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Jump and Fall by GrangerDanger76
Chapter 6 : March part 2
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Chapter 6

Sometimes, second chances are our only gift to the world.


If Lizzie hadn’t been given a second chance she wouldn’t have finished her last year of University.


If Mark hadn’t been given a second chance, he would be a father right now.


Yet, when you’re in the position of handing them out, your heart on your sleeve, it gets so much…harder… 

Until I met him


Previously: It was then I got a knock on my door. Which was rare. So I guess I sorta got excited. I jumped off the counter and ran to the door, throwing it open.

And just my luck, it was James Thompson standing there.



Saturday, March 4th




My first instinct was to very quickly shut the door, but against my better judgment, I didn’t.  Instead, I took a deep breath and replied,




“Look, You weren’t answering my calls and I just really needed to talk to you. I’m really sorry about our…uh…date,” He said, running a hand through his hair.


“Really James, it’s okay…” I said, trying to figure out a discrete way to slowly close the door.


“And I get if you never want to go out with me again, but I really do, uhm well, want to take you out…” He said, rubbing his now red neck. He looked down at the floor. Today he was wearing simple clothing and his hair was wild and curly.  The sight reassured me, as he was still babbling about God knows what.


“So what are you doing Friday?” He asked, finally stopping for a breath of air.


I bit my lip. James was still standing in my doorway and even though I was still disappointed about our date and was still a little dodgy on who he actually is, I was still very… attracted to him. I wanted to give him another chance because what guy comes to your front door just to apologize. Maybe James was that one step closer to fixing all that’s gone wrong in my life.


So I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and said, “What are you doing tonight?”


James looked a bit taken aback and I guess I would be too. But I wanted this James. I wanted the man who was standing in front of me, not the greasy haired, mama’s boy I met earlier.


“Nothing, I don’t think.” James said slowly, eyebrows creased.


“Come make dinner with me,” I said with a small smile.


“Oh, are you sure? I mean we can go out to eat, I’m sorta a rubbish cook.” He said, looking anxious again.


“Come on, it’ll be fun!” I said with a smile, pulling him into my apartment. He took a seat on my couch, as I strolled into the kitchen in search of wine. Pulling out two wine glasses and grabbing a bottle I made my way over to where James was sitting. Catching a look of myself in the mirror I shuddered, but realized that this was it. It was now or never.


“So the first step to making dinner is getting drunk because I don’t have any ingrediants because I haven’t been to the store in years because I can barely afford to pay rent.” I poured wine in to each of our glasses as James laughed giving me an amused look. “So basically our options are pancakes or… pancakes. Bottoms up,” I said, draining my glass. James laughed again before doing the same.


“Alright!” I chirped, already feeling the delicious effects of a buzz. Grabbing James’ hand, I pulled him into the kitchen. He paused once inside, glancing down at our intertwined hands. I couldn’t tell if the tingling feeling in my stomach was from the alcohol or … James.


“Okay,” I said ripping my hand from his. “Uh, step number two. Music.” I walked over to my radio and turned it on, blasting out the latest muggle hits. I gave him a small smile. James looked out of place, being so tall in my small kitchen. The song turned and I started singing the words, filling myself another glass of wine and getting out the pancake ingredients.


James was leaning against the counter, his arms folded, an amused smirk gracing his big lips. The more I thought about those lips, the more in trouble I became.


“Sing with me!” I commanded, and again, against my better judgment, I took his hands in mine and began to dance slightly, singing the words. James finally caved, smiling and singing along with me.


“Okay that’s enough,” I said, turning down the music. I walked into the hall where my, admittedly, half bare shelf of cookbooks are.


 “Uh, James, do you by chance know how to make pancakes? I seem to have lost my recipe…” I said, a bit frantic, rummaging through my files.


“Uh yeah, don’t worry.” James said coming behind me and placing his hands on my shoulders, steering me back towards the kitchen.


I grabbed a big mixing bowl and said “Okay what’s first?”


“Uh,” James said, looking around the kitchen. “How about …flour…500g sounds about right,” throwing me a cocky grin he measured and poured the flour into the bowl. Taking a bit between his thumb and forefinger, he flicked it at me, and I pushed him away.  “Ouch!” He said, holding his chest pretending to be injured. I rolled my eyes and made my way to the sugar.


“How much sugar, my sous chef?” I asked with a smirk.


“Oh I’m just a sous chef now; uh how about 600g?” He replied with a boyish grin.


“James! That’s more than the flour!” I cried, only adding 100g. James threw an extra handful in there too, just for good measure.


We continued to add milk and eggs and James did the honors of mixing it all up. Getting out a frying pan and pouring out a perfectly shaped pancake was… difficult for James. So I had to help him a bit.


“Okay, I think it’s ready to flip, Lyds.” He called. My heart raced at the name and I walked over to him as he flipped it. For someone who is rubbish at cooking, he actually managed to flip it. That was always Mark’s job when we were kids.


Setting the perfect pancake down on a plate, James opened his arms for a hug. My pulse raced, but I chickened out, opting for a high five instead before turning around and preparing the next pancake. I don’t know why. I really don’t…maybe because even when everything is perfect, it’s not.


Is that just me? Am I too blind to see this incredible man standing in front of me?


I pour more pancake batter into the pan and I feel James’ arms snake around me as he whispers in my ear, “Need some help?”


My skin crawls… and not in a good way. I jump away, shivering.


“Uh, nope! I got it!” I say my voice jumping an octave as I step away. I brave a look at James’ face but instantly regretted it. His face had fallen, and he ran a hand through his hair.


“Look, Lydia… Do you like me or not? I’m kinda getting mixed signals over here…”  James said looking down at the floor, his hand gravitating towards his neck.


I shook my head my mouth open without really knowing what to say. He took a step forward and I took one back.


James let out a frustrated breath. “Just tell me the truth,” he said. His eyes met mine and a shiver ran through me.


“I…” I honestly didn’t know what to say. James looked dejected. Giving me a half hearted smile, he turned and walked out of the kitchen.


My head was screaming at me no no no; but my heart was stuck frozen in time.


The door opened and I opened my mouth trying to scream, but my brain wouldn’t work, my lungs wouldn’t work, so I did the one thing I could.


I ran. I dropped the pan on the stove and ran over to James. His back fell back against the door pushing it shut. Yet somehow on the way, me being the graceful ballerina I am, tripped and slammed against James knocking us to the ground.


“Well, hello.”


Not exactly the romance I was looking for, but I smiled and tried to roll off his chest, only to feel James’ hand on my hip keeping me there. James tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear, his fingers trailing down my jaw, guiding my head towards his. I closed my eyes, our lips just barely apart.


I felt James smirk against my lips and say “I’ll take this as a yes.”


I pushed my lips into his, reaffirming my answer.


I don’t know how long we stayed there, kissing. His lips were soft, really soft. And my heart raced. This was no school girl romance.


So as I led James to the door at half past twelve, drunk and numb, I felt proud.


I had pushed past my fears and insecurities and I took a chance. For the first time everything was right, more than right, storybook right. So I ignored mental Lydia who was trying to remind me of my fear of commitment, and closed my eyes.


For another night.


A/N – PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! I am so so SO sorry for the Lydia and James-lessness. February totally took me by a storm. I had a birthday, some mid-terms, and SOME CRAZY happenings, but never to fear! I am back and hope to update very soon! I hope I made up for it with some super cray LYDIA AND JAMES happenings! YIPEE! :) I am so excited to see what you guys think, so don’t forget to review!

Also: Questions that have come up in the reviews!

Yes, Lydia is a Squib. It will be talked about more in later chapters. Mark is a wizard as are her sisters.

One last thing: Thank you SO much to patronus_charm! Thanks to her, this story won Ravenclaw Story of the Month for January!

Thanks to everyone who voted!


Up Next: Meeting the family… :)



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Jump and Fall: March part 2


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