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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 47 : Desperate Times
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 Chapter Forty Seven

At first glance Oliver Benson is your typical seventeen year old wizard. He’s funny, charming and sweet but at the same time quite shy, awkward and has a tendency to mumble his words when uncomfortable. One of the first things we noticed about Oliver was his good-looks, it’s certainly not hard to see why Lily Potter would fall for this boy and we have to admit we’re finding ourselves strangely attracted to Lily’s new beau and what’s more there is no denying that Oliver is really and truly in love with her. His little face lit up everytime her name was mentioned and he talked passionately about her, he remembers the first words they ever spoke to eachother, the first time he realizes he saw her as more of a friend and can remember the exact time and date of their first kiss. Yes, Ladies and – who are we kidding, what boy’s gonna be reading this? Oliver Benson is the real deal

I was very pleased with how well my interview had turned out and I had been paid quite a lot of money for it as well, Caitlin had stuck to her word and had kept out any information about my family and just kept it all about Lily and I. I felt like a celebrity all of a sudden as I was asked to sign many copies of that edition of Witch Weekly though I gathered that Lily was not best pleased I’d given an interview without telling her but she soon got over it when I took her out for an amazing meal in Hogsmeade.

Jack was back to his usual chirpy self which made me happy but I found myself missing his company a lot more than usual and from what I could tell he was still getting a fair amount of shit from people in his year and the second year. It was early February and Rose’s pregnancy mood swings had well and truly set in and poor Hugo was the one at the full brunt of it, he was really depressed over the whole thing and it was quite disturbing to see as he was always the one who made other people laugh in times of crisis. But Hugo was pretty much completely defeated as he stuck up for Rose all the time at school but no thanks as she would then snap at him and treat him like shit whenever she saw him. Rebecca said many times that she would have hit Rose for the way she was treating him if Rose hadn’t been pregnant.

“Oliver, hey, Oliver” Albus shouted as I walked alone to Transfiguration one Wednesday afternoon, Al was dressed in his Quidditch uniform “Oliver stop I need a word for you”

“It was Ben’s idea to place that lizard in Abi’s duvet”


“Nothing… so what do you want”

“Gryffindor keeper is out” panted Albus “He took a bludgers to the head in practice yesterday, been out in the hospital wing since so I’m down a keeper two days before the biggest match of the season so far”

“Wow, that sucks for you” I replied as we began walking again

“Yeah, yeah it does” sighed Albus “So I was wondering…”


“No as in yes”

“No as in no” I replied “Al there is no way I can fill in being keeper two days before a big match, besides I’m not nearly good enough”

“You’re better than you think you are” said Al “And I need someone right away, you’re quick on a broom, you can catch and I’ve seen you play keeper at home so I know you’re good enough”

“But they’re friendlies!” I exclaimed, playing Quidditch in front of people was my third worst fear after death and the Smurfs “They’re not competitive, even James holds back when we’re playing at yours”

“Oliver, I know stuff like this makes you nervous” said Albus practically pleading with me now “But seriously you’re the only other person I know with the talent at such short notice. Please, Oliver this could cost Gryffindor the whole tournament and I promised James I’d get us the hatrick this year”

“Fine” I sighed “But you owe me big time”

“You’re the one shagging my sister” said Al with a smirk “If anything you are the one who owes me something”

“Me and Lily are hardly at it like rabbits” I exclaimed probably a little too loudly

“Yeah, yeah just be careful Ollie the last thing we need is another pregnancy” said Al as he ran off to catch up with some of his friends. I walked into the Transfiguration classroom where I groaned as I noticed that I was the second person to arrive there. The first person to have arrived was Abi who sighed and looked mortified as I sat as far away from her as possible. The whole situation was exceedingly awkward. There were so many things I wanted to say to her, I wanted to tell her how much damage she’d done to Jack who was still getting bullied but I also weirdly felt as if I should apologise to her as the way I broke up with her was so sudden and it can’t have been pleasant for her.

In reality it must have only been about five minutes before anyone else came in but it felt like an eternity and I breathed a sigh of relief  when Lily and Hugo came and sat down on either side of me, both giving Abi the dirtiest looks as they did so. Hugo was sporting quite a nasty cut on his cheek and seemed miserable, he didn’t speak for the whole hour long lesson and when it was over he simply packed up his stuff and left the classroom. I tried to follow after him but Lily pulled me back

“Rose slapped him” she said “Astoria said something to her, she was upset and Hugo just kind of exploded at her. He told her that she was stupid for getting herself pregnant and that he was the one getting it from all angles. They had a massive argument and she ended up slapping him in the face. She’s crying in her dorm now, I was with her that’s why I missed charms”

“What do you mean he’s getting it from all angles?” I asked

“Ron’s been on to him to look after Rose a bit more, which is a bit rich if you ask me considering he hasn’t spoken to Rose since this all came out” said Lily with a sigh “He’s getting loads of shit from kids at school and on top of it all Rose the one person who he’s suffering for is treating him like shit as well”

I felt guilty

Really guilty

I’d been so focused on my own problems that I’d completely ignored that fact that Hugo was bloody miserable as well. Some best friend I was.

“I should go and find him” I said “Check he’s alright”

“Na, leave him for a bit” said Lily “If he doesn’t show up for Potions go and find him then, you know Hugo he’s probably just gone to the kitchens and he’s stuffing his face with chocolate pudding as we speak”

“Awww you’re so kind and nice” I said

“And beautiful too” asked Lily

“Of course” I said giving her a kiss on the lips “Am I a good kisser”

“The best” replied Lily

I kissed Lily again not realising Abi and Hailey were right behind us

“You’ve got some nerve” hissed Hailey

“Shut up” Abi groaned in a whisper

“Excuse me” asked Lily in her most fierce voice. Hailey flinched but stood her ground; I admired her bravery if Lily ever spoke to me like that I’d be running for the hills “Got nerve? How?”

“Flaunting your relationship about in front of Abi” said Hailey “Bit sick if you ask me after what you two did to her”

“Nothing on what she’s done to Oliver and Jack” shouted Lily. They were gathering a crowd now. Fred even coungered up some popcorn and a deckchair for himself and Louis and both sat down looking on in fascination “Jack is in tears every other night because of what you two bitches have done”

“Is he” asked Abi sounding horrified. She looked towards me. I just shrugged at her

“Yeah, yeah he is” said Lily angrily “That’s because of you”

“Because of you more like” said Hailey with in a ‘for you information’ kind of way “If you’d never stolen Abi’s boyfriend from her then this would never have happened”

“Oh really” shouted Lily “Look, what Oliver and I did wasn’t great but at least we never set out to hurt anyone… it just happened, whereas you two knew what telling everyone about Oliver’s dad would do it’s evil and just spiteful”

“Oh what like you” screeched Hailey “You and your family make me sick Potter, you all think you’re so great because daddy-kins saved everyone. You’re so high and mighty when actually you’re nothing more than white trash… for god sake your slag of a cousin is pregnant at seventeen”

That did it

Lily threw herself at Hailey was they entered the most vicious catfight I’d ever witnessed in my life. It wasn’t even hot or funny it was plain scary and both girls were giving there all to beat the other but it was clear Lily had the upper hand here. I tried to intervene and split them up with Ryan but we both backed off after being kicked quite hard in the shins.

“Expeliarmus” shouted Teddy as he turned the corner and saw the fight. It was still very strange seeing Teddy as a teacher. Lily and Hailey were thrown apart and I just about managed to grab onto Lily before she ran back towards Hailey who was being held back by Malfoy although he looked as if he wanted to let her go. Teddy then frogmarched Lily and Hailey to the headmaster’s office and as the crowd dispersed only Abi and I were left. We both stood there in shock and looked at eachother

“Oliver I’m so sorry” she said

“Save it” I said picking up my bag and walking off. I was already twenty minutes for Potions and figured there was no point even going so I set off looking for Hugo. I checked everywhere; the toilets, the kitchens, the Quidditch pitch, the common room, the dorm, the room of requirement and every available classroom and I couldn’t find him anywhere

I ventured outside telling myself he’d probably snook off to Hagrid’s Hut where he always went if he was in trouble and needed to hide from an angry on the warpath Rose. He wasn’t in Hagrid’s Hut and as it had taken over two hours to search the castle for him it was getting dark now and I was worried

Then I found him

On the outskirts of the forbidden forest, face down and unconscious on the ground. I dropped my bag and ran over to him shaking him desperately

“HUGO!” I shouted “Hugo, wake up mate. Wake up. HELP. SOMEONE HELP”

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