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Masquerade by aquabluez17
Chapter 1 : Commencement
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Hey guys!! This is one of my new stories =) Thanks to CharlieDay for the plot idea =)

Hope you guys like the first part

At the train station in the morning....

Toot toot! the train’s whistle blew as we walked on to the station. It had been a while since I had seen the sun shine so bright. It was burning my eyes, almost as if it was punishing me for my sins. There were owls hooting from all around while small children cried as they saw their older siblings head on to the train. My lips turned up into a genuine smile as I saw little kids, not older than 11, run to the train before it left. Though as soon as I saw them kissing their parents and screaming goodbye, I felt myself scowl yet again.

It’s better this way, I tell myself, I’m better this way;scowling. When I was younger, not that I’m that much older right now, physically speaking off course, my mother always felt the need to point out my smile. Apparently it wasn’t a good smile. Oh no. It was a bad smile, a very malicious and malevolent smile. She also proceeded to show me which of my smiles she was talking about, which surprisingly, happened to be all of them.

So I did whatever any other child would do, I purposely smiled in her face every time. Even the last time I saw her, when her face was a cold blue ash and her accusatory malignant eyes were closed, I smiled to spite her. It had felt good, felt great in fact, to smile at her and know how much she was suffering but now she couldn’t do anything about it. I had made sure of that.

“Give me your wand,” he said from behind me, reminding me of the consequences of my actions; and why we were standing on Platform 9 3/4, in front of the train going to Hogwarts.

“Why? Don’t tell me you’re scared?” I drawled, reaching for my wand while discreetly rubbing my wrists. They were still sore from the magical bonds they had been in for almost a year, but it was nothing I had not experienced before. Pain was second nature to me, pain made me feel alive. It made everything real.

“It would be advisable for you to hand over the wand right now,” he replied, his voice holding no emotion whatsoever.

“Well I don’t know. Would it really? I feel that it would benefit you more than me,” I replied with a sugary voice, “And we all know that the big bad girl doesn’t do anything for someone else.”

“You could give me your wand, or I could confiscate it from you,” he threatened moving closer but not enough to raise eyebrows.

“And I could always cause an earthquake right now,” I said slowly as I let my words sink in, “But I’m not doing that am I?” I asked smirking.

“It’s not a question. It’s a demand,” the boy, man, told me, his voice strained.

“Fine. If I must,” I shrugged handing him the wand as I turned around to face him, “But let’s not forget that if I wanted you deceased, I wouldn’t need my wand to do it,” I added impishly, trying to get a feel for what kind of person this James Sirius Potter was.

“Some things never change, do they?” he questioned lightly, though I could see in his eyes that he seriously wanted an answer to the question.

He wanted to know what they all did. If I had actually committed the crime and been let out too early. Or if I was an innocent bystander who needed his skills as a knight in shining armor.Too bad he wasn’t going to find out.

I would have to thank Mr. Harry Potter one day, personally of course. If it hadn’t been for him, then I would have been required to take veritaserum. Now they allow convicts to chose to take the potion and leave without trial. I refused of course, it’s not like I had any place to be at the time. If I had found it necessary to be out and about I would have found a way.

“Whatever do you mean Mr. Potter?” I inquired angelically.

“I’m going to have to mark that down you know, Ms. Chavez,” he told me as he grabbed my wand, which had strategically been facing him the whole time.

“For what Sir?” I asked, moving closer to him so I was standing right underneath his chin. It’s one of the few things I dislike about myself, my height. Being 5ft 4 had its disadvantages, like being a head smaller than those who were 5ft 11, though that was the least of my concerns at the moment.

“Threatening,” he answered, stuffing my wand in his robes.

“Threatening whom?” I questioned, placing one of my hand tentatively on his chest while the other on his stomach, letting it slip up the blue shirt he was wearing under his robes.

“Oh dear. I would never do anything that would make you uncomfortable Mr. Potter,” I taunted as my fingers traced shapes in his abs, “I’m only here to please,” I reached up to whisper in his ear as I pushed myself flush against his body, my hand burning with the contact of skin.

“Ah... I’ll guess I’ll have to file this too,” he responded airly, making me smirk as I realized it was working;my bishop had struck.

“And what’s this, love?” I breathed out, pulling his earlobe gently with my teeth.

“Oh you know, sexual harassment,” he stated, raising his arms to my shoulders so he could push me an arms distance away, “Now if you are quite finished, let’s board the train before it leaves,” he replied with an aloof expression and walked away.

I watched him go in surprise, while playing with the emerald ring on my left finger. It had been a long time since someone had surprised me, so I just stared at his retreating back in a daze. He was good I mused to myself, very good. But he wasn’t the best, no of course not. That title had been reserved for me.

I’m the enigma, the sphinx, the rubix cube with no answers. I’m the one in charge, and the faster he caught up with that, the better. There’s only one queen in this deck, me.

And I, Rosenelle Chavez, control the ace of spades.

In another part of the city during the same day....

“It has to be this way Roseanna. You must leave,” my Mum told me with a stoic face.

“What... How could you... I mean... Mum?” I whispered as my eyes flooded with unshed tears.

“Roseanna leave this house now. You are not welcome here anymore,” my Dad said to me, as he put his hands around my Mum.

“Why?” I asked in shock, my mind still not registering what was happening, “This isn’t funny Dad. I know you like to joke, but this really isn’t funny,” I responded with my choked up voice.

“Your father is not joking Roseanna. This is not a comedy show that we would be laughing. You are pregnant. And not only that, you are also unmarried and have no relations with the man,” my Mum all but shouted at me, making me recoil.

“I do! I live with him! He’s going to be there! He’s going to take care of the baby with me,” I shrieked, now openly crying.

“Roseanna Basquette you will not raise your voice at your mother,” Dad reprimanded.

“Dad why don’t you do something? Why are you letting her do this to me? I’m pregnant Dad. I don’t have the plague,” I said, now thoroughly bawling.

“What you have done is even worse Roseanna. You have left us nowhere. We can’t even go out to buy food without being pointed out as the pureblood family whose wild child of a daughter is pregnant. Do you have any idea what you have done to our reputation?!” my Mum yelled back, letting go of the normal calmness she always surrounded herself with.

“We are a laughing stock due to your actions Roseanna,” my Dad told me as he rubbed my Mum’s arm’s in a soothing motion, “And with the elections coming up for the Ministry...” he trailed off.

“So your solution is to kick me out? What do you think your bloody society is going to say when they find out what you have done? What do you think the Ministry will do when they find out? Don’t you know anything about politics?!” I growled at them, furious.

“Silencio,” Dad yelled at me with his wand out, effectively closing my mouth, “You will not swear in this house Roseanna.”

“I will do whatever the hell I want,” I responded after quickly casting a non- verbal spell to reverse his.

“What do you know about politics? You’re just a child! You’ve gotten yourself pregnant and that’s going to ruin your Dad’s campaign,” my Mum answered, her face once again, looking as if it was made of stone.

“So this isn’t even about the society. It’s about your bloody campaign?!” I shouted, seeing red.

“This is about us not wanting you here anymore. So if you could find your way out,” Dad told me, using the same voice he had always used to tell me that I had a timeout since I could remember.

I couldn’t believe this was happening; it was actually occurring. The idea had felt so surreal before but now it was reality. I’d known that they would be mad, that they would threaten to cut my pocket money, maybe even go as far as taking away my broom and my mansion that they had bought for me. But this... this was not what I had imagined.

How could have I? All I’d ever wanted in life, I was given. The same parents who were now refusing to call me family, had given me everything I’d ever wanted. Once I had so much as mentioned loving ponies and the next day we had a stall full of them, all ready to compete in racing events that I loved to watch.

My life had been handed to me on a silver platter, and now as it was being yanked away, I tried to maintain the only thing I had left; my respect for myself.

“Fine. I’ll see my way out. Don’t bother sending owls Mum. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of your precious paper loss. What would the neighbors think?” I taunted as I turned around to face the, blue colored, east wing of the mansion which used to be my wing.

“Scottie?! SCOTTIE!” I yelled, wiping at my tears furiously.

Woof Woof! came the voice as my big white with black spots Siberian Husky came bounding to me. His tongue was wagging as he tried to climb up my clothes, making me give him a watery smile.

“I’ll be taking Scottie with me,” I told my parents calmly as I gently bent down to put Scottie’s collor on around him.

“Take your clothes as well. I don’t want any sign of your presence in this house,” Mum commanded, using her wand to make all of my clothes to come flying out and pack themselves in suitcases.

Muttering a size and weight reducing spell, I grabbed the suitcases as well as Scottie’s collar and made my way out of the house I had called home for 20 years. My eyes glazed over every little thing as I tried to memorize them.

I saw the little tick marks on the left side pillar, evidence of my height growth. There was the little dent in the corner in the right from when I had shown my first signs of magic when I was 9. I stumbled over the floor as I walked accidently, over the spot where I had insisted that my feet mark be placed on. With every step I could feel myself slip away and with every step I knew I to change.

Just as I walked out, I turned back once to look at my parents. At my Mum with her shining brown hair matching her eyes and Dad with his black and slightly gray hair and dark brown eyes. I looked nothing like them, the similarities ending at my long silky black hair, which was nurtured to since I’d been a model, and height of 5’8. I wished they would say something, say anything to make me stay, but they didn’t utter a word.

When I was younger, people would tease me for not actually being my parents child since I didn’t look anything like them. When I asked them, they would deny the idea and tell me that it was inner beauty that mattered. They would explain to me that I shouldn’t let other people dictate my life.

I guess their own philosophy failed on them today I thought. I walked into the blazing sun. Out the gates of my home, my old home, for the last time and apparated right on the spot, with Scottie in my arms.

Landing on the front steps of the mansion my parents had bought me, I placed Scottie down on the ground. Fleetingly I wondered what would happen to this house but pushed the thought aside for later, or better for Louis.

Fishing out the keys to the house, I fumbled with them as I tried to place them in the lock. My eyes blurred at every failed attempt at opening the door and I felt myself aimlessly turning the knob for no reason. Just as I was about to fall on the doorsteps in a complete hysteria, the door opened, showing me the head of a very familiar blonde.

Without even thinking about it I threw myself into him, my arms automatically flying around his neck as I sobbed in his neck. He, in return, instantly wrapped his arms around my waist, balancing himself before we both fell over.

Pulling Scottie inside so he could close the door, he slowly led me to the dark brown sofa that was sitting right next to the fire place. There, he pulled himself free of my grip and sat me down. Without saying anything he got up and left the room, making me curse him as he left.

Off course, I should have known. We weren’t going out or engaged, we weren’t even friends. We were just two people who’ve been stuck together due to the outcome of our weakness. We were nothing like each other and had no hope of surviving. How could I’ve forgotten something so essential about society? Humanity is only shown to those one cares about, if even.

As I sat there ranting at him internally, I felt my tears stop since my mind was otherwise occupied. So when he came back into the room with orange juice surprising me, I felt the tears once again. I’d once again done exactly what he always accused me of, judged someone without knowing their intention.

Offering him a weak smile, I took the glass he held out to me and took a small sip. In response, he sat down next to me his arms coming around me as he pulled me on his lap. For once, I let him take control without arguing. There was no point really, he would win anyway and I just couldn’t. So I placed my head on his shoulder, thankful that he had made the first move and saved me my dignity, and sobbed on and off.

Just when I felt myself falling asleep, I sensed him scoop me into his arms and carry me to my bedroom so he could place me on my bed. Realizing what his intention was, I tightened my grip on him, refusing to let go.

“Anna?” he asked softly when he recognized that my grip was far too strong for someone sleeping.

“Please don’t go,” I whispered into the cool night breeze, “Please Louis,” I repeated, hoping that I didn’t sound like I was begging.

He sighed and slipped into the bed with me, smoothing my hair down as he whispered, “I’m here Anna. I’m right here but you’re going to have to tell me what happened sometime or another Banana,” he told me, using the nickname he had proudly came up with since it rhymed with my name.

“Louie,” I choked out when he asked about the tenth time what was wrong, “They kicked me out,” I told him, tears filling my eyes once again as I stared into the face of the man who had been partially the cause of this all. The man who I hated and who hated me in return but still never left my side. Stupid, irrational, egoistic, and idiotic Louis Weasley.

“It’s going to be okay Anna. It’s going to be okay,” he told me as he pulled me back into his chest and allowed me to cry once again. And this one time, only this one time, I let him do what he wanted, promising myself that this would never happen again.

Diagon Alley at night on the same day....

Hoot! Hoot! I spun around sharply as I felt that strange sensation overwhelm me yet again. It was the middle of the night, with barely anyone or anything around. There were a few who were coming out of a lively looking club, but their lack of mobility showed that they would be of no help if needed.

I sighed and shook my head. Grabbing my billowing silky blue dress by the ends, I pushed my, mid back dirty brown, colored hair back as it blew in my face. I was being paranoid, as always. The chances of someone trying to get me this late in the night were rare. Who would even be sober this late? I mused to myself.

It had been a typical day at work. I was an Arithmancer, and as one, I can say from experience that we are an arrogant bunch. We tend to flaunt each success that we have had and make sure that everyone else in the society knows the things we have accomplished.

Tonight had been just another one of those days. Someone had discovered the true meaning of the number 3 and the significance of it as well. Something to do with binding elemental powers and socio-economic problems together. I stopped listening the moment the man started speaking. There’s no use in listening to a fellow Arithmancer. It’ll only make one feel worse about themselves.

And after the man had finished talking about his spectacular find, though when asked for examples he refused to give any, he decided to throw a party. As if that wasn’t enough, the head of our team agreed with the man, Drew I think, and announced that we all had to be at said party. So now, after being thrown around like a ping pong ball verbally for quite a few hours at the previously stated event, I had finally escaped to Diagon Alley where I was walking around aimlessly mulling things over.

Pop! I heard, doing a complete spin to see who it was that I kept hearing. Though, unlike the other times, this time I wasn’t disappointed. There was a faint hooded man standing right there, his face turned towards a wall rather than at me. He was of average height but that did little to sooth me. His hand was gripping a big luminous shark spear which, by the way he was handling it, looked like his comfort net.

As I looked at him in shock, I felt a familiar black flash beneath my eyes, warning me of what was going to happen. Closing my eyes, I let the inevitable occur, hoping that I wouldn’t make any noise that would alert the hooded man.

I watched from behind as the scene laid out in front of me. He was coming towards me, the hand that held the spear raised. His eyes were closed, which made me wonder how he even knew where I was, but I couldn’t find the strength to ask. That’s when he opened his eyes. They were an endless pit of nothing, completely empty and blank but they were alluring, and I found myself unable to look away.

“So. You’re the last Seer. I was told to hunt you... to make sure you were no more, but now that I’ve seen you... maybe that can wait for just a little while,” the man said as his spear grazed the bottom of my chin, making shivers go up my spine.

“Who sent you?” I heard myself ask, making me applaud mentally at the brilliant question. All I needed was a name.

“That’s none of your concern,” he responded laughing deeply as if I had shared a joke with him.

“Well then, get on with it. Do what you want,” the girl in front of me said, while I watched from the back shaking my head rigorously.

“Well, well well. Isn’t someone impatient. Fine th-,” the man responded but my vision started to blur and before I knew it, I was back.

Gasping as the true reality of my situation sunk in, I quickly turned around and started to walk away as fast possible without gathering any attention. He was out here to kill me, that much was clear, though how he knew I was a Seer, I wasn’t sure.

Nobody knew about me, not even my parents. They say that you can’t change your future, but I beg to differ. When I was younger, I’d seen myself telling a little boy in the playground about my abilities. To my chagrin, he had run away yelling that I was insane. Furthermore, once the teachers heard, all of the sat down with me separately and told me that what I thought was real, was just my imagination. No one could see things!

But even as a 4 year old, I knew they were wrong. How did I know that? Well, just the night before, I’d seen them telling me the same thing as they were at the time. If anything, those teachers only helped strengthen my belief in myself. And that experience taught me something as well, that I would always refrain from telling people my ability.

I practiced control over my visions, forcing myself to not fall or faint every time they occurred. It would be pointless to try to explain to people why I kept tumbling down when I was just walking on a sidewalk and then they would question. Questions, that I had answers to sure, but answers that I would never give away. So I practiced and I learned.

The little child who would was one of the most clumsy person, lost the title. My scratches disappeared, and the rings under my eyes following. Before I turned my 9, I was in complete control. No one would ever know that I could see the future. It was a good thing since when I turned 11, I found out at Hierocles, the magic school that people attended in Greece, that there were no other people like me left. That Seers, people who could see the future, had all been killed by Voldemort before his eventual fall.

I glanced behind my back once as I kept walking at a seemingly appropriate speed and saw that the man was still not paying attention to me. It looked like he was looking into an alley now, as if he was waiting for something. Not willing to find out what it was, I turned right back around and turned the first corner I could to get out of his sight.

I was fairly new to London, being brought up and raised in Greece, so I hadn’t been to Diagon Alley too much. The roads, the people, and the stores were all new to me and I’d always found it quite easy to get lost. I just hoped that maybe the man would end up lost as well.

I could always apparate out of there, but since my license only worked in Greece and I hadn’t bothered getting a new one in the month I had been in London, I wasn’t allowed to do so. Apparently the Ministry in Britain would find out immediately and then file me down as a criminal.

Even though I didn’t particularly care about the Ministry, I always had to be careful. If the truth behind my natural ability to “predict” the future ever leaked out, the Ministry would have an easier time to find me due to my record. No, it was safer to stay away and just play by the rules, so I did just that.

Sneaking a glance behind myself, I confirmed that there was nobody there. Sighing in relief I turned back around to keep walking. Before I could move though, there was a blur darkness making me jump in shock and squeal when I saw the hooded man standing right infront of me.

Instantly backing up I looked at him horror. He was even more frightening in person compared to my vision. His hood, which had fallen back slightly, now revealed his face which was a terrifying sight. It had more scars and slashes than actual skin which made me assume that he was hurt on a daily basis. Or he was tortured repeatedly.

His eyes were bloodshot red, illuminated with the desire of blood. I would have almost mistook him for a vampire if he wasn’t baring his teeth out at me in a sinister smile. There were no fangs.

Shaking my head at the stereotypical thought, I glared at the man, wondering if he would start talking soon. Believe it or not, I really couldn’t just stand there waiting for my death. It would be best if he could just get it over with as soon as possible.

“Who are you?” I asked, playing dumb.

“You know exactly who I am Ms. Blackmore just like I know you,” the man responded, his stoic voice raising chills up my arm.

“How do you know me?” I questioned, trying a different approach.

“My my Ms. Blackmore. So many questions, yet no answers. It must be frustrating you, not knowing something. I’ve heard quite a lot of things about you, and your, how shall we put it, power,” he taunted as he moved closer to me, “Or maybe you already know the answers and are tricking me,” he snarled.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I responded feigning stupidity.

“Come on now dear, don’t play games you don’t even understand,” he tutted, grabbing my arm and twisting it behind her back, while I struggled in shock.

“Let me go,” I demanded, the feeling of helplessness sinking but I tried my best to hide it.

“But the fun’s just begun!” he responded in mock horror.

Just as I was about to use my wand, which I had craftily tucked in the side of my dress, the hooded man flew back due to a spell. I turned in surprise from where I thought the curse had come from. There, right behind one of the brightest stores, stood a tall man hidden by the shadows. Craning my neck, I tried to make more out of the man, but all I could see was his silver outline until he walked out from his hiding spot.

He was tall that’s for sure. Too tall actually, towering at about 6’ 4 inches. His shoulders were slightly hunched while his eyes showed utter confidence. His face could easily be mistaken for being lethargic but his stance showed that he was completely alert and ready to jump.

“Didn’t you hear the woman? Leave her alone,” he commanded in a monotone voice, as if he did this, save people in the middle of the street from random strangers, everyday.

“Who are you? Her savior?” the man sneered, looking at me with a lewd expression that made me instantly want to hide behind the new stranger but I restrained.

“No, but I’m an Auror,” he replied, flicking his curly dark brown hair away from his eyes.

“Do you really think your big bad wand is going to scare me off?” the man asked, amused while his eyes shined with a heinous glint.

“I could just show you,” the stranger answered in a bored voice.

“Oh no. Please don’t. Wouldn’t want to waste your precious time,” the man mocked before he turned back to me, “But remember, I’ll be back. So watch your back, keep your eyes open, your ears alert, your nose ready and your wand handy, because I’ll be there. And when you’re in my reach... there won’t be anyone who can save you,” the hooded man whispered dangerously into the air, making me shiver involuntarily, “And I’ll make sure it’ll hurt...”

“Leave now,” the stranger growled, stepping forward with his wand pointed. For a second I could see sparks fly as both men sized each other up. The stranger looked like he was going to strike him with a curse, but before that could happen, the hooded man disappeared into thin air.

I looked around in shock, trying to find him once again. He hadn’t disapparated or even flew. No, the man had just disappeared and no clear logic could explain how he just vanished. Stunned, I turned my attention back to the stranger who had conveniently been there.

“Thank you,” I told him, clearing my hoarse throat a bit so he could hear me better.

“Don’t thank me. You shouldn’t even be out here at this time. Don’t you know that it’s not safe in Knockturn Alley?” the stranger demanded, clearly irritated.

“Knockturn Alley?” I asked confused, not sure what he was talking about.

“What the hell are you playing at?! How can you not know where you are?” the man asked furiously, “Do you want to get yourself killed? Maybe I should call your little friend back so he could finish his job!”

“What th-?” I started but he cut me off.

“You can’t just expect people to come out of nowhere and help you! It’s people like you, females like you, who are the cause of stereotypes that a normal girl has to overcome,” the stranger ranted, as if it was my fault not every girl was independent, and by yelling at me the problem would be solved.

“Well I’m sorry I didn’t know what your precious Knockturn Alley is. Do forgive me. But if you are done yelling at me, I would like to go home now,” I responded sarcastically, angry that even a stranger could see my helplessness.

Turning around, I started to make my way down the road when I felt an arm on me. Jumping back, I turned to see the stranger.

“What?!” I asked furiously.

“You’re going the wrong way,” he responded, his voice strained as if he was controlling his temper.

“Well my bad. Excuse me,” I growled and shoved past him.

“Do me a favor,” I heard him call out, making me stop in my tracks, “Don’t get yourself killed,” he drawled, “I don’t have the time to bury your body,” he finished, making me even more furious.

“Sure thing! I’ll keep your bloody convenience in mind,” I shouted back and apparated right on the spot thinking, screw the Ministry.

Landing on the carpet of my apartment in a heap, I coughed as I tried to calm my twisting stomach. Anger still surged through me as I thought of the stranger and his accusations, all thoughts of the hooded man carefully buried internally until a better time.

Sighing in frustration, I stood up from the floor and made my way out of my living room to the single bedroom. Without bothering to take my dress off, I literally fell face first on the bed, and closed my eyes in hope of sleep.

“Well?” a voice asked but it was too dark for my magically self to see.

“I got interrupted,” came the reply of a familiar voice though I couldn’t place from where.

“You WHAT?” the voice shouted in rage.

“Next time. Promise,” the familiar voice responded.

“It’s your last chance. Screw it up and you won’t see the next sunlight,” the demonic voice threatened before the scene faded away and allowed me to fall into a troubled sleep.

Well there you have it =) I hope that made sense and you liked it! Do feel free to leave a comment or review. It'll make my day promise !

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Masquerade: Commencement


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