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Masquerade by aquabluez17
Chapter 1 : Rosenelle Allen: And So It Begins
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Hey guys!! This is one of my new stories =) Thanks to CharlieDay for the plot idea =)

Hope you guys like the first part

Rosenelle Allen

At the train station in the morning of Oct 25....



Toot toot! the train’s whistle blew as we walked on to the station. It had been a while since I had seen the sun shine so bright. It was burning my eyes, almost as if it was punishing me for my sins. There were owls hooting from all around while small children crying as they saw their older siblings head on to the train. My lips turned up into a genuine smile as I saw little kids, not older than 11, run to the train before it left. Though as soon as I saw them kissing their parents and screaming goodbye, I felt myself scowl yet again.


It’s better this way, I told myself, I’m better this way;scowling. When I was younger, my mother always felt the need to point out my smile. Apparently it wasn’t a good smile. Oh no. It was a very malicious and malevolent smile. She proceeded to point out all of my smiles my whole life.


So I did whatever any other child would do, I purposely smiled in her face every time. Even the last time I saw her, when her face was a cold blue ash and her accusatory malignant eyes were closed, I smiled to spite her. It had felt good, felt great in fact, to smile at her lifeless body and know how much she had suffered. She wouldn’t make anyone miserable anymore. I had made sure of that.


“Give me your wand,” he said from behind me, reminding me of the consequences of my actions; and why we were standing on Platform 9 3/4, in front of the train going to Hogwarts.


“Why? Don’t tell me you’re scared?” I drawled, reaching for my wand while discreetly rubbing my wrists. They were still sore from the magical bonds they had been in for almost a year, but it was nothing I had not experienced before. Pain was second nature to me. After all it was all my mother ever gave me.


“It would be advisable for you to hand over your wand right now,” he replied, his voice holding no emotion whatsoever.


“Well I don’t know. Would it really? I feel that it would benefit you more than me,” I replied with a sugary voice, turning around to face him, “And we all know that the big bad girl doesn’t do anything for someone else.”


“You could give me your wand, or I could confiscate it from you,” he threatened moving closer but not enough to raise eyebrows.


“And I could always cause an earthquake right now,” I said slowly as I let my words sink in, “But I’m not doing that am I?” I asked smirking.


“It’s not a question. It’s a demand,” the boy, man, told me, his voice strained.


“Fine. If I must,” I shrugged, handing him the wand as I turned around to face him, “But let’s not forget that if I wanted you deceased, I wouldn’t need my wand to do it,” I added impishly, trying to get a feel for what kind of person this James Sirius Potter was.


“Some things never change, do they?” he questioned lightly, though I could see in his eyes that he seriously wanted an answer to the question.


He wanted to know what they all did. If I had actually committed the crime and been let out too early. Or if I was an innocent bystander who needed his skills as a knight in shining armor.Too bad he wasn’t going to find out.


I would have to thank Mr. Harry Potter one day, personally of course. If it hadn’t been for him, then I would have been required to take veritaserum. Now they allow convicts to chose to take the potion and leave without trial. I refused of course, it’s not like I had any place to be at the time. If I had found it necessary to be out and about I would have found a way without telling the truth.


“Whatever do you mean Mr. Potter?” I inquired angelically.


“I’m going to have to mark that down you know, Ms. Chavez,” he told me as he grabbed my wand, which had strategically been facing him the whole time.


“For what Sir?” I asked, moving closer to him so I was standing right underneath his chin. It’s one of the few things I dislike about myself, my height. Being 5ft 4 had its disadvantages, like being a head smaller than those who were 6ft, though that was the least of my concerns at the moment.


“Threatening,” he answered, stuffing my wand in his robes.


“Threatening whom?” I questioned, placing one of my hand tentatively on his chest while the other on his stomach, letting it slip up the blue shirt he was wearing under his robes.


“Oh dear. I would never do anything that would make you uncomfortable Mr. Potter,” I taunted as my fingers traced shapes in his abs, “I’m only here to please,” I reached up to whisper in his ear as I pushed myself flush against his body, my hand burning with the contact of skin.


“Ah... I’ll guess I’ll have to file this too,” he responded airly, making me smirk as I realized it was working;my bishop had struck.  


“And what’s this, love?” I breathed out, pulling his earlobe gently with my teeth.


“Oh you know, sexual harassment,” he stated, raising his arms to my shoulders so he could push me an arm’s length away, “Now if you are quite finished, let’s aboard the train before it leaves,” he replied with an aloof expression and walked away.


I watched him go in surprise, while playing with the emerald ring on my left finger. It had been a long time since someone had surprised me, so I just stared at his retreating back in a daze. He was good I mused to myself, very good. But he wasn’t the best, no of course not. That title had been reserved for me.


I’m the enigma, the sphinx, the rubix cube with no answers. I’m the one in charge, and the faster he caught up with that, the better. There’s only one queen in this deck, me.

And I, Rosenelle Allen, control the ace of spades.

Well there you have it =) I hope that made sense and you liked it! Do feel free to leave a comment or review. It'll make my day promise !

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Masquerade: Rosenelle Allen: And So It Begins


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