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Heritage by lilypotterfan123
Chapter 10 : Meeting Molly.
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Phoebe and Tonks were walking down the corridor together, or rather Phoebe was hurrying down to the Hospital wing and her friend was trying desperately to catch up with her. However they'd decided to go just after dawn so neither of them had that much energy. The first year was rather worried about her cousin, and though she knew he was in the safe hands of Madame Pomfrey and her medical methods there was something itching away at the back of her mind that he wouldn't be alright, or that she had a reason to be nervous. As they got closer to their destination they could see Charlie in his bed with a woman sat by his side. She had red hair that rested on her shoulders and a caring smile on her face. Looking over at Tonks who was then out of breath she murmured quietly,


"Who's that?" pointing at the lady in question and Tonks squinted at the auburn haired woman.


"Oh, that's his mum, Molly. She's lovely re-" Tonks then bit her lip as she realised who Molly was to Phoebe.


"I know what you're scared but she doesn't know who you are. You could tell her now!" She grinned excitedly hoping her friend would agree and let the secrets wilt away. However, she shook her head.


"No, I don't want her to know. She probably doesn't want to know either. Anyway, she'll have enough on her mind with Charlie. I don't want to add this to her plate too." Phoebe insisted, giving Tonks that look she couldn't argue with because she knew that the fellow Hufflepuff would get her own back in some shape or form.


"Fine." She retorted as her hair changed colour to a sombre blue, indicating how disheartened she was by this. Nonetheless they continued to walk to the hospital wing, the room itself was well lit with cabinets full to the brim with medication, all of which were most likely essential so that the school nurse could do her job to the best of her ability.


Charlie was awake, talking to his mother who had instantly looked up at the two girls giving them a small but weary grin. She looked past Tonks as they'd met in the past, but the other girl she was a little unsure of. There was something about her that rang a bell in the back of her mind but it didn't make sense. There was the look of Molly's mother in the red headed child, that small smile that was given when she didn't know what to say. Molly had been taught it quite well, however she looked like her father and her brothers had the looks of the Prewett mother. They were of no relation, if they were then she'd have known. The Prewetts had been a small clan, and with her being the only remaining clan along with her great aunt Muriel there was no possible way they were distant cousins. Her brothers had died before they'd been able to have a child; apart from Gideon. He had that picture of the child in his pocket. Molly was under the impression that she'd be three as the picture was of a baby, not of a 8 year old girl. So the Weasley mother was unaware of the fact that her niece was stood before her, yet there was that small part of her mind that urged to know more about her. Interrupting her train of thought Charlie exclaimed,


"Phoebe! Tonks! I didn't think you'd be here so early. Mum, that's Phoebe and well you've met Tonks before."  Unbeknownst, Charlie introduced his cousin to his mother who greeted Phoebe with a warming, motherly grin. Phoebe was lost for words, she didn't know what to say to her without bursting into an emotional fit of tears or rushing out of the room in a frenzy.


"It's nice to meet you Mrs Weasley." She fumbled over her words, maintaining a polite tone in her voice. 


"Lovely to meet you Phoebe dear." Molly returned the same amount of courtesy but in a motherly nature, the girl looked quite troubled as she had a puzzled expression on her face. The eleven year old just shrugged the bad mood off, she'd met her aunt for the first time and it had come quite quicker than expected so in a way Phoebe had to be thankful for Charlie's injuries.


"Mum! I was wondering, if Phoebe could come over for christmas? She has nowhere to go; Heather and John, they adopted her, don't really want her around at the minute. So do we have room for another?! Dad would love to talk to her about muggle stuff!" He asked, with a random outburst at the end in hope that it would seal the deal. Knowing that his father was happy gave the rest of the family that uplifting feel as well.


"Oh you're adopted? Well, that's fine by me dear, if Heather and John are alright with it. Or has Charlie just spoken without thinking again?" She asked the hufflepuff. Phoebe didn't hold back, it was an opportunity to meet the entire clan and she would've been stuck at Hogwarts if not.


"I'd love to Mrs Weasley! I mean, if I'm not a burden." Phoebe suggested, trying to cover the initial excitement she expressed but Molly wasn't fooled. Winking at her the Weasley mother continued,


"A burden? Of course not dear! Now we'll all be happy to have you for christmas but the babies may get under your feet but I'm sure they'll love you. We've only one little girl, so it'll be a nice change having more of us girls around." Molly told her jokingly which caused Phoebe to chuckle.


"I can't wait! Now, we should leave you, shouldn't we Tonks?" Phoebe hinted at her friend, throwing her a warning look. Tonks had been in a daydream for most of the time, she'd been left out of the conversation entirely and for a talkative person she didn't particularly enjoy it.


"Oh right, yeah. Great seeing you again Mrs Weasley. Get better quick Charlie." She added lazily before turning to leave, grabbing Phoebe's arm in case she decided she wanted to stay and let slip about her relatives. Phoebe kept looking back as they left, smiling at the two Weasleys. Once they both turned the corner Molly muttered to Charlie,


"Have we seen that girl before? does ring a bell. I can't put my finger on it. I'll have to ask your father when I get home. What's her last name?" She asked, the nosiness within her kicking in.


"Blackett was the name she was left, or at least the name Heather and John gave her. I wasn't really paying attention when she told me," His mother shot him a stern look as he let that slip,


 " I did try but Tonks hair was changing colour! I just remember about how her mum's probably a witch too. Dumbledore said something to her and now all she and Tonks do is like disappear to merlin knows where looking for clues."


To be perfectly honest Molly's attention wandered off after the mention of the headmaster. It all seemed a little suspicious, that Albus Dumbledore kept secrets from his own students when it was more of the child's business than his own. Unless it kept her away from something far more sinister than it first appeared to be. Molly had a feeling that Phoebe Blackett was part of a far bigger secret that had been hidden for years, a decade at least. The young girl would be none the wiser at that rate, if people kept her shadowed and shrouded with little white lies which eventually twisted into a big knot of deceit and shams that would be too much for the child to handle. Mrs Weasley couldn't ask questions though, it wasn't her place. In her mind, she meant nothing to the child just that Charlie was friends with her but if she had known then perhaps the two of them could've traced her mother and put an end to the sorry business. Yet life was always more complicated than that, and what could've been a lovely encounter between family turned out to be brief and meaningless to all but poor Phoebe Blackett.



She didn't deserve to get mixed into all the family disputes and affairs that had taken place in the past, or all the hatred and vile magic that had been brewing for years all because of two people and the mistake they made to fall in love. Phoebe couldn't understand that at the age of eleven, but if she knew her mother's identity and knew the truth it would burn her emotions with rage and raise the question of her existence. She wouldn't comprehend that to them she'd be seen as a result of their love but instead misinterpret her life as an accident and something that wasn't wanted as neither of her parents were there, and in the unfortunate child's mind, they never would be.


A/N - Thanks to alicia and anne, and anyone else who's stuck with this story since the start. I know that updates are getting slower but I'm losing muse and my mind wanders to a possible sequel of this fic instead of focusing on the current one! So I'm sorry about that! Anyway, I really hope you have time to review, it won't take long! 



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Heritage: Meeting Molly.


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