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Pink Elephants by Zyii
Chapter 8 : Pink Elephants 2.0
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Pink Elephants 2.0

Mild Language


‘Yeah Mione’.

‘You have three seconds to move your hand off my butt’.

‘Urh sorry Mione’ stammered George trying to shift his hand away.

‘George!’ Hermione warned.

‘I’m sorry but there isn’t a lot of space here!’

‘Urgh, fine! Just don’t squeeze your hand or anything’ she said, ‘where are we?’

‘Duh, a broom closet’ said George sarcastically.

‘Why would we be in, oh those little dare devils I’m going to kill them!!’ she shouted.


‘Harry and Charlie’ growled Hermione.

‘Again, why?’ asked George.

‘This is their doing I can feel it, they meddled!!’ said Hermione, seething mad.

‘Meddled?’ asked George.

‘Yeah, you know, constructed this’ she said waving her arms as much as she could in gesture.

‘I don’t think they would meddle this far’ said George.

‘Please! We’ve probably been driving them crazy’ said Hermione.

‘Well you were the one avoiding me!’ yelled George.

‘No I wasn’t!’ replied Hermione angrily.

‘You know you really hurt me Hermione’ said George.

Hermione paused, ‘What did I do?’ she asked.

‘You told me you didn’t remember anything from that night’ he said.

‘You said you couldn’t remember anything either’ replied Hermione.

‘I lied’ he said simply.

‘What?!’ cried Hermione.

‘I lied, I wanted to see if you felt the same way, obviously you didn’t or you wouldn’t have lied about what had happened’ said George moodily.

‘Please!’ said Hermione with a growl, ‘It’s not like you gave me a choice, you just came right out and said you didn’t remember anything like you didn’t want it to become common knowledge’ said Hermione.

‘I just told you I wanted to see if you felt the same way’ huffed George.

‘Oh of course, and you couldn’t just come out and ask me, that would be way too terrifying’ said Hermione sarcastically.

‘What? So you’re saying if I’d come straight out and asked you then your answer would have been different?’ asked George.

‘Well it doesn’t matter now does it’ replied Hermione.

‘Why not?’ asked George.

‘Because you didn’t ask, you made your choice the moment you said you didn’t remember anything’ said Hermione.

‘That’s not fair!’ said George.

‘No what’s not fair is you pinning this all on me because I didn’t understand some stupid plot you’d devised’ she cried.

‘Alright, I’m sorry! I’m not good at this stuff’ said George.

‘No, really? I hadn’t noticed’ cried Hermione sarcastically.

‘There’s no need for that attitude’ said George coolly, ‘can’t we just move on?’

‘I don’t know George’ said Hermione.

‘Why not?’ George asked.

She sighed.

‘If we can’t be honest with ourselves how do we expect this to go anywhere’ she said.

‘Who said life was easy Hermione, we’re a testimony to that, why follow the rules? Can’t we just be daring and create our own’ he said.

Though he couldn’t see her clearly in the dark closet he knew the look on her face was one of uncertainty.

‘Please Hermione, give us a chance’ he said.

‘No more interferences, no more psychotic girls, no more secrets, just us?’ she asked.

‘Well I can’t promise there won’t be anymore psychotic girls but I’ll try my best to keep them away’ joked George.

Hermione giggled.

‘I’ve missed you’ she whispered.

‘And I’ve missed you’ he replied.

‘George’ she said.

‘Hermione’ he replied.

‘We’ve been right idiots haven’t we’ she said.

‘More  than idiots’ he replied.

‘You do realise, if we’d just admitted our feelings in the beginning, none of this would have happened’.

‘So you’re admitting your feelings are you’ teased George.

Laying her heart on the line, Hermione replied ‘Yeah I am’.

‘That’s good’ said George, ‘Because I have feelings for you too, and they’re big honest to god mushy romantic feelings and I don’t intend to let you go soon’ he said.

Hermione blushed in the darkness, and felt George pull her flush against him.

‘Hermione’ he breathed.

‘Yes George’ she replied.

‘Will you do me the great honour of becoming my girlfriend’ he asked with a grin.

‘Why good sir it would be my pleasure’ she replied.


They sealed it the good old fashioned way – with a kiss.


‘Do you think we’ve left them in there long enough?’ asked Harry.

‘I don’t know, I mean they’ve been in there for over three hours but the door hasn’t opened’ replied Charlie.

‘Yeah I wondered about that, I didn’t think they’d be that stubborn’ said Harry.

Charlie nodded thoughtfully as he and Harry continued to watch the closet closely.

‘I don’t hear anything, do you?’ asked Harry.

‘No, we didn’t cast any silencing charms did we?’ asked Charlie.

‘No, just the spell to open the door’ replied Harry.

‘I don’t understand’ muttered Charlie.

Little did the two boys know they were about to become a very amusing picture that would be showed off to friends for many years to come. While both were deep in thought a large bowl filled with jelly, soap, baked beans, eggs, flour, shaving foam and other disgusting items was slowly floating above them and getting closer by the second. It smelt revolting and no one would wish to be caught under it.

‘Do you think we should have a peek in?’ asked Charlie.

‘I don’t know, could do, then again I don’t really want to be scared for life if they are doing something’ replied Harry.

‘We did good though didn’t we’ commented Charlie.

‘You mean our meddling?’ asked Harry.

‘Yeah, without us they wouldn’t have even considered getting together, plus whatever happens in that closet has to be better than the awkwardness we’ve been living in for the last two weeks’ said Charlie.

‘I suppose you’re right’ replied Harry, ‘Clara didn’t seem to think so though’ he added.

‘She doesn’t know Hermione as well as us. I’m sure Hermione will be overjoyed to know that we were the ones who started the journey to her happiness’ said Charlie.

‘I don’t know about that, but I hope she won’t do anything too rash’ replied Harry.

‘What can she do? She’s locked in a closet without a wand’ said Charlie arrogantly.

‘I can do this!’ came Hermione’s voice, a split second before the bowl of gunk descended upon the two meddlers. The satisfying sound of the gunk hitting the two men was revenge enough for Hermione though George went the extra mile and jinxed their hair and skin into a rather unattractive puce colour that was sure to last a week or more.

‘What am I covered in?’ asked Charlie angrily.

‘Lots of gone off food and other liquids we had lying around’ replied Hermione sweetly.

‘How could you Mione’ said Harry, struggling not to let any of the gunk into his mouth.

‘How could I Harry? How could you!’ she shouted, ‘You had no right to interfere in my life or George’s life! I can’t believe you would do something like that, you’re supposed to be my best friend and you go and cross boundaries and invade my privacy like that’ she said angrily.

‘I did it for you Mione’ he said weakly.

‘I don’t care who you did it for, you shouldn’t have done it in the first place, how would you like it if I meddled in your life, here’s a clue YOU WOULDN’T’ she shouted.

‘Now Hermione, I think they’ve suffered enough’ said George.

‘For now…’ said Hermione, ‘But I may change my mind later’ she said evilly.

‘Wait, why is George’s arm around your waist?’ asked Charlie.

‘Why do you think you idiot’ said Hermione sarcastically.

‘So our meddling worked’ said Charlie oblivious to Hermione’s growing anger.

‘Calm down love, as amazing as your wand work is I don’t think they deserve it’ said George.

‘You’re lucky your brother is here or you’d find yourself in a VERY uncomfortable position’ growled Hermione glaring at Charlie.

‘Look we’re sorry ok?!’ said Harry and Charlie together.

‘Apology not accepted, yet’ said Hermione.

‘But you two are together right?’ asked Harry.

‘Yeah’ replied George.

‘What changed?’ asked Charlie.

‘Well lots of things happen when you’re locked in a broom closet’ said Hermione cheekily.


‘Personally I think it had something to do with pink elephants’ said George.


Four Months Later

‘So today is the grand opening of the animal print clothing’ said George, ‘Are you nervous?’ asked George.

‘A little’ replied Hermione, going over the final checks in the shop, Clara stood to the left organising the refreshments, a queue of excited and impatient customers already gathered outside the store.

‘When is the designer arriving?’ asked Charlie.

‘Haven’t you all worked it out yet?’ asked Hermione while Clara giggled in the background.

‘Worked what out?’ asked George, Harry and Charlie.

‘The designer, it’s me’ said Hermione.

The three men looked at her with dumbstruck expressions.

‘Please, close your mouths of the flies will fall in’ she said with a giggle.

‘You’re the designer?’ said George.

‘Yup’ she replied.

‘Did I tell you, you are amazing’ said George.

‘I believe you did but I can never hear it enough times’ she replied.

‘Cheeky’ he said.

‘Yeah but you love me’ she joked.

‘Yeah I do, I love you’ said George seriously.

The doors to the shop opened and the customers crowded in each wanting to have an item of the eagerly anticipated line of animal print clothing designed by Hermione Granger but the girl in question had no attention for the buyers now filling up her store, her eyes were for one only, a certain George Weasley who she’d just given her heart to.

‘I love you too’ she replied.

AN: It took me so long to write this chapter, I rewrote it at least seven times. Originally I'd planned to write a couple more chapters but when I sat down to write it I realised I'd explored as much as was possible, there wasn't enough to make three chapters out of so I ended up with this one chapter. Many will probably tell me I'm wrong and that there could have been more to this story but for me the story in my head had come to an end. I only even intended this story to be a short one and it became much longer than I originally thought. Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed it - means a lot :)

I have two stories coming up; what promises to be a long Dramione and a Luna/George fic - Stay tuned ~Zyii

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