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Tainted Red by TimeSeer
Chapter 2 : The Background Story
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 Perhaps I should explain.


When I was four years old, people who said they would take care of me took me away from my parents and family. They said they have to keep all the little boys and girls safe from parents who are not fit to take care of their children.


So they took me away from the only life I knew and the people I loved the most.


They took me to a facility where they trained me. I was trained for every situation and how I should handle it. I was the best they had seen, especially because I was so young.


At nights I would wonder about these people.


Why did they take me away?


Why didn’t they take my sister, Anna, away as well?


Did my family even miss me?


But I kept training and getting better. I got so good; they sent me on my first mission when I was only eight. It was an easy mission. All I had to do was be the distraction.


They never told me why I was distracting the people. Nor did they tell me what the mission was for.


At around the age of ten they finally told me where I was working.


In the Ministry of Magic in every country that has magic within it, there is a department for the people who keep all the secrets hidden. They are in charge of making sure some information never reaches the public. They handle the cases that are too intense for the Auror Department.


It is a subpart of the Department of Mysteries.


Only the people who work within this specific department know it exist. And the Minister of Magic knows as well.


Now you might be wondering, why are you in Britain when you are from Australia?


The answer is simple: after the war other countries sent some of their assassins to Britain because the ones Britain had failed. They were supposed to make sure no one ever knew Voldemort existed, and people obviously did.


If you have ever read a book about the British Wizarding World, you know how well that worked out. Voldemort killed thousands of muggles and wizards and who ended up killing him?


Was it an Auror?




Or maybe it was a member of my department?




A seventeen year old killed one of the most dangerous wizards to ever live.


You can imagine the embarrassment felt by the Aurors and the Assassins. The Aurors got over the shame quickly because they were getting Harry Potter to join their ranks. The Assassins had a little more trouble getting over it but they did when they realized that no one even knew about them.


No one still knows about them.


Basically I am an Auror, who is more trained, is younger, and knows more information. I know all kinds of information about the Wizarding World, the other departments, and other foreign affairs.


I have taken just about every subject a person can think of. I am fluent in twenty different languages. I am able to win a fight or duel with little effort on my parent. I am also only sixteen years old.


Now you must be confused if you know any information about the Potter/Weasley family and let’s be honest, you have to be living under a rock to not know all of this information.


In order to go into your last year at Hogwarts you must be seventeen. I am only sixteen, so shouldn’t I be going into my sixth year. However, as James said before, he only just graduate this past spring. Albus and Rose are only a year below him so they will be going into their last year starting today. But if you were paying attention before, I said that I was going to be in the same year as Albus and Rose.


How come I am going into that year and not the one I am supposed to go in because of my age?


Good question. The answer is because of my mission.


In order to explain my mission fully, I have to give a little history first. During the Second Wizarding War, the one where Harry Potter defeated Voldemort, Voldemort had a lot of followers. Not all of these followers were considered Death Eaters, either because they were never honored enough to be branded with the Dark Mark or because they were under the Imperius Curse. After the war there were trails for all the people thought to have been a part of the Death Eaters, unfortunately it was very difficult to prove if these people were there by their own choice or if they were under a spell because neither of these people had the Dark Marks.


They were able to convict some of the people but most of the people got off because they were thought to be under the Imperius Curse. These people then went off, got married, and had children. They seemed to live very normal lives.


That is until rumors started spreading. My department in the Ministry heard these rumors and we watched it closely but we took no immediate action. We still do not know if these rumors are necessarily true. This is the reason I have to go to Hogwarts; I have to see if these rumors are true.


The rumors are that there is new rebellion brewing and it is starting in Hogwarts. This rebellion also must have to do with blood purity because it is believed that the leaders are the children of the people let off after the war. The people who worked for Voldemort, but were only let off because they said they were under the Imperius Curse.


Now you may be wondering, why people, such as the Aurors, don’t go running into Hogwarts, get these people and put them on trial. The answer is that these are only rumors we are following. No one knows if this is actually happening. No one knows why it would be happening now if it is happening.


That is where I come in.


Isn’t it just pure luck that right when I turn sixteen everyone is thinking of a way to get into Hogwarts without getting noticed right away in my department. Since I was the only person trained enough and of the correct age, I got the job. I got to go to Hogwarts to investigate these rumors without anyone finding out the truth about why I am there.


So they gave me a back story to memorize and some clothes and school books and sent me off to Hogwarts. They told me that they were registering me as a seventh year because that means I am at the top of the school and in theory that means people will listen to me or be intimidated by me.


Unfortunately theories are not always true.



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