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The Time For Changing by Thepheonixpen
Chapter 7 : The Father's Oath.
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Amazingly stunning CI created by (sol) @TDA <3



The air in the cramped office seemed to grow thick as the flames in the fireplace sub-sided and Lucias Malfoy stepped out.

At first no one even breathed. The office was dead silent and the only thing that could be heard was the sinister footsteps of the oncoming figure as he adjusted his stature and turned to face the current occupants of the office.

Hermione let out her breath as quietly as she could, in this moment she did not want to attract any extra attention to herself then needed, because let’s face it; she was in trouble.


Unfortunately, the person Lucias has come for was standing behind her, so in the longest second of her life she locked eyes with the man she loathed. For a second her heart stopped, the hatred burning beneath his icy blue’s told her that his opinion on muggle-borns had not changed, but the look also told her that he did not in fact know what it was she had done to his son; and so it was then his eyes looked past hers, and saw the face of his son behind her.


Seeing his son was alive, gave Lucius the smallest crinkle on his forehead. Assuming that he had in fact believed what Pansy had said to him, he presumably believed he would be coming to collect his son’s remains. It almost made Hermione angry that confusion was his first emotion over relief.


“I assume Miss Parkinson, that the is an extremely good reason that you told me my son was dead, and that you did not in fact waste my precious time.”


Lucius’s eyes diverted from Draco’s and looked over at Pansy for the first time. Hermione watched as the arrogant confidence omitting from Pansy changed into fear and doubt upon the glare of Lucius Malfoy.


Apparently even a pureblood Slytherin was no match for the fear Lucius brought with him.


“… wasn’t exactly positive of what happened, I…err…apologise, but Sir, what has happened to Draco his far worse than either of us could have anticipated, you will be glad I sent for you, because Sir, this is beyond awful.”


Hermione couldn’t believe Pansy, if Draco had in fact died; wouldn’t that be far worse than what had actually happened? Though looking at Lucius now made Hermione think that perhaps he was going to take the news of what had happened far worse than if Draco had in fact died.


“He look’s perfectly fine, you insolent child, albeit a bit close to that, if you ask me” As he said this he pointed at Hermione.


Hermione gulped back the angry retort she was about to say, she knew now what not the time to make him angrier than he was about to be; but how dare he call her ‘that’! She thought. But with her fists clenched she remained silent.


McGonagall however, did not have the same intention.


“Now listen here Mr Malfoy, there is no need for such rudeness, something like that could mean serious repercussions from the ministry, and if you have not forgotten, they would very much like to catch the slightest slip up from you”


Stepping forward, McGonagall walked the distance from her desk to where Lucius stood.


“And when I say the ministry, I mean every single person who lost someone that night, every person who lost their lives fighting for what was good, and the very contrast of what you stand for”


McGonagall seemed to have been holding this in for some time, and Hermione had never been more proud to know her.


“Some people may think you are a changed man, a man who has undone all of his ties to the other side, I however do not believe this, and so please Mr Malfoy continues to insult Miss Granger here, oh how I would love to send you to Azkaban for it, it would be an honour.”


The smallest of smiled crept up on McGonagall’s face, but she continued to remain calm and stare at Lucius unblinking; he seemed to be fighting internally over whether to react to her words, or to back away.


The latter won after several intense seconds and he backed away from McGonagall, hands raised in surrender.


Lucius seemed to search McGonagall’s face, almost as though trying to read her, after a moment he looked away from her and back at Draco, who Hermione was pleased with for not saying anything yet.


Hermione glanced behind her to check he was all right; he appeared to be staring back at his father, confused and a little bewildered. Why? Hermione thought.


Draco must have felt Hermione’s stare because he then looked away from his father and was now looking straight at her.


Hermione quickly looked away from him and back over at McGonagall, now was not the time for Draco to say something to her, not until Lucius understood what had happened to him.


“Now then, Headmistress” Lucius said with complete and obvious spite. “What has happened to my son?”


Lucius glared at McGonagall, anger seething in his eyes. McGonagall well aware of his anger, strolled casually back to her desk and sat as slowly as she could, her eyes not leaving those of Lucius’s.


“I will be happy to explain to you what has happened Mr Malfoy, but you must promise you will not react until I have finished speaking. Are we understood?”


Lucius looked as though she had asked him to dance around on his tip toes, but after a moment’s hesitation, he nodded his head curtly at her demand.


“An incident occurred earlier in the library…” McGonagall finally looked away from Lucius and stared down at the papers on her desk and she told Lucius what had happened.


Lucius remained quiet during the explanation. The only indication that he understood what had occurred was the frown line in the centre of his forehead continued to become more and more defined as the story unravelled. Every now and then he would look over at Draco, his eyes casting a slight shadow at Hermione, but never looking directly at her.


“And with the say so from St.Mungo’s we are in agreement that Draco should remain here at Hogwarts in the hoped that his memory will return on its own. “


Finally Lucius spoke, obviously unable to continue with his silence.


“This is an outrage! You are trying to tell me that I am supposed to allow my son to remain here after that…that girl tried to kill him?”


Hermione could tell that he had used all of his might to not call her a mudblood, but the usually pale faced man was starting to turn a colour she generally associated with rotten tomatoes.


“I believe Mr Malfoy, that it is in Draco’s best interest to remain here, he may have lost his memory but he is still able to use magic.”


McGonagall had now stood up and had begun walking towards Hermione and Draco.


“And I also believe Mr Malfoy that this is what Draco needs to recover, mysterious magic was used here today and therefore we must assume that it will take something of a miracle for Draco to recover.”


As she said this she peered down at both Hermione and Draco; Hermione felt the sense the McGonagall was up to something.


“I will not hear any more of this Minerva! Draco will be coming with me, he is my son!”

As he said this Lucius strode past McGonagall and made a grab for Draco, Draco however has no intention of leaving with him and took two steps away from him.


“I’m not going with you” Draco stood definitely. “I want to stay here”


“You do not know what you want Draco, home is the best place for you, you will come along this instant.”


Lucius again tried to grasp at Draco, but this just made him step out of his reach once more.


“I will not go with you.” As though proving his defiance, Draco took this opportunity to sit on the ground, legs and arms both crossed as he stared up at the face of his father.


Lucius seemed taken aback by this and for the first time appeared truly speechless.


This was only momentary, as his eyes once again reached Hermione’s anger seethed through once more.


“You did this on purpose! Did you and Potter plan this all along? Killing Draco would be too obvious, a one way ticket to Azkaban, but taking his memory? Now everyone will feel so sorry for you; you conniving little wench!”


At that moment Lucius reached into his cloak, but McGonagall has been prepared. Faster than Hermione could imagine, she already had her wand out and blasted a spell towards Lucius. He was thrown across the room towards the fireplace; flying robes were all that could be seen in as he landed spread-eagled onto the ground.


He immediately stood up, staring across the room at McGonagall, it was clear he wanted nothing more than to return a curse, but breathing heavily he retreated.


“I swear to you now headmistress” Lucius began spitefully. “You and that filth are going to regret this,  when you least expect it, you will be sorry you were even born.”


“Why Lucius, I believe that was a threat.” McGonagall said, a looking of minor amusement playing on her face,


“No, not a threat, an oath; an oath to make you pay for this. And I swear this to be an oath I will not break.”


Teeth clenched, Lucius then turned away, walking into the fireplace and disappearing with a pop and a cloud of green smoke.


Hermione, Draco and Mcgonagall remained silent for a few minutes. Untill finally Mcgonagall spoke.


“Well then Miss Granger, I think it would be a good time to hop off to wont, don’t you agree? It has been along day after all and we all need our rest.”


Hermione was astonished. “But Headmistress, I think under the current circumstances, bed is the last place we should be going, shouldn’t we be contacting the ministry?”


“I will get to that Miss Granger” McGonagall said sounding flustered. “But it will be easier for me to do, if you and Mr Malfoy are safe in your dorm, so please just go and sleep well. And remember Miss Granger, you are to look after Mr Malfoy no matter what, so please make the necessary accommodations to this issue. Goodnight.”


It was clear nothing more could be said, so Hermione turned to face Malfoy, he was still sitting on the ground and staring at her.


“Um…Come on then Draco, time for bed”


A smile appeared on his face as he leapt up and stood next to her.


“Brilliant” He beamed.


Hermione led Draco out and began the somewhat long journey to their common room.


Everything that had happened tonight was whirling around Hermione’s brain, the last time she had felt this overwhelmed was when She, Harry and Ron had been searching for Horcruxes.


She peered over at Draco, he did not seem to have a care in the world, as he took in every part of Hogwarts he possibly could, with a big grin on his face.


How nice it would be to have so few worries she thought, as she sighed and continued onwards, not knowing what was going to happen, what tomorrow would bring and what may come of Lucius’s promise to her.




A/N - Hey guys, you have no idea how sorry I am that it took me this long to update, I swear I will update more regulary from now on, and I really hope you enjoyed this.

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