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'Till Death Do Us Part by alicia and anne
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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A/N: This is the third story update I've done today, not just for this story. That's a lot of updates :D I might have to do a fourth!

Anyways, I hope that you like this one, it's got Scorpius in it. I love writing him, and you all get to meet the coworker that brought James into St Mungo's in Illusions of a perfect marriage, if only for a little bit. But expect more soon! Hope you enjoy it!

“Hello?” Scorpius Malfoy called from an open door, which lead to a darkened flat. He pushed his light blonde hair out of his eyes as he entered the flat and closed the door behind him, putting his hand into his pocket to search for his wand. “Albus? Mariah?”

He was blinking into the darkness as he continued searching for his wand; he could have sworn he put it in this pocket. He stayed where he was standing as he continued routing through pockets, calling for Albus and Mariah as he carried on. He knew that someone was here as he heard a yell when he was outside. He just hoped that Albus and Mariah weren’t having any ‘alone’ time. He shuddered at the thought as he found his wand in his inside pocket, he waved it around as he muttered ‘Lumos’ and used it as a torch around the room.

“I hope to god you’re both dressed,” Scorpius called loudly, making his way around what could only be described as a bombsite of toys and what appeared to be dry cereal all over the floor. “I don’t want another occurrence like last Saturday, or any other time I come over here!”

He heard a loud giggling and the thundering of footsteps come towards him before they stopped; Scorpius looked down in fear, his wand still illuminated, and relaxed when he saw that it was only Pedro smiling up at him.

“Oh, hello.” Scorpius began; he was interrupted by Albus yelling loudly.

“Pedro get back here now, Daddy needs his wand!”

Scorpius noticed his best friends wand in Pedro’s chubby hands, and tried to take it from him slowly, “What have you got there Pedro? Can uncle Scorpius see it?”

Pedro yelled, “No!” loudly, before biting Scorpius’s outstretched hand and running off, he was followed by a loud meowing. Scorpius let out a yelp as he inspected his hand; there were gummy tooth marks but no blood. This time.

“Pedro!” Albus yelled, running into the hallway where Scorpius was still standing, looking around for the young toddler. He stopped when he saw Scorpius pointing his wand light at him.

“I take it you’ve seen Pedro,” Albus said, nodding at Scorpius’s hand, which he was rubbing on his jumper to get rid of the drool on it.

“Yep, another bite I can add to the list of injuries my godson has inflicted on me,” Scorpius stated, Albus winced.

“Sorry about that. You don’t happen to know which way he ran do you?”

“I think he went into his bedroom,” Scorpius said, Albus ran off from him, still searching around the darkness for his son, and his evil companion Zonky.

“Why haven’t you turned on the lights Albus?” Scorpius asked as he followed Albus into Pedro’s bedroom, the cat could be seen in the wand light, sitting in front of Pedro’s crib and glaring at them.

“Pedro’s managed to blow a fuse using my wand, and I need it back to fix it.” Albus said, trying to edge around the cat but Zonky was blocking him at every move.

“Why does he have your wand?” Scorpius asked, as he tried to get around the other side of the cat, but the cat was managing to block them both.

“He took it out of my pocket during a game or ‘Peek-a-boo’. I’ll admit it’s not my finest moment of parenting,” Albus said, trying to work out how to get around the cat. He could see Pedro’s feet sticking out from under the crib and knew where he was hidden.

“Hey Scorpius,” Albus said in a whisper, hoping that the cat wasn’t listening to them.

“What Albus?” Scorpius hissed back, wondering why they weren’t just charming the cat out of the way.

“Can you Accio some ham from the fridge?”

“Now is not the time for a snack Albus!” Scorpius scolded.

“No! It’s for the evil sidekick in front of me,” Albus said, “If you distract it with the ham I can get Pedro and my wand back.”

Scorpius waved his wand as he said, “Accio ham.”

It took a few moments before the ham flew towards him, the cat lunged at him instantly and Scorpius had to dodge out of the way. Scorpius threw the ham into the hallway and the cat ran for it, leaving Pedro unguarded.

Albus pulled his son out from under the crib gently, Pedro began kicking him and making it difficult for Albus to get his wand back.

“No. Mine!” Pedro yelled, waving the wand around and hitting Albus in the head with it, a few sparks emitting from the wand. Scorpius had walked towards Albus to help him out and was met with a spark to the face. Scorpius fell to the floor and could only watch in horror as his hair began turning green and growing to shoulder length.

“Really?” he cried loudly, looking down at his hair in the wand light. “You are exactly like your mother Pedro!”

Pedro laughed loudly as Albus finally managed to get his wand off of his son and stand up, putting Pedro into his crib, Pedro instantly become interested in a teddy bear and started throwing it against the bars of the crib.

“Now, let’s go sort out the lights,” Albus said out of breath.

“And quite possibly my hair,” Scorpius muttered angrily, “how the hell did he manage to do this? He’s a child!”

“He’s Mariah’s son, anything is possible here.” Albus said, walking through is flat, careful not to step on the cat who was still eating the ham.

Albus managed to fix the lights, then him and Scorpius set to work on charming the flat to clean itself, Pedro had made it quite a bombsite.

“So what are you going to do to get the little tyke to calm down?” Scorpius said, glancing down at his watch, goblin made of course. “Because he should be going to sleep soon.”

“I was thinking a game of chess,” Albus said with a shrug, Scorpius almost laughed in his face.

“You can’t seriously think that’s a good idea, he’ll eat the pieces!” Scorpius cried.

“He won’t!” Albus cried, “Give him some credit.”

“He’s your son,” Scorpius stated, Albus thought for a moment.

“You’re right, bad idea.” Albus said, walking back into his son’s room to find him now chewing on the ear of the teddy bear. “Plus, it won’t take long for him to fall asleep.”

He picked up a wind up nightlight that was on one of the units in Pedro’s room, and turned it a few times before placing it back down; he then walked over to his son and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He walked back to the door and turned the light off. Different coloured lights instantly filled the room; dancing Hippogriffs, leaping Centaurs, Flying Dragons and various other creatures were all illuminated across the ceiling and walls, moving slowly to the music that was playing softly.
Pedro looked up, pointed and said, “Wha’ that!” before he lay down with the Teddy bear in his arm, as he sucked his thumb.

“There we go,” Albus said as he walked from the room with Scorpius, they entered the front room and each took a seat on the sofa.

“I really don’t understand how you became an Auror,” Scorpius admitted, Albus shot him a hard look. “You were outsmarted by a toddler, and his cat sidekick.”

“Hey!” Albus cried, “That could happen to anyone!”

“But it didn’t, it happened to you.” Scorpius said with a shake of his head, “We are really lucky that there’s no dark lord out there with toddler followers and hundreds of cats, because you will be unable to defeat them. Which means that we would all be screwed.”

“Then we best hope that doesn’t happen,” Albus said.


“You better be going for that promotion James,” Brent Cross said, as he pushed some papers across James’s desk and sat on the corner of it looking down at the raven haired man. Brent had worked with James for years, taking him under his wing when he came to the Ministry, fresh out of working with Dragon’s in Romania.

James gave a shrug as he looked down at the papers in front of him; the amount of paperwork on this job was the only downside to it. There would be even more in the promotion that Brent was talking about. It was to become a senior worker in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, a job that would mean a better pay packet, so he could provide more for Amelia and the twins. Brent had put James’s name forward for the promotion instead of his own, saying that James needed it a lot more than he did. James thought that Brent was the most honest person in this Ministry and James considered him a great friend, he had been the one to give him emergency first aid when he had been attacked by that Dragon, and for that James owed him his life, without that emergency first aid he wouldn’t have even made it to St Mungo’s to be treated by Amelia.

“I’m thinking about it,” James admitted, he had been thinking about it since the opportunity had presented itself. He and Amelia could definitely use the extra money, especially if they were going to be buying a house. Amelia would also be able to cut down on her hours at St Mungo’s; he knew that it was becoming a bit stressful for her lately.

“You best hurry; I think that Wesley might also be going for the promotion as well. I don’t think I want him as my boss.” Brent said, speaking about their other co-worker, who would make a good senior in their department. “And I think that you deserve it a lot more than him.”

“You’re just saying that so I’d give you special treatment.” James said with a laugh, finishing writing on the parchment in front of him, and resisting a groan when he realised that there were a lot more forms to fill in. He looked down at his watch and realised that his break was an hour away, James let out the groan before pulling another piece of parchment towards him.

“Shouldn’t you be doing some paperwork as well?” James asked Brent, he didn’t want to be the only one doing the work, if they done it together it would be over a lot sooner.

Brent gave a smile as he stood up and walked over to his own desk, which was situated across from James’s. “See, you’re already speaking like my boss, you might as well start getting paid for it.”

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'Till Death Do Us Part: Chapter 7


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