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The Truth Behind The Freckles by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 3 : FistFights, Dueling and A Change Of Heart
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Credits to Lady Asphodel@TDA

I wake up in a common room that isn’t mine. It’s warm and cosy and I don’t want to get up. For a moment I’m at peace and all I feel is contentment. Then the events of last night come rushing back to me and a feeling of dread settles in my stomach. I open my eyes and find myself in the Gryffindor Common Room. Sitting opposite me is Al and he’s anxiously running his hand through his hair, a sign that he’s stressed. I’ve missed that. I run to him and knock him off his chair, tackling him in a bear hug. As I hug him, I realise just how much I’ve missed him. Scorpius stopped me from hanging out with Al and we used to be so close, even though I was a Slytherin.

We get up and Al asks, "What do you want to do?"

I smile and Al’s eyes light up. "I need to do something."

I run down to the Great Hall, I’m fast because I used to be a chaser on the Slytherin Team. As I enter the Great Hall Scorpius gets up and walks over to me.

"Please… I’m sorry- It won’t happen again…" he pleads.

"AGAIN?!" I say incredulously, so that the whole hall can hear. "You cheated on me… with my own cousin. Your ex-girlfriend who you knew hated me. And you thought you’d get away with it." I look into his grey eyes and I know I’m right. He’s not sorry for what he did; he’s just sorry he got caught doing it.

"How long? How long were you and that skank together?" I’m not sure I want to know but the question slips out before I can stop it.

He looks to the floor and whispers, "we never broke up."

All I can see is red. I lurch forward to beat whatever I can reach when Al rugby tackles him to the floor. He punches him wherever he can.

"My cousins -both of my cousins -how could you do that you bastard!"

"Al stop!" I shout frantically. "He’s not worth it!" Al immediately stops. He gets to his feet and spits on him.

"Malfoys never change."

Rose gets up from the table, her usual smirk replaced with worry. She helps Malfoy up and together they walk out of the Great Hall. Good riddance.

Rose stops me in the middle of the corridor.

"Out of my way," I say. Her familiar smirk is fixed into place on her face.

"That’s no way to be speaking to the Head Girl," she puffs out her chest importantly. "And if you dare go near my boyfriend again, you’ll find yourself expelled." She turns away and I start to walk in the opposite direction but out of the corner of my eye I see her raise her wand. I beat her to it.


I’m in Uncle Ron’s living room, watching as he shouts at what looks like a ten year old Rose.

"I tried to beat Lucy, I did but she was too good." Ron’s eyes darkened.

"Second is not good enough." I scream but that doesn’t stop Ron’s hand coming down on Rose’s cheek. I don’t stop her screaming so loudly that it echoes in my head. I’m back facing the seventeen year old Rose; her face is pale and drained of colour.

"What did you see?" she asks nervously. I turn around and run in the direction of the Headmaster’s office.

I tap the statue of Albus Dumbledore and whisper "Manito."

I climb up the spiral staircase and knock on Professor Longbottom’s door. "Come in." I open the door and he looks surprised as I journey into his office. I sit down and before he can talk I start.

"Five years ago the Sorting Hat sorted me into Slytherin. I think it made the wrong decision," I paused and took a deep breath, before continuing. "Please can you re-sort me and I promise you won’t regret it."

He doesn’t utter a word but silently summons the Sorting Hat and perches it on my head.

You again?! It says inside my head. I had a tough enough job sorting you the first time. Hmm, but something has changed in you, I can tell. The Slytherin is gone. Although you have more Hufflepuff there isn’t enough. Hmm, so that leaves Ravenclaw or Gryffindor? But I can see the courage now, the bravery. It must be GRYFFINDOR!
Professor Longbottom took the Sorting Hat from my head and wordlessly handed me a red and gold tie.

Just what I need a new start.


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The Truth Behind The Freckles: FistFights, Dueling and A Change Of Heart


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