's characters, and I did not invent the magical world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter.  I admire JK Rowling so much, and I would never claim her creative genuis as my own.  This is my way of paying homage to the books that have meant so much to me!

Chapter 1: When it All Begins

Harry was sitting in his office, hardly able to keep his mind on his work. His very pregnant wife was one week overdue, and he was having a difficult time not worrying about her. As head auror, it was important for him to focus on his department while he was at the Ministry, but every time Ginny got pregnant it was as if his mind decided to take a nine-month Hiatus.

He was just considering calling it a day and temporarily relinquishing his duties to Ron when a silver mare galloped into the room. His heart leapt- he’d recognize Ginny’s patronus anywhere.

“It’s happening. Mum has the boys. Meet me at St. Mungos.” He couldn’t help but grin- the baby was finally here! It had been agreed when Ginny first found out she was pregnant again that this would be their last. She would not—as she so delicately put it—put herself through the torture of six pregnancies and raising seven children as her delusional mother had.

Harry rushed into Ron’s cubical, which was conveniently located right outside his office.

“Ginny’s gone into labor!” he told his best mate breathlessly. A look of mixed horror and joy graced Ron Weasley’s face. He had always been confused by the mixed emotions that came with childbirth—something he had had to face twice so far as a father.

“Excellent, what do you need me to do?” he asked.

“Just keep an eye out on things here. Let Hermione know, and the rest of the family while you’re at it,” Harry instructed. He knew Ginny would not want to be bombarded with well-wishers right now, but he felt all the Weasleys at least had a right to know. Right now, however, his priority was getting to the hospital to support his wife.

After politely accepting the congratulations of many of his aurors, Harry made his way to the atrium as fast as he could. He finally got to the fireplaces and flooed to St. Mungo’s. At the front desk, all the lady behind the counter had to do was look at him to realize why he was there. She had seen Ginny Potter come through a few minutes ago and expected her famous husband to be following close behind.

A few floors up, Ginny had just situated into her room and was getting very frustrated that her husband was not there yet. When he walked in the door, she glared at him. Harry was not surprised by her hostility (he had, after all, helped guide her through two other births). For some strange reason, she seemed to blame him for putting her in this predicament. It was no use reminding her that conception was a two-sided ordeal, not when she was in this state.

After a few hours, Harry went outside to get ice chips only to be bombarded by an onslaught of red-headed Weasleys. Upon hearing that nothing had happened yet, they returned to their seats. The children, most of whom were too young to keep track of in a busy hospital, were at the burrow with Molly and Fleur. Harry was sure it was killing his mother-in-law not to be by her daughter’s bedside, but she insisted on watching over her precious grandbabies.

When Harry returned to the room, it was to a scene of chaos. It seemed that the baby was finally ready to be born, and a little while later, the newest Potter member was introduced to the world. To Harry, she appeared to be a beautiful mini-Ginny. Ginny, on the other hand, saw so much of Harry in her new darling baby girl. Both parents agreed that the nine months of waiting had been well worth it.
The healers offered their congratulations and left the room to let the three have their privacy.

“We better cherish this time,” murmured Ginny, “the family will break down the doors soon.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” said Harry. He sat down in a chair next to the bed and watched the two most important ladies in his life have their first moments together. “What do you want to call her?”
“I’ve been thinking about it, actually. Would you mind if we called her Lily?” said Ginny.

Harry was speechless. They had already named one of their children after his parents, but to add another Potter namesake into their family? “I don’t know, Gin. Won’t your parents be mad if we don’t give them some credit?”

“Well they don’t really have much say in the matter, do they?” laughed Ginny. “Besides, they’ll understand. Your parents were two of the bravest people they knew, and no one can argue that. I think it will be doing them justice by reintroducing their names into the world, now that what they died fighting for has been achieved.”

Well put, thought Harry. “Fine, but I want the middle name to be named after someone you want. I feel I’ve been a little selfish with the naming.”

“Okay, how about Luna? I’ve always loved that name, and after all Luna’s done for us I think it would be fair to give her some credit. Besides, it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Lily Luna Potter…” Ginny gazed at nothing in particular, having just grasped the idea of having a daughter in her life. She felt like she knew how her mother felt when she was born.

“Lily Luna Potter,” Harry agreed.

Outside, the new aunts and uncles waited anxiously for more news. The healers had informed them that the baby was a girl, but they were dying to know what she looked like and what her name would be. When Harry opened the door and beckoned them inside with a grin on his face, it took all of their restraint not to rush into the room noisily.

Ron, Hermione, George, Angelina, Bill, Charlie, Percy and Arthur gathered around the bed and stared with amazement at their new niece/granddaughter. There was a mutual agreement throughout the room that she was the most beautiful girl there.

“She’s going to break, hearts, that one, just like her Mum,” said George, breaking the silence. Everyone chuckled and took turns holding newborn Lily. Once everyone had their fill of baby snuggling, the room emptied and the new parents were left alone. Harry sent a patronus to Molly telling her the news (though he was sure she’d already been told) and asking if she would bring over the boys.

Mere minutes passed before Molly Weasley burst through the door, a black-haired toddler in each arm. She deposited the children with their father and went over to her only daughter. The two women cried upon seeing each other, and Ginny handed her mother her newest grandbaby.

“She’s so beautiful. What’s her name?” asked Molly.

“Lily,” said Ginny, “Lily Luna.” Molly beamed, and returned to cooing at the newborn.

James and Albus sat surprisingly patiently on Harry’s lap. When Molly handed Lily back to Ginny, the boys climbed up onto the bed and stared wonderingly at their new sister. James grinned at his Mum and Dad, while Albus continued staring in amazement, as if this new human was the most fascinating thing he had ever seen.

“Boys, meet your new sister,” said Ginny blissfully. James just continued grinning and Albus looked up at her, repeating the word “sister” and suddenly grinning as avidly as his brother.

The Potter family spent the rest of the evening together, welcoming their newest addition. Tomorrow, the newspapers would be alive with reports of yet another child of the world’s most famous Wizard. But for now, Harry and Ginny enjoyed the peacefulness that filled the room, engulfing them and their three wonderful children.


A/N: Hey guys! This is my first attempt at a longer story (I’ve only ever done one-shots, and they were a LONG time ago!). The story is already finished (I always hate when it takes authors months to add new chapters), but I’m incorporating feedback from the comments into the already-written chapters. So, if you have anything you want me to add/explain/embellish, just let me know! I plan on posting as soon as the queue lets me add a new chapter.
I’m really excited about this story, since I love the Potter kids and the fact that JK set up such wonderful characters for us to work with. Anyways, see you next chapter!

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The Lily Potter Problem: When It All Begins


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