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My Baby Girl, Amelia Jane by MalfoyRocks
Chapter 7 : Halloween Weekend
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 After the first conversation I had with Draco, we started talking more often. Often when me, Harry, Ron, Lavender and Ginny would stay the weekend, he would as well. But he stayed on the couch in the common room, no matter how many times I told him I could sleep on the couch. He was actually turning out to be a good friend. I have a feeling he wants more, but I'm really not ready for that. Ame's my number one priority, even before my school work. So, I still barely had time for my friends, let alone to try to have a relationship. But he didn't seem like he wanted to push me anyway. So I'm happy where we are. 

Tomorrow was Halloween, and the Heads decided to have a haunted house, hay ride, and party. I wasn't going to the haunted house. But I was going to go on the hay ride they set up around the school and the party in the Great Hall. I found a cute fairy costume for Amelia. It reminded me of Tinker Bell from the Muggle movie, Peter Pan. So I had to get it. I, however, wasn't dressing up. It wasn't required for the party, so I wasn't worried about it. 




Ginny and Lavender were dragging me and Amelia through the different shops in Hogsmead looking for costumes. I didn't know why they thought it was life or death to find a costume. It wasn't required. But they didn't listen to my pleas to sit down for a bit as they threw costume after costume into a pile to try on. I was bouncing Ame on my hip as she tried to wiggle to get down. Lately, she didn't want to be held. She wanted down to crawl around. It was slightly problematic when we were not in our common room. But I still thought it was funny. 




Ginny finally decided on a muggle version of a Vampiress Bridal costume. It had a black dress that hugged her curves perfectly with a corset top and lace sleeves that fell past her fingers elegantly. The skirt of the dress was tight, but had a slit up to her knee on the right side that way she could move freely. The costume also came with fake teeth and a black lace veil. She found a tiara made of black roses and small jewels to go with it. And as a final detail, she found a pair of cute black leather boots that looked like my favorite pair. 




Lavender took a little bit more time to find her costume. But she found it in the last shop we looked through. She decided on a Cinderella costume, complete with the glass slippers and tiara. She looked beautiful in it. Ron was definitely going to love it. I thought I was finally off the hook when Lavender found her costume and we could finally go to the Three Broomstick's for a couple butterbeers. But, I was wrong. Lavender took Amelia from my arms and kept her occupied while Ginny threw costumes in my arms for me to try.




"I don't want to dress up," I whined. I know, I sound childish. But I really don't want to dress up. 




"You will, and you'll like it," Ginny told me stubbornly. I sighed. 




When my arms were full of costumes, Ginny pushed me into an empty changing room and told me to try every single one on. I sighed again. The first one I tried on was a skimpy maid outfit, really? What was Ginny thinking? I pulled it off as soon as I saw even the slightest glimpse. Not happening. The next one was better, it was a ballet dancer costume. But it was to clingy for me. So I decided against it. The next few I didn't think fit my style, so I decided against them as well. After to many costumes for me to keep track of, I pulled on the last costume. It was perfect for me. It was a pirate costume. It had loose grey pirate pants with a huge black belt around the waste held by gold hoops. The shirt was a white corset with off the shoulder three inch thick sleeves and black laces up the front that showed some cleavage, but not enough where I felt uncomfortable with it. I went out to show them my decision. They were happy with it. So I went to change back into my regular clothes. I found a pair of gold hoop earrings and a bunch of silver, gold, and black bangles to go along with my outfit that already came with a black headband that tied at the back of my neck. I paid for all of my costume items and shrunk them down to put in my diaper bag I had with me before I took Amelia back. She was getting fussy, anyway. 




We walked into the Three Broomsticks and sat at a booth towards the back. The boys said they'd meet us here soon. So we ordered drinks for all of us before I went to the bathroom to change Amelia. She was not very happy with me because she had to stay still. But I changed her quickly and took her back to our booth to wait for our drinks. Madam Rosmerta was absolutely smitten with Amelia. She even asked to hold her a moment before having to serve more people. I let her as Amelia was in a better mood since she was changed.




A few minutes after our drinks arrived, the boys came in with big smiles on their faces. Harry and Ron tried to explain why they were so giddy, but couldn't because of laughing so hard. So Draco ended up having to explain why they were in laughing fits. Apparently, Pansy tried to get Draco jealous again by smooching Theodor Knott. But unknown to her, Knott was infatuated with her and he ended up kissing her much longer than she intended. Then when she tried to walk away from him, he got mad and immobilized her. I only found it funny because she deserved it. Draco sat down beside me and took Amelia from me to give me a break from holding her. I smiled. 




"Mum, mum, mum," Amelia said as she held out her hands for me. I froze. I didn't have a camera with me and she just said her first words. I just about cried until I heard and seen a flash go off beside us. I turned to see Lavender smiling as she put away a camera.




"Oh my god, Lavender, I love you," I smiled happily as I took Amelia back and hugged her to me. I can't believe she's already said her first word at only four months. I was ecstatic. Draco smiled from beside me as Amelia turned and took his fingers in her hands. I laughed. 




"Your welcome," she smiled back. 




"So, what are we doing tomorrow," Harry asked all of us.




"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not going through the haunted house. I'm taking Ame with me tomorrow and that's really not a good idea for her," I told them all. Ron and Harry looked bummed for a moment.




"We're going through the haunted house. We want to see if it will actually be scary or not," Harry laughed as Ron nodded in agreement. 




"I'm not sure what I want to do yet," Draco shrugged.




"We're definitely doing everything," Ginny said as Lavender agreed halfheartedly. She was doing it so she could cuddle up to Ron when she got scared. I didn't blame her. I would probably do the same thing if I had a boyfriend and a babysitter for Ame.




"Did you guys find your costumes," Harry asked Ginny and Lavender.




"Yep, and we even found one for Mione too," Ginny said proudly. I rolled my eyes.




"I thought you weren't dressing up," Ron said, surprised.




"I wasn't," I rolled my eyes again, but then I smiled. "But I like my costume anyway."




"What is it," Draco asked curiously.




"You'll see tomorrow," I smiled mischievously. He pouted to try to get me to crack. But I just smiled more. "What are you going as?"




"You'll see tomorrow," he smirked at me. I laughed though. 




After we all we're finished with our drinks, we made a quick stop into Honeyduke's before going back to my common room for the night. Instead of us staying in our rooms though, we all decided to crash in the common room after I put Ame to bed. One thing I found after a few weeks in my home for the year was that McGonagall added a few surprises in it for me. One of the surprises being a flat screen tele above the fireplace that's hidden behind a painting until you press a button on the side of it. I found it when I was exploring my bookshelves not long after being here. I turned the tele on and put in a random DVD I came upon from my shelf of DVDs before getting comfortable in the center of the room with everyone else. Winky brought up different drinks and snacks for us, even after I told her I could make food for myself in the kitchen. We all ended up playing 20 questions while watching the movie, mainly to get to know Draco better, but it was still funny. We didn't want to play truth or dare tonight, because we played that last time and were getting bored with it. 




"What's the weirdest dream you've ever had," Lavender asked me after the first few rounds went by.




"I actually had one a few weeks ago that was really weird, but it was a creepy weird," I started. I had to think of how to explain it. "Well, it started out where I was running in complete darkness. I don't know why I was running, but I felt like I had to keep going. When I finally found any light though, I wished I stayed in the darkness. Everyone was laughing at me, but I couldn't ask why. Then I saw a single person not laughing, so I tried to get to them. But I couldn't move because I had been surrounded by that point by everyone laughing at me. I don't know, it was more of a nightmare than a dream. But I think that's the creepiest dream I've ever had. It shook me to the bones," I finished with a shrug. I didn't know why that dream got to me so much. I thought about it every now and then when my mind has time to wander. 




"Is that why you were up at four in the morning a while ago." Ginny asked, concerned. 




"Yeah," I shrugged. "Okay, Draco, is your reputation true," I asked Draco curiously. I don't know why I wanted to ask. I guess curiosity killed the cat. 




"Reputation," he asked with a raised eyebrow.




"You have to know what at least half the girls in our year and the year below us say about you," I rolled my eyes at him. I saw Ginny and Lavender start to listen in a bit more. I laughed to myself so they wouldn't know I knew. But seriously, everyone wanted to know the truth of what I just asked. It was just the matter if he would answer or not. 




"Depends on who you ask really," he shrugged.




"Oh my god, your "sex god" reputation," I exasperated.




"I guess some of it would be true. But a lot of it is just exaggerated," he shrugged again. I guess that's the best I was getting from him. 




"You're no fun, but I accept your answer," I playfully glared at him. He just smirked back before turning to Ginny. 




"Who's your favorite Quidditch team," he asked nonchalantly. I'm guessing he didn't want to get to personal. I don't blame him though. We are all trying to put the past behind us, but that doesn't mean we forget everything.




"Holyhead Harpies," Ginny smiled whole-heartedly. She was such a dork. She looked mischievously to Lavender before she asked her question. "Lavender, who was your first," she tried to look innocent. But it didn't work out so well when she started smirking. 




"Um, uh, um.. Pass," Lavender looked around sheepishly before glancing at Ron then to her hands in her lap and blushing. I just barely stifled my laughter. We all knew her answer was Ron. In fact, Ginny told me that they had forgotten a silencing spell when it happened. So, Gin doesn't let them forget it. 




"C'mon, Lavender, it's an easy answer," I laughed before I was hit in the face with a pillow. "Hey," I shrieked as I threw Lavender's pillow back at her, but she caught it right before she was hit in the face. No fair. So I threw my pillow at her and hit her this time. "Aha!"




"Not fair," she squealed as she threw my pillow back at me. But I was ready this time and deflected it. Unfortunately, Ginny was hit in the side, so she joined in with the pillow fight. After Ginny joined, the boys just sat back and watched the pillow fight. We probably would've left them just sit back and watch, if they hadn't started laughing at us all. It was actually really funny. We were having fun throwing pillows back and forth between the three of us for a bit, then the boys suddenly burst into a fit of laughter. We all stopped dead and looked at the boys with mischievous grins. They looked between themselves and put their hands up in surrender. We, of course, still hit them with pillows. 




It took us about half an hour to get settled into our seats after that to finish our movie before passing out. I couldn't have been more happy to pass out when we did. Ame had been getting up around six in the morning every morning lately, so I was only getting four to five hours of sleep. 




The next morning at six o'clock I heard Amelia start crying over the baby monitor, waking me from my sleep. So I got up groggily, made my way down the stairs and into Amelia's room. 




"Good morning, sweetheart," I smiled at her as I picked her up. "What has you up so early?"




I held her close to me as I moved around her room humming to her while I looked for an outfit for her until the party tonight. I ended up picking out a light grey onsie, silver leggings, a dark purple knit dress and matching shoes. I changed her diaper and her outfit easily making her giggle the whole time by tickling her. 




"You know, you're a really good mum," I heard Draco from behind me.




"Thanks," I said questionably.




"I'm being serious. Ame is so well behaved already, you can already tell she is going to have your brains," he laughed as Ame pushed herself up to a sitting position. 




"What are you doing up so early," I asked him as I picked Ame up and heading out to the kitchen.




"I usually wake up around this time," he shrugged.




"Ah. You ready for the party tonight," I asked as I warmed up Amelia's bottle. 




"Of course," he smirked playfully. "Are you?"




"I guess. I just hope everything goes well with Amelia and the large group of people. I know she's been down to the Great Hall and to a few of my classes. But that's when no one is rowdy. You know what I mean?"




"Well, I'm sure she'll be fine. But if it makes you feel better I'll stay with you all night so you have at least one other person with you she knows," he smiled. 




"Thanks, Draco," I smiled as I handed Ame her bottle since she already is starting to hold her bottle on her own. "Would you mind watching her for a few minutes so I can go get ready quick?"




"Go ahead and take your time, we'll be fine," Draco smiled as he pulled a chair closer to Amelia and started making goofy faces for her. 




"Thanks," I smiled appreciatively before making my way back up to my room. I pulled out a pair of black leggings, a black tanktop, matching black lace underwear, a silver off-the-shoulder sweater, and silver flats then headed into my bathroom. I got a quick shower, not really taking the time to enjoy the hot water running down my body. Once I was done rinsing all the soap off my body I turned the taps off and wrapped the big, fluffy white towel around me as I stepped out of the shower. I dried off my body before I wrapped the towel around my hair while I got dressed. I put on some mascara and chap stick before pulling the towel from my hair. I sighed as I looked at my hair, it was down to my shoulders now. So it took a bit more effort to get it to look alright. Alas, I went back into my bedroom and grabbed my wand from my nightstand before going back into my bathroom. I flicked my wrist around the top of my head to make my hair straight. My bangs fell past my nose, so I swept them off to the side and pinned them back with a silver bobbypin. Finally happy with my appearance, I turned from the mirror and returned down to the living room where Draco was playing with Ame on the floor. 




"Well, aren't you a cute pair," I giggled when they didn't realize I came back down. Draco looked up at me with a goofy smile on his face and picked up Amelia as he got up. 




"Well, Amelia, I know you're a cutey. I'm not sure about me though," he tried to keep a serious face, but couldn't keep it up as Amelia patted his face with a giggle. He took her tiny fingers in his hand and pretended to gnaw on them making her giggle even more. 




"Well, I'm sure she thinks you're cute too," I laughed at him as I took Ame from him and put her in her playpen. I turned the tele on and found a movie to put in to pass some time until the others woke up and joined us. "I was thinking about making breakfast. Did you want anything in particular?"




"Mi, you know I'm not picky," Draco laughed as he lounged on the couch.




"Oh, alright. I'll be back in about fifteen minutes with plates of food," i smirked as I looked up to the other bedrooms in the dorm. If they didn't want to wake up, I'd make them wake up. I opened the fridge and pulled out eggs, sausages, milk, and bacon. I set them down on the island before grabbing flour, brown sugar, and cinnamon from the pantry. I whipped up some scrambled eggs, dippy eggs, cinnamon pancakes, bacon, and sausage easily. Putting everything on platters as I finished it. Then after everything was cooked and ready to be eaten, I grabbed the pitcher of pumpkin juice out of the fridge and put everything else away. As the fridge door closed, I heard everyone shuffling down the stairs and into the room to sit at the table. I laughed as Draco came through the door with Amelia, both with huge smiles on their faces. I took Ame from him and set her in her highchair while the rest of us ate our breakfast. 




"Hmm, so good," Lavender all but moaned in delight, as the others nodded their heads in agreement. 




"Thanks," I smiled in appreciation as I ate my pancakes and bacon. The remainder of breakfast was spent in comfortable silence. And after only fifteen minutes we were all finished eating. "So, what are we going to do until six?"




"I have to go back to the Gryffindor common room to get clothes for tomorrow. I forgot to go last might when we got back," Lavender said as I picked up Amelia from her highchair. 




"Well, I'm going to head to the library to return a few books. Well, and pick a few more up," I laughed as I walked into Amelia's nursery to get her sling and put her in it easily. "How about we meet here around lunch and we'll all go down to the great hall for lunch together," I suggested.




They all agreed with me, so we went our separate ways when we left my common room. As I told everyone before leaving, I headed to the library to return the books I had propped on my right side, while my bag was slung across to my left. I was halfway there when I heard someone walking up behind me. But as there are hundreds of people in the castle I didn't really think anything of it and kept on going.




"Mia, wait up," Draco yelled as he picked up his pace to catch up to me. I stopped in my tracks to wait for him.




"What's up, Draco," I asked when he caught up to me. 




"Just thought I'd keep you company," he grinned as he fell into my pace easily. 




We walked the rest of the way in silence for the most part, the only sound between us the sound of Amelia giggling as I bounced her up and down. Draco pushed open the double doors easily and let me pass him. I smiled in thanks then returned the books to Madam Pince at her counter. 




"Ah, Miss Granger, how are you doing today," the usually stony librarian had come to trust me over the years so she always asked me how I was when I came into the library. 




"Good, How are you," I smiled in return. 




"I'm great. I came across a good book today. It will be here with the next post," she smiled easily. "How is this little one," she asked as she tickled Amelia's feet making her squirm. 




"She's doing great. She's already trying to pull herself up to walk around. I'm going to have to get her walker out soon," I laughed as I looked down at my baby girl.




"She looks more like you every day," Pince told me looking endearingly at Amelia. 




"Thanks," I smiled before finally turning to walk through the vast amount of bookshelves in the library. Draco had left my side to look through the bookshelves himself when we walked in. Thankfully, there weren't many people in the library to make it noisy so early in the morning. With that in mind, I undid the sling holding he up against me and let her down on the floor to crawl with me. I have never had to worry that she would leave my side. She was momma's little girl. Plus, she was so used to coming here. She already knew that we were headed to the small nook in the back that had a playpen set up for her away from prying eyes for when I wanted to bring her with me. She crawled ahead of me, giggling the whole time before she'd stop, turn make sure I was still walking behind her. It was funny. When we got to our nook, I picked her up and set her down in her playpen. Only noticing Draco when I went to turn around to look through some books in the shelves around us and ran straight into him with a thud. I looked up at his goody grin and couldn't help but grin back. 



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