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I'll Hold You Forever My Slytherin Princess by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 14 : Saving the Damsel - part one
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He was the first thing she thought about when she awoke in the dark room. Ron. She couldn’t believe it was him. She couldn’t believe the thing that had been taunting her for the last couple of months was the one person who she thought would never hurt her. Her hands were shaking as she thought about the evil look he had given her and Draco, the way his voice seemed to slice down to her soul with such cruel intent. The image of his decaying form fixated in her mind and she had to choke back the tears as she realised what he had become. A monster. The man that I used to love has become a monster. Every loving feature has been erased leaving an empty shell of what used to be. He can’t be here! He can’t do this to me!

She couldn’t hold them back any longer. The tears fell evenly down her cheeks as she stared into the black of the room. She had never been the type of person to cry in the face of danger but she just couldn’t take it anymore…it was too much. The gaping hole that Draco had just managed to heal was festering inside of her; bile began to rise in her throat. The agony of losing Ron and having to leave behind everything that she held dear gnawed at her insides until, finally, she was spiralling in the darkness. She felt the cold stone against her cheek as laid her head down, hugging her knees to her chest, hopelessness the only other feeling to the six years of hurt that seemed to spill from her eyes. Her body shook against the uncontrollable sobs, her mind filled with things that once were and things that could have been; each a stab in her weakened heart.

Hermione could no longer see anything except the void of desperation. She had been stupid to think it had gone; it would never leave, not really, not after what she had suffered. No, it was just waiting; waiting for the right moment before it tore at her from the inside out, leaving nothing but emptiness behind. It ate at her organs and slithered through her veins, coating her in its despair. She was trapped by it, entombed by its invisible tendrils and no one could save her. Not now.


The name, almost a whisper through her psyche, attacked the void, letting in a ray of light into her soul; a string of hope. Images of him flooded through; the times when he had kissed her in the kitchen, of how he curled around her body when they lay in bed, his trademark smirk. Images of how much floppier his hair would be when he had just got out of the shower, or whenever he would whirl Mia around the room, Ace chasing at his heels. Hermione’s lips twitched into a sad smile, as she watched her memories with her new family like a film reel; Mia jumping into Draco’s arms, Draco singing very off key to his favourite song, the night that he proposed. Each one another ray of sunshine to attack the darkness inside her, slowly putting her back together. Her breathing began to slow, her tears stopped and Hermione was finally able to support herself against the wall behind her, all the while thinking of the man that had saved her from hell.

Draco. A small smile spread across her face as she thought of the man who had been waiting at the altar; his cheeky grin only for her. His face imprinted on her mind; his strong jaw line and his floppy hair that she loved to run her fingers through while they sat by the fire, his stormy grey eyes filling her with a warm feeling that spread throughout her body whenever he looked at her.

Even when he wasn’t around he was saving her life. That’s what he does though…he saves me from myself, just like he did the first time I lost Ron. Anger began to take over Hermione’s body like a plague. She would not let Ron take away the reason for her existence she would not! If it was the last thing that she would do, Hermione would see her fiancé and daughter again.

 A scuffling sound from beyond the door interrupted her determined thoughts, causing the brunette to stare into the darkness. Her eyes had adjusted to the non-existent light once she had finished crying, and Hermione could just make out the outline of a small door in the other corner of the room.

The scuffling got closer and closer; it sounded like whoever was heading towards the door was dragging their left leg. Hermione’s thoughts jumped to Ron and his decaying form causing her to position herself firmly against the wall, her hands clenched in fists in case there was an attack; Draco didn’t get a broken nose from a feeble punch all those years ago. If it came down to it, she definitely would sink Ron’s eye socket for self-defence.

Her stomached jerked inwardly at the thought of hurting him but she had to keep reminding herself that he was the one who put her here; he was the one who had caused her this agony.


The door swung open, letting a brilliant beam of light into the empty room. Hermione squinted against the brightness feeling desperately blind and more than a bit vulnerable. It took no longer than a few seconds before she heard the door close again but was surprised that not all of the light disappeared. It was a bluish tint and, as she opened her eyes, she saw the cause. Four jars had been placed in each corner of the room and each contained her famous blue flames that she used to conjure for her and the boys all those years ago. Her heart thudded as she realised Ron was standing close to the door, head cocked to the side with his eyes downcast. It’s not really him though…he’s not the same. The silent mantra kept whirring around her head, but even as she stared at him, concern that flitted through her mind. She ground at her teeth. Hermione wanted to be mad at him. She wanted to hate him, especially after what he had done to her but all she felt was a great sadness over the man she had planned to spend the rest of her life with.

Her head was beginning to hurt.

“It’s rude to stare.”

The statement seemed to ooze sarcasm that Hermione did an involuntary eye roll.

“I’m sorry, I’m not used to seeing my dead fiancé in the same room as me, maybe I should offer you a cup of tea, oh wait, that’s right I can’t I’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED!”

Ron’s eyes flashed, his red one glinting with so much malice that Hermione mentally kicked herself for getting riled up. If I’m ever going to get out of here I need to be smart about it and luckily for me I am the brains of the golden trio.

He continued to stare at her; his body swaying slightly on the spot. He didn’t seem stable and it wasn’t the first time that Hermione felt curious over how he was even standing on two feet. Ron was dead, that much was certain. It couldn’t be the resurrection stone; Harry had that locked away ages ago, and even if Ron had become ‘evil’ Hermione didn’t think that he would be capable of pulling off this kind of plan by himself.

Maybe someone else is behind this.

The thought was almost instantaneous. How could she have been so stupid?! Ron was never evil and it would take a lot for him to change sides, even more than death. He had loved her; it had been a love that nothing could have broken and had promised that he always would. What if he was being controlled; what if his soul purpose wasn’t actually his own but someone else’s.

The realisation both relieved and terrified her. If Ron wasn’t in control of his own body then there was no doubt that he would hurt her if he had been told too. At least I know he wouldn’t do this to me on his own accord; he does still love me.

 She lifted her gaze to find that he was still staring at her, his eyes unyielding. Hermione wanted to smile at him, to tell him that she understood why he was doing what he was doing but instead she just glared back. How could she say anything meaningful when no matter what had happened to Ron, deep down she knew that he would do what needed to be done and there would be no stopping him. He wasn’t her Ron anymore. No, she had another and there was nothing that would change that. Ron’s dead and I have Draco now. I need to stay alive for him…and for Mia.


“Ginny I am not telling you what to do, I’m asking you to please take the kids back to the Burrow. I can’t go after Hermione and worry about you at the same time!”

 “Harry do you really think I am going to let you run off into imminent danger, with the possibility that you might never come back, while I stay at home waiting desperately for your return with three crying children at my feet! I don’t think so, I’m coming with you.”

Ginny stood with her hands firmly on her hips, her gaze narrowed. It had been going on like this for fifteen minutes and nothing that Harry said or did could convince his wife to just agree with his decision.

“Look Weaslette, you can’t come. Do you really think that your husband would be telling you to go home without a reason? The more people who tag along, the more time we waste trying to figure out a safe plan to get Hermione home and we’ve wasted enough time already trying to convince Mione’s Muggle family where she went. Just take care of the kids until we get back; I promise I will bring him home in one piece.”

Draco, who had been unusually quiet since the disappearance of his fiancé, stood between the married couple, his face weary. It looked like he had aged twenty years in the space of an hour and all he really wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep. Harry noticed the look; it was one he so often had himself whenever he had to do battle with Voldermort.

“Malfoy she is my friend as well as your fiancé. I don’t want to lose her just as much as you but I don’t want to lose Harry either; he is my soul.”

Draco nodded while sliding a hand across his face. He couldn’t take much more of this.

It wasn’t until half an hour after she disappeared that they found the real Steven Granger. It turned out that he had been hit over the head and then locked into the bathroom where he had lain knocked out for the duration of the wedding disaster. He had been furious to find that his only daughter was missing but Jane had hushed her husband while glancing at their Muggle family, who sat confusedly at around them, eyeing the heated discussion that many of the magical friends and family were having at the situation. He had grunted in annoyance, before the pair began to usher their family out of the hall, saying that Hermione had fallen ill and that the wedding was to be postponed.

Draco could have almost laughed at the normalness of it all when the love of his life had just been taken from him by the one man he could never compete with. Now, as he watched his friends and family fight about what should be done, all the platinum blonde could feel was tiredness. He just wanted Hermione back. He just wanted to go home, snuggle with Mia in his arms and forget the whole horrible day.

Draco knew that he couldn’t do that though. He had to team up with Harry and find Hermione before anything seriously wrong happened to her. I have to get her back.

“Please Gin, I wouldn’t ask unless I really thought it was necessary. Besides, look at your mum; she’s devastated.”

Harry pointed to where Molly Weasley was rocking Lily-Mae in her eyes. She seemed unaware of her surroundings and no matter how many times the twins patted her arms and gave her a tight squeeze, Mrs Weasley didn’t want to respond. Then again, the whole Weasley family seemed uncomfortable at the moment; no one had expected to see Ron standing in the aisle all disfigured and decayed.

Ginny sighed and resigned. Truthfully, she didn’t want to go with them; she didn’t think she could face her brother after all the years he had been gone. The only problem was it felt like a betrayal to her best friend and the redhead squirmed in discomfort.

“Hey, look after Mia for me; I’m sure Hermione would rather her little princess to be with her aunt right now.”

Draco patted Ginny’s shoulder in sympathy. She sighed, relieved that she would be able to do something for the girl she considered her sister before heading over to where her broken mother sat.

“Harry we’ve just had a call…it’s from Askaban.” Arthur Weasley wandered over, squeezing his daughter’s hand as she passed, his piercing blue eyes distilled with sadness. Harry nodded to his father in law and turned to Draco. He didn’t need to know who it was about; he’d had his suspicions all along. He just didn’t know how he could have done it.

“Right, Draco you and me will head down to Askaban. Arthur could you contact the Order and send out a search party for Hermione…its doubtful that Ron would have let her go but if she’s managed to escape then she might need some assistance.”

“They’ve already been notified Harry.” Arthur’s lips trembled as he stared at his only son in law. He patted Harry’s shoulder and whispered, “Bring her home…and if it’s possible, bring him home too.”

The Boy Wonder swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded to the man who he always considered family. The two men headed in the direction of the phone leaving Draco standing alone once again. He had managed to block out the last five hours busying himself with things that needed to be done so that it would make searching for Hermione that much easier. Now, as he watched the people who he had grown to love and consider his family leave and begin their journey home after the disaster, he felt his heart ache.

It burned with the need to be close to Hermione; to have her in his arms and feel her warmth once more. He couldn’t believe he didn’t see it coming. He had dreamt about the appearance; he had felt the unshakable fear before he had walked up the aisle, and yet, he still ignored his gut feeling and continued with the ceremony, as if nothing was amiss. He vowed silently to himself that when he found Hermione, and he would find her, he was never going to ignore his ‘feelings’ again.

He sat there, his hands shaking, unaware that Harry was watching him from the far side of the hall, secretly in awe at how well Draco was concealing his emotions. It was a mask that Harry had used so many times over the years while he fought against Voldermort, and only another person who had felt the kind of pain that the Blonde was feeling right now, could ever recognise what was going on beneath it.

Sighing, he wandered over to Slytherin Prince, a bundle of clothes and a backpack in his arms.


Draco raised his head at the noise, not aware of the silent tear falling gently down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away once he realised he wasn’t alone, clearing his throat as he did so.

“So Askaban huh?”

Harry had to smile. Even in the most horrific of times, Malfoy was still acting like macho man. It was inspiring. He knew if it had been Ginny, he would have broken down ages ago. She was his world. Harry handed him the clothes and bag and sighed deeply.

 “Yeah I have a feeling that its visiting hour and I haven’t seen Nott for so long.”


“You haven’t lost your fire then; determined to stare me down even when your future looks pretty dim”

It wasn’t a question, but Hermione felt that it dignified an answer.

“And why shouldn’t I be any less than who we both know I am; I won’t change my personality just because of tragedy and pain; you should know that.”

A glimmer of recognition seemed to register through Dead Ron’s eyes as he remembered the day that Bellatrix had tortured her in the Grand Hall of the Malfoy Manor.  Hermione had vowed that she would never allow that horrid act to make her a coward and she was true to her word as the trio fought valiantly against Voldermort and his army.

Ron had whispered to her, after everything was over, that he was so proud of her. The memory flitted through the brunette’s mind and she could see that Ron was thinking about it too. She thought she saw guilt and pain cross his features but too soon they disappeared and once again he was the horrid creature that had captured her.

Maybe that’s how I get out of here; if I remind him of who he used to be; of who we were he might let me go.

“What happened to you Ron? What brought you here and why are you trying to hurt me? What did I do to you that was so awful that you felt you had to frighten me then keep me captive?”


The anger that exploded from Ron was so surprising that Hermione took an involuntary step back. His red and green eyes glowed with nothing more than pure hatred; something that Hermione would have never believed she would ever see from the person she had once most loved. It was animalistic. As if all the humanity he had was gone, and all that was left was this thing that stood in front of her. She grimaced.

“I know, I was there remember. You died in my arms and I watched you slip away, unable to keep you.”

Her words were firm but even she could hear the slight quiver in her voice. He glared at her from his corner, his hands wringing together, as if there was an invisible itch that he wanted to scratch. He was always moving with a restless energy. Maybe that’s because he is restless…he’s meant to be at peace and instead he is here, torturing me until I die.

“Yeah, you were the reason I died…the reason why I’m stuck here.” He grimaced as his body gave an involuntary jerk before he sneered in her direction.

“That curse was meant for you and I took it because I loved you, because I knew that you loved me and would for the rest of your life. Now you’re shacking up with the ferret!”

His voice cut through the darkness like a cold knife to her heart causing her to shiver. He hates me and he blames me for his death. He thinks that I deserve this. The thought was so overwhelming Hermione began to tremble. Her gaze shot over to the decaying figure that was now rocking back and forth vigorously; the action so unfamiliar that Hermione wanted to hug herself. This wasn’t her Ron anymore, this was something else and all he wanted to do was to cause pain. How could she have even believed for a second that he was still here, that maybe he would fight against the urge to hurt her and be the man she thought he was? He’s a monster now.

The rage was instant that Hermione’s rational brain barely had time to think about where it was coming from. It seemed to take over her whole body as she watched the decaying form.

She stood slowly, her fists clenched so tightly that her knuckles were ghostly white. Ron didn’t even realise she was in front of him until she hit him full force in the face. He screamed in pain, the pitch so high that it couldn’t be considered normal.

“You’re blaming me for moving on? Is that why you have brought me here? You want to punish me for trying to live my life?!”

Hermione punched him again and felt the satisfaction as he cowered before her. It wasn’t her; she wasn’t in control of her own body anymore; the rage had taken over.


She punched him again and again, taking every bit of the pain and the anger she felt over his death out on his already broken body. He infuriated her; he wasn’t being fair! He wasn’t being Ron! Why shouldn’t she move on from him? She had mourned more than anyone; she had left the people she loved because she couldn’t stand to be reminded of him. She had done more than what any normal person would have done and now she was being punished for it!


Hermione’s rage clouded her awareness, so she didn’t notice Ron’s leg jerk from beneath her, causing her to trip and land hard on her back.

Within seconds he was on top of her, his teeth bared, spittle dripping from the corner of his mouth. He was inhuman and for the first time in a very long time, Hermione felt a fear that was so instinctive that she immediately stopped struggling.

When Ron started to speak, it was barely more than a whisper, but the threat was so clear that the Brunette began to tremble beneath his grasp.

“I dare because it should have been me. I should have been the one to have lived and you should have died. You forgot about me-“

“ I didn’t” Hermione squirmed unable to control the tears that began to fall,

“Yes you did Mione. You forgot and you weren’t meant to. You promised me that you were mine forever-“

He moved his face closer to hers so that their skin was almost touching, and he grinned evilly when he saw her squirm at their closeness,

“And he said I could have you as my own. He said that it would be the best revenge he could possibly want.”

Ron moved off of her and within seconds he was out of the door, locking it behind him, leaving Hermione in a dishevelled heap on the floor. She rubbed her hands over her face but she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.

She was disgusted by his touch, but her heart secretly ached to be closer to him. Why is this happening to me? And who is this ‘He’ Ron was talking about? Her tears began to fall heavier down her face.

Draco…Draco please come find me…I need you.


"Has he been saying anything that might be useful?"


"Not much Mister, other than what I told you on the phone"


Harry hurried alongside the jailer, never breaking eye contact with him. Draco followed behind the two of them but did not join the conversation. Instead, he tried to drown the echoing screams of the prisoners as they passed their cells; it had been a long time since he had visited Askaban. The air around them was icy from the waves that surrounded the prison, causing the Blonde to shiver involuntarily.


Harry seemed unaffected by the place; his pace steady and brisk, easily matched to the Jailer's; he had obviously come here enough times in his career to not feel the darkness that evaded from the walls. Draco shivered again at the thought of all the Dark wizards who were mere inches away from him, and sent a silent prayer that he had been saved from this gruesome ending. His father hadn't been so lucky, although, he deserved everything he got after what he done to the people around him.


With an effort, he tried to focus on the conversation that Harry was having with their guide.


"So he hasn't been muttering any names, or anything suspicious?"


The Jailer laughed. "He's crazy as a bat with no wings; everything he says sounds suspicious."


Harry supressed the urge to roll his eyes and sighed inwardly; it was like talking to a Troll! What do you expect when the guy's been working here for the past 10 years; if he can't find something to laugh about he'd be wallowing in misery like the rest of the residents here.


He sighed again. It had been an agonisingly long process to get to Askaban and with every minute that passed by, Harry's temper grew. He had been shocked when the Security had asked him for ID as well as filling out a visiting form; he was an Auror for Merlin's sake! However, unlucky for Harry, he had left his pass back at his house and had gritted his teeth when the Security guard has said;

"Sorry Sir, but if you don't have your pass then you have to fill out the form and safety checks; its policy. You understand Sir, you are, after all, an Auror."


"Fine. Let's just get on with it!"


It had taken forty minutes to get all the paperwork in order before the two were actually allowed to visit Nott. Draco had gone through the process without much of fuss, but Harry could tell that the Slytherin Prince was annoyed by the way he muttered,


"Would have thought they'd have let him in; he did save the world after all."


Unfortunately, Harry had silently agreed with him. He had saved the world for Voldermort and he had put more Death Eaters in Askaban than Moody; surely he should be given a break from all the formalities; especially when he was on the most important mission of all.


It didn't take long before the Jailer had led the two men to Nott's cell.


"'Ere' he is; prisoner 1451. In for the murder of R. Weasley and follower of You Know Who. I'll leave you two to it."


With that, he scurried off in the direction they had just come from, leaving Harry and Draco alone. The corridor itself was dimly lit; only a few candles dotted the walls but Harry could tell even from the poor light that Draco looked nervous.


"Are you alright?"


Draco didn't meet Harry's gaze when he replied, "It's been a long time since I've seen Theo. He used to be in my gang at school...even then he was a bit of a pin-head."


Harry snorted, "Yeah, well you were kind of a pin-head yourself if I remember correctly."


Draco smirked his trademark, but it was only half-hearted. "I was a different person back then...I guess I never thought I would see any of them after the war." He seemed uncomfortable at the thought of meeting one of his old cronies.


Harry looked at his ex-enemy, with a comforting, but determined smile and said, "Look, we're not here to reform your old gang; we're here to find out about Hermione," He grinned, "I won't let you go over to the dark side."

 That did make Draco laugh. "Gee thanks, that makes me feel so much better." As an afterthought he said, "Anyway, if we were here to reform my old gang, you certainly wouldn’t make the cut; too heroic and humble."


They both laughed, something that sounded so odd, considering where they were, that it short was short lived. They stood outside the cell in silence for a few moments longer; the hysterical screams and shouts the only sound that filled the air.


Sighing, Harry pulled out the old, rusted key that the Jailer had given to him and said more to himself than to Draco,


"Well, here goes."


When the door opened, the smell was the first thing that the pair registered. It was deathly, stagnant, and not entirely human. Draco recognised it as the same scent that wafted from Ron's corpse when he had appeared at the Ceremony and, with a jolt of realisation, the smell that seemed to linger in the air whenever something weird had happened at the Cottage. He grimaced at the thought of Ron's body lurking around the place where his family lived. Nott certainly has something to do with this and whatever it is; I will find it out.


"Well, well, if it isn't my old ring leader and the Famous Harry Potter." Draco stiffened at the slithery voice, instantly recognising who it belonged too. He unconsciously tightened his grip on his wand.

Harry seemed unaffected by the voice. Instead he turned and aimed his wand at the opposite wall, where a candle instantly lit. It filled the cell in a spooky orange glow, allowing the two men to see what had become of Draco's former gang member.


He didn't look good. His face was gaunt; the shadows under his eyes were almost black as if he hadn't slept in years, his eyes bloodshot. His bones protruded dangerously from his yellowed skin, and, it appeared that he hadn't washed for quite some time. Draco held back the urge to grimace and created a cool, expressionless mask across his face that he had mastered since the early days of school.




Nott grinned wickedly, and mockingly nodded his head towards Draco.


"Ah, Draco, always the man of words."


Draco smirked but replied nothing. Harry glared at the prisoner, “Tell us what you have done with Hermione."


Nott's head whipped round to face Harry, his eyes slightly crazed, however his words were sharp.


"Potter. Come to beat me bloody all over again; didn't get enough the last time?" He grinned maliciously and Draco could tell that more than six teeth were missing out of the Death Eater’s jaw; Harry had obviously had a marvellous right hook.


He also knew that Nott's words had struck a nerve. Harry had stiffened and the Blonde could see out of the corner of his eye, that Harry had his fists clenched. He could tell that the Boy Wonder was trying not to react; trying to keep the same, calm exterior that Draco had but he was losing control. It seemed that Draco wasn't the only one to have noticed.

Nott's grinned widened as he saw Harry struggling with his emotions. He moved his body so that he was slightly closer to the two of them, a bony finger pointing towards Harry's heart.


"Potter, you were always so easy to read. Little Potty all upset because his Mudblood friend is about to meet her doom."




The force of the word seemed to knock Nott backwards and, at first, Draco believed it was Harry who had shouted. It wasn't until Nott's surprised expression turn to pure delight, that Draco realised it was him who had spoken. He scrambled to compose his face once more but it was too late. Nott knew. He giggled gleefully, his eyes darting between the two men in front of him before staring Draco hard in the face.


"Well, well, I would never have thought I would see the day; the Famous Draco Malfoy in love with a Mudblood. This is excellent! My revenge seems even sweeter knowing that I have broken-"


He stopped short once he realised he said too much before glaring at the two men in front of him.

Draco moved closer to the stinking man, his face smug. He didn’t care that Nott now knew about his feelings for Hermione; they had found him out. He was the one that had set Ron on his fiancé and now there was nothing Nott could do to stop Draco from getting the truth out of him.


He advanced towards his former gang member, an evil glint in his eye, his trademark plastered on his face. He knew he probably looked like his father but for Hermione he didn't care.


"Right Nott, you're going to tell me what you've done with my Hermione."


Draco was happy that the dishevelled man before him looked afraid.




He hadn’t come back for her yet but Hermione could tell that it would be soon. Her stomach rumbled but she grimaced at the thought of food. He had been so cruel to her, so unlike Ron that fear seemed to envelope her insides, it even seemed to eat away at the internal void.


I wonder what he’s going to do with me. She shook the thought from her head, before pacing the stone floor. It was too scary to think about, besides, she needed to try and find a way out of her prison. Unfortunately, the room was completely bare; there wasn’t even a loose rock or a shard of glass in sight. He obviously didn’t underestimate me, I suppose I should take it as a compliment.


Grimacing, she kicked the air, her brain working in overdrive. The only possible way of her escaping would be to try and apprehend Ron as he came through the door. Unlucky for Hermione, Ron seemed to have gained super swift movement since he had died and even though he was dead, he still had a vice like grip. She rubbed at her hands unconsciously.


I think the only way I can take him is if I catch him by surprise. Her gaze wandered over to the door her brain whirring. It was easy to hear when he would be coming and if she positioned herself just behind it, she could tackle him when he came through. Pretty basic but it’s the only plan I actually have. Let’s just hope that it’ll be plain sailing to get out of the rest of the building…wherever it is.


Hermione rubbed at her eyes wearily and suppressed a yawn. She hadn’t slept properly for what must be over a day now and she could feel the exhaustion settling into her bones. When I get out of here I’m sleeping for a week.


The familiar scuffling sound started to near and Hermione felt her heart speed up. Tiptoeing to the corner, she waited for Ron to open the door. She heard the key grind in the lock, causing her heart rate to rise. Yellow light shimmered into the room, merging with the blue of the flames just before Hermione bashed the door against the emerging body.


Ron fell, a plate of bread and cheese spinning out of his hand as he did so. She didn’t have time to even think about what was going to happen, instead, she launched herself over his sprawled body, scrambling desperately until she was on her feet, half running, half staggering down the hallway; her right side bruising from the impact with the door. The animalistic roar behind her told her that Ron had recovered and he was coming.


She swerved round the corner not knowing where she was going; her instinct for survival taking over. Hermione could hear his footsteps getting closer and with desperation she pushed herself to run faster.


This way and that she turned; her elegant body allowing her to take sharp turns without bumping into the walls. Ron, however, wasn't so lucky. She heard him crash into the corners as he thundered after her; his breathing heavy from the chase. Keep running; if you just keep running everything will be alright.


She tried to have the voice of reason but the undenyable fear that was oozing throughout her body was causing her muscles to seize. How is running aimlessly going to help! I have no idea where I am and how to get out of this darn basement! For all I know it might be enchanted!




Her breathing was heavy and her legs began to tremble as she pushed through the overpowering exhaustion.



A/N: Okay it’s been a long wait and it’s probably not what you imagined but please please read and  review – part two is coming very soon – it’s written, I just need to read over it and get it up on the site. Thanks for supporting me throughout this story I love you all my avid readers.

Yours Stagzpotterfan x

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