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Hate/Love/Hate...Love? by Potter_is_life
Chapter 1 : Let the trouble begin
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Seventh year. The final year for hogwart's students. The year Lily and James became inseparable. The year students become adults. It all starts with their last time boarding the hogwarts express. In their usual compartment the maraders sat down talking about their summers. They were laughing and joking as loud as boys do, when Lily and Hailey made an entrance. Being the mushy couple they are, Lily and James left the compartment as to not bother their comanions. As they left Hailey angrily flopped down on the bench.

"Potter is honestly getting on my last nerve!" exclaimed an angry Hailey Rogers.

Remus Lupin raised an eyebrow, he was very confused, "Haven't you been trying to get them together since sixth year?" he questioned. Remus knew Hailey as well as she knew herself, they'd been best friends since day one. And yet he could never quite understand Hailey.

"Exactly! I did him this great favor and what does he do!?! He steals my best friend and leaves me in here to deal with this lot!" in truth Hailey didn't really mind Peter and she loved Remus, the problem was Sirius Black.

"We really aren't all that bad," Black defended.

"Well Remus isn't," she snaps back giving Black a glare. She had hating him since as long as they both could remember. He was a jerk and she didn't appreciate his attitude one bit.

"You don't have to take your anger out on us, it's not our fault Wood graduated last year and left you." retorted Black, which earned him another glare from Hailey. See Jason Wood had been Hailey's boyfriend since forever, they were so in love and thus inseparable.they were the couple everyone wanted to be, the masters of PDA; even the teachers thought they were cute. But every great love story comes to an end and since he was a year older than her he had graduated the previous year and was now in the international quidditch league. So he and Hailey had broken up.

"I don't want to be here anyway so I'll just leave and allow you to be an egotistical pig with them." and with that she got up an left the compartment. Her curly hair swung as she slammed the door behind her.

There was an awkward silence that followed. Remus stared at the door to angry to look at his companion. Black could sense Remus' frustration. "I'm sorry, mate. I just can't see why you like her she so... Urg!"

"Sirius I'm just sick of you saying you'll be a best mate and be cool with whatever I want to do with my life and then when I like a girl who's the most beautiful girl in school and just because she isn't charmed by you, you push her as far away as you can." Remus didn't raise his voice he simply stated his frustration. Him and Sirius had been having this fight for years, while James was chasing Lily, Sirius had fought with Hailey and Remus had developed a slight crush on her.

Remus' statement made Black speechless. He muttered apologies and excuses, none of them made a difference. He leaned back and eventually just went to sleep until the end of the train ride.

Meanwhile Remus spend this time thinking about Hailey. He remembered when they first became friends; Lily, Hailey and Remus had studied together in the library since first year. Lily always got really intense when it came to concentration and Hailey on the other hand had always had a short attention span. So when Hailey needed a small break from studying her an Remus would sit back and people watch. They always had the funniest laughs; seeing people pick their noses, guessing peoples conversations and noticing who had the lovey dovey eyes for who. They'd quickly become best friends and she became close with all the marauders. She had sympathized with James and decided to help him with Lily since they were best friends. However she and Black didn't get along so well. At first they were friends until he tried to pull a move on her and she turned him down, ever since then he bugs her and she detests him for it.

Her and Jason on the other hand were the cutest couple ever. They had been the it couple at hogwarts for two years. The kind of relationship where they held hands, took long walks together, where he would get her chocolate an jewelry and the relationship that every girl was jealous of. But now they weren't together and you could tell Hailey missed him.

At that moment Hailey walked back into the compartment. Remus looked up and took in her beauty, her curly brown hair, hazel eyes and the faint freckles that covered her nose and highlighted her cheeks. She wasn't wearing her usual take your breath away smile.

"What's up Hails?" Remus asked noticing the sad look on her face.

"I miss him," she almost whispered in response, " I think the worst part is that I know I should move on and I'm sure he's moved on or maybe he doesn't even have time to think about it, but I think ... I don't know ... I should shut up." she said noticing Remus almost bored expression.

"You have the right to be sad, it's normal," she looked up at him annoyed with his very general advice, " look just don't over analyze it like you always do, follow your own advice, live for today and strive for tomorrow, yesterday is but a guideline."

And with that the train came to a stop and their seventh year began.

After the opening ceremony and the feast hellos and laughs could be heard all over the griffindor common room. The usual group of girls gossiping in the corner about Sirius Black and all the other gorgeous griffindor bachelors.

"I heard Sirius just broke up with that whore Megan he was dating. Which means he's available," Stacy Dohoven told the posy of blondes.

"Ya but Hailey will fall for him this year. He gives her all his attention and he's so dreamy, she won't be able to resist it for much longer." Melanie Forester added, "and with lily and James getting together and Jason leaving, it'll happen," she continued. She was cut off by Stacy's whine and had to console her.

On the other side of the room the marauders sat awkwardly. Lily had joined them on the couch which had in a way ended their conversations. They used to always make fun of James and how he was so obsessed with her but now they couldn't take about that. So as they sat staring out the windows.

That is until Hailey walked into the common room.

"And here comes the demon herself." Black said noticing Hailey's entrance.

"Would you grow up?" She snapped back at him taking her seat beside Remus. "Ew Mcgonagal stuck me in care of magical creatures and herbology because there were no spaces left in my other courses and she said I would excel in these classes! NO THANK YOU! I said I wanted to be a healer for witches and wizards not plants and animals! They hate me!"

"Well they're not alone," said Black which received not only a glare from Hailey, but also from Remus, Lily and James.

"Don't worry we'll all be in that class and we can get through it together," Remus added to comfort her.

"All of you?" they nodded, "Even Black?" they nodded again, "Urg, well let the trouble begin!"

"Get up you lot! You guys are so lazy, honestly." Lily joked

Little did they know that across the common room the Maraders were waking up to the same alarm. All with similar reactitions; James was up and ready, Black was getting pretty and Remus was being a bum.

"Isn't Lily the best, how would we possibly wake up in the morning," James exclaim dreamily.

"Moony would have set one eventually," retorted Black annoyed at the fact that James got Lily and he's still obsessing over her. He'd thought James would be over her by now, so to Black James was just being a prat.

They all got ready and headed to breakfast were they sat in their usual spot the only difference was Lily, Hailey, Charlotte and Carly had joined them. Lily and James sat beside each other, Charlotte went to sit beside Lily but there wasn't any space so she happily sat beside Black. Remus was then sandwiched between Carly and Hailey, Peter was nowhere to be found since he'd had to drop out of hogwarts for his ill parents.

Remus and Carly were half asleep practically sleeping on one and other. Hailey just giggled to herself Remus was one of her bestfriends and she knew Carly liked him, they were so cute together. She looked across saw James and Lily being all cute couple like, beside them Charlotte was flirting with Black and Remus and Carly were sleeping on each other. God she felt alone. She wasn't eating much and Black noticed.

"Trying to loss weigh, Rogers?" Black mocked.

"Shut up!" Hailey glared at him.

"So it's true, you can't survive without Wood beside you that you've forgotten how to eat. Awww how sad," he made a mock crying face.

Charlotte saw the hurt look in her eyes, she turned to Black and said, "Sirius come on let her be, she never did anything to you."

Sirius disregarded her, and took it as if Hailey had just said it.And he continued, "That's the thing she doesn't realize how annoying she is! When Wood was here they would just rub their relationship in everybodys face and now that he's gone she just sits there a mopes! God get over it!"

This really got under her skin so she got up looked at him and yelled so the entire hall could hear.

"You're just jealous because you aren't capable of having a real relationship! So mind your own business and got fuck one of those whores like you usually do!" and with that she stormed out and went to her first class.

"Padfoot!," Remus yelled, "What was that? Can't you see she's sad, honestly she doesn't want to deal with you and none of us do so stop being such a prick," he was annoyed but more so concerned as to why his friend was being so emotional towards Hailey. He knew the real reason behind it all, Sirius had always wanted to believe love didn't exist and Jailey was living proof that it did. He'd wanted them to split up since they got together, but he wanted a big bad break up where they ended hating each other. He didn't get any of it. So he was being an angry spoiled brat throwing a tantrum about it.

As they walked to their second class Hailey and Charlotte talked about the class they'd just had. Potions was one of Hailey's best classes her and Lily were Slughorns favorite students, so they got whatever they wanted in that class. Lily was paired up with James because of that and Hailey had to sit with some hufflepuff that didn't know the difference between the mulched and mixed.

But Charlotte had sat with Black and that was all the hufflepuff girl could talk about. She'd talked about how she wished she was Charlotte and blah blah blah. It wasn't enough that Hailey was already angry with Black, that was all she could possibly think about with her partners jabbering.

"So Char what's up with you and Black?" Hailey asked concerned about her friend.

"Hailey he's actually really sweet and not to mention hot-"

"I wouldn't know he's always been a jack ass-" This time it was Charlotte's turn to interrupt Hailey.

"Look Hails I love you to bits, but you and Sirius need to stop fighting. We're all turning 18 now and it's our last year so you guys need to grow up, for me and Lily and James and Carly and Remus. Please?"

All Hailey could do was nod, she knew Charlotte was right. But it wasn't going to be easy, they'd been fighting and hating one and other since James starting liking Lily.

Little did she know Remus was having the same conversation with Black. He downright refused at first saying, "Hailey was a bitch who needed to get her head out of her ass." But Remus could be very persuading. In the end Sirius agreed that he would try his best, but he wasn't garanteing anything.

Over the course of that week Hailey and Sirius had made an enormous effort as to not fight. Charlotte got a new boyfriend, Martin Deriment. And so had Black, well they'd only been a couple of hook ups no dates. The girls continued to chase him, even more now that he wasn't always fighting with Hailey. So their little bit of friendship was really helping Sirius' social game. Hailey however was all the more alone. She got numerous owls from Jason, he told her about every one of his quiditch games and all the countries he was getting to visit, but he never left out how much he missed her and neither did she. Lily, Carly and Charlotte tried to comfort her and keep her company, but she need someone to hold her. Someone to kiss her.

Hailey continued to need this, and then came the night of the quidditch game. When everything changed.

-------------------------------------------flash forward

Everything was set up. There were rows of chairs filled with family and friends. The piano started to play, the simple tune that everybody knew. Jason looked up from the altar. He saw the most beautiful women in the world. She was radiant in her long white gown. He loved her and seeing her walk down the aisle was a dream come true.

The priest began, "We are gathered here today..."

Jason smiled at his soon to be wife. He couldn't keep his eyes off her. To think he'd given her up once, those days were long behind them.

"Do you Jason Markus Wood ..."

He didn't even need to hear it said one look at her and he knew his answer.

"I do."

Now it was her turn. She smiled at Jason. Her smile lit up his world.

"To have and to hold ..."

She didn't cut the priest off like Jason had.

"In sickness and in health ..."

She finally lost it.

"I do"

The priest smile d at the two of them.

"Then by the power vested in me ..."

Jason was having a difficult time holding himself back. After she said I do, he'd wanted to grab her and kiss her. He had to wait for his cue.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Jason lifted the veil and was taken aback by her beauty.

Hailey smiled at him. She leaned forward and whispered, " You're supposed to kiss me now silly."

And then Hailey leaned forward and kissed her husband. The guests clapped, some even cheered. And just more than a year later Hailey Wood sat in the delivery room waiting for the doctor to bring her baby boy back to her. Jason held her hand amd smiled, "You doing okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Hailey chuckled. She'd just been through labour, what else was she supposed to do? Women do it all the time so she could do it too. Just then the healer walked back into the room with a cute little bundle named Oliver.

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