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It's Not Love by dreamer21
Chapter 5 : Best Friends And All That Jazz
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A/N: Please don't kill me because of its length. I'll make the next ones longer promise. Thankyou to soapman333 for being my awesome beta reader. Also, this chapter is dedicated a special friend who has helped and guided me in hpff, forums and dark arts. Thankyou soo much once again! :) Reviewwww! and Enjoyy!



“So let me get this straight, you're getting engaged? Mikaela Malfoy, the man hater?” Dominique's green eyes widen as she laughs.

I stay still, showing no emotion as I watched her enjoy the moment. I'll hex her ass later. Well, by later, I mean within the next thirty seconds.

"This has got to be the most hilarious thing of the century! Poor sod, he has no idea what he's getting into,” she giggles, “ and as horrendous as this might sound, living in the muggle world seems to be a better option than marrying you. No offense Mikaela, you're gorgeous, but you do tend to drive people insane!" Dom exclaims and slaps my arm.

I knew she would react like this, but still! She's just going overboard now.

Alexandra speaks up, "Dom, she’s only as sane as you are."

I smirk and Dominique stares between us in confusion.

"Sometimes I wonder how you got sorted into Slytherin, Dom,” I roll my eyes at her.

"Oh shut it, soon to be bride," she replies with a smirk.

Oh that does it. I'm going to murder her, feed her leftovers to the giant squid, and throw rocks at her empty casket. I will definitely not miss her! Hey, if I'm in Azkaban, I won't have to be engaged.

I flick my wand and cause Dominique's ears to enlarge. She doesn't notice, causing Alex to laugh. Dom watches her with curiosity before looking at me with narrowed eyes, “What did you do, Mikaela?”

"What are you talking about?" I ask innocently.

Alex points to the mirror, “Go look for yourself, Dom,” she gasps out between chuckles.

Dominique whips around and screams as soon as she sees herself. I smirk at her reaction as Alex falls into a deep fit of laughter.

"Mikaela Malfoy, you fix me right this second, or I will hex you into next year,” she yells, on the verge of tears. Okay, for a second I was really scared, but I roll my eyes at her theatrics and undo the spell.

We stare each other down as Alex rolls her eyes and unrolls a copy of The Daily Prophet, "Em, have you seen Nicholas?" Alex asks me without looking up from the paper.

"It's been a while," I shrug.

Her eyes shine in excitement, "How about you take a look?"

Everything in my body does a 360 degree turn as I push down my thoughts:

I do not want to look at him.

I do not want to see him just yet.

I am not ready.

I take a deep breath,"I don't want to see his face," I simply state.

"Why?" both of them ask as if I've rejected a dying puppy. I love puppies, by the way. They're much better than cats. Just the thought of cats makes me want to kick one.

My eyebrows furrow, “I just don't want to.”

"Mikaela, you're being immature,” Alex rolls her eyes.

Dominique peeks over Alex's shoulder and giggles, “He's not that bad.”

"Yeah, then why don't you get engaged to him?" I snap, folding my arms across my chest.

They stop oogling the paper and stare up at me with concern and shock. Ugh, more drama! I am getting way too agitated about everything today.

"What's got you in a knot? Chill your balls!" exclaims Dom after recovering from her shock.

I don’t have balls technically speaking.

A shiver of irritation passes through my body. Looks like I'm going to have to handle this a different way, “Listen, all of this is becoming too much for me to handle. This isn't easy for me, okay?” I hiss, “I had plans for my future. No of which, involved some bloke and a life commitment, but things haven't really been working out my way. So, excuse me for not wanting to look at some bloody picture!” I finish and stare at them.

An annoying silence falls between us as they stare back at me. Suddenly, Alex puts the paper away and Dominique jumps up, “It's your birthday, we should be celebrating right now.”

Talk about whiplash. She totally changed the topic, but I'm glad that she did. I've honestly had enough.

"Yeah,” Alex pipes in, hopping up off the ground, “what should we do?"

I don't want to think about anything right now. My brain's exhausted, “Whatever you guys want to do is fine by me, as long as you follow my rules,” I reply, finally pulling myself from the ground too.

Both of them roll their eyes at this, “We're going to your twin brother's party!” Dom announces, beaming at me.

Ha-ha, good one Dom,” I respond, smiling at her joke. Wait, she was serious.

Alex nods her head in agreement, “We're going to it, Mikaela,” she says with a stern look on her face.

I panic, Scopius' parties involve the house Gryffindor house. I hate Gryffindors, “Guys, I'm exhausted.”

"Oh shut it. It’s only eight," Dom replies and slings her arm around my shoulder. She's not listening to me? What is wrong with these girls?!

"I don't want to go," I whine, looking at them with my puppy-dog face.

Alex rolls her eyes. Her eyes will fall out if she keeps this up, “Does it look like I care?”

Mikaela,” Dominique adds, “You're a party killer. If you didn't want to go to Scorpius' party, you should have hosted your own, but you didn't, so we're going to where the fun is.”

Excuse me for not arranging a party, because I was too busy learning about my ruined future. A surge of anger flows through me, I hate her. Why, exactly is she my best friend?

Alex picks up on my mood, “Hey, how better to get over something you hate by doing something else you hate?” she reasons, gesturing towards The Daily Prophet that she placed on my bed.

I suddenly remember that these two girls are always there for me. Where would I be without them? I look between the two and sigh, “But we hate them.”

Dominique squeals, seeing my barrier fall, and races to my closet.

Alex stares me down, “Correction: you hate them. Dom's whole family was sorted into Gryffindor, and I don't care enough to give them a second thought.”

I watch them pull apart my closet as I think of Dominique's family. She's part of the big “Potter/Weasley” clan that has basically taken over Hogwarts. Her mother is a beautiful part-veela and a total party animal. Which explains Dominique's attitude towards everything.

She has two other siblings: Victorie, now married to Teddy Lupin, and Louis, a little fourth year. Dominique also has about a million cousins, few of which are Rose, Hugo, Lily, James, and Albus. I see them every once in a while when they talk to Dominique, but I've never gotten along with any of them. Especially Albus. Suffice to say that he hates my guts and I hate his, right back.

There's a form of rivalry between us. Our first year, he “accidentally” pushed me on our way into the Great Hall. I fell on my face in front of everyone and I was beyond embarrassed. So, I did what any child would do. I got up and punched him. Ever since that day we've had a rivalry between us. Both of us worked hard to receive high remarks, become captains over our quidditch teams, and prefects of our houses.

Somehow during this time, Scorpius became really good friends with the kid. I still don't know how that happened.

"Let's it go, Mickey," Dominique says, breaking me from my thoughts. She throws one of my good shirts on over her head.

I glare at her. No one calls me Mickey and gets away with it, “I don't think so, Dom,” I hiss at her.

"Mikaela, there will be lots of people. You won't even cross ways with him. You're seventeen, grow the fuck up,” Alex waves her hand at me.

How does Alex know what I'm thinking? I shake my head. Remind me not to mess with her temper, “Ugh, fine.”

They grab my arms and pull me out of my room.

This is going to be interesting.




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