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Beyond the Veil by Tazzi
Chapter 15 : Albus Severus Potter
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Chapter 15: Albus Severus Potter

(Albus’ POV)

The door behind me shut and I turned around to watch as my parents faded away in the distance.

I won’t be in Slytherin. I continued to chant to myself.

“Al, you better find a seat!” I heard James call from behind me.

I looked around to him and saw him and Sirius retreating down the train, between the compartments.

“Where are you going?” I called after him.

“I’m going to sit with some of my Gryffindor friends. You better be all nice and chummy with the Slytherin blokes down there.” James pointed to the carts behind me.

I glared at him and he opened a compartment laughing. Sirius however, hesitated for a moment before coming back over to me.

“You know James is joking right?” Sirius leaned against the wall of a compartment near me. He looked completely worn out and half asleep. Was visiting his family that tiring?

I nodded. “Yeah, I know…”

“Then why the long face?” Sirius gave me a sleepy grin.

He was just a year older, but he already towered over me by half a foot and had an air of maturity around him. I felt like James should be here talking to me instead of Sirius, but I was thankful for him.

“I just…I just thought that James would be nicer about this.” I said finally. “I always pictured him introducing me to all his Gryffindor friends – besides you of course. I just…He’s just…”

“Being James?” Sirius finished for me with a yawn.

I nodded.

“You know, you can still join us, right?” Sirius told me.

I nodded.

“And James is just doing this to get under your skin.” Sirius frowned at me.

“Well, it’s working. I’m completely freaked out now.” Sirius laughed at me and I glared. “What’s so funny?”

Sirius gave me an apologetic look. “Next year, you’re going to look back on this day and laugh, just like I am. You are going to be sitting in your compartment with friends and family and laugh about how worried you were.” Sirius started to turn and then he added a final thought. “It really doesn’t matter what house you are put in Al. You will always be you, some dumb hat or James isn’t going to change that.”

I watched as Sirius opened the same compartment that James did, sending me a final wink, before he joined James.

I moved forwarded slightly, thinking that I would join them after all. Instead I froze and frowned.

James didn’t invite me, Sirius did…I wanted James to invite me. He would never let me here the end of it if I just joined him like a big baby.

I turned around. I would make my own friends. I nodded to myself and drug my trunk down in-between the compartments. A lot of the compartments were full and I didn’t want to try to force my way into any of them. I passed Rose, who was with a bunch of chatty first years, mainly girls. After their compartment I saw Victoire and Dominique with Victoire’s friends. They looked like they had room, but I didn’t want to rely too much on family, plus Dominique scares me from time to time.

At the end of the train I came across a compartment with a single boy, who was looking out the window. After much debate I finally worked up the courage to talk to him.

I slide the door to the compartment open.

“Do you mind if I sit with you?” I asked quietly.

I boy shrugged, not even looking at me.

Well he didn’t say no. I thought positively as the chanting continued in my head.

I won’t be in Slytherin.

I slide my trunk into the compartment and lifted it in the storage above the seats. After that I then sat across from him and stared out the window. Currently, we were passing through open fields of grass. I quickly got bored and looked at the boy across from me.

He had pale blond hair that was slightly slicked back, but stuck up in a few places, his light grey eyes flickered as the fields flew past us.

“You should take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

I jumped at the sound of his voice. He didn’t even look at me and his mouth barely moved.

“A-a what?” I asked.

“A picture.” He repeated and tilted his head toward me. “It’ll last longer Potter.”

“H-how do you know my name?” I decided this was a dumb question. I looked almost exactly like my father – minus the glasses – and the whole Wizarding World knew who he was.

The boy in front of me also thought it was a dumb question, from the looks of it. He frowned. “My Father pointed you and your brother out on the Platform.”

“Oh…I guess he wants you to be our friend?” I guessed. This happened a lot with co-workers that my Dad worked with. They wanted to be on Harry Potter’s good side.

“Quite the opposite, actually.” The blond boy shrugged.

“Really?” I tried not to sound too happy, but it was a relief he wasn’t a ‘suck up,’ as James called them, like the others.

The boy caught onto my happy tone and raised an eyebrow. “All he said was, ‘No ginger grandkids.’”

I looked at him confused.

“My Father doesn’t really like your Father, or the Weasley’s. He tolerates them for work, but I suppose childhood grudges die hard.” The boy turned back to the window.

“Who’s your Father?” I asked.

“Not telling.” He said.

“I hardly find that fair! You know almost everything about my family, but I know nothing about yours.” I glared at him.

“Oh you know about mine.” The boy turned back to me. “Trust me on that.”

“Fine then, give me your first name at least.” I compromised. “My name is Albus, by the way. I prefer that over ‘Potter.’”

He hesitated for a moment. “Fine, Scorpius.”

My eyes widen as the name clicked in my head suddenly. “Scorpius Malfoy?”

He was right, I did know his family.

He rolled his eyes. “I knew you would react like this…”

“That’s only because of the awful things your Father said and did to my Father, Aunt and Uncle. My whole family for that matter.” I gasped at him.

“Why does your Father still hate my Father after my Father help-” I stopped realizing I wasn’t supposed to know that.

Scorpius’ eyes widened. “What did you say?”

“Nothing!” I yelled.

“That was private information! Your Father shouldn’t have divulged that information at all, let alone to his children!” Scorpius’ face was getting red.

“He didn’t know we were listening!” I defended. Scorpius froze. “Let me explain. James and I saw them come in the house, so we snuck into our guest room to see what it was about. It was on Christmas so we were curious…” I left out the fact that there were more people there, figuring Scorpius would get angrier if he knew.

“You had no right-” I cut him off.

“I know! I’m sorry, okay?” I told him.

He glared at me then looked out the window.

I felt horrid, but there was no taking back what I said now.

“How…how is your Mum?” I asked.

Scorpius scoffed at me, but finally said, “Well, considering, she was on the Platform seeing me off, she’s fine.”

“I’m glad.” I smiled.

Scorpius turned to me and frowned. “What do you want, Potter?”

“Albus.” I corrected.


“Call me Albus.” I told him and offered him a smile.

He returned a glare. “Why are you acting so friendly?”

“Well, I thought we could be friends…” I trailed off, hoping that he was thinking the same. He laughed at me, which meant he unmistakably wasn’t.

“Why would we be friends?” He asked me. “Our Fathers hated each other.”

“Yeah, but we are not our Fathers.” I told him.

“I don’t know if you have looked in a mirror recently, but I have and we look exactly like our Fathers.” Scorpius informed me.

“Looks don’t make a person who they are.” I glared at him now. “Looks are just on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that really matters.”

Scorpius seemed a little taken back by what I said, before he said anything. “No offense, Potter, but that’s a load of touchy feely crap, that I – for one – rather not discuss.”

“Well, Malfoy, it’s true.” I now turned to the window and looked out at the fields passing by.


“Hmm?” I said not looking at him.

“Call me Scorpius.” He said quietly. I looked back at him and grinned. He frowned a little, but eventually smiled back.



“Why aren’t you sitting with your family?” Scorpius asked me after an hour. We had avoided family talk for most of that hour, deciding that it was a touchy topic – after he threw his wand as me for asking if his Father was still a jerk. In his defense, I suppose I did cross some sort of line. “Here,” He passed me a Chocolate Frog. The trolley just came through and we about cleaned them out together.

I took it and frowned. “I decided not to sit with them.”

“What’s wrong, did you happen to have a fight with all hundred of them?” Scorpius tired to joked.

I grimaced. “No…”

“Sorry…” He said tossing me another Frog as an apology.

“Oh its fine, James just got me thinking and I decided I needed to make friends at Hogwarts and not rely on family.” I told him shrugging.

 “Well, I suppose you’ll just see them in Gryffindor when the Sorting is done anyways.” Scorpius said sadly.

“Not according to James.” I opened the Chocolate Frog that Scorpius passed me and trapped it before it jumped away – like the two currently hopping on the floor of our compartment. “He keeps telling me I’ll be in Slytherin.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Scorpius asked defensively sending me a glare.

“Nothing!” I said quickly, trying not to offend him again. “I just always thought I would be in Gryffindor, until James started teasing me about it.”

“You’ll most definitely be in Gryffindor then.” Scorpius said sadly.

I looked up at him and saw him messing with his Chocolate Frog.

“Hey Albus?”

“Yeah, Scorp.” I responded.

“Stop calling me that.” Scorpius frowned.

“Your name is too long, now what’s your question?” I asked.

“What happens if we are in different Houses?” He asked after a moment.

“What do you mean?” I looked up from my Chocolate Frog I just opened – it jumped into my lap, but I managed to grab it again.

“Well, we won’t be friends anymore, will we?”

“Why wouldn’t we be friends?” I asked him. Scorpius shrugged. I smiled. “We’ll still be friends, no matter what.”

Scorpius looked up and smiled too.

“Aww that’s sweet.”

The door slide open and Dominique was standing there. I wondered how long she had been listening. She looked back and forth between us and then grabbed one of my Cauldron Cakes and sat down.

“Hey!” Scorpius yelled as she started shuffling through his pile too.

“Sharing is caring, love.” She told him taking a bit out of the Cake she just stole from me.

“Who are you?” Scorpius asked eyeing Dominique wearily.

“Scorpius this is Dominique. Dom this is Scorpius.” I slapped her hand as she tried to take one of Scorpius Liquorice Wands. “Be nice.” I told her.

She glared. “I’m not nice, though.”

“Yes, you are. You’re just mean to guys most of the time.” I said matter-of-factly to her.

“What if I ask nicely?” She gave Scorpius a sweet smile and reached for his hand.

I grabbed her arm to stop her from touching him. “No!”

Luckily, her Veela charm didn’t work on close family and I was a little more than tickled by it. We could still feel when she did it, it just didn’t have the same effects.

Scorpius looked back and forth between the two of us, trying to figure out what we were talking about. “Cousin?” He asked.

I nodded, then turned to Dominique.

“What are you doing here?”

“I got bored of Victoire and her dumb friends. I don’t even know why she hangs around them.” Dominique complained. “I saw you come down here earlier and decided to grace you with my presents.”

“Rose was in a compartment, right next to yours.” I stressed.

“The other girls with her are too chatty – if I didn’t know any better Al, I would almost say you didn’t want me here.” Dominique glared at me.

I don’t.” I glared back.

“That’s a rather harsh thing to say, Al!” Dominique frowned. She leaned back in the seat to further express how she wasn’t leaving. “Looks like you’ve finally grown a backbone to support your enormous head.”

I sighed. “Go sit with your sister Dom.”

“I rather not. It’s sickening to listen to her drone on about Teddy now.” Dominique made a gagging noise.

“I guess you just found out they were dating, as well.” I thought about James running and telling everyone. It was shocking to me, as well.

“No, I knew for a while now.”

I turned back to her. “But you said-”

“Yeah, she didn’t use to talk about it all the time.” She complained. “I just wish Teddy timed this better…”

“What? So it would suit your schedule instead of theirs?” I didn’t think Dominique was this vain.

“Of course!”

I rolled my eyes.

She turned to Scorpius who was still trying to figure out what he thought of Dominique. I didn’t blame him. She was a lot to take in all at once.

“You’re a Malfoy, right?” She guessed correctly. Dominique was very observant and I’d expect she knew a lot more than she let on half the time.


“I’m surprised to see you talking to our little Al, here.” She smirked at us and I realized that was the same smirk James gave me when he was in a teasing mood. I cringed back a little at it. “You two seem nice and chummy. I thought your Father hated us?”

“I’m not my Father, am I?” Scorpius snapped back at her.

Dominique grinned. “I guess not.” She turned to me now and her eyes flashed before softening, which I’ve never seen Dominique do. “I’m proud of you Al.”

Dominique leaned back to finish her Cauldron Cakes. Dominique stayed with us a little longer, listening quietly to our ideal chit-chat before leaving us. She said something about stealing Rose away from the ‘chatty clan.’

“Albus,” Scorpius said immediately after she left. I looked at him before he continued. “Why is she so scary?”

I laughed. “That’s just the way Dom is.”

“But she’s so intimidating…” Scorpius continued. “Like she almost commands attention from you.”

“Yeah, she’s use to having her way. Oh! Before I forget don’t let her touch you.” I said suddenly.

Scorpius raised an eyebrow. “What?”

“Touch you. She’s one-eighth Veela, but her charm works differently.” I explained waving my hand. “You’ll be dancing in her palm if she touches you.”

Scorpius looked more frightened than before, but nodded. “Noted…”

I looked outside our compartment to see a group of Slytherins passing. There was a bulky boy leading a girl and a boy. The girl was chatting lively with the two boys while the bulky boy looked suspicious of everything and everyone. Scorpius followed my gazed and frowned.

“What?” I asked.

He watch the three Slytherins pass us and shook his head. “I know that boy.”

“Really?” I said, looking back to take another look at him. He didn’t look much older than us.

Scorpius nodded. “My Father and his Father are friends. Not as good as they once were, but well enough that I’ve had to spend multiple parties with him.”

“Who is he? Would I know him?” I wondered which family it was chances are if his Father knew him then my Father would too.

“I should hope so; your brother saved his life last year.” Scorpius said suddenly.

I turned my head back to him. “What?”

Scorpius saw my confused look. “You mean he didn’t tell you?”

I shook my head, racking my brain on everything James and Sirius told me about their first year. James didn’t say anything about saving someone’s life. James let it slip that he made the Quidditch team and Mum threw a fit about James stealing the Invisibility Cloak and losing the Marauder’s Map – even though I distantly saw him pack it up this morning – but nothing about him being a hero. That’s the kind of thing that James likes to bask in or would at least tell me.

“Well, it was being hushed down. That cow who works for the Daily Prophet was even paid off to keep her stories to herself.” Scorpius shrugged. “Maybe James wasn’t allowed to talk.”

“What happened?” I asked.

Scorpius looked torn. “Promise not to say anything? I’m not supposed to know, but my Father helped cover it up.”

I nodded, encouraging him to continue.

“Well, a week from the end of the year James Potter, Sirius Lee and Fred Weasley all found Geoffrey Goyle…well, sort of out of it…” Scorpius hesitated unsure on what he should say.

“Out of it?” I questioned.

Scorpius nodded. “He was disorientated and didn’t remember how he even got there. I heard they couldn’t trace whatever spell was used on him, but it faded after a couple of hours by itself. Although if James hadn’t followed him…he would have fallen off the stairs.”

I sat there in shock – silent – waiting for Scorpius to continue. 

“You’re brother is a hero and Geoffrey owes him his life…”

I nodded and then something dawned on me. “Who says that it’s a spell?”


“Who says it was a spell that was used on him?” I asked.


“Well there are plenty of potions that could do the same thing and are even more untraceable.” I suggested.

Scorpius sat there a moment and nodded. “That’s true…Look let’s not talk about this anymore. Our Fathers would both get in a big mess if this got out.”

I nodded, but continued to wonder about it on my own. I wondered if James would tell me if I asked him. That’s about when I remembered my current annoyance with James and dropped the thought.

The next few hours seemed to fly by. We played a game of Exploding Snaps, talked about what we expected our favorite subject to be, and sooner than I expected we were arriving at Hogwarts. Scorpius and I helped each other haul our trunks outside. I swore that his was heavier than mine, but he complained more about the weight of mine, insisting I was transporting a Hippogriff.

There was a giant mass of children everywhere when we stepped outside the train. I never realized how many students went to Hogwarts before. There appeared to be a thousand or more.

I looked through the crowd as I made my way to the boats with Scorpius. I caught a glimpse of Rose with her chatty gang, and Dominique wasn’t far behind, but appeared to be talking to a dark head girl that was smiling at her kindly. Just as Hargrid’s booming voice directed us to the boats I heard my name.


I turned around, but all I could see was a bunch of older students heading toward the carriages pulled by Thestrals – not that I could see them, Dad just told me about them before.


I heard my name again, but I didn’t know who was calling it.


I spun around once more and this time I saw James running over to me. I glared – still mad at him – and turned to get in the boat that Scorpius had just claimed.

“Albus, I swear to Merlin, if you get in that boat-”

I rolled my eyes and turned to Scorpius. “Save my spot a moment.”

Scorpius nodded.

I turned and walked over to James who was out of breath from fighting through the crowd.

“What James?” I glared at him.

“What’s with the attitude Al?” James smirked at me. “Can’t a brother come and say ‘hi?’”

I turned to leave him since he appeared to just be in his teasing mood. He grabbed my arm and made me turn back to him.

“Look Al, Sirius has informed me I’m being rather ‘insensitive.’” He raised his hands and made little air quotes. “But I want you to know that I have no doubt about what house you’re going to be sorted into.”

I looked at James surprised – waiting for the punch line and his teasing to presume.

Instead he hooked his arm around my neck and gave me his typical one arm hug that he reserved only for me. I didn’t struggle to escape like I normally did when he forced me to hug him. I just froze.

“I’ll see you at the Gryffindor table, promise?” He whispered.

I nodded. “Yeah…”

I looked up and saw him grin. “Good.”

He let go and ran to join Sirius and Fred in the carriages – Sirius was holding up his hand that was twitching quickly. I caught Sirius’ eye and nodded to him. He smiled and nodded back – twitching slightly.

I headed back to the boats and Scorpius saved my spot like I asked. There were two other boys in the boat, but when I got in it set off toward the castle.

“What was that about?” Scorpius asked.

“My brother, he just wanted to let me know he was teasing.” I explained.

“Anything else?” Scorpius pressed for more information.

“He told me he would save me a seat.” I shrugged.

“So I guess you’ll be in Gryffindor after all.” Scorpius frowned.

“You could always be in it too.” I told him smiling.

He shook his head. “My family has been in Slytherin for generations.”

“You could break tradition.” I grinned.

Scorpius grinned too. “So could you.”

I frowned at this when Scorpius wasn’t looking. I could, do that…but where did I want to go? I always thought the answer was Gryffindor, now I’m not so sure. The chant continued in my head once more.

I won’t be in Slytherin.

“Hey Al! We can see the castle now!” Scorpius shouted breaking me from my voices arguing in my head. I saw him pointing at the glowing lights ahead of us. The two boys in the boat with us leaned forward trying to get a better look and I noticed the shore outline up ahead.

As the boats reached the dock, Scorpius got out first then turned around and pulled me up from the boat.

“Thanks Scorp.” I grinned.

He rolled his eyes. “Sure, Al.”

Hagrid passed us off to Neville who was waiting for us outside – what I’m assuming was – the Great Hall. We could hear the voices of the older students coming from the other side of the door. I felt my feet get heavy. This was it.

“Hello Albus!”

I looked up and saw Neville smiling down on me.

“Hello Nev-Professor Longbottom.” I corrected myself.

Neville grinned. “Neville’s fine Al, James still calls me that, at least.”

I smiled and Neville’s eyes fell upon Scorpius. “Who’s this?”

Scorpius looked down at his shoes and pretended not to hear. I rolled my eyes at him and turned back to Neville. I wasn’t sure how he would react; he was a teacher after all, so hopefully he wouldn’t hold any grudges against the son of someone he disliked in the past.

“This is Scorpius Malfoy. We met on the train here and became friends.” I nudged Scorpius.

“It’s nice to meet you.” He mumbled still looking at his shoes. On the ride here I found out that he isn’t as proud as his family name as his Father was and doesn’t feel the need to brag that he’s Pureblood. In fact, he might be a little snappy at times, but overall he’s a lot quieter than I expected.

Neville smiled and nodded. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

I felt someone pull on my robe and turned around to see Rose grinning at me. She nearly jumped on me, giving me a hug.

“Why didn’t you sit with me?” She asked pulling back.

“You looked busy with your friends.” I told her smiling back. Rose was one of my favorite cousins – her and I were typically grouped together when our Mothers were teaching us, since we were the same age. She was always sweet and nice, plus she knew how to deal with James when he was being mean.

She gave me a stern look. “Albus Severus Potter, you know better than that.” She flicked my nose and then stuck out her tongue and giggled.

Scorpius peaked around my shoulder at her and she smiled at him.

“Hello, are you Al’s friend?” Rose asked politely. I was fairly sure her Father would have pointed him out to Rose, but Rose hardly ever did what she was told and never judge someone based on opinion.

“Y-yes!” Scorpius said slightly louder than normal.

“I’m his cousin Rose. Rose Weasley.” She offered her hand out to him to shake it.

He took it surprisingly and mumbled, “Scorpius…”

“I’m sorry?” Rose said leaning her head closer, her bushy red hair fell over her shoulder.

“I’m Scorpius.” He mumbled a little louder.

“It’s nice to meet you.” Rose smiled and then let go of his hand. “Well I’ll be over here, boys.”

Scorpius’ looked after her. “She didn’t say anything about my name. Does she know?”

“Probably. Uncle Ron – her Dad – would have pointed you out ahead of time if he had the chance.” I told him.

“Why was she so…nice?” He asked still looking at her.

“That’s just the way she is.” I shrugged. “She’s probably my favorite cousin.”

Scorpius nodded slowly.

Just then, Neville called our attention to him. My feet got heavy again and my heart was pounding.

I won’t be in Slytherin. My chant resumed.

Is Slytherin that bad? I asked myself.

I won’t be in Slytherin.

As my inner turmoil continued we made it all the way up to the front of the Great Hall. I continued chanting back and forth with myself and just as I was about to scream I looked around and saw that we had all stopped up front. I barely even remembered walking that far and I turned to Scorpius who was still next to me. He was watching something by the Head’s table, I followed his gazed to the Sorting Hat that was already in mid-song.

I hadn’t even registered that the Hat began to sing and it appeared to finished before I could even understand a word of what it said. I groaned internally and smacked my hand against my head.

I watched in horror as Neville unrolled the list and proceeded to call names. I didn’t even hear the first few names until Scorpius snapped me out of it.

“Are you okay?” He whispered.

I shook my head. “I don’t think so…”


I jumped at the first name I heard and saw a dark haired girl make her way up to the front of the Hall. I recognized her barely and remembered that she was talking to Dominique before we got on the boats. I looked over and saw Dominique watching her as she climbed onto the stool and sat down.

The Hat only took a few seconds to decide before shouting, “GRYFFINDOR!” Its voice ringing through the Great Hall.

I looked over to the Gryffindor table that began to clap and cheer for their new housemate. She quickly ran over there, stumbling a little as she reached the table and sat down at the end with a few other first years that had just been sorted.

I looked back to Dominique and saw her eyes were still on the girl, Amelia. Dominique seemed to like her, which was odd because Dominique hardly ever liked anyone. She liked her sister, Rose, Lily and maybe one or two other cousins. That was about it.

As Neville continued to call names, I accidently caught Dominique’s eye and she looked away quickly. I saw her shaking. Was she possible scare of being sorted too? Dominique always told me she didn’t care what house she was sorted into and she would probably end up in Slytherin, because she was cunning. James and Fred told her that was the nice way of putting ‘crazy bitch.’ Dom would then ‘accidently’ tell their Mothers.

I watched as she shook her head and calmed herself, somehow coming to a resolution over her inner turmoil. Mine suddenly crept up on me again when I heard the next name.


Scorpius nodded to me as he slowly walked up to the stool the Sorting Hat was sitting on.

I won’t be in Slytherin.

Is Slytherin that bad?

Neville paced that Sorting Hat onto Scorpius’ head and the Hall was quiet. The Sorting Hat sat there for a good minute before shouting, “SLYTHERIN!”

Scorpius frowned slightly and made his way over to the Slytherin table, who were all clapping and cheering. They looked more lively than I thought they would be. I wonder if I was judging them too quickly before.

Is Slytherin that bad?

I won’t be in Slytherin.

Neville called more names and the first years began to whittle down to less and less. Until–


I froze for a moment and tried to will my legs to move forward, but they wouldn’t listen. I felt like everyone was staring at me now and I finally heard Dominique’s voice from behind me.

“Good grief!”

The next thing I know she pushed me forward. That was just enough though to get my legs to move. I walked forward and looked around as I did so. I saw my brother and Sirius sitting at the Gryffindor table with two older girls. James winked at me and Sirius tried to give me a reassuring smile. My eyes then wondered to the Slytherin table and I saw Scorpius eyes on me. He wasn’t smiling or frowning, instead he looked torn, like he didn’t know what he should do.

I sat down slowly and Neville placed the Sorting Hat over my head. I jumped as I heard its crackly voice ring in my ears.

“Ah-ha! Another Potter. I didn’t expect one so soon after the last.”

Excuse me?

“I guess your brother didn’t tell you about me…” The Sorting Hat said. “Or…How he was almost sorted into Slytherin?”

What? He…He–

“Yes, it’s true. He would have done well in Slytherin. You know it’s funny. Every Potter I’ve come across always wants to go where the brave of heart dwell, but none actually have the courage to be different.” The Sorting Hat sighed. “I suppose that you want to be like the rest of them too, Potter.”


“Hmm…What’s this?” The Sorting Hat said surprised. “A Potter that actually has guts? Well aren’t you different…I suppose you are more like your father, but just by looks…there is something else there.”

I…I don’t know who I am. I told it. I want to be so much more than just a Potter. I want…I want to be great. I want to be different. I want to be brave, loyal, wise and cunning. I want the qualities of all the houses. I took a deep breath and continued on. I don’t care where you put me anymore, because I trust that you will put me where I belong. I relaxed now and waited for the Sorting Hat to speak again.

I won’t be in Slytherin.

The chant started to die in my head and I closed my eyes, waiting for the Hat to respond.

“Humph…Very well, Potter. I must say, you are the first to take me by surprise like this. And so, I change my initial sorting of you. I thought I had you pegged, but it turns out there is a better place for you than I originally picked.” The Sorting Hat told me. “Are you sure you don’t have any last words, before I make my decision final?”

I nodded.

I’m sure.

“Very well…I choose…”

I held my breath as the Sorting Hat was about to say where I belonged. I looked up and made eye contact with my brother. He smiled and nodded to me. I nodded back, not sure if I could keep our promise. Not sure what table I would be sitting at a minute from now.

No, I left that up to the Sorting Hat alone. I wasn’t scared. I would be great, just like my dad, just like the Headmasters I was named after. I would just be me, Albus Severus Potter.



So, that might be a bit of a cliffhanger for you guys…please don’t kill me.

I enjoy writing Albus. He’s going to be fun and yes, I’m going to write his point of view a few more times. But what do you guys think? What house do you think he’ll be in? What about Rose and Dominique? I of course know and probably won’t tell you if you guess right…but I like hearing your guesses. :)

So tell me, by RATING and REVIEWING!!!!

Love you guys so much!


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