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To Catch A Keeper by DawnPotion
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: The Midnight Feast
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Just before we go any further I just want to clear a little something up; it’s about how I write Oliver ok? So I like to indulge in a good Oliver/OC as much as the next person but I’m sort of put off by the way he can be written, don’t ask me why but I think he comes across as a bit too ‘nice’? Thus I’m trying to write him like the Scottish guys I know, still a bit suave, still plenty full of themselves but a bit more realistic basically with what proper dickheads they can be when they want. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't?

"What the bloody hell was that?!"

I barely had time to breathe before Alicia pounced.

"You and Oliver bloody Wood! Together- ALONE -outside the common room! What the bloody hell?!"

"Wow, overreaction much? It’s not like he declared his undying love or anything.”

As I dumped our stash of food on my bed I looked to Angelina for support, but she just shook her head and raised an eyebrow sceptically.

“It was nothing, ok? He offered to walk me after I, uh, kind of threwmyselfathimbyaccident

“You WHAT? ‘Threw yourself at him’? Literally? Bloody hell Blair- I knew you were desperate, but can’t you just flirt like the rest of us?"

Ok, so I love Ange, like a lot, but sometimes sometime I wish she were a little, well, nicer. I am SO NOT desperate. Just a little romantically challenged. Ok maybe a lot romantically challenged.

“It’s not like I planned it or anything, I fell over my feet and I would have landed on one of the hundreds of oh so comfy sofas, if it hadn’t been for the six foot four lump of a boy that we call Mr Oliver Wood choosing to sit right in the firing range. Right, who’s up for hot chocolate? Freshly smuggled in from the muggle world – ha, that rhymed! Sort of…”

“Yes to the hot chocolate, but that was a terrible attempt at changing the subject, you can’t fool us so easily Blair bear. We want all the juicy goss. Like, did he ravish you in the broom cupboard, as the fourth years would say?” Alicia piped in.

Oh great, so now I’m going to be mentally scarred by that image for the rest of term. I’m starting to wish I’d stayed stuck in Kew with my so-called family.

“Nope, no ravishing. There was a hell of a lot of awkward attempts at conversation, and halfway back he started telling me all the scintillating details of his Quidditch timetable for this year. Spoiler Alert- you guys are in for more than one 5am start…”

“Oh come on! He promised no more pre-dawn practices- HE FREAKING PROMISED!

Shhh Katie, you’ll wake up the entire castle with your banshee screams.”

Well, at least that distracted the girls from the whole walk and talk evening 'event'. Or unevent, if that’s even a thing. Unfortunately, however, all three of my roomies are on the quidditch squad, so not only do they get some charmingly early wake up calls, I have the delight of seeing the sun rise as they clatter about getting ready. It’s simply wonderful. Not.

“Oh, and Blair, while you were off on your little jaunt, the Weasley twins announced their plans to throw a party to celebrate the first quidditch match. And themed so I hope you brought your cat suit… You’re going to need it!”

Ahh, Fred and George may not be the fastest brooms in the shed, but they thrown AMAZING parties. Best thing? No underagers allowed. Hasta la vista fourthies- only legals permitted. Merci and also danke sehr.

“So what do you think B?” Oh god, what did Alicia just say? I turned my brain off... Better just nod and smile…

“Are you ok? You look like you’re in pain… I asked if you were up for us all dressing up like muggle superheroes? You can be Catwoman... Angy is going to be Wonder Woman, Katie wants to do a Louis Lane and I’m so rocking my Poison Ivy knee high boots!”

“Sure, yeah- what’s this for again?” Dammit- first day back and my mind is already on holiday to loony land. I seriously need to ‘buck up my ideas’ as my old ballet teacher would say.

“The party? It’s on the next Hogsmeade weekend, we so we can all get ready together. Even Oliver wouldn’t miss a chance to let loose. That is, if he even knows what that means. That boy is so uptight I bet he thinks relaxing is cutting training back by half an hour. Which he would NEVER do, even when the Durmstrang boys were visiting. I can’t believe we missed out on all that hot Scandinavian man candy!”

Katie pretty much only ever thinks about three things in life- quidditch, food and boys. Lot and lots of boys. Strangely somehow she has managed to remain single all the time I’ve known her- but she assures me that she’s just waiting for one of the super sexy Swedish International Quidditch League players to fall madly in love with her. Obviously.

After safely deflecting any talk of Oliver Wood and quidditch we can get down to proper conversations, of all the things, and boys, we did over summer. Sadly it was a big fat nothing from me, but Alicia had some very interesting things to tell us about German boys...

*Cue several hours of eating, talking and laughing, a hell of a lot of laughing.*

“Ouch, Ali, is that your shoulder? Or your knee? And whose foot is in my face? Whoever it is- you REALLY need to wash your socks!”

Waking up in a pile on Angelina’s bed after our major pig out I felt bloated, and I’m fairly certain I slept with someone’s elbow lodged right against my back, which means I’m going to have an epic bruise for the next few days. Home sweet home!

Somehow we managed to untangle ourselves from our heap and get the room back in order, mostly. I fear the burn marks in the carpet may never heal, but we’re fine as long as no one tries to tidy up our crafty pile of throw cushions, we’ve never been much good at housework but clever thinking? That’s something we can do!

“Soooo, breakfast?”

And Katie’s off talking about food again. I will admit I missed the pumpkin juice and cauldron cakes this summer- my mum’s ‘health’ food was a little too organic for my liking. I swear, if I’d had eaten another one of those weird ‘carrots’ I would have turned into a rabbit. Probably. You never know what charms my darling mother has casted on her allotment. But I will tell you one thing for certain- cucumbers are NOT meant to be that colour!

“Blaise Zabini is looking mighty fine – I bet you he spent all summer working to get those biceps. It’s a shame he’s a slimy Slytherin, he is major top totty!”

From our vantage point half way down the Gryffindor table we were all, especially Angie, practically drooling into our porridge over the, admittedly buff, Slytherin Chaser.

 “Checking out the competition already? I like your thinking Angelina. But if I were you I’d close my mouth- you look bloody ridiculous enough as it is. The rest of you- timetable’s going up this afternoon, first meeting on Friday. Be there or find yourself a new team to play for. Oh, morning Aubin, try not to faint again today, I might not be there to catch you.”

That smarmy bastard! He thinks just because he swans over here with his stupid floppy hair and dreamy brown eyes and an accent that would melt solid stone and his broad shoulders and those cheekbones that would shatter glass and, and, and what was I saying?

Oh yeah- how DARE he mock me?! Seriously, I only fainted that ONE time because those Weasley twats kept on telling me about this time their brother fell off his broom and the bones were all gross and sticking out of his arm. Quite frankly I’d have been surprised if I hadn’t fainted. It’s a perfectly natural reaction!

Alicia watched Oliver walk back down to his seat before rounding on me.

“’It’s nothing, we just went for a walk’ You little liar! He almost remembered your name, you are SO in there my little friend. Aww sweet- you’re blushing. Actually blimey, is it natural for your face to be that red?!"

“I’m not really that red am I? Because I’m totally not blushing or anything guys honestly. Wow, so is it hot in here or?..”

“Nope just you. You’re in lurve with Olly. L – U – R – V- E. Wait, who’s going to break the news to Bletchly? His little heart will be broken- Merlin, Blair you look like a radish. Should we take you to the hospital wing? “

“No, no I’m completely fine. And I’m not in ‘lurve’ with Oliver Wood. I can barely stand being in the same room as him.”

“Shame, he doesn’t seem to feel that way- he keeps looking round at you.”

“What?! Really? No, you’re kidding. Are you?”

“Calm down, I’m just messing. But you have so got the hots for Oliver, you little liar!”

Eurgh, now I’m going to have to listen to the girls teasing me about the TOTALLY NON EXISTANT crush I SUPPOSEDLY have on Oliver bloody Woods. Great. Oh, and look- I have double potions every morning with the Slytherins. Yay.

So hopefully the changes I've made have altered this chapter for the better, but I'd love to know what you think!

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