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Twelve Across, Four Down by blueirony
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Thereís just something about waking up in a warm bed, with the quilt wrapped around you, the sheets slightly wrinkled, your hair a total mess and your pillow is nice and warm and fluffy. At the end of a long day or a long week, all I want to do is curl up in my bed and let the world do its thing while I lie there all happy and snuggly and warm.

Like a cat.

Seriously, I sometimes want to purr when Iím in my bed.

Okay, letís be honest. I donít need much incentive to want to curl up in my bed. Yes, a long day is reason enough to climb into it, but I would happily spend my entire life in my bed if it meant that I didnít have to get up and do anything. Itís the most comfortable place in the world and I always find it a travesty that I have to leave it behind when I get up every morning.

I shifted around slightly in my warm bed, sighing softly as I slowly woke up, not opening my eyes. I let out a happy hum as I remembered it was a Saturday morning and the rest of the world could go off and do its own thing for all I cared because I was in my bed and I didnít have to get up to do anything.

So there.

The first sign of the apocalypse could roll through and I still probably wouldnít have gotten out of bed. I was too comfortable and was seriously considering staying where I was for the rest of the day. If not the rest of my life.

I let out another happy sigh as I snuggled up against the body behind me. The body was warm and comforting and an arm was strewn across my body, holding me tight to the body behind me. I let my fingers run up and down the arm slowly and felt the body stir behind me slightly.

I heard a yawn and a sleepy voice murmur something to me.

ďMorning, love,Ē I heard, the low voice of the man behind me rumbling through his chest as I leaned back against it.

ďMmm, morning,Ē I replied, snuggling closer to him and smiled as I felt his arm pull me closer to him, still not opening my eyes.

The two of us lay there for the next little while, my fingers still running up and down the forearm of his arm and his nose lightly nuzzling my neck from behind.

I donít know how long the two of us lay there, but since I knew I didnít have to get up for anything, I was content to lie there with him, enjoying the feel of his warm body cocooning me from behind before my eyes suddenly flew open as my mind suddenly registered that I was in my bed.

With a man.

Behind me.

His arm around me.

Both of us naked.

I was in my bed with a man behind me with his arm around me while both of us were naked.




I twisted around suddenly and let out a yelp as I looked at the sleepy smile on his face as he blinked up at me sleepily.

ďWHAT THE HELL?Ē I screeched, scrambling to get away from the warm body next to me and somehow ending up tangled in the sheets and falling to the floor.

The only thing I could think about was the sleepy and slightly shocked look I had just seen in the green eyes of my best friend.

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Twelve Across, Four Down: Prologue


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