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Karma by Aitchy
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9: Truth or Dare (part 2), another letter and bets
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Disclaimer: The usual, I'm not J K Rowling :(


"So, onwards?" I asked, a smirk crossing my face. When they all nodded I twisted to face James to continue Truth or Dare. "James, truth or dare?"


James grinned in response. But before he could speak he was cut across by Lily. "Is anyone going to do truths?"


"Probably not." I laughed. "James?"


"I'll go with truth then. Just to make Lily happy." He winked at her and much to the shock of everyone in the room: she blushed. Lily Evans blushed at James Potter! "LILY DID YOU JUST BLUSH AT JAMES?" I exclaimed loudly, causing Remus to laugh. Sirius was still in shock I think.


"Shut up Willow and pick a truth for James." She muttered, blushing even more.


"Oh Merlin. I'm in shock." Sirius said dramatically, placing a hand over his chest.


"Phew. I'd thought we'd lost the sarcastic and dramatic Sirius Black then."


"Miss me?" He smirked.


I snorted. "Hardly."


"Oh dear Merlin you two. Pick a truth!" Remus told us exasperatedly.


"I'm thinking!" I exclaimed back at him.


"Are you struggling?" Sirius asked, grinning.


"Only when I try and think of nice things about you." I responded sweetly, also grinning.


"Willow!" Lily shouted, but she was smiling too.


"Ok! Ok! A truth! Right then! James, when did you first realise you were in love with Lily?" I asked, grinning evilly. James and Lily both flushed at the question.


"I hate you Willow." James muttered, causing Sirius to let out a bark-like laugh.


"That's my line!" I exclaimed, smirking. "But you need to answer the question."


James sighed exasperatedly and took a sip of the veretasium. "Fine. It was first year, on the train. When we entered Lily immediately caught my attention, then when she showed how unimpressed she was with our arrogance I realised she was the perfect girl." He told us quickly, while Lily blushed furiously. I laughed triumphantly, hoping this will make Lily realise how great they'll go together. "Moving on quickly?" James added. "Willow, truth or dare?"


"I've just done one!"


"I want revenge." He grinned evilly. I exchanged a glance with Lily, knowing if I said truth they'd ask a very personal question. But now we'd grown close, I guess they deserve to know. Sirius knew. "Well?"




"What caused your hydrophobia?" Both Lily and Sirius looked panicked, and tried to come up with stupid excuses to go.


"Look at the time…"


"We should go…"


"Guys, shut up." I said bluntly, still looking at James who was frowning at them curiously. I leant forwards and drank the remainder of the veretasium, feeling that this would be the last round of the game. "I became hydrophobic when I was 7, when my parents died." I began, watching James and Remus' face turn into identical looks of horror. "It was December, we were going up to my nans to read her will but the roads were really icy. We span off into an ice-cold lake, I was small enough to wriggle out of the car but my parents drowned." I told them, staring down at the empty vial.


"We had no idea…"


"That's because I didn't tell you." I smiled at them. "It's ok."




"Of course not, but it will get better over time." I stood up. "And on that bright note, we should head back. Although Lily and Sirius' excuses were lame, they were accurate. It is really late… Or early…"


"Padfoot knew?"


"Yeah, nosy git."


"Hey!" Sirius protested, a slight smile on his face.


"It was when we became friends again…"


"Aw, you think we're friends? How cute!" Sirius grinned at me as I glared in his direction.


"I am not cute."


"You are, like a little pixie!"


"I am not a pixie!"


"Of course not…"


"I hate you."




"You're welcome." I shook my head laughing. "Anyway, he read my letter mentioning my parents death and I told him what happened. Should we go?"


"Yeah, I'm exhausted." Lily also stood up and the others followed suit. James pulled the invisibility cloak out of his pocket and draped it over us, me in the lead again, and we began the slow and silent walk back to the common room.




"Go away!" I yelled sleepily as a pillow was thrown at my head, I pulled my blanket up over my head and mumbled something incoherent. Staying up until three in the morning may seem like a good idea at the time, but it isn't the next morning. Lily understood me completely and let me sleep in.


Or not.


"ARGH!" I yelped loudly as I suddenly hit the cold, wooden floor, still tangled in my bedsheets. "LILY! IT'S THE WEEKEND LET ME SLEEP!"


"It's already eleven o clock." She told me laughing at my cocooned state on the floor. I stood up and glared at her, but she continued laughing anyway. I stretched slowly, my tank top lifting up and revealing the scar across my side which made Lily wince. I grinned at her and grabbed some clothes from my trunk, walking into the bathroom and slamming the door loudly. When I left the bathroom Lily had left the dorm, without waiting for me. How rude. I was only a few minutes!


"Lily!" I yelled as I entered the almost empty common room, which she wasn't in either. Sirius and Remus were, so I sat down (in my chair) and grinned sleepily at them. "Morning."




"Still morning. Where's James and Lily?" Remus and Sirius exchanged smirks and looked back at me, both their eyebrows raised. "Spill!" I crossed my legs and sat forwards eagerly, James and Lily was the only bit of gossip I was interested in.


"James asked Lily if they'd like to go and get lunch, she agreed so we decided to wait for you." Remus explained, grinning.


"Finally." I muttered happily, glancing over to the window where an owl was perched on the sill and watching us. I frowned and stood up, us being the only people in the common room. As I opened the window the owl hopped inside and stuck it's leg out, showing the crisp envelope with my name on it. I untied the envelope cautiously, not at all used to getting letters.


"Letter for you?" Remus asked curiously.


I nodded silently, tearing open the envelope. I scanned the letter quickly before crumpling it up and tossing it in the fire, scowling half-heartedly. "Great start to the day." I mumbled, watching the paper burn.


"Want to go and get lunch?" Sirius asked hesitantly, he knew my history with letters.


I shook my head, not glancing away from the fire. "Not in the mood."


He stood up and grabbed my arm, pulling my out of the chair. "I'm not letting you spend your weekend moping, we'll get food in the kitchens. Come on." He informed me, beginning to drag me out of the room. "Remus, you coming?"


"Nah, I ate earlier." Remus replied, smirking at Sirius whose cheek had a slight pink tinge.


"You're loss." Sirius shrugged and carried on leading my out of the common room and to the kitchens. "Want to tickle the pear?"


I smiled slightly at him before tickling the pear, who let out a high giggle before swinging open. A House-Elf ran up to us and beamed at Sirius.


"What would Master Sirius like today?" She squeaked.


Sirius glanced over questioningly at me. "I'll have fried breakfast please Sparky."


"Um, bowl of cereal?" I added.


"Coming up!" She scurried away. Sirius lead me over to the seats nearby and sat opposite me.


"What's up?" He asked after a minute or two, as Sparky arrived with a huge fry-up and a bowl of cereal.


"The ceiling?"


"Hilarious." He rolled his eyes. "Come on, it's obvious something in the letter bothered you."


I sighed, twirling the cereal around my bowl with my spoon. "It was a letter confirming the date they want my report, which I'd completely forgotten about."


He visibly winced. "Oh…"


"I just want it to be over, I don't want to think about it."


A smirked appeared on his face. "I have certain methods of distracting you." He said, winking.


I laughed aloud. "I'll pass on that suggestive offer." I replied, still laughing.


"Who said anything about suggestive?" His eyes widened in mock innocence.


"How was it not suggestive?" I countered, giggling at his expression.


"I have no idea what you're talking about." He tried to deny.


"Feigned innocence does not suit you Sirius." I told him.


"Everything suits me."


"Modesty definitely wouldn't."


"When you're this amazing, modesty would just be lying."


"You statement was a lie, on the topic of lying."


"Ouch, harsh."


"The truth hurts."


"You're never this mean to others."


"Others are never this infuriating."




We both paused and burst into loud laughter, as we remembered the countless times we've been over this argument. Sirius stood up and held out his arm in an exaggerated gentlemanly fashion.


"Would you care to accompany me to the common room?" He asked formally.


I giggled and took his arm. "I would be delighted." I replied as we strolled out of the kitchen.




Both Sirius and I came to a dead stop when we entered the common room, both of our expressions were pure shock. Sitting on the sofa, hand in hand, were James and Lily. Lily was curled up and leant against James, who was twirling a strand of her head hair around his hand absentmindedly. "LILY EVANS!" I screeched loudly, giggling after at the simultaneous winces around the common room. Clearly Lily wasn't the only one who could reach extremely high levels of pitch and volume.


Lily raised her head and beamed at me. "Hey Willow."




"Ye- Wait, finally?"


"What's the date?" I turned to Sirius, a smirk tugging at my lips. He mumbled a curse under his breath before he replied.


"12th December."


"10 galleons. Now." I held out my hand and laughed delightedly as Sirius gave me a handful of galleons, scowling. I skipped to my seat and flopped down in it, laughing at James and Lily's confused expressions. "I bet to Sirius 10 galleons that you would be together by Christmas. Speaking of betting, who asked who?"


"Lily asked me, after I kissed her." I scowled and threw four of my galleons over to Remus, who grinned at me.


"Cheers Willow."


"I hate you Remus." I scowled at him again, making everyone start laughing. "I need to stop saying that." I mumbled, shaking my head.


"Not gonna happen." Lily said, still laughing.


"It was worth a try."


"Are there any other bets we should know about?" James asked, smiling.


"Of course. Apart from dull prefects who are too stuck up for betting, the whole school's made bets on when you'll go out…" Sirius began, before I cut over him.


"Who asks who…"


"Where…" Sirius carried on, shooting an amused glance at me.


"In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the teachers made bets." I finished off, laughing at their expressions.


"All day tomorrow you'll see people asking you what happened and handing around money nearby you, once they've gotten over the shock." Remus added, also laughing.


"It's you two they'll be betting on now." James countered, smirking at me and Sirius.


"WHAT? NO!" I yelped loudly. My words where echoed by Sirius, but with less conviction. I didn't really notice it, I was too busy gaping at James who was practically falling off his seat in laughter.


"I used to say that." Lily pointed out, giggling.




"Come on, you had the same love hate relationship they had." Remus pointed out, between laughter.


"Take note of the 'hate' part. Did you forget the stage we went through when we continuously harmed each other?"


"Hey! I'm not proud of that!" Sirius protested, looking guilty.


"Neither am I, just pointing it out." I replied, shrugging.


"Come on, it's only a matter of time." I glared at James, whose eyes widened slightly in my fury. "Woah Willow, relax."


"I'm not in the mood." I scowled, my happiness evaporating quickly.


James rolled his eyes. "Chill."


"Not exactly easy right now." I left the room to my dorm, knowing to leave now before an argument. As I left, I saw out of the corner of my eye Sirius run his hand through his hair and watch me leave.


A few minutes later, Lily joined me in my dorm and sat on my bed next to me. "Willow, what's wrong?" She asked hesitantly.


"Bad day?" I replied questioningly before shaking my head. "Ask Sirius, he knows." She nodded and stood up, going to leave. "Lily? Can you apologise to James for me? I didn't mean to snap at him."


Lily smiled at me and then left the dorm, leaving me to my bubbling thoughts. Why did Sirius seem so bothered about James' stupid comments about us? Recently, we've been hanging out even more than usual and he's always been there for me. Merlin, if Sirius hadn't been there constantly I have no idea how I would've coped. He's my best friend.


No… It's different… Lily's my best friend.


Sirius… Merlin, this is confusing. Do I… Do I like him? As in, like like him?


Merlin… I do.


I don't really have an excuse... Apart from writers block, distraction and lots and lots of badminton.

Seriously, the badminton is exhausting.

I'd like to say I'll update super-soon, but I might not.... I'll try to!

So yeah, don't hate me?? 


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