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As The Days Grow Dark by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 20 : Tears for the Departed
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Chapter 20

Being an older sibling, Rose felt that she had a sort of duty to protect Hugo. As long as she was around, no one should have been able to harm him. He should have been able to live a long, happy life. He should have been able to be successful and find love. Instead, he was dead on a stone table in a morgue, at the young age of eighteen.

“Rose, are you alright?” Scorpius asked, entering their bedroom.

She had been silent for hours. As soon as she had heard the news, she made a break for their room and locked the door. Scorpius had given her time and space, but decided that it was time to make sure she was OK.

Rose didn’t reply. She didn’t even look at him. Instead she stared at the cream colored wall, thinking back to the wonderful memories of her childhood. Hugo had been a pain in the ass sometimes, but overall he was a good brother. Now she would have to live the rest of her life without him.

Scorpius sat down next to her on the bed. Rose still didn’t look at him.

“Rose, are-“ Scorpius started to repeat before she cut him off.

“No I am not OK! My little brother has been murdered!” Rose screamed, finally turning to face her husband, “He’s dead! Hugo’s dead! I’m never going to see my little brother again!”

Rose knew that Scorpius did not understand how this felt like. He had been an only child. However, she had known Hugo almost all of her life. He had been a person she was glad to have around on most days. Now he would never be there if she wanted to talk to him. He would never be there to horse around and make her laugh. He would never get to be the godfather of any of her children that she would someday had. He was going to miss most of the important things in life.

She started sobbing into her hands uncontrollably. Scorpius couldn’t really remember a time when Rose had broken down so badly. She was usually such a strong girl. It hurt to see her like this.

“I’m so sorry, Rose,” Scorpius stated, rubbing her back gently with his hand.

“I failed,” Rose said, “I should have protected him. He shouldn’t be dead right now.”

“Rose, you didn’t know that Hugo was going to be murdered; none of us did.”

Rose looked from her hands and turned to Scorpius, her eyes now red and puffy. He made a point, but was it really a valid point? Did they have no clue whatsoever that he would be targeted?

“We knew there was a possibility of it. Yet we did absolutely nothing,” Rose said angrily.

“Well, they did mention putting protective spells around our houses,” Scorpius pointed out.

“That did Hugo so much good.”

Scorpius was not sure how to respond to that. He was unsure how to comfort someone who had just lost their sibling. This was an awful situation. Scorpius didn’t think this should have been happening to the Weasley family. There were several other people that he had met who possibly deserved this fate, but not the Weasleys. Hugo didn’t deserve to die like that. None of the victims did.

“What’s the likelihood that we’ll ever catch this killer?” Rose asked, wiping her eyes.

“I’m sure they’ll catch them eventually; the killer has to slip up sometime,” Scorpius replied, “Besides, your dad and your Uncle Harry are some of the best aurors out there.”

“How long will it be until that happens? Will I have to go through the deaths of everyone in or associated to my family before that happens? Charlie’s dead. Rolf’s dead. Hannah’s dead. Louis’s dead. Alyssa’s dead. Percy’s dead. Audrey’s dead. Samantha’s dead. Drake’s dead. Hugo’s dead. Who’s going to be next? James? Albus? My mom? My dad? Uncle Harry? You?”

Scorpius knew that Rose had a very good point. However, he couldn’t think like that. It would cause him to give up hope. In a time where no one knew when their life would be suddenly ended, hope was the only thing they had.

“You can’t think like that Rose,” Scorpius said, pleading with her to think positively.

“It’s true though,” Rose argued, choosing to go with facts instead of hope.

And as much as Scorpius wanted to say that his wife was lying, that her words didn’t hold a drop of truth, he couldn’t.





***I hope you enjoyed that chapter :) Any more thoughts on who Raven and Viper are? Any ideas on who Raven and Viper will attempt to kill next? I'd love to know! This story is almost over; there's only a few more chapters left! I hope that you all are enjoying the story so far and that you read the final installment of the trilogy too. As always, i hope you all continue to read, review, and enjoy this story :D ***

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As The Days Grow Dark: Tears for the Departed


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