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Beyond the Veil by Tazzi
Chapter 14 : Furry Little Problem
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Chapter 14: Furry Little Problem

(Teddy’s POV)

Victoire had made it her life goal to forever ignore me. She was getting rather good at it too. We had had three family gatherings since school ended and she managed to be busy during all of them. Dominique told me, Victoire told her she had a date, but Dominique reported she was lying and really she was with Hannah and Courtney or at home.

On the rare occasion she did come by the Potter house, I happened to be at my house. It was like she was avoiding me or something…well she was.

To make matters worse I hadn’t gotten my scores back for my N.E.W.T.s I took at the end of the school year. Amber and Ashley both owled me when they got theirs and Rory told me in person last time I saw him. Ashley assured me that I did fine and were just taking their time, while Amber took advantage of the moment and told me they failed me and I received nothing, but Trolls. She was joking of course, but the damage was done and I decided that I would forever live at home.

The summer was almost over and I was being lazy around Grandma Andromeda’s house. She was tolerant of my laziness this summer so far, until today.

I was laying face down on my bed when she came in a sat next to me. My Grandmother had long dark hair that curled wildly down her back. She seemed younger than her actual age – although I’m not supposed to know that age or mention it – and she had a kind, but stern demeanor.

“Teddy, this is the most you have ever been home. Why don’t you go visit the Potters?” She suggested rather bluntly. I assumed she wanted me out of the house so she could give my room a good cleaning. It had turned into quite the Hippogriff Pin during my time here and I hadn’t really cared much about making it look livable. She had been making quiet hissing noise every time she saw it progressively got worst.

“Sirius is using the guest room. I don’t want to be an inconvenience to them.” I somewhat lied to her. Truth was Sirius and James were sharing a room for the most part. Sirius was supposed to be in the guest room, but James insisted that was my room and moved Sirius’ things into his room. The few days I had stayed over there, I heard multiple expositions from James’ room and two windows break. Harry seemed to think it was funny, while Ginny looked rather put out.

“Why don’t you go see Victoire then? She hasn’t been over here all summer.”

“She busy.” I lied again.

“Rory then?”

“Family fun time.” At least that’s what his letter said a month ago. Truth was he was most likely free.

My Grandmother frowned at me. “Remember how I told you, you are just like your father?” Andromeda repeated this familiar phrase. She always did this to me when she was trying to prove a point. I lost track of how much I was like my father and/or mother. I’ve just come to realized that I’ve inherited all their traits – good and bad.

I nodded. “You said I had his kindness and courage, while I have my mother’s outgoing side and hair…”

“Well I forgot to mention that you also got her bad temper and his pouting. So spill, what’s the matter with you?” She hit my shoulder hard, indicating that she wanted me to sit up and talk to her.

I sat up and looked at her. “Nothing’s wrong.” I looked her dead in the eyes and didn’t waver. I controlled my hair so it wouldn’t change colors.

She smiled. “You know how I could tell when Nymphadora was lying?” She said sweetly using my mother’s first name. She must have seen something, which meant that she was on to me – not that she wasn’t already.

“No, but I suppose you are going to tell me.” I flopped back down on my bed.

“When she was younger her hair would change colors, but she quickly got the hang of controlling that. However, there was one thing that she didn’t control as well because she was too focused on her hair.” Andromeda flicked my forehead. “Her eyes…”

I groaned knowing she wasn’t going to give up now. “I don’t want to talk about it Grandma.”

“Well what is it about? Maybe I could help?” She said softly.

“You know…that seems an awful lot like talking about it, which I am adamantly opposed to.” I tried to express to her once again.

 She sighed. “I tried doing this the easy way Teddy…I really did.”

She got up and I thought she was leaving, but instead I saw her take her wand out and flick it. All the clothes that have been collecting on the floor suddenly sprung to life.

“What are you doing?” I shouted sitting up again watching my clothes dance around the room.

“Cleaning, it looks like a herd of Thestrals died in here.” She commented as the clothes sorted their selves into clean and dirty. The clean ones folded neatly on my bed.

“I can’t see those so I wouldn’t know.” I glared at her.

“Yeah, well I can, so start talking about whatever is on your mind.” She said spending me a very mother-like glare.

I was silent and she flicked her wand again. My bed shifted, I jumped up and looked down at it. The clothes were hovering above it as my sheets began to straighten out and the bed continued to make itself.

I cursed then sat on the floor like a child – crossing my arms as I did so.

She raised an eyebrow and smirked in amusement. “Really, now?”

I sat there in silence and she continued to clean. In just the short time she started it already looked significantly better than before.

She started on gathering all the trash into the bin when she started talking again.

“So is this about Victoire or because you haven’t gotten your N.E.W.T. scores back yet?” She said without looking at me. I my head snapped to her and I saw she was still smirking. “Or both?”

I tried to fall back again and then remembered I wasn’t on my bed. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop me from hitting my head on the dresser behind me. I cursed again and Andromeda frowned.

“Do I need to wash your mouth out with soap?”

“You do realize I’ve been of age for a while?” I mumbled rubbing the back of my head.

“That’s still not going to stop me from Scourgifying your mouth.” She frowned at me then flicked her wand at my dirty clothes and sent them down the hall. “Now tell me about your N.E.W.T.s.”

“Nothing to say.” I insisted. She gave me a stern look and crossed her arms. I jumped back a little – careful not to hit my head again. “Fine, I thought I did really well. Exceptionally well, in fact. I got loads of compliments from all the examiners and did everything perfectly.”

 “Then what’s wrong?” She encouraged me to go on now that I was actually talking.

“Well, I haven’t gotten my scores back…so…”


“So I’m pretty sure I did horrid and they just haven’t sent them yet…I’ve pretty much given up any hope or being an Auror.” I frowned. “The deadline for submission has already passed anyway. I did so much extra training for it with Lowsley and I thought I had everything down perfect!”

I looked up at her, waiting for her to say something, but she merely nodded her head. “Now tell me why you and Victoire broke up.”

I glowered at her. “How did you even know we were dating?”

She shrugged. “It was obvious; I just choose to ignore it.”

“She’s spent the night before!” I told her in disbelief.

“Her parents didn’t mind so I didn’t.” Andromeda shrugged at me. “So what happened?”

“She wanted to make the relationship public knowledge.” She looked like she was about to say something, but I cut her off. “Before you yell at me and tell me I’m an insensitive jerk, I’ve already discussed this – at length – with one of my friends and I know.”

Andromeda nodded. “Do you mind explaining why you said ‘no,’ at least?”

I looked down. “I didn’t want to lose my family…”

Andromeda creased her eyebrows and then they smoothed out. “Oh…I see, Teddy that’s silly.”

I frowned at her. “No, it’s not! It’s a good thing to be concerned about!” I insisted.

“They aren’t going to stop talking to you, Teddy just because you and Vicky break up. They love you to death and I’m sure that if you explained this little worry of your properly to Vicky she will make sure it never happens.” She told me. I looked up at her and she flicked her wand again at the dresser behind me. “Vicky is a good girl, if you two ever do officially break up, I’m sure everything will be fine. Do you really think James, Albus and Lily will give up their older brother?”

I smiled at her and nodded. “I know…I–I’ve kind of realized that too…”

“Then what’s the problem?” Andromeda frowned.

“The problem is that Victoire is very good at not talking to me when she’s mad.” I grumbled.

“Well then you need to corner her.” Andromeda shrugged like it was nothing. “Make it a public place, in front of people you both know. That way she knows you want a public relationship now.”

“When will I do that? She leaved tomorrow for Hogwarts.”

“That’s perfect!” Andromeda clapped her hands together. “In front of all the friends and family.”

My mouth fell open. “You’re kidding?”

“It’ll be so sweet and her seventh year will begin with a bang.”

“Are you even listening to me?” I got up and sat on my freshly made bed.

“Then you’ll go off you Auror school the next day! This couldn’t have been timed more perfectly if I had planned it myself!”

I froze and turned to her.

“Auror School?” I asked.

“Hmm? Oh sweetie, didn’t I tell you this morning? A letter came from you? Three in fact.” She said with a smirk. “One was your N.E.W.T. results, you got Outstandings in everything. Another was an acceptance letter into the Auror School – saying that training starts September 2nd, six in the morning – sharp. Then the last was from Professor Lowsley saying that he withheld your scores so he could send a recommendation letter in for you – not that you really needed it – Harry was surprised that you didn’t tell him you were applying, though.”

I gapped at her and my mouth hung open. She turned to leave.

“I’m done now, you may continue moping.” She left my room.

I stood up and stared after her. Trying to speak, but all that happened was a lot of opening and closing my mouth. I then looked around and felt like screaming. During the time I had divulged everything, she had completely cleaned my room.

I finally stomped after her and found her in the kitchen. My three letters sat opened on the kitchen table.

“If you actually got up today, you would have seen them sooner.” She defended.

I grimaced at her, but something else popped into my head. “How did you know Victoire and I broke up if you only knew about my N.E.W.T.s?”

She smiled at me. “Remember how I told you, you are like your mother?”

I rolled my eyes at her familiar chat again. “What? Did my hair or eyes give it away?”

“No…I’ve seen Nymphadora heartbroken over your Father, and I’ve also seen her determined to win over your Father.” She gave me a soft smile. “Let’s just say you have her attitude about love.”

I grinned. “Let’s hope I have her luck as well.”

She shrugged. “You just have a furry little problem.”

“Like my father?”

“Like your father.”


“Congratulations Teddy.” Harry said patting me on the back when I found him in his study on the first floor.

Andromeda managed to convince me that going to see Harry was good for me and she could finish cleaning the house. At least, that was the underlining statement she didn’t say.

“Thanks Harry.” I said as he pulled me in for a hug.

“You’re mother and father would be so proud. Especially your mother. Kingsley wants you to stop by sometime after your lessons.” Harry said releasing me.

I frowned. “I don’t want anyone to think the only reason I got into the program was because of being your Godson and a personal friend of the Minister.”

“Well, whoever thinks that can take a good look at your N.E.W.T.s. They are the highest we’ve seen in a while.” Harry nodded in approval.

“I doubt that. They can’t be better than yours.” He was the Head of the department, after all.

“Much better than mine, I didn’t have as good of a seventh year as you.” Harry grinned at me. “Not that you are having a great one either…” Harry trailed off.

“Good Merlin, what did my Grandmother tell you?” I was going to kill that woman.

“Nothing, I just overheard her and Ginny talking yesterday.” Harry smiled. “I’m sure she’ll come around.” He said referring to Victoire.

“Don’t count on it.” I shrugged. I already had a plan.

Harry laughed.

I rolled my eyes in a childlike manor at him. “Are the brats around?” I asked.

“They should be outside.” Harry returned to his desk and shut the file that was opened so I couldn’t see.

I raised an eyebrow. “You do know I’ll be in your department soon, right?”

“In three years, until then I would prefer that you keep your snooping to a minimal number if possible. You know that James and Albus learned that from you, right?” Harry gave me a stern father-like look.

“I learned from you so we’re even.” I grinned at my Godfather.

He let out a deep sigh. “Under normal circumstances I would welcome it, but this case isn’t something that needs to be leaked out.”

“What? Did Voldemort return again?” I teased.

He gave me another stern look, but his upper lip twitched up a moment in amusement. “No…” He said finally.

A thought occurred to me and I decided to test my limit of favorite Godchild – not that Harry had any other Godchildren.

“Is this about the case Kingsley brought to you on Christmas?” I asked.

Harry’s head snapped up to me. “How much did you hear?”

“Well I was next door…”

Harry grumbled for a moment and from his reaction I decided it was best to leave out the fact that his children were there, as well.

“Well, it just so happens, that it is about that…” Harry finally said. “You are not to tell anyone, understood?”

I nodded. “Did you ever find out who attacked them?”

“No…and Malfoy isn’t too happy about that.” Harry groaned.

“He should be happy you even agreed to help.” I voiced.

“Well he isn’t completely. He’s more reasonable than any other time I had the pleasure of dealing with him, and a lot damn better than his school days, but that’s not saying a lot.” Harry opened the file and I saw a different name besides Malfoy or Nott. The file read Geoffrey Goyle. “Malfoy, Nott and most recently Goyle.”

“Wait…He goes to school still, right?” I know that name.

Harry nodded. “James saved his life.”

“What?” I nearly yelled at Harry.

“It was hushed down rather quickly and the boys aren’t talking that much about it. I actually had to get the story second hand – from Neville and McGonagall. Fred, Sirius and James followed him after the last Quidditch match. Goyle almost fell off the stairs.” Harry shuttered. “I talked to the boy, but he doesn’t remember anything from that day.”

“Anything I can do to help?” I asked uselessly, knowing that I would probably be no help at all.

Harry looked at me over his glasses. I wondered if he could even still see me.

“Do well in the Auror program and take over for me when I get too old for this. Hopefully, by then, this miserable case will be over with.” Harry smiled at me.

I smiled back. “Sounds like a deal.”

“Now get out of here and go see the kids.” Harry waved me away and with one last look around his desk I left.

I walked outside and wondered where James, Albus and Lily would be. Is Sirius still here, as well?

I turned and rounded the house to go into the backyard, also known as the Quidditch field for James and Albus. It wasn’t really a Quidditch field, but it was enchanted so Muggles couldn’t see anything magical happen. Harry has used it for Auror training before, while James and Albus liked to use it for flying. Ginny eventually caved and let them put up two goal posts – so they could have small games of Quidditch.

As I passed the first goal I realized there was someone back here at least, because there were two Bludgers circling around the enchanted area – trying to find a way to get out. They typically put them away so that their Mother wouldn’t complain.

“James, Al, Lily?” I yelled.

I heard something far off in the forest behind the enchanted area of the yard and groaned. I began to wonder in that direction – dodging a Bludger in the process.

I finally saw a glimmer of red hair in the distance and raced forward. If I knew the Potter siblings – nothing good happened when they were all this far out in the forest. Ginny always scolded them if they went out of sight from the house.

“Lily!” I yelled as I came within range.

She spun around and tears were rolling down her face. She held her broom in her right hand and when she saw me she dropped it and jumped right into my arms. She began sobbing.

“Lily! Lily, what’s wrong?” I asked picking her up. “Are you alright? Where are James and Al?”

“H-her-” Lily tried to say through sobs. She was crying harder now. It looked as if she was holding back when I found her. The girl hardly ever cried in front of me or her brothers. She pouted to get her way, but having two brothers made her develop a sense of priority that didn’t involve crying in front of us. I think this might be the first time I’ve actually seen her cry this much. Her head buried into my chest and I felt her tears start to soak it.

“Her?” I asked. If Lily was crying then it must be something big. I began wondering if James or Albus was hurt. Worry began to kick in and my mind went into overdrive.

“Her-Hermy ran away!” Lily finally shouted.

I froze.


“HERMY!” Lily shouted drawing her head back. “My Skvader!”

I frowned. “You’re winged rabbit ran away…and you’re crying?”

“Yes!” Lily screeched at me. She then buried her head back into my chest and I patted her head, realizing that no one was hurt.

“There, there.” I said trying to comfort her, reluctantly. “Where are James and Al?”

“U-Up in the trees with Sirius.” She managed to say, calming down a little more.

“Looking for Hermy?” I asked.

“Yes! Since it’s their fault!”

“I said I’m sorry Lil!” I heard Albus’ voice high above me.

Lily cried harder. “What if he gets eaten?”

“Don’t worry, that’s not going to happen.” I lied. Skvader were actually quite crafty, but large birds tended to prey upon them.

“Found him!” I heard Sirius’ voice now.

“Finally!” James’ voice called out. “I’m never giving you an animal again Al! You just give them to Lily and she cares way too much for them!”

“I’m sorry I give them to her! She takes better care of them.” Albus retorted. Their voices were getting slowly closer. I still couldn’t see where they were because of all the tree branches in the way.

“That’s exactly my point! You let things die and if you kept that damn rabbit we wouldn’t be in this mess.” James finally came into view as he zigzagged through the trees; Albus and Sirius were not far behind. I could see a white rabbit with wings in Sirius’ arms.

When they landed Lily jumped from my arms and grabbed Hermy before Sirius could even get off his broom.

“Thank you Sirius!” She stood on her tip-toes and kissed his cheek before nearly choking her Skvader in a deadly hug.

“No problem.” Sirius smiled at her finally getting off his broom.

I noticed that him and James were wearing matching shirts and wondered if Ginny was shopping for him now too.

“What are you doing here Teddy?” Albus asked glaring at his brother.

“I came to see you brats.” I nudged him a little and he smiled. “Are you excited to finally go to Hogwarts tomorrow?”

Albus frowned again and James smirked.

“He can’t wait!” James said. Albus shot him a nasty look and Sirius shook his head in disapproval. “He’s going to be in Slytherin.”

“I won’t be in Slytherin! I won’t!” Albus shouted at his brother.

“I’m sure that’s where you’ll be.” James grinned. I could tell that he found a new way to annoy Albus and Albus’ reaction wasn’t making it any better.

“James…” Sirius started. He showed a little amusement from Albus’ reaction, but it appeared this wasn’t the first time James has been doing this to Al. My bet was that James started earlier this summer and continued until it wasn’t even slightly funny anymore.

Albus stomped off toward the house and Lily happily followed now that Hermy was safe and sound in her arms. I noticed she left her broom so I picked it up for her and turned to James.

“You shouldn’t pick on Albus so much.” I told him frowning.

“I know, but it’s just so fun.” James grinned. “Besides I won’t see him as much during school, we’ll be in different classes.”

“And according to you houses.” Sirius finished for him.

James turned to him. “Hush, Sirius! You know I’m only joking. There’s no way he will be in any other house except Gryffindor.”

Sirius frowned a little bit, but dropped the subject. He turned to me. “Do you know what time it is?”

“About six, I’d expect.” I told him.

He nodded. “I better get ready then.”

James now frowned too. “Are you sure I can’t go with you?”

“Yeah, Neville said that was for the best.” Sirius looked down and began to walk toward the house. James and I followed.

“What’s going on?” I asked them throwing Lily’s broom over my shoulder.

“Sirius has to go see his family before he goes to Platform Nine and Three Quarters tomorrow.” James said with an odd tone. “Neville’s coming to get him.”

“I see.” I said looking between James and Sirius. There was always something odd about their friendship. Sirius seemed a lot older at times then he really was and James seemed to be hiding something from…well I’m not sure who or what he was hiding something from. I just knew there seemed to be something more.

I finally shrugged it off as we reached the house.

“Are you going to see us off tomorrow?” Sirius asked when James went to put all the brooms up.

“I might…” I trailed off thinking about tomorrow.

Sirius smiled at me. “You’ll be fine.”

I grinned back at him.

Just as Sirius started to head up stairs to get his bag he turned around suddenly. “Congratulations, by the way, for getting into the Auror School.” I saw a sad look in his eyes as he turned back around and run up the stairs, leaving me alone.


The next day, I found myself on Platform Nine and Three Quarters with numerous kids running about. I was going to start my Auror training tomorrow and I didn’t know when I would get a chance to talk to her again.

I ruffled my now pink hair and quickly looked around for her blonde curly hair, but couldn’t find it. I groaned and boarded the train. I went to her normal spot and found her with the two chatty friends and her sister – I forgot that she was starting this year.

I opened the compartment door and all of them turned to me at once.

Her friend Courtney gave me a hopeful glare, which indicated that she still like me. Hannah seemed to kind of understand what was going on and Dominique wore a smirk that looked like she was about to burst out laughing at any moment.

Victoire just looked livid.

“Teddy, what are you doing here?” She asked me.

“Yeah, Teddy you graduated already.” Courtney said in a sweet voice. Yeah, utterly not helpful right now…

“I need to talk to you, Victoire.” I said, not taking my eyes off of her. “Alone.”

“Whatever you have to say, say it here.” She flipped her hair and looked out the window. She still looked dead set on ignoring me and I suppose she expected I would never say anything here on the train. She was wrong. As I sighed and Dominique raised an eyebrow, while looking at me waiting to see what I’ll do.

“Fine.” I said before I took a deep breath. “I love you.” Victoire turned in shock, Hannah and Dominique smiled and Courtney looked as if she was going to cry. “I love you and I will always love you. I want to marry you, live with you, have children with you and I want everyone to know it. I want–”

But whatever else I had to say was cut off by Victoire dragging me out of the compartment and off the train. Once we were off by the far wall where very few people were, she turned on me.

“What the hell Teddy?!”

I stepped back a little and gave her a confused look.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?” She took a step forward. “You tell me that you don’t want anyone to know we are dating and then you come on the train and announce it to everyone!”

“To be fair Vicky that is what you wanted…”

No that wasn’t what I wanted!” She nearly screeched at me. “I wanted to tell our families! Not the whole train!”

“Well then I’ll go tell your father. Where is he?”

“He already left! If you wanted to tell him then we should have done that already.” She huffed at me.

I rolled my eyes. “We’ll tell him over holiday then. That is if I don’t visit with him first.”

“No! Because we broke up, remember?” Oh, I remembered, I smirked anyways.

“I don’t recall ever breaking up with you.”

“That’s because I broke up with you!” That was true, I would give her that.

“You didn’t want to.”

“I did too!”

“Then why were you crying?”

“I wasn’t!”

“You were.”

“No I–”



“Shut up for once and let me finish.”

She looked like she was about to start yelling again, but instead she just crossed her arms. “Fine.” She ended up saying in a small voice.

“Victoire, I love you and I want to be with you, forever. I don’t care if I have to tell your father with you or alone, I would do anything to keep you and I want you to know that once I tell him, I’m not giving you up.” I paused. She looked like she was about to cry again. “So don’t cry.”

“I’m not-” She started.

I took a step forward and pinned her against the wall. She looked up in shock and I met her bright blue eyes.

“Victoire, just shut up and kiss me already.”

With that I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers. I felt her freeze and then kiss me back. It was suddenly like we never fought, it was like we never broke up and Victoire was my girlfriend again. Only I wasn’t going to let her leave again. I was never going to give her up.

When my lips finally left hers I looked down at her and leaned casually up against the wall – looking down at her.

She looked slightly dazed and I gave her a cocky grin. “Are we still broken up now, Vicky?”

Her eyes flashed to me and then she smirked. She grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled my face down to hers.

“You’re so stupid, Teddy.”

Before I could answer back – she was kissing me. I was in heaven, a peaceful bliss and I felt like life could not get any better from this moment right now.

Minutes passed and I completely forgot where I was. Which meant that sound of my name coming from anyway, but Victorie mouth – that I currently occupied – came as a complete and utter shock to me.


I jumped a little and so did Victoire. I jumped away from her and opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was Victoire, in front of me. Her hair was slightly tussled and she was blushing from head to toe.

I turned around to see James running toward me with Sirius trying to stop him.

“Teddy! What are you doing here?” James asked excited.

How in the world could he not see me snogging his cousin? I was too annoyed to give an answer, but I did notice Sirius gave me an apologetic look. At least he knew what was happening.

“Umm…You see…Teddy was just seeing everyone off.” Victoire lied.

I looked back at her and glared. She shrugged. I turned back to James.

“Go away James.”

I turned back to Victoire, placed my hand under her chin and lifted it so that I could kiss her again.

I heard James fall silent and I could almost hear his mouth drop down. I did hear Sirius saying, “I told you so,” Before James ran off yelling, “DAD, DAD!”

After a few minutes I heard Victoire’s voice.

“Teddy…” She tried to say. “Teddy…we have to stop…”

I ignored her and moved back to kissing her.

“Teddy…” She said between kisses.

“I told you to shut up. I’m not done with you.” I said as she tried to move away from my body. I pulled her closer.

Victoire stopped kissing me and pulled away glaring at me. I frowned.

“Listen to me Teddy, I have to go to school and you have to go to Auror training tomorrow. So you are going to walk me to the train, give me a short kiss on the lips, tell me you love me and watch the Hogwarts Express leave.” I groaned at her commands. “Understood?”

I rolled my eyes and untangled myself from her and the wall.

“Good.” She smiled and took my hand.

She pulled me back over to the train, where I could see Harry and Ginny helping James and Albus on the train. Harry saw me and sent me a wink.

Glad to see James wasted no time at all. I’ll probably have to go pay a visit to Bill sooner than I thought, that is if I didn’t want him paying me a visit…

As she reached the train to turned to me for her kiss. I was going to be the good boyfriend and just give her a light peck on the lips but something caught my eye in the window.

There were a couple of boys looking at the pair of us, they were both staring at Victoire and I decided that a peck on the lips wasn’t right. I wanted everyone to know she was mine.

I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up so that our heights were even and she couldn’t pull away. I then proceeded to kiss her until the train whistle went off. I placed her on the train and yelled loud enough so her and every other person, whose attention we managed to attract could hear me over all the noise on the Platform.

“I love you Victoire Weasley! I will always love you and once I get your father’s permission, I’m going to marry you.” I shut the door and she opened the window as the train started to move.

“I love you too Teddy Lupin!”

I winked and mouthed I know.

She smiled and laughed and I watched her wave as the Hogwarts Express took her away.


(A/N) New School Year staring. Teddy and Victoire are all happy and peachy, but there is going to be so much more in the next few chapters. I’m really excited about the next chapter. I’ve actually had it written before this chapter was even done. You also have a new point of view, which might make you happy or mad.

Could you tell me what you think about the different points of view? You’ve only had four so far (Sirius, James, Teddy and Neville), five next chapter, but who’s your favorite and least favorite? Who’s point of view would you be interested in seeing?

Tell me in a REVIEW!!!!

Thank you so much, you guys have been so wonderful and there are over 5000 views with 50 reviews! This is so awesome and it makes me feel really honored. Thank you, I couldn’t have made it this far without you guys!


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