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Canis Major by atellam
Chapter 12 : Wanting Warmth
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thalia. @ TDA
Chapter XII - Wanting Warmth

James and Sirius managed to cut off my air supply with a hug as soon as their feet touched the ground, and I’ll never be sure how Mel made it down from the stands quite so quickly.

Damn right!” James cried, throwing his fist into the air in victory as Caradoc and Benjy nearly tackled me to the ground.

“Nyx! I told you!” Benjy said as he grabbed me.

We told you!” Caradoc corrected with a laugh as he pulled me back out of Benjy’s arms and into his own.

“Get your damned behind out of the way, Dearborn,” Mel shouted as she pushed Benjy aside. He looked slightly affronted at first, but his face softened quickly as Melody Andrews held my face between her hands, her cast sticking out at a right angle. “I swear to Godric, if you ever take that long to catch the Snitch again…”

“I –“

Wait, what?

But she threw her arms around me as best she could and hugged me close. “Keira Nyx, why didn’t I make you try out years ago!”

“Been asking myself the same question, Andrews.” Potter laughed from behind her. Lily was by his side, dancing from foot to foot with glee.

“Keira!” she yelled as Mel let me go. “Oh, I’m so proud of you! And to think you barely slept at all last night.”

That reminded me, and I chuckled as I worked my way out of her embrace. “Thanks, Lil. Where’s tall, dark and brooding?” I turned to James, who laughed before gesturing over his shoulder.

Peering around him, I saw Sirius shaking hands with Archie Holloway, the younger boy grinning up at the Seventh Year. Before I could move a step however, I was lifted into the air.

“Nyx! You just won me my bet!”

“Anthony King, you put me down!” I glared at him from my new height, unable to avoid him ruffling my hair as he set me back on the Pitch. I scowled at him, but he was so happy it was hard not to be as well.

That changed when I saw who was standing nervously behind him, though.

“Hey,” Henry mouthed, knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to hear him over the sounds of the Gryffindor stands, still cheering far above us.

“Hi,” I mouth back, unsure if I want to talk to him at the moment or not, although I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid it forever.

“Keira! Come on! Back to the locker rooms for a team meeting!” Mel cried happily, walking backwards towards the edge of the Pitch.

“Coming!” I called, before turning back to Henry in the slowly dispersing crowd. “Can we talk later?”

“Of course,” he said, closing the gap between us. “Though I’m sure they’ll be having a party back in the Common Room, and you’ll want to go to that. At least for a bit,” he added, a small smile on his face as he looked down at me before him.

“I’m not a huge party person, you know that. Feel like coming and finding me around eight? I’ll slip out and we can talk.”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll see you then.” Ever so slightly I saw him adjust his weight, and I knew him well enough to anticipate his next move.

But I was still angry at him, so I quickly smiled before jogging off to the locker rooms for that team meeting, feeling bad for leaving him there, but proud of myself for not caving at the same time.

Eight o’clock felt like hours away as I grabbed the towel hanging on the back of the door. James’ team meeting was more of an excuse for him to shout about how we were going to win the Cup, and for Benjy and Caradoc to climb on top of the lockers while he was too distracted to yell at them. They’d been trying to get away with that since third year, and while the idea didn’t quite hold its appeal anymore, they probably did it just to spite him.

Mel was chatting with Sirius when I exited the girl’s showers, still towel drying my hair.

“Potter, I reckon Black here should be permanent reserve,” Mel called over her shoulder to where the Quidditch Captain was stowing his broom.

“Fine by me, Andrews. It’s Padfoot you’ve got to work on.”

“Perhaps if you’re nice, I’ll think about it.” Sirius rolled his eyes as he stuffed his Quidditch robes into the basket in the corner where the house elves would tend to them.

“You lot coming or what?” Dearborn stuck his head back through the door, a ridiculous grin on his face. “Fenwick’s already chatted up three birds.” He rolled his eyes before spotting Archie leave the boy’s showers, still pulling his shirt over his head. “Come on, Holloway! Let’s see if we can find you a girl!”

“What? I don’t need a girl – “

“Of course you do! Now, come on. And hurry up you lot!” Caradoc called over his shoulder as he dragged the younger Chaser out the door.

Before any of us could move, Frank Longbottom stuck his head in the locker room. I shook my head. This was crazy.

“Potter. Black. You guys got food and drink sorted? I think Benjy said something about music, but I couldn’t hear him through the crowd of girls he was with.” Frank rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, Pete’s on it, and if Fenwick said he’s got music covered, then it sounds like we’re all set. Remus should have the place set up by now,” James said before turning to Sirius, who grinned. “Ready to celebrate?”


This was the first victory party I’d been too in a long time and my stomach was in knots as the portrait hole swung open. Normally I watched Mel’s game with Rae and Alice before quickly heading back and curling up in the dorm with a book, ignoring the music and people downstairs. Something told me I couldn’t do that this time. It might have been the fact that Mel was onto me, and kept glancing over her should every other minute to check whether I was still here. I still needed to talk to her about what had happened this morning, but I wanted to talk to Henry first. At least I’d have a reasonable excuse to leave at eight.

All the chairs in the Common Room had been pushed to the side, and one of the tables had a record player on it, undoubtedly one of Benjy’s albums blasting through the space. People were already dancing and Peter was pouring drinks at a table in the corner, flashing a grin as he topped off each glass with a flourish.

“Here’s our girl!” Caradoc shouted over the noise. “Here’s to starting off the season on a high!” He raised his glass in a toast, and everyone cheered before downing half their drinks. “And another for James Potter, who we all know will lead us to victory, yet again!” Sirius cheered loudly from behind me, and much to his credit, James actually appeared slightly embarrassed as the common room erupted in shouts and applause. I followed his line of sight to see Lily cheering with the rest, and I couldn’t contain the smile that spread across my face.

“Tell me about it,” a voice muttered in my ear, startling me. “About time, too. Still, they’ve got a long way to go, but at least it’s progress.” I turned to see Sirius smirking at me, and I laughed. “Drink?” he offered, and I nodded.


“Damnit, woman, there you are! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get near you?” Alice said as she hugged me.

“Apparently not,” I said as I hugged her back.

“You were brilliant, you know, absolutely brilliant. I thought you were going to fall flat on your face after seeing you at tryouts, but no, you managed. I’m so proud of you. You’re finally showing everyone else how great you are. It’s only taken you – what? Six years?” she teased, and I stuck my tongue out at her in return.

“She’s right though. Six years.” Reyna shook her head at me as she appeared beside Alice. “Oh well. Better late than never, I suppose.” I hugged her, too, before Sirius returned with drinks for all of us, although I’m not sure how he knew they were there.

“Well played today, Black.” Alice giggled as she took the last sip of her second drink sometime later. “You should have tried out for Chaser this year.”

Reyna peered at her out of the corner of her eye, and I eyed my own drink suspiciously. I was only halfway through my first, but I suddenly had the feeling I wasn’t just drinking Butterbeer. I casually placed it on the table behind me, not wanting to end up a giggling mess.

“Thanks, Foster, but I was only filling in. James couldn’t deal with me upstaging him all the time.” He nodded grimly, as if it was the sad truth, and I choked on my laughter as Alice giggled again.

The sound must had attracted Frank, because a second later he was there, congratulating Sirius on a good game, and watching Alice out of the corner of his eye with concern.

Nodding in the direction of the couch, Reyna took the hint and she, Sirius and I casually removed ourselves from the conversation, leaving Alice gazing up at Frank with a happy smile across her face.

“Maybe that’s all it’s going to take?” Reyna said, glancing over her shoulder at the pair of them.

“What? Getting one of them drunk?” Sirius scoffed. “I’ll be pissed if it is. Could have saved us months.”

So there was alcohol in my Butterbeer. Lovely.

“Tell me about it, they’ve been driving us all –“

“Hey, Wilkins, come here! Mel’s just about to tell us the story of your first broom ride.” Archie laughed, and before I could blink, Rae was off doing damage control.

Okay…” I said slowly, as her long hair disappeared into the crowd.

“Is it that bad of a story?” Sirius asked beside me, an amused expression on his face as he watched her go.

“Uh, yeah, and Mel’s going to get it if she was about to tell people.”

“Well, maybe you’ll have to tell me then?” Sirius smirked down at me, his hair falling in his eyes. “I’m always in the mood for a good embarrassing story.”

“Not likely, Black. I like my head the way it is, horn-free and all,” I mutter as I fall backwards onto the sofa.

“She’d seriously jinx you? It’s that bad?” he said, disbelieving. “Now you have to tell me.”

I raised an eyebrow at him and he laughed, sculling the rest of his drink and placing the empty glass on the floor beside his feet. When he turned to me, however, his expression was serious.

“Thanks, Nyx, for last night and all. Everyone’s right, it was a good game, and even though I’ll deny it forever, I’m glad you let me get drunk and then took advantage of me in my weakened state. Reg was all right with it – well, as all right as he’ll ever be – and I would have felt pretty crap today if you’d all had to forfeit because of me…” he trailed off at the end, scowling at his lap, as other thoughts were clearly occupying his mind.

“No problem.” I shrugged. “I’m just glad we won, and you playing wasn’t all for moot.”

He glanced back up at me, his easy smirk back on his face, but before he could say anything, Mel tapped me on the shoulder, frowning slightly.

“Hey, Henry’s outside. He said you were going to talk?”

What the hell was he doing here? There was no way it was eight already. He must be early. These parties never go this quickly when I'm upstairs.

Mel must have seen the alarm and confusion on my face, as she said, “I can tell him to get lost if you want. He’s my friend and all, Keira, but you come first.”

“Oh, no! I just – I still don’t know what I want to say, that’s all. Don’t worry about it, I’ll be out in a sec.”

“Okay then…” Mel muttered as she left, obviously not believing a thing I’d just told her. I stared after her, my mind back on the conversation Henry and I had had at breakfast.

“I think I’ve missed something,” Sirius said from beside me with a questioning eyebrow.

“Hmm?” I looked up at him to find his grey eyes meeting mine.

“Why’s Andrew’s offering to tell Watts to piss off?”

“We had a disagreement this morning, that’s all. Anyway, I should go talk to him.” I sighed. “See you, Black.”

He stood as I did, nodding in acknowledgement. “Later, Nyx.” Sirius grinned at me as I made my way across the room, while I rolled my eyes at him in return.

I caught a glimpse of him still standing there as I went to shut the portrait hole behind me, but then someone called his name and he merged in with the crowd.

Henry was watching me cautiously from where he was leaning against the wall outside in the corridor.

“Hey,” he said as made his way towards me.

“Hi,” I murmured in reply.

He was standing in front of me now and I had to crane my neck to look at his face. His hand twitched by his side, and I could tell he wanted to touch me, although I was grateful he didn’t. I knew if he did, I’d forgive him and I wasn’t ready to do that just yet.

“Can we walk?” I looked back at the portrait hole behind me, not wanting someone to come bursting out into the middle of our conversation.

“We can.” He smiled at me, and the knots in my stomach tightened. I still didn’t know what I wanted to say to him. At the moment, I didn’t feel like saying much at all. Forgiving him would be easier. I didn’t want to get into a fight, but I wasn’t going to let him keep up this disagreement either. If he could play Quidditch, so could I.

“Okay.” I nodded and we slowly began to make our way down the corridor, with no actual destination in mind.

I glanced at him as we walked in silence. His light brown hair was pushed back from his face, his light blue eyes thoughtful. He caught my eye, and I looked away quickly.

It wasn’t normally like this with Henry. We were usually effortless, but this silence between us was strained and uncomfortable and made my stomach churn.

I paused at the top of the stairs and Henry turned back to look at me from the second step down.

“What is it?”

“Do you know where we’re going?” I asked, and he shrugged.

“I have no idea, I was just following you.”

I snorted in amusement before sitting down, exhausted, and placing my head in my hands.

“You alright, Keir?” I felt Henry’s hand on my back and it all became too much. I fell sideways into his arms and he hauled me onto his lap, holding me to his chest. And I was happy to be there, although whether it was because it was Henry and I knew him like the back of my hand, or because he was my boyfriend of ten months, I was never sure.

I rested my head on his chest, and stared out at the paintings on the far wall. “This isn’t going to work.”

The words were out of my mouth before I could think, and I felt his hand freeze where it had begun drawing patterns on my back.

“What do you mean?” His voice came from high above my head, careful and cautious. Or was there some fear in there as well?

Oh dear.

This,” I waved my hands about, vaguely gesturing to everything, “this isn’t working.”

“Do you mean this staircase, or something else? Like Quidditch… or us?” he added in a whisper.

It was a good question, and I knew it was the one I’d been avoiding. “I don’t know.” I could barely hear myself. “Maybe.”

“Maybe what?”

“Maybe it is us. I thought it was just the Quidditch and your tendency to be controlling and how you won’t drop a grudge and playing against you as Seeker and –“ I paused. “No. I think it’s us.” I nuzzled my cheek against his chest and he began drawing patterns on my back again.

We sat like that for a while, both thinking about my words and I wanted desperately to slap myself. Henry’s the best thing to have happened to me. What on earth have I done?

“Maybe you’re right,” he says, breaking the silence. I release the breath I didn’t know I was holding.


“Yes? I don’t know. Keir…” I feel him exhale, and all I wanted to do was hug him because I knew he was hurting.

“I love you, Hen.”

“I know, Keir, I know. And I love you, too.”

“I don’t want to break up with you. This conversation wasn’t supposed to go like this,” I muttered mainly to myself.

“I don’t want to break up with you either, but you know how I feel about the Quidditch, and no matter what you say, that isn’t going to change. And the rest of my team will breathe easier knowing I’m not sleeping with the competition.”

“Henry, not much sleeping was done at all if I remember correctly.” I turn and raise an eyebrow at him, and he laughs.

“True. Although one of my favorite memories was waking up to find you still asleep,” the Ravenclaw said. “You look so peaceful when you’re like that. You worry too much normally.”

I smile at him before snuggling back into his chest. “I’m going to miss you, you know that, right?”

“Yeah, and I’ll miss you more,” he said into my hair. “Are you really that annoyed that I won’t drop a grudge?”

“Yes. It’s not as though it’s against Slytherin – it’s against Gryffindor: my house, my team. It’s irritating beyond belief when you or Anthony are anywhere near Potter or Black. Like when we were on the train, King lost it because they let off a dung bomb, and sure, I was pretty mad at them too, but in retrospect, Anthony was probably more pissed that it was them, rather than because of what they’d done. Its just stuff like that, Hen, it’s unnecessary and tiring,” I trailed off.

This was it – we were actually having this discussion. My stomach wasn’t in knots anymore. It had disappeared and left me feeling empty instead.

“Maybe you’ll get it now that you play. Quidditch grudges aren’t ones to let go of lightly, although I’m sorry Andy and I made you feel that way. It wasn’t intentional.”

“I know, and that’s why I didn’t say anything before, but now we’re here, having this conversation that I never thought we’d have, and it seemed like as good a time as any to bring it up.”

“Fair enough…” He was quiet for a while longer, and I had no idea what time it was anymore.

“Do me a favor?” I mumbled. This silence was getting to me.

“Anything, you know that,” he replied.

Oh, Henry, don’t say things like that. We’ve broken up - or are breaking up? Hell, I don’t even know where we are anymore.

“Don’t date Madison Cleansweep, alright?” I pulled away from him and looked up at his face, only to find him looking down at me with disbelief.

“Madison? You think I’d date Madison?” He laughed. “Oh, dear Rowena, no.” I felt the heat rising in my cheeks and I began to feel claustrophobic in his arms. I needed to run and hide, but Henry continued before I could move. “She’s given the team a great advantage with those brooms, but she’s got her head in the clouds if she thinks I’d ever consider dating her. No, she has her moments, but that’s about it.” He paused, lifting my chin so I was looking at him. “Were you jealous, Keira Nyx?”

Yes. Yes, Henry, I was.


“I’d be jealous if someone was flirting with you like that. Hell, the idea of you with anyone else…” he trailed off.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this then,” I said as I looked up at him again.

“No. You need this. You haven’t said anything to me about it, although I know you’ve mentioned to Mel about how you feel you go unnoticed. If it were anyone but you, I’d fully support her idea of getting them on the Quidditch team, and before you say anything, yes, I’m well aware I have double standards.” I raised my eyebrow at him and he shrugged. “I just want you safe, but I think I’m suffocating you instead. You deserve to shine, Keira Nyx, and if this is the only way you can do it, then fine.”

I felt cold, and pressed myself against his chest for warmth. His arms tightened around me briefly before shifting me out of his lap onto the step beside him. “You all right?” he asked, his eyes searching my face.

This was it. This was the end.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I just need a minute,” I replied, blinking up at him as I wrapped my arms around myself for warmth.

Slowly, he stood, never taking his eyes off me. “You’ll be okay, Keir. You’ll be better than me.” Leaning forward, he gently brushed his lips against my forehead, his nose buried in my hair. “I love you. Always will.” And with that, Henry Watts stepped back up onto the sixth floor and began to make his way back to the Ravenclaw common room, leaving me sitting on a cold stone step, trying to figure out where in that conversation I’d broken my own heart.


He found me. I’m not sure how, but I knew he would. Maybe it had something to do with that Map they’re always talking about, and maybe it didn’t. It might have been because we’d spent the night before in the same spot. I don’t know. Either way, he found me in the kitchens, in a seat by the fire, Abra lurking nervously behind me, wanting to help but not wanting to interrupt. I’d gone hunting for warmth and solitude, and I’d ended up here. I didn’t mind.

I felt him before I heard him, but I didn’t turn around. I just watched the fire dance, telling a story that us humans could never really understand, no matter what the Divination teachers say.

“Don’t worry, Abra. Two Butterbeers? Thanks.”

He was standing behind me. It was remarkable how much better I felt when he was. He was like a shield, blocking anything from touching me, from seeing me.

And the tears came silently, slowly, slipping down my face and falling off my cheeks. “What am I doing, Sirius? I’m pathetic,” I breathed as I ran my hands over my face.

“You are not pathetic. You’re a Muggleborn in the middle of a war. You’re a powerful witch that doesn’t believe in herself. You have a huge heart, and it leaves you feeling other people’s pain. You’re a kind soul, and you let people use you far too often, but that’s just who you are. You’re passionate, kind and motivated. You want to help people – you want to become a Healer for Merlin’s sake! You are not pathetic, Keira Nyx. Don’t you ever say that again.”

I peeked at him through my fingers to where he was now crouched beside me. His jaw was set and his eyes determined. What he’d said was so ‘un-Sirius’ - no joking, no brooding, no smirks. It was honest and determined and it scared me. Because he believed he was right. He thought I was all of those things. Since when did he think I was all of those things? Since when had Sirius Black cared about anyone other than himself and his closest friends?

He smiled sadly as he pulled my hands away from my face. “I mean it, Keira. You have no faith in yourself.” He scowled.

“You ego is big enough for the both of us,” I murmured, in hope of ridding his face of the scowl.

Woah – did I just say us?

I did.

My dear Godric.

I let the word run around in my head a bit more.


But I was distracted as a smile tugged at his mouth.

“Yeah, it probably is. But that’s beside the point, Nyx.”

“I hate this war, Sirius.” Tears started to sting my eyes again, and I furiously blinked them away. “I hate this so much. I feel trapped, like I’m not going anywhere. It’s as if the world has stopped and time isn’t passing; yet we keep living. Every day is the same. People are dying out there, and I feel selfish for sitting around in History of Magic and complaining about homework, yet I do anyway. They want people like me dead – hell, people like me are dying! And I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself because Henry and I broke up? I am pathetic, Sirius. Please don’t tell me otherwise.”

He looks at me for a moment, his dark hair in his eyes, before swearing loudly, slamming his fist down onto the ground next to him. I heard house elves muttering behind us, but he ignored them, pulling at his hair in exasperation.

“I ran away from my family. I left them all behind and moved in with Prongs. I turned my back on them and have a bloody terrible relationship with my brother, who’s the only member of the family who’ll talk to me on occasion. The only reason I left is because of what they were trying to get me involved in, You-Know-Who and all that stuff. If I hadn’t been such good friends with James, seen how good his parents could be and how different the other side of this war is, I probably wouldn’t have left. I wouldn’t have joined them, but I would still be lazing around Grimmauld Place with my Gryffindor scarf just to piss mum off. That’s pathetic, Keira. The extent I went to – hell, still go to – to make them mad is pathetic. What they’re doing, what they believe in, is pathetic: that Muggleborns don’t deserve magic, that they stole it, that they should be killed. It shows how pathetic they are, and how narrow-minded and stupid people can be. You’re human, Nyx,” he smiled at me again, “you’re allowed to feel upset over things like this. I’d be worried if you didn’t, yeah?”

“But so many people are dying – ” I start.

“But you’re not. And you’re going to join the Healer program and help stop other people from dying, okay? You’re going to help where our side needs it the most, and you’re going to make a difference. Don’t you dare feel guilty,” he said, cutting me off. His eyes were blazing now, his face so close to mine that I was sure we were breathing the same air. “Got it?”


“Good.” Sirius nodded with finality, before getting up from where he was crouched next to me.

“Is Sir and Miss happy to take their drinks now, Sir? Abra didn’t want to interrupt, Mr Black or Miss Keira.”

I looked up and smiled at Abra. No matter how bad I felt, just the sight of her big eyes and teatowl dress made me want to hug her. “Yes, Abra. We’d love those drinks. Thank you.”

She beamed at me as she placed them on a stool just off to the side of my chair. “Anything else, Miss Keira?”

“No thanks, Abra. I think we’re good.” She nodded and hurried away as Sirius reached for the glasses, handing one to me. Holding his up, I took the hint and clinked mine against his. “Cheers.” I laughed at his pleased expression. Thoughtful and deep Sirius was gone and happy and arrogant Sirius was back.

I asked him how the party had been after I’d left, and he said it’d been fine – that Peter had had too much to drink, and Remus had dragged him off the table where he’d started singing about how we were going to win this year. He chuckled slightly at the memory from his place on the floor in front of me, and I laughed imagining Remus’s expression.

We chatted aimlessly for a while, where I asked him about his love for motorbikes and he asked me about my Muggle parents. The whole time a question lurked unanswered in the back of my mind, and during a natural lapse in the conversation I finally asked, “Why did you come looking for me?”

“Because we're even now? I dunno. It’s too early in the morning for questions that require thinking.”

I raised an eyebrow at his expression, before trying to stifle a yawn. What time was it anyway?

“Is that a yawn, Miss Nyx?” Sirius chuckled, setting down his near empty glass. “Come on, I think it’s time we head back. There won’t be any prefects around anyway; only idiots are up at this hour.”

“We’re up at this hour,” I mumbled through another yawn.

“My point exactly.” He laughed as he hauled himself off the floor.

“Bye, Abra!” I called over my shoulder as we made our way towards the door, and the little house elf looked up from the bench she was working at to smile and wave at me.

“Goodbye, Miss Keira! Goodbye, Mr Black! Abra hopes you visit soon!”

And just in case I hadn’t been sure before, I definitely wanted to take her home with me now.

Sirius peered at me out of the corner of his eye as we made our way down the corridor outside. “What?” he asked.

“What?” I turned to face him, drawn out of my thoughts.

“Don’t ‘what’ me. What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing. Just Abra.” I grinned at him and he rolled his eyes as we entered the Entrance Hall.

“If you say so.”

We climbed the stairs in silence as we made our way back towards Gryffindor Tower. Somewhere on the third floor my eyelids grew heavy, and by the time we’d reached the fifth floor, I was ready to curl up on the slabs of flagstone and sleep.

“Tired?” Sirius chuckled as he waited for me by a tapestry. I was beginning to lag behind. I nodded sleepily, and as if on cue, I yawned again. “Come on, we aren’t far now.”

I pulled a face in reply, and before I knew it, he’d picked me up and was carrying me in his arms along the passage behind the wall hanging.

Sirius Black was carrying me. Actually carrying me.

I tensed slightly before looking at him, my eyes wide. Realizing that his actions may have been slightly out of the ordinary, he spoke.

“You’re too slow otherwise, and I do want to get back before sunrise. Some sleep this evening would be nice, you know?” He raised an eyebrow at me and I looked up at him, poking out my tongue before letting my eyes fall closed. His point was valid enough, I reasoned.

He was warm. So warm. He smelled like soap and something else that I couldn’t put my finger on. The first thing that came to mind was dog, although that couldn’t be right, so I dismissed it lazily.

My mind drifted as I appreciated the heat he radiated.

“Hey, Nyx? I can’t go up the stairs, so you’re going to have to walk. Nyx? Keira?” Sirius murmured.

“Hmmm,” I mumbled, refusing to open my eyes, still groggy from sleep. My cheek was resting against his chest, and while somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I’d be mortified in the morning, at that moment I didn’t care. He was comfortable, and I didn’t want to walk all the way up to the Sixth Year girl’s dormitory.

“Come on, wake up.”

I grunted as he gently lowered my legs to the ground, forcing me onto my feet.

“Night, Nyx.” He smiled at me before disappearing up the staircase to his own dormitory.

“Night, Black,” I murmured, even though he was already gone, before hauling myself up the stairs to bed.

Once I was back under the covers, I let my eyelids droop again as I waited for sleep to welcome me back into it’s arms.

I hated this war. I hated that Sirius didn’t really have a family, and I hated that Mel lost hers. I hated that I was lying here in my scarlet and gold dormitory, safe under a duvet while people might be dying outside – people like me. In that moment, I wanted to change the world.

Instead, I slept.

Author's Note:
Aaaaaand, we have a new chapter. Isn't that exciting? I'm excited at any rate. Hopefully you all like this one. It was hard to write, (mainly because I love Henry and I wanted to get the right feel across during their big conversation). Sirius came and found her, but don't think they're getting together anytime soon. He just feels he owes her after she got him to see sense and fill in, so he went looking for her incase she was in trouble. Sirius Black does not like feeling indebted to anyone. Anywho, I have exams at the moment (yuck) and I should be writing a speech at the moment, but it's hard and I don't want to, so I updated this earlier than planned.
Hopefully you like this chapter. Let me know what you think, because I'm craving the feedback on this one!

Remember, reviews are better than that after exam feeling!
Best wishes,
- A. :)

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