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Shut Up and Kiss Me by soapman333
Chapter 15 : Love and the Trolley Lady
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I listen to the other girls in my dormitory get ready for school. It’s the new moon, the wolf is gone and I feel empty. I’m usually happy about this week, but that kiss last week...when I hear the girls leave the dormitory, I allow myself to cry.

“I kissed James,” I whisper out loud to myself. I just needed to say it, to vocalize it instead of screaming it in my mind.

It was a very nice kiss. Oh, who am I kidding? Aphrodite herself would have blushed at the passion behind our lips, but what I did was uncalled for. He’s happy with Rachelle. Why did I have to go and ruin everything for him?

When I left, everything in his face seemed to drain. I did that! I’m a monster. Luckily, I’ve perfected avoiding James over the years, well that’s a lie. James always seemed to be able to find me before, but now...nothing. I think he’s avoiding me too. I honestly haven’t seen him since that night.

I hear the door to the dormitory creak open, “Ellie?” Rose’s voice cuts through the silence.

I wipe the tears away and pass through the curtains of my bed, “Rose! What are you doing here?” I smile and hug her.

“I never see you anymore now that I have a boyfriend, and I miss you,” she says when we break apart.

I grab her arm and pull her down the stairs with me, it’s a Saturday and we’re going to make the most of it. In fact, where’s Charlotte? I need my friends.

“Er, Ellie, perhaps you can loosen your grip?” Rose winces.

I let her go and smile an apology, “I’m actually surprised you aren’t with Lily. You two always get together on Saturdays.”

Her face falls, “Well...Lily hasn’t been around for nearly two weeks. My mum says that she’s with her dad.”

I pause and frown. What? She hasn’t been around for two weeks? I cringe at the question that I’m about to ask, “Er, Rose, is she okay?”

Rose beams at me. She’s noticed Lily and I’s unfriendly battle of glares between each other when in a room, “You’re asking whether or not Lily’s okay? That’s brilliant Ellie! I keep telling you that you two could be great friends.”

I groan. Don’t even get me started on Lily, “Look, Rosie. If Lily wanted to be my friend, we would be friends. She has some kind of grudge against me.”

Rose shrugs and pulls at my arm, leading us out of the common room and towards the grounds, “You two are too similar for your own good.”

I laugh at this, “What? Lily Potter and I are similar? That’s too silly to believe.”

We reach the grounds and I smile under the warm rays of the sun. Rose leads me to the lake’s edge where she collapses and sprawls out. I grin at how comfortable she looks and sit down next to her, taking in the smell of the water.

“For starters, you both are too caring for your own good.”

“Me? Caring?” I scoff. The only person I care about is myself. God, I really hurt everyone around me. My parents...James...

“Yes you half-wit. You’re a caring person and Lily is too. I owe a lot of my mental health to Lily, she’s willing to listen to my dung about Scor-” she cuts herself off and puts her arms over her face.

I smile at her and pull her arms off, “Rose, everyone and their dog knows that you like Scorpius. Well, everyone except Scorpius, of course.”

She huffs, “Oh, he knows.”

“What?” I drop her arms.

She pinches the bridge between her nose and closes her eyes in irritation, “I was stupid enough to tell him.”


She cuts me off, “It was a long time ago, okay? Can we just forget it?”

I observe her, my heart aching with sympathy. I want her to be able to trust me with her secrets like she trusts Lily. I don’t deserve that kind of trust...I’m not allowed to give someone else that kind of trust, but, maybe just this afternoon, I can forget about all that and help Rose. I can pretend that I don’t have problems of my own.

“Rose,” I stare out into the lake, thinking of the right way to phrase this, “we haven’t really been friends that long, but you can tell me anything. I promise to support you.”

Rose sits up from the ground and bites her lip, “Ellie, I would tell you, but it’s really embarrassing.”

I laugh, “Now you have to tell me.”

She groans and falls back on the ground, “Okay, well, it was the end of our third year. Lily and I were walking to the platform to go home when I ran into Scorpius in an empty compartment...

“I’m going to see if my dad’s here, I’ll meet you on the platform!” Lily calls to me over her shoulder, racing to get to the platform.

I pout. I’ve got to find the old cat my mother makes me take to Hogwarts. He’s got to be around here somewhere...I open up the nearest compartment and jump in surprise when I see Scorpius on the ground, looking under a seat.

I turn to leave, but he stops me, “Oi, Rose Weasley, could you help me?”

My heart flutters and I couldn’t stop myself from agreeing with a, “Sure.”

“Excellent,” he smiles and jumps off the floor, “it’ll be an adventure!” I gasp at his word choice, but he doesn’t seem to notice, “I’ve seemed to have lost a very important ring that my father gave me. I can’t go back and see him without it. I’m already on thin ice as it is.”

I watch him as he overturns the cushions of the seats. I clear my throat, “When do you remember last seeing it?” I squeak at him.

He turns and looks at me, his face contorted in his efforts to remember, “I think I took it off to eat a pumpkin pastry. Oh! Guess what?!” he yells, jumping around like a two year old.

“What?” I ask, warily.

“Leo stuffed twenty pastries in his mouth! Twenty!! I lost the bet, but man, the size of that kid’s mouth...”

My mouth drops open, but I close it and shake off my shock, “Seriously, Malfoy. You’ve lost a ring from your father and all you care about is how many pastries Leonidas can fit into his mouth?”

He frowns at me, pouting, “It’s the reason why I’ve forgotten where I’ve put the blasted thing. You don’t have to be rude about it.”

I sigh and rub a hand across my face, “I’m sorry, you’re just so...immature.”

He laughs and I glare at him, “Why are you laughing?” I demand.

He shrugs and grabs my arm, “Let’s check the next compartment over. Albus made me apologize to Lily, so it might be in there.”

We enter my former compartment, “I was in here, I think I would have noticed if you came in here.”

“Oh! You’re right! I told Albus to ‘bugger off’ and then I chased after the trolley lady,” he exclaims, letting go of my arm and running back into the corridor.

I follow him and watch as he tears up the carpeting. Suddenly, an idea comes to mind, “Scorpius, how about I pretend to be the trolley lady, and you can just do what you did when you saw her?”

His eyes widen and a big grin engulfs his face, “I’d say that’s a brilliant idea, Rose.”

“Would you like anything from the trolley?” I ask him in an elderly voice, pushing an imaginary trolley in front of me.

“YES!” Scorpius screams after me, “Hey, Lady! I want some candy!”

I cough back a laugh and glare at him, “You didn’t actually say that to her, did you?”

“What? Er, yeah. Was that bad?”

I roll my eyes, “Well, it explains why she didn’t stop for you.”

We continue our theatrics until a silver metal on the floor catches my eye. I pick up a beautiful, emerald encrusted ring. Scorpius beams and throws his arms around me, “Rosie! You found it!” he screams in my ear.

I laugh and try to pull away, but he continues to hug me, “Er, Scorpius?”

“What? Oh,” he releases me and ruffles my hair, “what would I do without you?” he asks me.

I scratch my arm and shrug, “Your father could have probably just accio’d it.”

“Oh, then why did you help me?” he asks, eyebrows raising.

I watch as a little pucker of confusion ripples through his eyes, just like it used to when we were kids and I was trying to explain my stupid adventures to him. I can feel my blush and I mentally curse cheeks, “Er, because you asked me.”

“You’re a sweetheart,” he sighs and kisses my forehead before turning towards the train’s exit.

My face reddens and I grab his arm, “Wait, Scorpius.”

He pauses and waits, a kind smile on his face, “Yes?”

“I didn’t do it because you asked me. I did it because I like you,” I mumble, the blush spreading from my cheeks to encompass my whole face.

He laughs and ruffles my hair, “I like you too, Rosie.”

“ do?” I ask him, letting go of his arm.

He grins, “Of course I do. You’re the smartest and kindest girl I’ve ever met. I’d be crazy not to like you! I would hang out with you more, but you always seem to be with Lily...”

I stop listening to him, trying to understand his words, “Wait, what do you mean?” I cut him off.

“You’re a wonderful friend, a brilliant stud-”

I cut him off, “Friend?”

“Er, yeah. Isn’t that what you meant?” he asks, the pucker returning in his eyes.

“Rose?! Did you die?!” my little brother, Hugo, screams into the train. Scorpius laughs and scratches the back of his neck at his little voice.

“He’s certainly grown up, right? Is he still fond of dissecting worms?” he asks me.

“Er yeah, he is, but, Scorpius.”


“I like you,” I try again.

“I like you too, Rosie. I thought we just-”

I cut him off, “No, I really like you. More than friends kind of like.”

“Oh,” he says, stupidly.

My father’s voice echos inside the train, “Rose Weasley! I haven’t seen you all school year, I’ve missed you!”

Scorpius looks towards the voice, his face blank, “You should go.”

My whole body aches with that phrase, but I shake it off and hand him his ring, “Fine.”

I storm off the train. My mum’s cat is purring at her feet.

“You haven’t talked to him since then?” I ask her. Her face is a deep shade of red.

She sighs, closing her eyes, “I’m just so embarrassed, I can’t bring myself to say anything coherent around him.”

“Rose, he likes you. A lot. I just don’t think he knows it yet,” I tell her. I can see it in his face when we talk about her, his whole body seems to brighten.

She doesn’t respond. We sit in silence and I watch a pair of ducks touch the Lake’s surface. Scorpius and I are very similar. I’m surprised that I’m even thinking that, but it’s true. The difference is that he can have Rose, he just has to work for it.

“Oi! Ellie! Rose!” Leo’s voice breaks the silence and he joins are little group.

“Woah, I didn’t think you’d actually come out from the Gryffindor tower,” he teases me, sitting down next to me and shoving me with his shoulder.

“You’re happy,” I observe, “what happened?”

“Can’t a guy just be in a good mood without his sister questioning the motives?” Leo whines, falling on his back.

Rose pokes him with a stick, “He’s been like this all week.”

I grab her stick and whack it against his head, he cries out in pain, “Spill Leonidas! What happened?” I hiss at him.

“Oi! That hurt! And here I was living life thinking that Scorpius is the only violent one around,” he complains, rubbing his head.

Rose gets up, her face red again, “I’m just going to go and find Daniel.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll see you later then?” I call after her.

“Sure,” she calls back.

When she leaves I poke Leo with the stick, “Leo, Rose likes Scorpius! We have to get them together,” I hiss at him.

“Ellie,” he grabs the stick and throws it into the lake, “everyone already knew that.”

I roll my eyes at him, “Well, I’m sorry that I’m not Albus.”

He laughs, “That kid does have a talent of figuring things out.”

I watch as he picks grass from the ground, grinning to himself. A smile tugs at my lips, “So, who is she?” I ask, poking him with my finger.

“Who said this was about some girl?”

“Your face is screaming ‘Leo is in love’,” I state.

He laughs, “Okay, okay. It’s a girl. Nothing’s really happened yet, and it won’t happen. It’s just nice to know that she feels the same way.”

“Wait, slow down. Who’s the girl? What, exactly, happened? Why won’t anything else happen?” I tick off my questions on my fingers.

He rolls his eyes and throws grass blades at me, “That’s for me to know, and for you to never figure out.”

I pout and push him away from me, “You’re no fun.”

“Opinion, dear Ellie. That’s your opinion. Actually, I heard from a small annoying bird that you owe this bird a huge favor for leaving you alone with a Potter boy. I had to torture this bird, but he finally told me what the big deal was. You, dear sister, fancy this boy,” he says nonchalantly, picking more grass from the ground.

“I wouldn’t trust small, annoying birds so easily,” I say lightly, sitting up and staring out into the lake again.

Leo sighs, “Look Ellie, I don’t know why you didn’t tell me, but I’m not going to go around and announce it to the whole school. You’re my sister. I wouldn’t do that to you.”

I look over at him. He’s frowning at the ground. I pat his back lovingly, “I know. I just...I’ve liked him for a while now.”

“I figured that much out, Elizabeth. How long?”

“Er...since before I came to Hogwarts?”

“What? Mum and Dad kept you close to them everywhere they went...?”

“Hogsmeade, Leo. He’s the boy that ran into me, remember?”

He sits up and glares at me, “He’s the twinkling eyes kid? Really, Ellie? God, you need to tell me these things.”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. He wants me to tell him everything, but he won’t even tell me about one girl who, apparently, has placed him under her charms, “Leo, get your head out of your arse.”

“What?” he asks.

“I’m tired of your dung, Leo,” I sigh.

He laughs, “That’s the Ellie I know and love. Always calling me out,” he smiles and ruffles my hair.


“So you’re not going to tell me,” I frown, slapping his hand away.

He winces and scratches the back of his neck, “Well...okay,” he gives in, “I might have snogged Charlotte in an empty classroom last year.”

I don’t know what, exactly, I was expecting. But that was not it, “What?” I ask, completely taken off guard.


“Charlotte Hastings?”

“I know who Charlotte is, Leo. Why did you snog the daily lights out of her?” I ask. So, this was the boy Charlotte was thinking about. This is bad...I mean, I love my brother, but he’s a womanizer.

He looks at me, “I thought you’d be happy for me, Ellie?”

“I am, it’s just that...Charlotte is a really good friend of mine, Leo. Come on, you don’t have the best record with girls.”


He laughs and scratches his cheek, “You’re right, but I’m not planning on doing anything with her, Ellie. She’s different.”


I tilt my head, “Not planning on doing what?”


“Anything. I don’t want to hurt her, so I’m backing off.”

I pinch my temple and cringe at his stupidity, “Leo, you’re going to hurt her by backing off.”

“It’s for the best. I mean, what if she asked to meet our parents? What if I bugger up and cheat on her?”

Suddenly, I feel sympathy for him. He’s got a point, “Okay, just don’t mess with her. I will not be happy if you start the whole ‘my name is Leonidas Galatian III, and I’m too mysterious for you to understand anything I’m saying’ type of a thing,” I demand.

He puts his hands up, “Woah, since when do I ever do that?”

“All the time.”

He smiles, “Fine, I won’t do that to her...anymore.”

I slap his arm and pout, “You’re so messed up.”

“You are too,” he rolls his eyes.

We laugh and grin at each other.

Reference and dialogue to the Trolley Lady is taken straight from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling :D.

This chapter is more of a filler, in regards to the work as a whole, but I added that Scorpius/Rose story for you guys! Aren’t they just a riot? Please leave a review and tell me how you like Ellie and Leo’s sibling-ship :D



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